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Antonio Pinto Renedo

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Antonio Pinto Renedo

Published in December 2014

Revised in 2019



Exercise and diet

The extermination of the Healers

The process of infatuation

Progress is in the balance

Infections and inflammations


Drug hypocrites

Change station

The importance of a stable schedule

Instability of success

Human plague


Esparta a land of slaves

Athenian democracy

Immoral state

Fraud of the economic crisis

False integration

The misery of nationalism

The strength of a government

A perfect world


The colors of the numbers

The end of the solar system

The nature of time

The beginning and end of the cosmos

The origin of the man

UFO technology

The aliens

Atomic ships and antigravity


The road to the light

The dilemma of the prophets

False prophets

Destructive cults

Haunted houses


The universal leadership

The true Messiah

The inner journey

Migration of souls

The authentic virtues

A world of lies

The true way


The main reason for writing this book is to try to deepen the ideas expressed in my previous books, for any clarification is always good. It is also raised as individual items because at first these items were displayed through my blog on the internet. To make them more understandable, I decided my articles grouped into four main groups according to their content: medicine, politics, science and philosophy.

This book has been translated from the original Spanish version.



Today it is many people who use exercise to control weight, and it is true that the exercise by causing calorie consumption can serve as a control method, however, it is a mistake to believe that exercise should be the method essential to that end, it is at the root where you must attack the problem of overweight, that is not about spending a lot of energy in order to eliminate the calories before been ingested, but taking from the beginning of calories your body really needs, so who wants to lose weight should consider as a suitable method ingesting food calories alone would be spent gymnastics whether or not included. It is true that exercise is helpful in maintaining good health because the human body is somehow a machine made to work, but it is also true that they are wrong who think that exercise is essential for weight loss, in fact it can be considered even as some ecological act be for hours in a gym machine in order to lose calories because it is unnecessarily wasted energy. It would be much better not to have taken those calories initially which then need to be removed. Therefore, the key is to tackle the problem from the beginning using a vegetable essentially low-calorie diet, which also fills easily. It is also advisable to eat only in the hours set for it, making a maximum of four meals a day and only drink water between meals, in addition to being good for the diet is also good for your teeth.

An ideal diet should not be cruel, therefore, is correct also eat what we like but can have more calories, but obviously to a lesser extent, because what matters is not what we eat, but eat only the calories our body needs. Instead, a too strict diet can cause anxiety and thus ruin the diet itself. For this reason it is good that the diet includes sweet and savory foods among other things, salt is good for enhancing physical strength and sugar is essential for the electrical impulses of the brain, the fruit juice is good for vitamins and sugars but also for its acidifying because citric acid can help break down fats in our body. Ideal diet for a work should never be boring, but it is essential to eliminate animal fats and eat only at the set times for it, so it will be harder to feel hungry between meals.


Rarely in history has there been so much difference between appearances and reality as persecution by the Catholic Church against healers who used the knowledge acquired over thousands of years about the healing power of plants. Inquisition originally created to discover degenerating false Christians ended up being an instrument of persecution and extermination of anyone who dissented from the church simply postulates. Thus he began the persecution during the average age of these naturalists doctors who were healers, such was the envy that the church had them not hesitate to condemn them to death because they had committed the crime of offering society she could not, i.e. healing their diseases, such was his crime did not hesitate to chase to near complete extinction, many died and with them the knowledge of medicine on natural remedies accumulated over hundreds of generations and passed down from father to son were taken to the good of humanity, the church also pursuing another sinister purpose shamelessly seize the lands of those who had been accused of witchcraft. These events are proof that it is not the same religion religious organization, because the first is a philosophy and a way of thinking, and the second is a structure created to use religion as an instrument to gain power, by which they believe the right to say on a whim what the will of God, but solely for their own profit that is the sole purpose of serving satan. Eventually society understand that it is not the same as saying it is just to be fair, to say that God is represented to represent God, because there is no more appropriate place for evil to develop to the place where naively suppose not, i.e. religious organizations. Someday man will understand that you do not need intermediaries to tell you what the will of God and learn to seek truth itself. Persecution carried out mainly by the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages against these naturalists medical deprived Europe of knowledge acquired by them for thousands of years, this situation was only possible treatment of medicine we might call chemistry, but this based medicine in laboratory experiments it was at a stage of embryonic development, so you could say that the West again not have some medical treatments similar quality loss until the mid-twentieth century. Only history will tell how many victims were both direct and indirect of this senseless persecution.


