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The Drakel bring about the destruction of 99 percent of humanity, bringing the rest under control in special colonies. Every three decades, the ones that survive get to be harvested for food and reproduction for the Drakel. Centuries later, evolved and as strong as nature willed him to be, one man fights back, decimating the Drakel war machine. But what will be worse as an end scenario? Driving the Drakel off or making the same mistake that brought humanity at its end?

Science Fiction For over 18 only.

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   The skies darkened above every major city on Earth. From Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, to New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Moscow. Hundreds of thousands of unidentified flying objects appeared out of nowhere and hovered just a few miles above ground. The UFO’s as they were called the first few days after they appeared as they had no better name for them, were all identical. Long, sleek hulls, bristling with weaponry of all sorts, from missile launchers to energy weapons in all dimensions and shapes. The purplish hue of the outer layer looked somewhat odd and non threatening, though against any better judgement, seeing something like that would have to be considered dangerous.

   Mass panic was prevented only by the use of mass force, as every nation rallied their police forces and military against any riot that had started, quickly crushing it under their war machine and preventing any new riots by enforcing martial law all across the globe. Everyone was ordered to stay indoors after four in the noon and up to nine in the morning. A small window of only seven hours a day to keep the world moving was very small indeed. Within a span of a week, most of the larger companies stopped working, except for grocers, gas stations, supermarkets and the like. The economy plummeted into the abyss, leaving hunger and famine in its wake in such a short time span. Theft, murder and all sorts of inhuman acts were becoming more and more frequent by the hour as homes, buildings, markets, malls and warehouses were torn apart for any scraps available. Gangs formed within days, warring against the forces of law and order in any way possible, mostly using underhanded tactics, shooting first, pillaging later. Local warlords rose in suburban areas as well as in major cities, owning blocks and enforcing down their own law.

   The UFO’s kept hovering in place, their weapons trained on the major cities of the world for a whole month before anything of importance happened. On the morning of the thirty second day hatches opened in the bellies of the UFO’s and what had looked like aircrafts dropped down, swirling around and flying through the air. Exactly two minutes after they had left the security of their wombs, the small ships dropped in altitude and hit the ground. Massive explosions devastated every single city with a population of over hundred thousand ending in the death of millions and billions of civilians. The battle between law and disorder stopped that moment. The politicians that had hidden themselves underground died as effectively as the ones above ground as the massive explosions dug deep into the ground, leaving craters a kilometer deep. Smoldering ruins and ashes were all that was left behind. The rural areas were left unharmed mostly, if they were lucky to be far away enough to survive the nuclear blasts and radiation that followed with the bombs.

   Pockets of survivors banded together to resist the aliens who came to be known as the Drakel after contact had been made from their own side with the remaining humans. They offered terms under which humanity would be used as cattle, which had been declined without a single thought. Resistance was all but futile, yet still humanity had not given up. Angry by the casualties the Drakel were experiencing in the months after the bombing, they resorted to more drastic measures. New bombings of the resistance strongholds. More people died, though it was far from the initial bombarding. The rest of humanity gave up quickly after they realized that nothing would be gained from any more resistance except the extinction of humanity as a whole. It was better to endure and live for thirty years than to die far earlier.

   An official statement from the Drakel said that humanity had lost its right to strive as a species. Constant wars, hatred, greed and wickedness had passed the point of no return. Humanity was the worst they had seen in the last thousand years so it was up to them to make things right… and purge humanity from existence and use the rest as they saw fit. The survivors understood from the newcomers point of view to a certain degree. When asked why they took thirty days to kill off humanity, their response was that they were giving humanity another chance, only to see everything turn even worse. Their arrival helped to bring out the worst in humanity, and finally, the darkest desires and longing had surfaced. It was time.

   Centuries passed under the boot from the aggressor that had finally achieved the goal it had set for itself. Earth had been set up as its newest farm and used as food and reproduction material for the Drakel. Man, woman, child. It made no difference. When the harvest came, everything was used. However, usually it took them between two and three decades until their armada came back and decimated humanity anew.

   A new generation of human had evolved into existence, partially by the necessity to fight a superior foe, partially by the radiation and changed atmosphere after being bombed into the stone age. Every so often, a baby was born that was… different. It had a glow in its eyes, a purple, crackling haze. They came to be known as Newmans. The new human race. Far superior to ordinary humans in every way imaginable. Faster, stronger, smarter, often having special abilities like becoming invisible, throwing flames from their hands, summoning thunder and hail, crushing concrete with their bare hands and last but not least, mind control.

   The newmans were few and far between, worshiped by the rest as a new hope for humanity. Often raiding Drakel facilities, hitching rides on shuttles, even destroying a capital ship after initiating a chain reaction by blowing up the engines of the star ship. The Drakel made it their job to find them and root the newmans out by any means necessary. Using their far superior technology, they were very successful, first obliterating most of them and later, capturing the rest that had scattered, one by one, putting them under all kinds of experiments.

   Again, humanity had been brought down by their aggressor, taking their hope and will away like when they arrived. Humanity had been brought to the brink of extinction with only about a million of registered survivors separated into ten colonies of a hundred thousand each. Monitored closely, there were no more newmans that went unrecognized. Rooted out as babies, the Drakel let their guard down. One had gone by unnoticed, one that would change the tide of war in time. Installation by installation. Ship by ship and troop carrier by troop carrier had been destroyed. After having enough, the Drakel had called in for additional mother-ships and troops, amassing a fighting force of a hundred thousand foot soldiers, complete with thousands of vehicles and raid shuttles designed to be used in earth atmosphere. Now, it was only time until they found him… and killed the last newman on earth. All the pain in the universe wouldn’t be enough to make him pay for the losses to the Drakel. They would make sure, however, that he would get to feel as horrible as possible before they got rid of him.

   In overall command, fleet commander Fleknar had been placed with a dozen capital ships and two dozen destroyers. Ten transport ships had carried eight thousand soldiers each and another two had carried the support vessels. It was the largest campaign in the history of their existence as they never had the need for ground warfare. Now, with the troops in place, the hunt was on.
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