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Shieda KaynxOC (Reader) It was supposed to be very simple. The woman walking through the streets, she wanting a lot to reach her home, get out of the bothersome clothes, get a nice bath and sink on her bed until sleep take her over to the very desirable numbness of sleep. Well, she would do that, if hasn't a scuffle in the middle of street, stopping the peace of it on that night. (I tried hard to not put exactly features to the OC so you can put is as KaynxReader. Odyssey AU).

Fanfiction Anime/Manga For over 21 (adults) only. © Kayn and Rhaast here portrayed are from League of Legends, which belongs to Riot Games. OC "Reader is mine"

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This is The Beginning (of the rest of your life)

It was supposed to be very simple. The woman walking through the streets, she wanting a lot to reach her home, get out of the bothersome clothes, get a nice bath and sink on her bed until sleep take her over to the very desirable numbness of sleep. Well, she would do that, if hasn't a scuffle in the middle of street, stopping the peace of it on that night.

Lately on the central planets of the Demaxian Empire it happens frequently, even more knowing that a entire squad of well trained officers of the empire is known as to be murdered from a mission in a outback planet in the galaxy. Fear is installed, generating more fear, more people getting antsy and rebutting violence with violence. It rises to the point these fights between citizens happens, to the point to become normal. So the woman sighs, seeing that the main road she was walking is blocked and full of officers trying to end it.

Sensing that the mass of curious people on the sides of the road will not thin anytime soon she decides to take one of the many alternatives routes she has available, the closest one would be in the alleys behind the buildings. Less packed and far more silent, which would be good since the sound of the busy streets was aggravating her headache.

Simple, right?

It was simple… until she turns a corner in that alleway and sees two people meters away. She stops on the spot, trying to understand the situation as also waiting if they realized she was there. Thankfully they didn't. They didn't because one of two males (as she could tell by their voices), the tallest one, was pushing the other guy against the wall, angry and demanding tones come from him. The other was cornered and frightened. Frightened because that the one is ambushing is strong enough to push him against thea wall with just one arm while the other is holding something slim and curved shaped at the top with the other arm. The arm that was trapping the him is shinning gold, the rest of him are encased in a hooded cape.

- "Tell me, why the MorningStar crew had run away?" - The angry one says, his voice slightly velvety with the malice.

- "I don't know how it happened. At one moment I gained their trust enough to be able to fix their ship and do what you have demanded and the other they realized what I've been doing and I was in the target of angry swordsman and big, very big blue alien." – The cornered man started to cry. – "Please, ordinal, don't kill me."

- 'Ordinal?'

- "And I paid you to sabotage that ship so they couldn't run away when I arrived. When I arrive, look at what I saw: The ship gone and you trapped on a device. Do you have any idea what you had let run away from me?" – He thrust the thing he's on the wall, making it do a scrapping noise. The man squealed at it, which makes her realize it was in fact a blade, a blade which was millimeters of decapitating the man.

- "I really tried, but the mechanic saw my undoing and then they had just trapped me there, on the hole. Please, you work for the empire, for the demaxian people, right?"

The taller man chuckled. – "Who said I still work for the empire? The Demaxia and its emperor are fools that don't know how to handle Ora and the potential it has." – His voice acquired a deep tone, which she would find good to hear if she wasn't frozen at the menace it is tinted. – "And you're such a useless minion."

- "No… Please… NO! – The man slashes the other one right on the chest. She shakes at it, imagining blood splashing on the floor. However the liquid goes out is surprisingly glowing gold, then it flies to the golden orb on the center of the weapon the killer is holding, which the woman realizes that it is a scythe. She also realizes that he's extracting the glowing liquid to the orb from the dead body, reaping the substance from him.

The glow of the liquid showed some of the man's features; a rectangular jawline, angular nose, a golden eye patch hiding one of his eyes, while the other one kind of emitting a yellow circle glow. The glowing yellow eye that is now looking directly at her.

- "Shit!" – She give a step back. The man snarls at her, moving to her direction. She turns around and start to run. The woman runs blindly, turning corners, jumping trash cans, slides under fences (thanking whatever deity making her taking parkour classes), anything to mislead him (as if she could mislead a trained assassin). She heard him shouting at her however her mind was on a flee mode, wanting to disappear from his sight.

She looks over her shoulder, fearing that that yellow glow would still be staring with deadly intent at her, however it wasn't there anymore. Her pace lowers a little, trying to breathe air for her aching lungs…

Until it stops when she looks forward. The man was THERE, glowing gold on the other side of her path.

