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A bizarre tale over the supposed sighting of a supernatural entity by an delirious young man.

Horror For over 18 only.

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To fly over the campus

    The sunset hit my face trought the infirmary window, awakening me, as the entire bricked surroundings were painted in orange and red. To see an picture so beautiful painted in front of me was an conforting sight in contrast with the grotesque caricature of the past rainy and gray morning. In the center of my painting was now my orange-colored muse, Mina:

-Jasmine said you broke a rib. May I ask you what kind o' idea was that o' climbing the top o' the 1B classes building?- She asked.

Jasmine was some of Mina's friends, and was, coincidentaly, the infirmary intern. While she was of no help to me in any terms in my recovery, she was the first to message Mina about my erroneously interpreted 'delirium and fall' when the nurses brought me in.

-Also, I will need you to tell to Mr. Abello that I didn't today's exam due to you needin' me.

While I obviously did not need Mina's biology knowledge to recover faster, my girlfriend came here for two motives. First, and most obvious, because she loved me and was afraid. Second, because she told me, yesterday noon, that she have not studied for the referred exam.

-I will get the nurse to write some type of medical certificate. - I said, while starting to feel a pain in my chest, as if her words awoke my brain to such damage. - I climbed up there to get an different perspective from the square. And them that thing attacked me. My things are still upthere.

-Aren't you romanticizing all o' this again? - she said all of a sudden - Look, I believe you, it 'ould be too dumb to trip and fall by yourself, but nobody saw anything, and that thing wich you say doesn't even exists. Had'nt you got just some nausea for the effort to climb 'till the roo'? It could be just due to those cigarettes.

She had an very categorical mind, probably due to her curriculum, and it would be very difficult to make her believe in any of that. Top of all, she had never accepted that I smoked, and anything could be an basis for her argument that I should stop smoking. Even seeing things.

-Now even my girlfriend thinks I'm smoking weed. - I said, mockingly. - It's very easy to climb up there. If it was difficult, it would be impossible to get up there with the frame and everything. Carlos taught me how to.

As I said his name, I felt her anger rise in her face.

-You are walking with him again, weren't yourself who told me that this Carlos was almost jaild' for traffic? What will people say o' you now? That you were so high you were seeing things and jumped from the roo'?!

That was quite possibly what people in the uni were already saying, even more due to me being in an infamous art major.

-I do not care what people say about me. I do not do drugs. Cigarettes aren't drugs. Nor beer. If you feel better this way, tell your friends some kind of bird attacked me. Or that the wind blown me away. I'd preffer the bird, some falcon, you know them all.

And she did. Most of her time she studied those animals in books, and could name all of them. I, myself, got over the classes building not to paint the campus square, which was regular, still, and boring. Instead, I was actually trying to paint the various birds that normally sat in the pines nearby it - just like an modern Audubon - and gift her the painting in her anniversary, wich would happen in four days, September 8th.

-There are no falcons in this region this time of the year. None would believe. I will tell them some lapwing flew in your face. - She laughed, despite me not knowing what was a lapwing. - Now, will you tell me what nonsense was that you told Jasmine about? A birdman?

-Much more of an bird than a man, despite it was no bird. - I said, promptly, as to tell of my supernatural sighting of the bizarre. - I am certain that your friend Carol would like to hear this one. The wicca-batshit one. This is much probably some entity, or maybe a Cryptid, but it disappeared, so, it must be an entity.

I myself did not believe in any faith in particular. Wasn't an atheist, nor a wicca. I simply never were interested enought on the topic. For small-talks, I usually said to be a christian, or to simply believe in god and everything it comes with.

-I decided to paint the square some days ago, - continued - but got free to do it just today, because I had no classes in the morning. So, packed all my paints in my bag and took the frame, and climbed the 1B roof. I need my phone.

As I had told about my stuff, I remebered it was still upthere. I would need someone to take it for me, but Mina couldn't see the painting. I took the phone in my hands and typed instantly to Carlos: "get my stuff on 1B and i pay u 2$~". Two dollars sounded like an honest money to me. I put the phone by my side and resumed:

-Actually, before climbing it, I was walking down the street with my things and I saw a small boy, running after the pidgeons in the square. - Mina raised an eyebrow - He was angry at them and turned to me, after some time. He said something about the pidgeons fooling him, because they could all fly around, but did not. I said nothing and passed straight through him.

