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Cesar Reyes

the story of two teenagers based on adventures, wars, love, among others. the different gems will take them to different dimensions where they will have all kinds of adventures and challenges to face.

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Tells the story of two little friends of 16 years of innocent and creative mentality who thought about conquering the world with only their attitude and effort.

These two children had great qualities the first called Samuel was characterized by being very intelligent, friendly and respectful of others and he liked to study, be with his true friends and surpass himself and the other called Raúl who was very brave, respectful and insightful who liked to laugh with his friends; and be positive; These two companions were like brothers since they had known each other since they were 8 years old when they had their happy moments as their moments of anguish and rage but in spite of everything they remained the best friend.

One day like no other, Samuel was going to school at 6:45 AM thinking and repeating himself.

-Samuel: Could it be that my classmates studied the social exhibition about "the stones of the cosmos"?

At the same time I notice a peculiar glow that came from the lawn of his neighbor, but I pass him without paying any attention.

When he finally arrived at school he met his friend Raul who always arrived very early and with his friend Karen, who arrived a little earlier than Samuel, he asked them

-Samuel: Did you study the exhibition?

-Raúl responds: Claro

-Karen surprised says: QUEE was for today I thought it was for the other week, because they did not tell me.

-Raúl tells Karen: If we told you all the weekend

-Karen reacts and says: I remember

-Samuel says to both of them: How about we start studying to clarify the doubts we have and help Karen to learn her own.

After that they prayed that their friend Jackson would learn what he had to do, but unfortunately that was not the case; already at the moment of the exhibition which was going out as they wanted, the end was approaching and Raúl tells the audience:

-Raúl states: "These fragments of stone that are said to come from the farthest part of the galaxy reached the atmosphere, which caused them to split into 7 pieces scattered all over the world; at present only one has been found "

After a person listening to the exhibition asks

-Person asks: Those cosmic stones that are useful?

-Samuel responds: They say they have the power to open portals to other dimensions depending on the color they have.

Thus concluding the exhibition and having finished the school hour the 4 friends decide to go home and finish the day with their favorite routines, Raúl helps his father at work, Karen goes to see his favorite series and Samuel and Jackson are put to play the game they have been testing for 3 months.

The next morning, Raúl wakes up at 4:20 a.m. so that when it was 5:00 AM he was on his way to get his transport which leaves him at the front of the school, on the way he looks at the sky and sees a strange glow purple reflected in the sun. He admired and at the same time intrigued, he decided better to think that it is one of the thousands of environmental phenomena that exist today and therefore he decides to get on the bus and start his way.

Already being 5: 30Am Samuel wakes up and as usual he drinks a cup of coffee and when looking out the window of his room suddenly his eyes are disturbed by the same glow that he had seen before in the garden of his neighbor Cristina but this time he saw that that glow was purple, intrigued and this time eager to know that it was ready quickly and desperately breakfast; Seeing this, his mother Mrs. Elena asks him:

Elena: Where are you going so fast?

-Samuel: I have to go over a biology activity with a friend

Upon hearing this his mother paid no attention to him and decided to tell him

Elena: Take care and behave yourself, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Samuel, with some caution, entered his neighbor's garden and immediately remembered the same radiance that he had seen yesterday that came from the same place; moving this a few flowers and a bit of brush found and I see a strange bright purple stone that caught and saved quickly but his neighbor to see him and as he did not like that nobody entered his garden he decided to scream and Samuel noticing the situation decided to go quickly to his school, later on at the door his best friend was waiting Raul seeing this that Samuel arrived a little stifled decides to ask him:

-Raúl asks: What happened to you?

-Samuel responds: It's something strange happened to me this morning and I got a scare from the neighbor

Raúl hearing this tells him

-Raúl: You're not the only one who happens strange things to me I was surprised by a purple flash when he came to take the transport to come here & nbsp;

-Samuel surprised: I also saw a purple glow and I think the one you saw is the same one that I saw which comes from my neighbor's garden.

Both were perplexed and remembered the exhibition yesterday. At that moment Jackson arrives

-Jackson: Aha, and the two of you that happen to them?

And these two in chorus tell him

-Samuel and Raúl: We find one of the seven stones of the cosmos

Jackson hearing this tells them in the form of mockery

-Jackson laughing: I think the food they got today was a bit bad

And they in that situation decided to tell him that it was a simple joke since he did not want to believe them.

On Saturday, they decided to meet after 1:00 p.m. in Samuel's house to investigate a little more about the stone they had.

When Raul arrived, they went up to Samuel's room to investigate the ancient Greek script that had the stone so they decided to enter the same web page that they had entered to make the exhibition, so these two friends started to investigate and investigate until They found what it meant which said "stone after stone and dimension by dimension and in the end an unimaginable gift" so they concluded that these were not scattered throughout their world but each one led to a dimension where another was found and thus successively and when the fragments were reunited they will have a cosmic gift, but they also noticed another writing without meaning.

The days passed and the children, finding nothing, decided to consult with ancient Greek language books until finally they found it, but what they did not expect was that after that there was something evil, Samuel says:

-Samuel: I think I found it.

-Raúl responds: Say it

-Samuel reads: "Of the precious stones I am the best and in me this is a dimension"

-Raúl: correct

-Samuel: But it also says that if we want to enter its dimension we have to have two people holding the stone with one hand.

Listening to this the two are surprised and decided to put a date to go to the other dimension.

Arriving in this way their holidays these two friends get ready and decide to go to the other dimension, Samuel in his backpack prepares the ancient Greek book, a bottle of water, a little food, a first aid kit and a pocket knife and his friend Raul would take a replica of the stone, a rope and water and food. Now ready to go to the other dimension the two decided to take in one of their two hands the cosmic stone and say the following words.

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