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SinbadxOC Samantha never thought that in one fateful night her life would change drastically, in a way that is exotic and, at same time, very pleasant. (The passage written on the first chapter is from the “The Sixth Voyage of Es-Sindibad of the Sea”, found on this site: www . bartleby . com/16/607 . html (eliminate the spaces on the dots))

Fanfiction Anime/Manga For over 21 (adults) only. © Sinbad and Ja’far are characters from the series Magi, The Labyrinth of Magic, which belongs to Shinobu Ohtaka. The OC belongs to me.

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The Night it all starts

- "Finally here, now let me see… Magi is up! Time to watch it." – Samantha is as any average girl, well, not that average. Of course, she behaves as any 20 years old girl behaves: Have a job, have friends, like to read and stuff. However, she also has her eccentricities: Playing games, drawing and mainly, her like for animes and mangas.

Her current addiction now: Magi, The Labyrinth of Magic. She is so caught up within the series because it mixed her like for animes and her fascination for the rich Arabian culture. Her lucky necklace, which she bought in a jewelry store for a low amount of money. Of course it wasn't really jewelry, it was gold painted aluminum with a large red plastic stone in the middle, but she could care less. It's pretty and she liked it. Also, at the drawer beside her bed, a copy of 1001 Nights, resting peacefully there.

Getting down to business, she clicked twice on the icon of the episode, the loading appearing on the screen of her notebook. Then, the episode started, as also the magic (at least, for her). After a few minutes of the episode, in which Aladin and Morgiana are heading to Ballbad, thinking that Ali Baba is on the city. After the dialogue, her most wanted moment, that she waited the entire day to see happened there.

- "Sinbad! Oh my God, they're made him naked on this part… And also that… HAHAHAHAHAHA, LOOK AT THAT LEAF! Hehehehehe, Aladin and Morgiana's faces. Just like in the manga. So good." – She had to pause, the brunette laughing so much of the comedy on it.

Yes, her favorite character is the purple-haired king that in his early years was a common sailor. Samantha liked a lot how the creator of Magi would portrait her favorite character from the 1001 Nights. And also she wasn't regret for the result.

At first, in the initial chapters of the manga, she thought he would be portrayed as the sailor, which originally he's on the original story. However, after the shock of seeing Sinbad appearing naked and after on the progressing of the story, of he being king of Sindria makes her really start to like even more of him. The brunette would even admit that the Sinbad from Magi are more appealing than from the tales.

Of course he would be more appealing, the creator draws him all muscled and hot stuff. As also that the male is a very wooer and after showed as a bad drunker. But none of those would make his less appealing at her view.

And then, Sinbad start to talk on the episode. – "OH GOD, IS DAISUKE ONO IS HIS VOICE ACTOR . So fitting."

Suddenly, Sarah, her sister appears on her door. – Can you stop the screaming? Geez, I'm studying."

- "Nope, I can't because my wonderful character just appeared on the anime."

- "Let me see it." – The younger brunette walked to her sister's computer, which was frozen in the very scene Sinbad was with the arms wide open and the magical leaf (she briefly wondered how he could suspend the thing on thatSinbad was with the arms wide open and the 'magical' leaf (she briefly wondered how he could wrap the thing on that very part). – "So I see… MOM, SAMMY IS WATCHING PORN!

The older sister got red instantly. – "NO, I AM NOT! It's an anime. Look." – Samantha took off the pause, which showed the character's butt and after, using small clothes.

- "MOM, SAMMY IS WATCHING ANIMATED PORN!" – Seconds later, both siblings hears her mother speaking from the living room.

- "Is a naked man that is appearing on the screen?"

- "Yes!" – Sarah replies.

- "It's just shows that she is straight and like to see man. Of course nothing against if you like women but… Do you get my point."

- "Can you both stop this conversation?!" – Samantha screamed, pushing her sister to the door. – "And you, get out!" – Banging her door on Sarah's face, she pressed her back against the wooden surface, sighing. She could still hear the chuckles coming from her younger sibling.

Her family always wondered if she likes women because she never got a boyfriend. Is not like she never get interested in get one, the choices that appeared doesn't fit her taste. Also she had nothing against a lesbian relationship but didn't appeal at her the curves of a woman. The angular shapes, the hard muscles beneath smooth and velvet skin of a man pressing against her are definitely more appealing.

Mainly with the male have golden eyes and a purple shade on his hair. – 'Stop, hormones. He's just fiction, he doesn't really exist.' – It makes her once again sigh. Man similar the ones of animes never will exist, or they exist but she didn't have the luck to meet one. - 'I need to cheer up; at least I'm seeing my favorite character now.' – With this thought, she continues her watching.