The woman sees the scythe being held in position; he holding it to his right side, probably preparing it to slash her in the middle. Her mind starts to produce ways to escape imminent death, literally and figuratively speaking.

- 'He holds his weapon with both hands, so it must be heavy to manage just in one. That means the swings must be slow to a certain degree… Yup, it might work.' – She resumes her fast pace, going directly at him. The woman sees him fixing his stance, arm moving to the deathly swing. When she gets really close, in the moment his arm start to move she throws herself to the ground, rolling under the scythe's slashing. Then she puts strength on her calves and soles of her feet, gaining the needed momentum to be able to stand and resume her running.

As she progressed to distance herself of him, she could hear his laughing. - "You're smart, but that well not be enough to get away from me." – He shouts, the playful tone being heard on his voice.

She didn't dare to look back once again, fearing into falling on his trick a second time. As she turned a corner progressed in another path, she could hear faintly s the sounds of police sirens. Blissfully she found her way to the main road, the officers still there. She believes he wouldn't dare to attack at plain sight so her salvation lies there. Turning another corner, she sees a fence and forward the busting of the main road. She just needs to jump it and she'll be safe.

Finally reaching the fence, she stops a little, trying to regulate the rapid and fast compassed breathing. After a few moments, she puts her fingers and the tip of her shoes on the holes, starting to climb on it.

- "I told you, that little stunt back there wouldn't be enough." – The words were whispered near her ear, warm breath fanning on her neck. The woman instantly screams in surprise and fear, her limbs working in double time to escape. Then she feels his hand now covering her mouth to muffle the her sounds, his other arm going to her waist, pinning her against his body so she couldn't move. She started to shake herself wildly on his hold, one of her arms successfully freeing from it. She uses her free limb to punches her elbow anywhere that might hurt him.

The woman hear him releases a pained whoof, after he growls. He spins her around, moving to stand between her legs. His hands brings both of her wrists together, being able to hold them with just one hand while the other returns to her mouth, keeping her sounds at minimum. Her first tears of despair runs on her cheeks, she shakes even more in desperation, pushing her body against the fence in way to try moving her arms from that position.

At certain point she cans, using her shoulders a base point in the fence for pushing, successfully moving her wrists a little from the fence. She hears him chuckling at her antics, after pressing her limbs back and holding them there strongly. She thinks in another tactic by moving her feet and putting both of them against the fence in a way to get a boost to break his hold, then pushing herself off the surface. In her fear, clouded mind she didn't realize that she was pushing all of her body against his.

- "What are you doing?" – With those words said in that annoying playful tone of his the woman stops and looks confused at him. – "Did you realize how close you'd put yourself of me?" – He chuckles. – "I thought you were running away from me."

With these words she analyzes the situation. The woman sees both of her wrists encased on the iron and cold grip of his left hand. From that she hears faint, mechanic noises coming from that golden limb. – 'A cybernetic arm, perhaps?' – Her eyesight moves below, looking at the gloved hand that was still on her mouth. The golden details leading to the also clad arm, the fabric stretching tight at his bulging biceps, muscles tense and locked tight against her torso.

Looking lower she could get a glimpse that exist no space between them. The material of his outfit so skin tight that she could feel the toned muscles of his chest and abdomen contracting and expanding calmly. She then move her legs, feeling that both of them are against his sides. She could even sniff the musk of his sweat as also a sweet scent coming from him.

Situation analyzed she freezes, realizing the embarrassing position she'd put herself into. Her face feels on fire and cold shivers run down on her spine. – 'Seriously, how can this happens to me? And look at this position. I look like I'm offering myself to him! Bad day, bad day, bad day!'

- "No more screaming?" - He asks, a sharp smile opening up on his face. - "I bet you're liking this." - Her embarrassment reaches at full force at these words, her eyes glaring in anger at his visible one, growling at him. Finally he removes his hand from her mouth, letting her breathe slightly better. Now with her own breathing stabilizing and the dizziness diminishing she could see his features clearly.

There's golden iris behind of that circled glowing gold line, the golden line itself looks like to be another cybernetic enhancement. The eye-patch covering a mass of tattooed golden shapes on his left side of his face, his angular jaw with golden details on his chin, a little above his sharp smile, the thinner upper lip accompanied with a plumper lower one, it tinted in a pale blue color. Some thick, royal blue bangs covering his face, they visible from the hood his is wearing…

Then it clicked all at once.

