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-He hates everything about himself. -He loves everything about him. -He wants to become someone else. -He wants to uncover the truth. Discover the truth about the messed up lives of the Four Crown Princes of Hell and the gruesome things they will have to do to achieve what they want.

Drama Not for children under 13.

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AU Background and some definitions

Belial: One of the four Crown Princes of Hell and a king of hell. Represents the fallen virtue of lust. The name Belial comes from the Hebrew “worthless one”. Has deep hatred for his name.

Lucifer: One of the four Crown Princes of Hell. The name Lucifer is a translation from the Hebrew which means “spreading brightness”. In ancient times, he, under the name “Attar”, attempted to occupy the throne of Baal and, finding he was unable to do so, descended and ruled the underworld. Has a complex with people mistaking him for Satan.

Leviathan: One of the four Crown Princes of Hell. Represents the hidden truth, the hidden and horrible nature of existence and struggle. Is considered a “King over the children on Pride”.

Satan: One and King of the four Crown Princes of Hell. He was once a member of the sons of God. God granted him authority over a group of fallen angels to tempt humanity and punish them for their sins; Satan tempted Jesus, thus everyone naming him as the cause of illness and temptation. He makes pride of his new reputation, but he really doesn’t like it.

Abaddon: An angel who rules the Abyss. Her name meaning “the destroyer”. Abaddon is sometimes equated with Satan, thus giving her a feeling of superiority and hatred towards him. 

Beelzebub: The name Beelzebub is often associated with the Canaanite god Baal, and is also sometimes the name for the Devil, similar to Satan. He is one of the seven Kings of Hell. 

Baal: His name is also spelled Bael, especially in the Hebrew texts. Is the First King of Hell, ruling over the first level of Hell, with sixty-six legions of demons under his command. Disguises himself as a god for the Canaanites. He’s the fake god of fertility and weather. 

Sigils: The names of each demon/deity are represented by different symbols, called Sigils. These contain the powers and blessings of each. Sigils can be gifted to others through intercourse. No more than two demons/deities can share the same sigil. When dead, the Sigil of the corresponding demon/deity disappears from anyone who shares it. 

Names: The names that humanity gives to a demon/deity will affect the powers and traits that they may have. Demons/deities are able to share their name with another demon or deity without restrictions on hierarchy or nature. The sharing of name with another brings as a consequence the distribution of any damage suffered by any of the parties. Names can be shared through rituals. Names can also be taken from a dead entity. If a demon/deity‘s name is forgotten, the respective will vanish and die.

Rituals: Depending on the nature of the demon/deity realizing the ritual to share their name with another, the ritual can involve activities such as foreplay, intercourse, and/or sacrifice.

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