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The Robot Secret Agent

No one knows (yet) where he comes from, but I am quite sure he is from another planet. Since the first day I met him, I was convinced he was not human, although was doing a pretty nice effort trying not to get easily spotted an act as a regular human. 

No one knows (yet!) where he comes from, but I suspect he comes from the future, from a very advance civilization and he is a secret agent. My bet is that he is trying to mimic himself so he can learn the weaknesses and human secrets. 

How did I discover this? Well..... it took some time to figure it out, but if you pay enough attention, you will realized how robot he is. Usually, humans have a couple of characteristics, which could be said every human being should comply, cases in which the Robot Secret Agent tries very hard, but it is easy to notice it goes agains his nature. He just do not sleep, do not eat, and is never tired, these are arguments enough to conclude that he is a Robot. However, our Robot Secret Agent has a lightly weakness: sugar. 

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To be continued...

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Syrinx S -Just another girl crazy in love with Robot Boss-

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