Thirty minutes later, the episode finishes and the brunette is with a smile on her face. Humming she get her mp3 player and her 1001 Nights book. Setting the device to play Arabic music, she searched for the page that started Sinbad's tales.

- "Found it." – So she started to read in the part she stopped yesterday:

He followed the servant into a vast room, where a great company was seated round a table covered with all sorts of delicacies. In the place of honour sat a tall, grave man whose long white beard gave him a venerable air. Behind his chair stood a crowd of attendants eager to minister to his wants. This was the famous Sindbad himself. The porter, more than ever alarmed at the sight of so much magnificence, tremblingly saluted the noble company. Sindbad, making a sign to him to approach, caused him to be seated at his right hand, and himself heaped choice morsels upon his plate, and poured out for him a draught of excellent wine, and presently, when the banquet drew to a close, spoke to him familiarly, asking his name and occupation.

"My lord," replied the porter, "I am called Hindbad."

"I am glad to see you here," continued Sindbad. "And I will answer for the rest of the company that they are equally pleased, but I wish you to tell me what it was that you said just now in the street." For Sindbad, passing by the open window before the feast began, had heard his complaint and therefore had sent for him.

At this question Hindbad was covered with confusion, and hanging down his head, replied, "My lord, I confess that, overcome by weariness and ill-humour, I uttered indiscreet words, which I pray you to pardon me."

"Oh!" replied Sindbad, "Do not imagine that I am so unjust as to blame you. On the contrary, I understand your situation and can pity you. Only you appear to be mistaken about me, and I wish to set you right. You doubtless imagine that I have acquired all the wealth and luxury that you see me enjoy without difficulty or danger, but this is far indeed from being the case. I have only reached this happy state after having for years suffered every possible kind of toil and danger.

"Yes, my noble friends," he continued, addressing the company, "l assure you that my adventures have been strange enough to deter even the most avaricious men from seeking wealth by traversing the seas. Since you have, perhaps, heard but confused accounts of my seven voyages, and the dangers and wonders that I have met with by sea and land, I will now give you a full and true account of them, which I think you will be well pleased to hear."

As Sindbad was relating his adventures chiefly on account of the porter, he ordered, before beginning his tale, that the burden which had been left in the street should be carried by some of his own servants to the place for which Hindbad had set out at first, while he remained to listen to the story.

After these words and with the music still playing, Samantha yawned. – "How I wish to, at least lives in that time which these stories happened… No better, in the reality that happens in Magi. And meet Sinbad… Yes like this, would be so good." - Her eyes unconsciously closed, setting herself in a deep slumber. In her neck the red plastic stone shines, its light casting on her body and dragging her to an impossible place, which is in an impossible dimension.


- "Little girl. Hey, wake up, little girl."

Samantha stirred, something shook her shoulder, making her sleep fade and her eyes open slowly. Looking around, she was in a huge room, it's roof high enough, shelves full of books around, which the books she could see have large tomes. Looking at the floor, she saw that it is from marble. Herself is above a carpet, with rich and complex design, scattered around burgundy and yellow gold pillows, also with an intricate design.

- "Samantha." – She turns to the voice. What she found there made her jaw drop to the floor, eyes widening, her hand uprising and pointing to the "person" at her view.

- "I can't believe it, is impossible. I'm probably still dreaming." – She settles herself against the pillows. – "If I close my eyes and after I open, I'll wake up and see that I'm still in my bed, on my room and nothing will past as a dream." - She let the silence reside in, her breathing getting slower until the "person" spoke again.

- "This is not a dream, my beloved girl, this is reality. Well, at least the alternative reality you wished to live." – She rose fastly, once again she is speechless at what she heard. Gathering her wits, she once again pointed at the "person".

- "But you're a Djinn. A mythological creature from the Arabic culture. You shouldn't exist."

- "And yet here I am, at your very front, moving and breathing. So I exist."

- "Who are you? And how do you know my name?

- "I'm Sitri. My name has meaning connected with desire and wishes, especially the ones that is made by women. That's why I moved you in here, while sleeping." – Samantha couldn't believe in what he's saying. The djinn in question what very alike the ones she sees in the Magi series. Blue color in his body, his gigantic form only concealed by a white garment that runs low in his hips and cascade over his thighs. His dark blue neck length hair framed his angular face. The full plump lips of the man smiled mischievously at the girl. Red draws that appear to be tattoos runs over his built body and strong arms. Samantha turned her eyes away, embarrassed at the display of a good looking male body. Golden jewels with red rubies here and there are on his figure, making the djinn even more appealing at her eyes and tastes.

- "Also you asked how I know your name." – She looked back at him, making herself focus on his face. – "I know because I'm your djinn." – For the third time Samantha has no words to spoke. To shocked to express at that sentence from the mythical creature at her front. Smiling, the djinn walked at her direction while he shrank to human size. Sitri neared the brunette, his hand taking one of her wrists and pulling her to her feet. – "Still not believing me, my little girl?"

