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Every final...a origin has and so when the final ends...the roles remain reverse...

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And so...ends

And so the pain...breathed

And so the life screamed



As a bairn running up the hills

Chasing the freedom of the dying birds

So impossible...

So real...

So fast...

No freedom can be conquered

No pain lasts for long

And as the agony whispers a goodbye

The life...a last scream rises.

And so the chaos...ended.

And so...our lives...

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The End

Meet the author

Amy Deiko "Reality is a projection of the imagination" Amy Deiko is the author of the Chronicles of the Queen of the Universe and of the Daughter of the Moon. Her name lives here but her spirit travels and inhabits every World with which fantasy can dream. When she awakens from dreams, she manages to enjoy banal debates about ... What are we but a machine? Are we an entity or an identity? What is the will? Are we good or evil? If it is not obvious already, Amy Deiko is an enthusiast of Philosophy.

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