This assassin isn't just someone. He's the high ordinal Kayn, one of the soldiers that she'd voiced out loud how handsome the man is when her friend showed his image on her communication device. The same one she got so interested in learn more about to the point in searching on net more info about him. The research itself returned with little of his personal story and much more with images of the public events he participated, them showing how handsome the man looks, friendly and far charismatic he was than the the behavior he's displaying right now. This psychopath demeanor of his, looks like to be newer, making him far more scarier than he looks. She wonders if it's his true colors.

Well, at least handsomeness is still there.

- "A photo would last longer, you just need to ask." - His condescending tone make her focus on the present. - "Or I just keep still because it looks like you're enjoying to be held like this."- Secretly she's enjoying it. After so long crushing this guy and have him in flesh and bones so close to her making her inner self beam in joy. But she can't let it show, he's dangerous after all.

Hissing in anger at his words she bares her teeth, not liking one bit of his big ego. - "Me enjoying it? Please... Like I would enjoy to be forcefully held like this, against my will. And I thought imperial soldiers was supposed to protect the demaxian people, not force themselves on them like you pretty much are doing right now. But don't worry, I will..."

She stops her tirade, realizing that his free hand is now on her left side, touching the area little lower from her chest. His limb very large and the grip with a gentleness that she never thought he could possess. His hand descends from there, passing on her waist, hip, until it stops on her outer thigh, the material of her working uniform thin enough that she could feel precisely his fingers now squeezing the area. – "Toned muscles, no wonder would run that fast. Still needs to train on your breathing pattern so then you could run far longer. They feel good to squeeze, though."

- "Stop it." – She says in despair. The touch felt so good that she didn't dare to look at his face in fear that he might see her enjoyment. The man she crushed upon in the past months touching her gently and sort of indecently making her loose control of her rational thoughts. She fears that she might loose her pride and her dignity by muffling his words egocentric words with a kiss and prove right his point. – "I didn't consent you to touch me like this, just stop."

In fact was a long time ago someone touched her like that. So copes her lack of affection from the others and the knowledge that he's strong enough to hold her up like that for so long (since she didn't exactly weighted light at all) makes him hotter. Then mixes the display of strength with the danger he represents it makes him far more enticing for her. – "Let me go. No one will believe in a single citizen telling something, since you're the immaculate and unreachable high ordinal. How can someone believe he would waste your time with a no one like me?"

- "You're pretty much right." - His hand moves slowly over to her inner thigh, then under it to push it with force against the fence. Suddenly the hand which was holding her wrists goes to the back of her head, fingers entwining on the now loose bun she had to wear for work, pulling at the strands, making her gasp in pain at the process. By pulling her head back he bares her neck to his eyes, at such manhandling her back arches. His pulling make her almost loose her balance, making her hands instinctively goes to his shoulders to compensate it. At the pain and the sudden change of the situation, adrenaline course through her veins, clearing her mind from what she was feeling moments ago. – "I do think no one would bother you if you truly was no one. However the logo on your uniform and your uniform tells me otherwise."

Her eyes widen, desperation making itself present. Indeed the contractor which she and her team works for has Ora extraction business with the empire. So since she's the team leader (her uniform itself demonstrates it) and she reports anything to her superiors she might make his life harder, what would be prudent to him end the evidences, per saying.

- "If you put the facts in place would be far easier for me kill you right now and silence you forever, don't you think?" - She feels his breath fans over the skin of her collarbone area, to be more precise, on the area above her rapid beating heart is. - "And since you're a humble citizen working hard for the empire wouldn't be graceful of me, a highly esteemed and generous soldier, compensate you by giving you a 'demonstration' of my skills towards the human body?"

At these words she moves with difficult her head to look at what he's doing. Her eyes widen as his single glowing eye is staring at face intently, his mouth going to the buttons of her blouse, opening them with his teeth. They opening the cloth and baring her bra clad chest to him. Then his tongue comes out, the appendage contouring the outside of one breast to goes up and stops on her neck. – "I would make it very enjoyable for you."

- "Do you think I would let you quietly rape me?" - She says that, fighting off the tingles pleasure he's making on her. - "If you think I would enjoy to be raped by someone just because this someone could possibly have skills to make feel pleasure against my will, the answer is a big, fat no!" – Her hand goes to behind his head and grasps something, her fingers closing on what feels like to be his braid and pushes his head back from her skin. He gasps in pain and she uses this momentum to use her other hand to pushes his torso further away, finally making some space between their bodies. She moves her body wildly, wanting desperately to liberate her leg that is still in his grasp and shake off his hold. – "Be damn sure I'll not let you take me so easily."

