Cesar Reyes

The story of a doctor who learns to overcome his great fears

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I can not believe that everything ended ... I was one of the best doctors in the world, winning prizes and titles, but today I'm sitting here on a hospital stretcher spilled with blood by the person I loved.

Three years ago.

Zack: How about mom?

Mama de Zack: Hi son, I thought you were going out to eat with some of your friends.

Zack: If mom, just come back for my backpack, I forgot.

Mama de Zack: It seems that you never change, you are 22 years old and tomorrow you graduate from medical school, a little responsibility that would not hurt you. (fits the shirt)

Zack: Calm down, Mom, my backpack only stayed, well, I have to go, I'm late.

Zack's Mom: Take care of yourself. (he kisses her on the cheek)

Zack gets into his car and sets off to the cafeteria where his girlfriend works, thinking about how fast the years have passed since he began his medical career.

Already in the cafeteria:

Amanda: Hi, honey, I thought you would not come.

Zack: Sorry, I forgot something, but what counts is that I'm already here, right?

Amanda: Well, wait for me a moment and then we'll leave.

Zack: Ready, but do not delay that we're a little late.

After five minutes Zack sees a peculiar girl enter and realizes that it is nothing less than Mariana, which leaves him petrified by the appearance he had.

Zack (in her mind): Impossible, she should be in another country on another continent, what the hell is doing here. (It turns pale).

  Zack continues watching it until he hears the voice of Amanda that shouts to him and it asks to him what happens to you I am calling to him for a while?

Amanda: Are you okay?

Zack: Nothing's better, let's get out of here

Zack takes the hand to him to Amanda and it leaves running it of the cafeteria, to the passage of the time the two are in the mall bigmalls where they were to be with his friends.

Esteban: I thought they would not come, they did take

Amanda: Sorry, we better go to eat that I'm hungry

Estefany: Yes friend, I'm hungry too

Amanda: Where do you want to eat?

Zack: How about McDonald?

Estefany: I have a better idea

Esteban: tell us fast

Estefany: there is a new establishment that brings together food from different parts of the world

Zack: Sounds great, come on then

Already in the restaurant called "World Food" the 4 friends decide to order a different meal each, then Amanda asks for a meal from Australia, Estefany from Germany, Esteban from Spain and Zack from France; hours later to say goodbye and follow each one with his plans for the rest of the day.

Zack: Excuse me will it be that he can give us the bill?

Waiter: Yes, I'll take it to your table

Zack: Thank you very much

At the moment the waitress arrives, and raising all the heads one of them is perpetual to see that the one that attended them was neither more nor less than Mariana.

Mariana: Here is your account.

Amanda: Who gets to pay this time?

Esteban: it's up to Zack

Estefany: To Zack

Zack: ...

Amanda: You're like this again Zack.

Zack: ....

Seeing this, Amanda decides to pay the bill so that everyone can leave to continue with her day, already in Zack's car, Amanda decides to ask her

Amanda: What's happening to you? If you did not have money, you told me and I would have lent you.

Zack: It's nothing love, I'll give you back all the money.

Amanda: Do not worry about love, but are you sure you're okay?

Zack: yes, it's all good

already in the house of Amanda this invites him to enter and after a long time his impulses and his desire won them and they ended up making love; shortly after Zack begins to change.

Amanda: Are you leaving?

Zack: I would not like to but I have to be ready for tomorrow.

Amanda: You already decided which of all the opportunities that you offer you will choose?

Zack: I still have time

Amanda: They will not wait until you decide.

Zack: If I know, I loved today.

Amanda: And to my love, close the door when you leave please.

Zack: Okay, see you tomorrow-

Zack gets into his car and already at home he greets his mother and goes up to his room

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