Throughout life most people go through at some point in the situation of being in love, such a situation can be an extraordinary experience if that feeling is reciprocated or be an ordeal if it is not to the point of reaching cause of suicide in some cases. But how many people have wondered what the processes occurring in our brain in such a situation? In my opinion it would be necessary to go back in time to the origins of the human species itself, a time to get anything was always difficult for this reason and in order to ensure the survival of the species, nature designed the so-called infatuation process.

Arguably, in the brain there is an automatic mechanism whereby when a person believes he is at his ideal partner and thinks that such a union is acceptable or possible then kicks in the process of falling in love, in this situation the person is trapped in a kind of psychological cage by which the brain disrupts the natural process of stimulation so that the person receives only such natural stimuli when their actions or thoughts are directed to carry out their union with the desired partner, so that anything that disrupts this desire results in suppression of these stimuli and causes great discomfort accordingly because in this situation only wants to get rid of the strong feeling of emptiness and see only solution to this being the desired person. What these people do not understand that this is only a brain mechanism designed by nature in order to facilitate the process of reproduction of the species and the loving person is able to overcome any obstacles get in their way to achieve their goal.

Does this mean that falling in love is bad? Not necessarily, because among other things the infatuation causes the desire to be with the desired person is so intense that the degree of conviction to be with her and be faithful is so strong that it is appropriate when it comes to performing a task common as important as creating a family and taking it forward. This means that the person in a state of infatuation is convinced with great decision to go all the way with your partner and when that feeling of infatuation disappears however is the memory of what he felt and what one was willing to take in case to be reciprocated. It's as if nature wants psych up us and make us take responsibility of the importance of the relationship you want to have. Perhaps the trouble with falling in love is that defects of the desired but only their virtues person can not see in that mental state and imagines that person is not as it is but as I would like it, however the process of infatuation is only active when the number of qualities that are appreciated in the desired person are high enough to make possible its inception therefore can not be considered completely wrong. It can be said then that the purpose of infatuation is on one hand overcome the obstacles that hinder the union of the couple, and the other to convince each other of what you are willing to give and receive, and thus the union is stronger and expectations for the future are greater if there is infatuation compared with situations where there is not, but we must also recognize failing in this situation things are better than they are, but nature does with a good purpose it is to strengthen the conviction of the spouses in the future of their relationship.

Can we then say that falling in love is a state induced by our own mind regardless of our will? The answer is no, because the infatuation only acts as a support mechanism when the person has already decided he wants the desired person.


Arguably, from a point of view metaphysical the solution to most problems is the middle path that is more moderate, but that does not mean you should consider why the extreme performances also have their raison d'être because when something leaves his place of balance either by negligence or accident it is necessary to return to your site and get it may be the only solution is a forceful action to restore the situation to its rightful place. This does not mean they can not be exceptions to this law of universal balance, since accepting exceptions would also be a form of moderation, but would be out of this law those behaviors that being wrong would be objectionable completely and without exception, because only you have to understand as part of the dynamics of balance and moderation that which are in order with nature and is socially useful. An example of those things that would be objectionable completely would in my opinion the use of stimulant drugs such as snuff and alcohol, unfair or anti-social behavior, and anything else that would be quite reprehensible for being wrong in these cases would not have sense justify a moderate use of them by being clear their danger to society. From a symbolically the point of equilibrium would be represented in some cases by the number three and the green color is in the middle between the red color represents the energy and matter, and the blue color represents the spirit and philosophy, and the union of these two colors at its midpoint leads to life represented by the color green, because life emerges from the intermediate balance between red and blue. Also the number five represents this balance as it is at the midpoint between the number one and ten. In the universe many cases in which the need for an intermediate balance is observed for example if the temperature in the living areas, are given as the right would get the intermediate between very cold and very warm i.e. the ideal health, which could be between about fifteen or twenty degrees Celsius, but are countless cases where it can be seen as the best solution is the middle way for the different options.

Another example is the current political models, because the parties are inclined to represent only partial view defined as left or right, you try to convince citizens that the truth belongs to them alone and that all error is in the contrary. This is just a false representation of reality induced by unnecessary division matches between left and right that the current model causes, this division has nothing to do with the truth, because this is neutral and is divided equally between the different political forces. The ideal political system would be one in which the power was not held by the parties but each and every one of the laws were decided separately by citizens form because the current method that divides ideas between left and right is no more a way to distract citizens while real democracy denied.

Clearly in the cosmos the solution in most situations is the middle way, but only when it comes to reasonable questions, for all the wrong behaviors would be objectionable and therefore would make no sense trying to justify looking at them exceptional use the theory concerning moderation and exceptional use it makes sense to apply only to those things that have meaning.


