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Can you imagine a world where the perfection exist? Nobody was prepared for this. No one could help it, much less he could have been unharmed. Nobody, except them. They were not different, not better than the others, because that was the least of that or that's what the book mentioned. Small and insignificant that is how those who preferred to ignore it described it. It was the book of salvation. Our salvation

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I remember that time i heard it.

It was not the first time that I  met with Cristal, but even so I missed her so much. She has lived to her parents, but i have never seen them. She used to tell me a lot of thing, things I have never understood. I have liked  listening to her, even  when she has told me some legends.

That day, She told me one. I put my feet in the water just like she did, I liked to imitate her, she was like my big sister.

Now It's when i can understand the legend. And i have a big pain inside of me, i want to desappear, i only want to sleep forever....

i'm really sorry Cristal.

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