He release chuckles with malice dripping from it, one of his hand flying to her throat and squeezing it a little, robbing her breath and the sight of his movements. Both of her hand which was pulling his braid goes straight to the wrist which hand is on her neck, her fingers trying to opening up his hold. His other hand, which is still securely holding her leg up, grip tighter on her flesh, making her whine in pain.

– "Rape? No." - He encloses his body against hers, his lips going to her ear. Then he whispers the next words. - "I think it would be very consensual since I can fully see your lust towards me on your eyes as also from what I've been smelling down below here." - To emphasis his point he gyrates his hips against hers, creating a friction. She feels mortified in realizing that he's indeed right, her underwear is moist and stick. And her temperature rises when she feels the outline of his standing erection against her groin. –"I bet you're slick and ready. Just a push and then…" – He thrusts hard against her, making the woman whine at the spike of pleasure from his manhandling. – "I would be right in. All of me. Easily." – He moves his head to the trapezium muscle on her shoulder, teeth biting gently there. Her grip falters on his wrist, hand moving to his shoulder, bunching the fabric on her fingers. – "Just say yes and you feel everything of it."

For all the deities, he's like a demon disguised as a humble angel, provoking her inner desires to her give in up and fall on his trap. She bites her lips to hold the moans that are threatening to go out.

- "I find you attractive too." – His words snap her out of her thoughts. – "I always like people that can put some fight, no matter how weak my preys are compared to me. Makes the hunt far more exciting." – He licks her skin. – "I'd to resort to extract information and kill people after sexual intercourse in mission, so imagine the wonders Ive learned and I replicate on you."

He starts to rub himself against her, the thrust slow and gentle, sighing the next words dreamily to himself. - "But I keep imagine what would feels like extracting the concentrated Ora from your body after I make us both orgasm. You would be the first one to try." – She could hear sucking noises now, his teeth pulling her skin to his mouth and sucks thee flesh. – "I believe it would be sublime, like reaching the utmost peace and satisfaction those templars says.

Oh, it's true. She had worked for a couple years in direct contact with the extracted Ora. From being a supervisor in a Ora mining camp in those years as also had to help with the retrieval of the precious substance made her body generate the substance in higher doses. When she had cut her finger and in horror saw the golden flecks of the substance on her blood. Urgently she reached a doctor, which calmly explained that it was her own Ora and it would not harm her.

- "Oh boy…" – His voice acquired a very low tone while saying those words, making her shudder.

Between her shame and the constant spikes of pleasure she's receiving from his handling she wonders how his voice would sound like when he's in the middle of the real deal.

After moments she realizes he'll likely kill her when reaps her Ora from her dead body after is so fucked up in so many ways that she can't even start to count them.

Then suddenly he bites her shoulder, hard. She screams with the pain, feeling his teeth puncturing the skin and blood oozing from her wound. Her pain heightens when he licks the area, the texture of his tongue far more painful than soothing. He releases her neck and her leg. His arms now hooked on her shoulders, locking her in place to not move. He's distracted in her wound (which she doesn't know why) to realize what's happening.

She needs to control herself and think in a way to get out of this before is too late. And soon.

- "As I thought you tasted pretty much like the Ora you smells, your blood are very concentrated on it. It could feed me for weeks."

Goddamn it, she needs to go away, and fast… Keep the conversationdistract him are the words now running on her mind, anything to keep him out of her ways to get off this situation. – "You're correct." – Everybody has a weakness, even the highly strong ones. Find your way to fight back or flee. These are the words that her martial teacher would say everything class she would practice fighting skills.

Her feet on the floor, legs closed and knees at a perfect level for…


Well, worst case scenario, she couldn't flee, invite his wrath upon her and kill her on spot. Good case scenario he might be a sadomasochist, kidnap her to his ship, rape her and kill her while reaping her Ora. She'll just live a little longer. Best case scenario the pain will keep him hindered on the floor and she could run for her life.

But first he needs to be far more distracted. Yeah, she could kiss him. Kissing an insane person with an addiction to Ora that is also a skilled assassin. And secretly satiate her desire to taste him.

Why not try this?

With that in mind her hands on his shoulder moves, slowly and in a sensual manner her left one descends, moving to his chest, stomach area, abs. Then it goes to his side and behind, descending to his backside, palming one cheek. Her right one moves to his face, her thumb tracing the golden metal and then the skin under it, for then go to his nape, the fingers pushing his hood from his head, then she entwines on the blue strands there. As she progresses her hands he stopped to work on her shoulder, his head slowly moving until he is facing her again. When her hands are in position he is looks condescend at her, the visible eyebrow raised.