Sometimes, due to prolonged exposure of the body to a temperature below the required rheumatism called occur, I do not mean by this that this is the only possible cause but is probably one of the most frequent. Because of the low temperatures capillaries are compressed and then the bones receive a lower amount of blood supply to the necessary, then nature in its great wisdom triggers inflammation of the tissues surrounding the resulting bone rheumatic pains. That inflammation is intended to increase the diameter of the veins and capillaries and recover the amount of blood needed for proper maintenance of the body. However at present and because of their ignorance of the nature doctors always tend to seek a solution to the health problems through the use of coercive chemicals to the human body is called inflammatory because if they dedicate themselves to understand the body would realize that often inflammatory processes which seek to facilitate blood flow and possible arrival of nutrients to the tissues, but with the use of anti-inflammatory that is produced is the opposite effect and result on one hand the problem that caused the inflammation is not solved and the other with these drugs can cause new health problems. Therefore the solution in these cases is to regulate the inflammation that is not excessive but avoid, that is the best treatment for these rheumatic inflammatory processes is combat cold caused the inflammatory reaction using more clothes, because once the He has recovered body the nutrients it lacked inflammation cease on their own. In those cases where inflammation is caused by the thinning of the bones the solution would avoid overdo efforts and always perform moderate exercise.

Another example of inflammation is of infectious processes, in this case causing inflammation is the body's attempt to combat the spread of a virus by the inflammatory process, i.e. inflammation usually has two components, on the one hand increases section of the veins and capillaries and other body temperature is increased thereby increasing the flow of blood and thereby facilitating the arrival of the antibody to the infected area. It is true that sometimes an excess of body temperature can be counterproductive but when it comes to a slight excess is preferable to let nature take its way and facilitate the arrival of more blood and therefore more antibodies to the infected area, so both the use of anti-inflammatories can be considered correct only when the fever or inflammation is exaggerated, but not before is because what would camouflage the disease but can not cure.


It is regrettable to see today so many people paraded through the medical clinics seeking the miracle formula to cure their ailments, they are not able to understand that diseases have an intimate relationship of cause and effect with the actions that everyone does throughout of their life. Man has to understand that much of the things that happen are we responsible for our own actions and therefore can be corrected in the same way, because most diseases are the result of lifestyle habits detrimental to health and it is therefore in those habits of wrong where you have to act conduct, however even despite the large current technological development physicians continue to have too easily to prescribe chemicals with which to conceal ailments whose solution would have been easy, it would have to the patient listen a little closer to your body and leave those bad habits that hurt him, but instead doctors simply prescribe chemicals that not only do not solve the problem but create new diseases, it is absurd to believe that you can solve a disease without removing the cause that produces it. The man of the future will understand that many of the things that happen in your life do not just happen, understand that he can and should be creative part of their own future and consequently must also assume their own responsibility for their own actions and so in diseases that could suffer. It is true that we can not determine all the events that happen in our lives, but most of them do, especially those affecting our private lives, therefore you need to understand that we all have a certain creativity within us that we can shape our environment and adapt it to our preferences. It is true that there are diseases whose cure depend exclusively on health care, but it is also true that the vast majority of ailments and diseases do not require chemistry-based solutions and have easy solution to understand that these ailments are the consequences of wrong actions and therefore it is in correcting those acts where healing is. Today one of the main causes of disease in developed countries is the excessive intake of calories, which is reaching a level almost epidemic, however, patients stubbornly refuse to understand that we need a profound change in their lifestyle favoring more moderate exercise and a mainly plant food. These patients come to doctors looking for the miracle formula to remove them disease but without giving up the causes that produce them, this is an example of genuine intellectual clumsiness, but also of medical malpractice, because in many cases doctors are limited to dispatching medication without telling their patients that is not the solution. Only time will tell how many victims have caused some medical practices that extol the value of the drugs but forgetting the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

To achieve a healthy and perfect body is first necessary to strictly control the daily intake of calories, it is convenient to divide the day up to four meals when it comes to adults and take only water between them, because once we have used to be much more difficult to feel hungry between meals. Many animals eating time because their food lacks enough calories spend, but it is absurd that human beings do the same having much more nutritious foods. They fail to understand that the food entertains but many other things as well. Furthermore, the fact of having free time between meals offers us the ability to perform higher-value tasks. Because the truth is that those who spend too much time eating not only causes atrophy of his body but of his brain.

People forget that youth does not last forever, do not understand that being young our metabolism overcomes many of the outrages us to comment, but upon reaching half of life the ability to regenerate body ends and from there when we begin to suffer the consequences of a youth full of vices and excesses, it is as if nature be levied compensation for misuse we have given the body that gave us.


