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The Forbidden Wizard Tells us the story of Benjamin Dakirov, a young Muggle who dreams of becoming a magician, however in his life he will be involved with various events that change his life, adventures, secrets, revelations and much more in this magical story created by a fan of the Harry Potter universe...

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I am Wizard

WELCOME!! to a new show by Ben the GREAT WIZARD!!. So, prepare to be amazed by my amazing show.

Grandparents:  *Applause*

-Thanks,thanks..Ok, uh, and now, from my completely normal hat I'll take out a rabbit.

*He takes off his hat and places it on his left hand and take a wooden stick and position it on top of the hat*

Now I must pronounce the magic words..


*Put your hand in your hat, however, there's nothing there*

Uh..the-then the rabbit ¡¡APPEARS!!

*And again.. nothing happens*

Oh dammit, why does not it work now?!

*Throws the hat out of the window, turns around and starts to run, dropping his wooden "wand"*

Grandfather: Well, the same as always...

Grandmother: Oh come on, do not be like that.

- Benjamin Dakirov was a child who had always dreamed of being a true magician; From a very young age, his grandmother used to tell him stories of ancient sorcerers of great power who had fantastic adventures. Ben became an amateur, and since then, he would have practiced all the tricks he could, without really knowing that there was a magical world behind -

Ben: I do not understand ... why did not work now? I swear it had worked before.

Grandmother: Do not worry, honey, being a magician requires a lot of patience and dedication, you'll see that one day you'll get it.

Ben: Do you really believe that granny?

Grandmother: I do not think so, I'm sure.

Ben: Thanks grandma, I feel a little better.

Grandmother: Why do not you go out and play outside? While I prepare a delicious cake of fruits

Ben: Only for me?

Grandmother: Yes, just for you, honey, but you'll have to share a little with your grandfather, yes?

Ben: It's okay..

- Benjamin lived in a cozy house on the outskirts of Godric Hollow, away from the problems that could mean growing on the streets of the city, he was happy imagining magical adventures in the surrounding woods, until one day he met a mysterious -


- Ben sneaked through the trees, observing a blond haired girl in a white sweater with pink stripes, holding what appeared to be a wand, while uttering words that did nothing but confuse and arouse Ben's curiosity

Then, the young woman raised her wand pointing towards a log of wood and exclaimed  -

¡Incendio!- (Suddenly, uncontrollable flames came out of the wooden trunk, which, in a matter of seconds, ended up carbonizing)

Ben: Woow, that, that ... it was amazing!. How did you do it?!!

-Do what?

Ben: The flames, how did you make them appear?

-What flames? I do not know what you're talking about.

Ben: Is it a pyrotechnics trick? You teach me to do it? Please.

-Uh ... look, you should not have seen that, and you should not be here either ... what's your name?

Ben: Benjamin!! Benjamin Dakirov, but they tell me Ben. And you?

Elizabeth: Elizabeth.. Elizabeth Potter.

Ben: Oh ... nice name, can I tell you Liz?

Elizabeth: As you want, but, promise me that what you saw you will not tell anyone, yes?

Ben: I promise, in exchange for you to show me what you did.

Liz: I don't think you can do it, it's not as simple as it seems.

Ben: Oh, I understand, advanced magic tricks, I'm still learning the basics, you know? How to appear rabbits in hats, disappear coins in your hands. But I'm willing to take a chance.

Liz: No ... I do not mean exactly that kind of "magic" ... look

- At that moment, Elizabeth took a green apple from her pocket, and conjured the following words -



-The apple began to grow disproportionately to the point of having the size of Ben's own head-


Liz: Nop, but I will bang your head against a tree if you do not stop screaming.

Ben: Hehe, I'm sorry, but I'm excited, I can not believe there are real witches.

Liz: Well, now you know it. But..



Ben: ... ... ...

Liz: Calm down, and I'll let you talk. Scream, and I'll make you vomit slugs ..

Ben: (Seat the head insistently)

¡Finite Incantatem!

Ben: You teach me to be a real wizard  (he says whispering)7

Liz: Well, as you insist so much, maybe I can teach you something ... that persistent.

Ben: Great, when do we start?

- From that moment on, Benjamin's life would change for the rest of his life. Every day, every morning, every evening until nightfall, Ben would meet Elizabeth to learn more about magic, embarking on a world full of surprises for him, everything he had ever dreamed about, seemed to be coming true. Of course, besides being learning more and more about the magic and the world behind it, I was also developing a friendship with Elizabeth that, each time, strengthened with time. -

Liz: All right. Remember, it's Wingardium LeviOsa not Wingardium levioSA.

-Ben points to an old and thin book, pronouncing like this-

¡Wingardium Leviosa! (The book would start to float)


Liz: Ben concentrate, do not lose concentration.

Ben: What? 

¡BOOM! (The book explodes near ben's face, leaving him speechless)

Liz: Oh...

Ben: What happened?...