- "Enjoying the feel?" – He mocking asks.

- "Deeply." – She gives a good squeeze on his butt, the muscle so toned that it almost didn't give in at her fingers pressure. His eye widen slightly at it. – "I'm not hearing you complaining about that." – She makes a sultry tone, her eyes in slivers, looking at him through her eyelashes.

- "You're lucky I'm enjoying this too much, otherwise you would be dead by now."

- "God, you talk too much." – She pulls his head to her, her lips meeting his halfway, ceasing his talking.

His lips tasted like blood and artificial candy tone, confirming that he's is indeed using a kind of liquid balm on the lower one, the flesh soft and warm. The bangs that are in front of his face grazing lightly hers. She opens her eyes a little, attaching to her memory every little detail she could get so up close. His eyelashes are longer than she thought, also in royal blue color, in the shaved area of his scalp the roots are indeed blue, indicating that it is his natural color. The golden tattoos glittering faintly with the weak light while his face moves. Her right hand abandons his hair and goes lower while her left one goes up, both of them moving on his back, fingers tracing covered skin, then she hooks them on his shoulders and pushes him closer to herself. To give more fire to the show she grips his lower lip with her teeth, sucking on it, even adding a little moan to it. Everything to make it more believable.

Okay, who she is kidding. She is truly enjoying it.

Her moan is corresponded with a growl of his. He turns his head to the side, lip-locking the kiss and making it more furious and demanding, his arms suddenly moves, one curling around the middle of her torso while the other grasp her nape, locking her head in place so she couldn't break from it. He pushes her against the fence, now that both of her feet are in the floor and he is taller than her he has to open his legs and bend his knees to keep the kiss.

There, the perfect moment to act on her plan. Her conscious screaming to do it but her wants to loose on him. He tasted so sweet. He's is kissing her like he's on the mission to rob her breath as her sanity, to drive her wild. But she can't, he's dangerous.

It's now or never.

Whining in her mind in having to lose this sensation she moves her hands to his waist, locking him in place and then she pushes her knee hard between his legs, hard. He instantly releases her, giving a loud moan in pain for after falls on his knees, holding his bits in pain. She never thought she would ever see his eyes widen so much like that, or even some tears rolls down of that golden eye, the same eye that's now looking at her in anger. Luckily he'll not be able to move for some time.

Using this precious time she moves from the fence and face it, running some steps behind and then pushing her leg and calves muscles with all of her might, climbing in few minutes the surface and then jumping from its edge, rolling over the floor, a secure move to not make her legs suffer the impact and resume her running to her salvation.

She runs to the bustling road and run some more, desperately searching for an officer that could help her in any way, she finds one talking with some passerby. She calls his attention and then he realizes her state of distress and promptly works to calm her down.

She never felt so much relief in that moment that her body started to shiver uncontrollably, tears bursting from her eyes. It took 20 minutes to calm her down and another twenty to seek medical need to her wounds, mainly on her wrists area, her shoulders, scrapes on her knees and nasty bite on her shoulder.

Injuries treated she gave her testimony about what happened; who was the assailant (the office's eyes widened at who was), the man killed on the alley (The officer told her that he's probably one of the ordinal's targets), the assault that the ordinal made on her (The officer commented that it's new, even for a ordinal. He'll escalate the transgression to the superiors) and how she escaped the assailant (the officer hold his laugh and said that what she'd done was right, no soldier should take advantage of no one).

Promptly the officer called back up and goes to investigate the area, following her directions, indeed the killed man there (the officer told her that the dead man was mercenary wanted for years, for trafficking Ora for him and his dealers, rapped women for fun. One less coward on this world.) and the signals of struggle a little far from that spot but the assassin in question, no traces of him. The officers offered to take her to the police headquarters, go give a detailed testimony as also offer a place where she could keep herself safe for the next weeks.

For the next weeks she lived on the safe house. She called her superiors about what happened and they acquiesced to it, saying to her restore her mind and energy to pass the distress and return full force in the next days.

Nothing happened in this period. Then she returned to her own house, deciding to move for another place, the fear still there because she was much more information that could destroy the ordinal's life. She distrusted everyone, giving little personal information about herself, preventing to walk alone or in dark streets and taking especial attention to her martial classes. Like that a month had passed then two and three. Half a year after the incident and fear vanished.

If she knew that in the next couple of years he would turn her life upside down… Poor girl…

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