-And do you think this boy you ignored was some kind of witch, that cursed you, right? That boy probably was Abello's son. I passed through him not much time after that. Maybe 9 a.m. - She frowned - To think that while I was studying you were playing the spiderman - She bragged - It is over 8 meters tall, how did you?

-Well, - ignoring the first part of her comment - in the third floor, in the music room, the windows are actually larger than normal, and the sills are also enlarged, but don't ask me why. It is pretty cunning to perceive that it can be used to climb the mansard roof. Even though it was cold and hazy, I did not care and got over there in a second. It was probably 8 a.m. by the time. 

There, I continued to observe the boy. And there was now other-boy. Wich of those were the first, I did not knew, because I ignored him the time I passed through there. Both were seated, but in different benchs. One was using the cellphone, the other was looking at the damn birds. I positioned my frame, and was passing the time while looking both. Only me, them, the pidgeons. As I started painting, the birds all flew away, and either of the boys were not there also. They all missed and everything got shadier. It started some weak rain and some cold breeze, or so I perceived it. By the top of the roof, I felt alone, but also like if something was displaced. I started to smoke as time passed. 

This time, the pidgeons returned, they flew atop the building alongside me. Everybody knows these things are mindless, they act only by instinct, not one thought. Either way, I tried to resume painting, but it was impossible to do so in such cold, so I let everything there and reentered the 1B throught the same window. I descent 'till the vending machine in the first floor and perceived everything was still too quiet, I'm certain that the clock in my phone appointed 8:20 a.m. while I got something to eat, even though can't remember what. Returning upstairs, there was one of the boys in it's middle. He said that he saw me in the roof with the birds. Painting, I said I was only doing some sketchs, but that I did not see him, nor the other boy. 

Then, he said that he saw the other boy, and that he was annoying the pidgeons, wich he said were nice. I was not certain if that was the first or second boy, due to him saying that, I presumed he was the second, maybe your teacher's son. I passed through him and he runned down the stairs, cooing like a pidgeon. Back to the music room, I leaned over the window-sill while looking to the square. There was still noone there and the clock appointed 8:25 a.m., wich was strange, as I felt time was passing too slow, and that there were nobody in the entire campus besides me, since I could not see any other person. I ate my snack and stood still, cooing, exactly like the boy, for no reason, while watching the square and waiting for some people to come around, because the loneliness was getting in my nerves, and I do not like children. 

Now, as I stood there, humming and cooing. I lit another cigarette and stepped trought the window. There were my frame and paintings, as I had let them. There were some of the damned pidgeons there, cooing too. I scared them off and sit by the frame, smoking. Then, I saw the boys, again, I perceived that they were using the same clothes, or so it looked like in the distance. I was already angered by their presence and that of these hellish birds, wich were doing their bizarre fanfarre still. I felt even more intensively that I should simply go away, but needed to continue painting. The cooing would simply not stop as I perceived they gathered by the window where I was eating, then I shouted in angst and anger and the birds all flew away. I returned to the frame: there it was, I touched it again, and hear another coo. I got sick and turned. There was nothing. I looked to the square, the boys were gone again. I looked to my watch: 8:33 a.m, diabolic moment. Another coo, from the inside of the music room. To me, the boy from before was obviously playing tricks. I shouted again and stood up, walking to the window.

As I got to it what an distorced being. I did not understand what it was at first, so I stood still, in shock. Then, it cooed again, and I could do nothing but close my eyes. I could not move, and began to pray, even tough nothing passed trough my head, as if I were some mindless thing and to preach and shake was some kind of instinct. I felt it very close to me, and still could do nothing. I extended my hand slowly ahead of me, and felt nothing, thus, I started to open my eyes, and saw it in the other side of the room. It was enormous and could have more than two meters, but my eyes were still not fully open. Before they did, it flew a ghastly flight in my direction, looking into my eyes. Instantly, I jumped backwards and fell to the ground bellow, eyes closed.

As I recovered myself, there was the same boy (or wasn't him?!) again, and asked:

-Were you trying to fly, Sir? Only the birds do so. - And he ran away.

I tried to say anything, but couldn't due to the pain, even so, I looked into my phone: 8:33 a.m.

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The End

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