Liz: How strange ... I've never seen this effect ... Anyway, let's continue.

-The days passed, and Ben, little by little, began to improve his skills with magic, even so, it was still very difficult to follow Liz's lessons -

Ben: Hey Liz, I was wondering ... where did you learn all this? I mean ... where did you learn to use magic?

Liz: Uh?... Oh Hogwarts. Hogwarts, the school of magic and sorcery, I'm currently in fifth year, so ... I can not teach you much Ben either.

Ben: Hogwarts? Only wizards can study there?.

Liz: Wizards, Muggles... anyone who receives a letter from Hogwarts can study there.

Ben: What are Muggles?

Liz: Oh, that's how we tell humans without magical abilities.

Ben: So, I'm a muggle?

Liz: Muggles have nothing wrong, the only thing that differentiates us is magic, but we share everything else.

Feelings, physical, intelligence, we are practically the same. However, there are still stupid magicians with a putrefying mind who believe that Muggles are inferior beings without rights.

Ben:  I am not a Muggle...

Liz: Uh?

Ben: I'm a wizard... like you, like the wizards who attend Hogwarts. My grandmother believes it, my grandfather too, I believe it.

They say that if you believe in yourself you can achieve anything, right? So, if I believe that I am a magician, then I can be a magician.

Liz: ...

Ben: Do you believe it too?

Liz: Sure, I believe in you, Ben.

Ben: And when I am a wizard, I will be the most powerful of all, and I will challenge you to a duel, and I will win you. And you will say: Oh Ben, you surpassed me, you are very strong and I'll say: Oh yeah, I am.

Liz: Haha.. that's funny. I don't think you can defeat me in a duel.

Ben: You will see. Even so, I want to tell you thank you, thank you for teaching me all this Liz. Really, thanks.

Liz: Well, you are also teaching my Ben.

Ben: Seriously?

Liz: Yes, I'm learning your bad jokes.

Ben: Haha.

Liz: But also your persistence and your courage surprise me, if you propose something you do not stop until you get it, and that's why I admire you.

Ben: I also admire you, Liz, you are like my older sister hehe, you also teach me to be a better person and love others, not because of what they have, but because of who they are.

Liz: It's getting late, we'd better go back home, remember to study the book I gave you, see you tomorrow.

-Naturally, time would pass and I would get by, the activities, the adventures, and the antics of Ben and Elizabeth would end sooner rather than later, the holidays would be over and Elizabeth would have to return to Hogwarts to start another school year. However, he would decide to spend a final day with Ben to say goodbye to him and give him an important gift.-

Liz: And that's all, for now.

Ben: I do not want you to leave Liz, stay a week more please.

Liz: I would love it, but I can not Ben, I have to go back. Do not worry, look, this is for you. 

- Liz takes out her necklace, a silver necklace engraved with a crimson stone, and gives it to Ben -

Ben: Your necklace? But this is very valuable to you Liz, you can not give it to me.

Liz: Exactly, it is very valuable and important. And that's why I give it to you, because I know that you take care of it more than anyone, besides, a part of me will always be with you.

Ben: Liz...

Liz: I will write letters to know how you are, I hope you receive them.

Ben: ...

Liz: And next year, when I come back, I'll show you a lot more things, and surely, you'll receive your letter from Hogwarts, I'll talk about you to the director.

-Ben interrupts her, hugging her.-

Ben: I will miss you so much...

Liz: Me too... take care

Ben: I will do it.

-And so, Liz, she would go back to her house to organize her things and, the next day, leave for Hogwarts, however, she had never thought about what would happen that same afternoon. The sky was cloudy, and each time, more obscure, Ben was still in the forest because he had forgotten a notebook where he had written down the incantations he had learned, at that moment, he was surprised by a subject covered in a strange cloak , almost as if he were invisible, he would attack from the shadows. Ben, not knowing what to do, would begin to run desperately out of the forest, trying to run away and return home, but between confusion and anxiety, he would stumble over a stone and fall into a hole not far from there, staying for his luck, hidden and unconscious.

On the other hand, Liz had just returned home, and would soon realize that something was wrong, for some strange reason, felt a sensation of anguish that gnawed inside.-

-Elizabeth, have not you seen my invisibility cloak? I remember leaving it in my closet but it is not there.

Liz: No, I have not seen Tyrus, have you asked Gregory?

Tyrus: I would do it, but it came out after you left, I hope that brat has not taken my cape or applied a curse that will not be forgotten in his life.

Liz: He told you where he was going?

Tyrus: He did not say anything, but he looked very hurried, I guess he was in a hurry to leave.

Liz: Oh no..

- Of the worst situations that could have been imagined, this was the one I feared the most. Liz had known that in her family of pure blood, Muggles were considered worthless, but for her brother Gregory were worse than that, he considered them despicable of dirty blood that did not deserve to live, his hatred was imcomparable, he never really knew why His brother hated them so much, but he thinks it's because of a bad experience he had. Anyway, Elizabeth, either by intuition or fear, took his wand and again, left home at full speed, with a thousand heart, hoping that their worst fears are not true.