- "How can I believe? This is insane. Is like I drunk too much and now I'm seeing and talking with things that aren't real. I…" – Sitri stopped her speech by putting a long finger on her lips, silencing her rambling. After, the hand that was holding her wrist, his hand settling on hers by the palm, the long blue fingers entwining on her pale and smaller ones. His other hand do the same at her other hand.

- "Well, if I wasn't real, you couldn't touch me like this now, don't you think?"- She nodded at that. After she saw him looking at her body, making her self-conscious. – "Also we need to make you more presentable in this era." – He looked at her black tank top and black baggy pants, then he thought aloud. – "Probably red with gold details will suit you better."

Releasing one of his hands but still keeping Samantha closer by the other, Sitri started to work his magic on herself. His finger touched her forehead, white flying things, which later she recognized as the Rukh danced around her skin. The feeling of the Rukh on her body are warm and soft, like a touch of a lover. Seconds later, the feel of the artificial polyester changed for soft cotton with silk. It felt lighter and less clingy.

- "Look at you, better this way." – He turned her body to face a mirror. She gasped at her figure. The white garments consisted in hugging figure top, which make her chest rose higher and a pronounced cleavage appears. Its end very near the underside of her breasts. The sets of straps of the top are red with golden scrollwork, one of them in the middle of her shoulders and the other dangled on her arms. Her pants are baggier than her old one, and it rode low on her hips. To hold it to not fall, two red straps with the same golden scrollwork, started in the middle of the rim at front, passed above her hipbone, hugging the side of her waist and after again linked in the middle of the back part on the pants. Her hair settled in a high ponytail, the bangs that are usually used at the side because of the long size now are parted at the middle, framing her face, the very middle portion of it pushed back.

The thing that let her more astounded is the jewelry: on her wrists rested two similar golden and large bracelets, one with details of a lion and another of a griffon, the details of it made in silver. On her ears, golden and small earrings in hoop style, three in one ear and 2 in another. In her feet, above her black shoes rested to more large bracelets, also very rich designed. But what made the brunette loose her breath was her necklace; the thing is like it evolved. Instead of the single ruby on the center, now more six small rubies, three in each side of the central and large one are framed by a beautiful intrinsic of chains.

- "Like what you see, my little girl?"

- "It's beautiful. I… I don't know how to thank you…"

- "Stop. You don't need to thank me. After all, you're my master and I'm here to submit at your wishes."

- "But I'm not the kind of person to make anyone to submit to me. I can't even make my own pet to obey my orders…

- "So that is what brings us to your wish and my objective." - His hands circled her neck, touching directly her necklace. – "Solomon authorized me to let you stay in this dimension as long my magoi can sustain. The maximum I can is for seven days."

- "But seven days is too few to get what I want."

- "I'm sorry my little girl but is all I can do, for now. Unless you train your own magoi, I can take it from you and make your state in this dimension larger than seven days. Anyway, returning to what I was speaking, this necklace is what will mark the days you can stay here. You will see it by the color of the rubies, the vivid color represents the time you still have and the pale ones represents what already passed."

- "I understand, I'll try to make this travel of mine be longer, I need to pass as much time I can with what I want."

- " 'What' you want or should I say 'who' you want?" - Samantha blushed, feeling her face warm at the meaning. She heard Sitri chuckles at her side. Then he turned her around, his hands running on her arms and stopping on her wrists. – "My little girl, I'll teach you, besides the art of surviving against Al Sarmen's pupils that probably will have to deal with in this world, the art of seduction, for you to get your purple-haired man."

- "How do you know it's him that I want?"

- "That is Sinbad, the King of Sindria which conquered your heart? Yes, I know. Every time he appears on the screen of that device you calls computer, you keep staring at him, at the point to day-dreaming."

- "But if I truly conquest his heart, I'll have him for a small time. I want more than that."

- "My little girl, everything that is based in fiction is inspired for something on the reality. I assure that you'll have him at your side for a little longer than you think. But, for now…" – Suddenly, the djinn pulled Samantha to him, pressing her body against himself. His hands made hers settle on his waist while his arms rested on her shoulders, his hands setting on her neck, fingers caressing the nape. – "…I'll teach you the art of seduction. As you know very well, Sinbad is known to be a ladies man, so at first, you'll need to entrance him with your movements."

Samantha saw how close the djinn is of her body. She raised an eyebrow at him, suspicious at his behavior. – "I don't know if you're trying to help me or just to feel me up."