The night became more and more present, and it seemed that the sky was about to break at any time, with the pulse to the maximum, Liz would get to the forest -


- I would exclaim with fear Elizabeth, waiting for a positive response. But, on the other hand, he would run into the trees, with his older brother, Gregory. -

Gregory: So that's his name huh? I'm not surprised, little sister.

Liz: Gregory...

Gregory: I always knew that you had a preference for defending the filthy muggles, but you have overstepped the limits, you have betrayed us, your family and the clean blood.

Liz: Tell me what they did to you so you'll hate them like that, Gregory? They are the same as us ..

Gregory: Crap, having joined so much with that Muggle has brainwashed you Elizabeth, it hurts, so much wasted potential ...

Liz: You are the one who has the brain atrophied Greg, stop, you know that this hatred is wrong, look what he is doing to you.

Gregory: I know, I know exactly what he is doing to me, and I appreciate it, since I have been able to open my eyes and realize many things. Either you are against them, or you are part of them. So, tell me where the Muggle, Elizabeth, I will not ask you twice.

Liz: Please, do not do this to me .. do not make me choose ..

Gregory:.... (He sneaks his hand to his side and pulls out his wand) You've already chosen, little sister. 


Liz: ¡Protego! I do not want to fight with you Greg!

- Then, a fierce duel between brothers begins, one driven by hate to hurt, and the other, for the love of defending someone. The spells would succumb, and between the trees, this duel would be broken. Both had an equal power because none, was able to do significant damage to the other, especially Elizabeth, who did not want to hurt Greg, but could not tell him where Ben was. Until, a strong pain in the chest would disqualify Elizabeth for a moment. Greg, he would realize this, and take the opportunity to defeat his sister once and for all. -

¡Expeliarmus! (Gregory could disarm his sister)

- Elizabeth kneels tired, knowing that she had already lost the fight -

Liz: Greg, please ...

Gregory: If you do not tell me for good, I'll force you to tell me by the bad


- At that moment, Elizabeth felt a pain so intense, so devastating, that she forgot where she was: it was as if burning knives pierced every inch of her skin, and her head would burst with pain. -


 - Between screams of agony, Elizabeth rejoiced in pain on the ground, tried to resist in some way.

Meanwhile, Ben woke up from that blow he had suffered before, and realized, that his necklace, the necklace that Liz had given him, began to shine in an impressive way, creating a path of light that would take him to Elizabeth. And so, it was like Ben knew, that something was wrong, so he composed himself quickly and started to run until his legs did not give anymore. Finally, he manages to spot between the trees, Elizabeth being tortured by the same hooded man who had previously attacked him. 

Even so, Ben did not possess a wand, so it would be useless to have a direct confrontation against him. Ben crawls through the bushes, and finds his mentor's wand. Without hesitating a second more, and seeing how Liz was being cruelly tortured, she would take the wand and aim for the hooded one.- 


- But Ben, he did not have an appropriate control of the magic, much less, he knew about the use of the wands, his spell goes wrong, and the same goes flying backwards, hitting a tree. Gregory notices Ben's presence, and stops using the cruciatus curse with his sister, to focus on Ben. -

Gregory: Look who we have here, I'll finish you once and for all (Take a brief breath, point your wand towards a sore Ben)


- But sometimes, although everything seems finished, if there is a possibility of hope, a pinch of salvation, this will be present, and so, abruptly, Elizabeth, with the few forces she still had, would stand in between Ben and the impact of the curse, falling on this. And at that moment, there was silence.

Elizabeth, lifeless, would fall into the arms of a shocked Ben, who can not believe what he was seeing.

And as the silence seemed eternal, it broke, in a heavy rain that would interrupt the night, next to the disconsolate and heartrending cry of a child with a shattered soul.-


- Between tears, Ben embraced the dead body of Liz, completely rejecting the fact that her only friend, whom she considered more than a mentor, an older sister, had sacrificed herself for him.

Gregory knew what he had done, he knew that he had just murdered his own sister, but he did not want to accept it, he wanted to cheat himself, it was all the fault of Ben, the muggle he hated so much. Gregory covers himself again with the cloak of invisibility, and escapes from the place. Upon returning to Godric Hollow, alert the entire neighborhood, lying to everyone, changing the version of events, saying that he had seen a boy attacking his sister. Armed with the first thing they had, they left for the woods outside of Godric Hollow in search of Elizabeth, while Ben, still incredulous of what was happening, emphasized some last sobs about Liz. When he looks up, he sees a group of people in the distance, quickly approaching his direction, causing an uproar throughout the forest. Ben realizes the danger that runs, not without first, says goodbye to what Liz, pick up his wand, and flees the place, leaving so, all behind. -

                                             The End Chapter One

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To be continued... New chapter Every Friday.

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