- "Trying to help you. I'm not kind of man to like to press myself into a woman in the way you're meaning. In that way, I prefer much more to be into a man. However I never dismiss if appears a woman willingly for me" – He winked at the brunette. – "Now, coming back into business, you can seduce him by dancing. You don't have large chest but the shape of your lower torso and legs are fine. Like I making with you right now, you will bring his hands to your waist, after you run yours hands through his arms and stop on his neck. With your fingers, slowly and making circled movements, your cares the base of his neck, just in the point my fingers are on your nape right now."

The young woman felt the fingers so slowly caress the sensitive skin there, making shivers run down on her spine. – "Keep your brows eyes locked with his golden ones. Depending of the expression you'll see if he's liking it or not. After starting to move your hips to a side to another, letting he feel how your body is moving. Ever so slowly and without his knowledge press your body against his, hips still moving. After that, surely, he'll pull you closer and then you're free to move your body in the way you want. His body will follow your movements just to seek the warm and softness that is coming from yours. So you'll realize that his eyes aren't anymore looking at your eyes but yes to your lips. If you let him kiss and be respond at it so, my dear, will have point of no return and your wish will be granted."

Sitri stopped to moving and give a few steps back. And then Samantha realized that she was about to kiss the djinn, the urge coming from the luring the entire dance and grinding made on her body and mind. The brunette shook her head, trying to disperse it. – "Is so easy to seduce you, my little girl. He'll soon get bored of you after he got his piece of pleasure from your body."

- "Like I would be so easy to giving at the first time." – The brunette frowned, stomping her feet.

- "So then, as an advice, be the one dominating, not the one submitting. Also take note that Sinbad is an adventurer before as a king, so he likes challenges and conquer them. Your appearance already is exotic (now), but it will complement with your personality. Do you understand that?"

- "Yes, I do."

- "That is good. Now your turn, seduce me."

She blushed instantly, her hands trembling. – "B-but…"

- "He'll not wait you forever, little girl. He'll get bored and after walk away."

- "OKAY, okay, I get it." – She heard him snap his fingers and suddenly a music started to play, slow beats with the medium speed of a violin playing on it showing that the music mean to be romantic and a bit sensual. Swallowing hard, she looked at the ground and starts to walk into the djinn, her hips moving with the beats shyly.

- "My little girl, seducing isn't just moving your body in enticing ways, your eyes looking at your partner counts too. So look at me." – Shyly, Samantha rose her gaze to look at Sitri's eyes, his bluish gaze holding her in an almost reassuring way. – "Just like that, my little girl, use your ever present shyness at your advantage. As much you act like a maiden, more irresistible you'll be at his eyes." – The male heard her murmuring that in fact she's a maiden but he discarded it to speed the process. His time to explaining things is nearing the end and she needs to start her adventure before the other djinns knowledge what Sitri is doing.

Her hands fisted on the fabric of her pants until she neared the blue male, mimicking what he did earlier. Then slowly and trembling, she caught his hands and placed on her hips, which are moving in small circles. Then her hands traveled on his skin, passing by strong biceps, broad shoulders and stopping at the soft skin of the male's nape, feeling the soft dark blue strands there. Then she saw it, his lips parting and sighing lowly. Samantha smiled at that, her initial efforts are working.

Getting bold, one of her hands traveled on his spine, then stopping on his lower back and pressing the male on her. – "Just like that, my little girl, turning bold in a point will gain some credit." – With her hips, she started to make undulations movements with her torso, also balancing her weight from a feet to another. In the mist of her concentration she couldn't realize that Sitri was grinding against her.

- "That is enough, little girl."- He stopped her movements by stilling her hips with his hands. – "You learned it quickly. If we continue this, I think you'll not be able to stop." - He chucked at her dazed eyes. Once again she shook he head from the weariness. – "Now time to you start your travel." - Taking one of her hands, Sitri walked to a far wall, dragging her together. Nearing a plain wall, Sitri touched it, which emitted a blind light and after disappeared. The vision made her lose her breath, and also make her fearful.

At distance she could see the Earth, the dark space full of bright starts as background. So then she could see white rukhs flying directly to the planet.

- "Here is the portal for your journey, also here starts your countdown."

- "But how I'll speak to you after? I don't have the knowledge from everything from here."

- "These bracelets on your wrists and ankles are also metal vessels, together with the necklace they held my powers to you use. Also, about dealing in this world, remember the few things you know about this universe, the rest you will learn through living it."

- "Last question: How I summon you?"

- "Sitria Aran, those are the words. And also, it's yours." – He gave back her book of 1001 Nights and her mp3 player. After that, without letting her say anything, he pushed the female in the edge of the place. Samantha screamed while falling, fearing her death approaching before she could start anything.

Closing her eyes, the only thing that chanted on her head was. – God, help me please! Because my greedy wish brought things above my knowledge, that are dangerous and at same time, exciting.

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