It is paradoxical to see how today there are many voices calling for tougher penalties for use or trafficking of drugs or at least maintain existing ones, and it is paradoxical that the very ones who cry out against counter drugs are simultaneously calls guzzlers legal drugs, alcohol and snuff, and even more paradoxical that these same individuals who oppose furiously when someone proposes the same restrictions on legal drugs than for others. Could it be that they think they are consuming other drugs but what they do not consume? That is an exercise of supreme hypocrisy, because legal drugs cause more deaths each year than all the others put together. Not to mention the legal advantages in many countries are granted for criminals commit their crimes while intoxicated. I think it is not in the legal field where you should fight trafficking or drug use but in the moral field, because the fact that it can be right to allow free consumption and sale of drugs as happens with alcohol and snuff not it means it is correct from a moral point of view. Drugs are objectionable for its high toxicity for their ability to disrupt the mind and lose the reason in addition to causing a false stimulus, but it is through social awareness and rejection of the state to grant extenuating as to combat and not by police chase. This way to combat drug already demonstrated their failure during Prohibition in the United States in the early twentieth century, and governments today are spending millions in police chase with the same useless results, do not realize that those who maintain that business running are the same consumers who refuse to accept anyone tell you by force what they should eat and what not, is by respecting their free will and trying to convince with reason and not with violence how citizens finally understand the foolishness of drug use and that is when the fight can be won.


Arguably, from a biological point of view there are two seasons alone, the summer season and winter season since the biological system of our body is to these two stations that adapts and is in the remaining two seasons spring and autumn in which it does, so they say that spring the blood alters, just then between May and June metabolism has to change and adapt to circumstances summer, then it is often fever, irritability occurs, pains in different parts of the body and insomnia, the cause of this is in my opinion the fact that the heat favors the increase of virus activity in our body, which causes the immune system is forced to provide a greater number of antibodies into the bloodstream. During winter viruses are generally more lethargic from the cold since low temperatures are a natural disinfectant means also helps to fight fevers, but in the spring it changes, increased temperatures favors a greater viral growth in the air and in our body, then the immune system is overset sudden and hasty struggle between this and viruses with known symptoms that will end with the victory of our metabolism occurs once antivirals media have increased and adapted to the new situation. So while symptoms are mild it is preferable not to use drugs to give our bodies the possibility to seek their adaptation. In the fall reverse this situation occurs because the drop in temperature produces a relaxing effect thereby increasing the feeling of sleep. Actually viruses have been created by nature in order to decompose dead organic matter into its elementary molecules, however when accidentally introduced into a living body called infections occur and that is when the immune system comes into action to restore the status quo. However when it comes from an unknown virus can cause known epidemics, this happens because the immune system known natural for healing remedy, but most times throughout history, has been the human being himself the responsible for epidemics and not viruses because their inability to control their own population growth, led to often, the number of inhabitants was greater than necessary to keep food, causing a weakening of the immune system, and this perfect for the spread of disease, means therefore, in this case, the virus met the uncomfortable task of causing a correction in the number of inhabitants, the man himself was not able to do. Given this situation it was easier to blame God.


Today it is common that in the course of our lives, even during the time that lasts a week, is frequently changing schedules dedicated to sleep, but it is important to note that living life with stability is very important to have a good Health. In fact, ideally the hours that you sleep were the same and the same hours on weekdays and holidays, i.e. the same schedule would remain about bedtime and duration matter in question or a free holiday. The human body has an internal memory that tries to adapt to the ways we mark him, but the more stable the hours of wakefulness and sleep most favored is our health, therefore the widespread custom to rise early in an extreme form the working days and then staying up late just as the holidays only causes us chaos in the internal order of our body. It is also important to say that the recommended hours of sleep in an adult range between seven and eight hours a day, not being advisable to reduce this amount by the damage this may cause to our brain, and that this amount of hours needed to the process of rest and internal recycling. Ideally, try as far as possible always sleep this many hours every day regardless of whether it is business or holiday and try the schedule chosen this differ as little as possible from a few days to others. In the future surely, laws try to guide companies towards the use of working time arrangements that best fit an ideal schedule, so that it is used whether it is working day or not. An ideal schedule could for example be up at seven o'clock and go to bed at eleven o'clock in the evening or also get up at eight and go to bed at midnight. This schedule would always be used regardless of day it is, thus not being necessary to change the schedule for work quality of life would be much better. The ideal schedule would use as reference the approximate time that day dawns spring solstice in order to take advantage of the best possible light, and would be used continuously throughout the year. That is, that the best time to get up would be the average between the time that dawns the shortest day and the longest dawn. Also I consider hours sleep better at once and at night to perform naps, sleep day because I find little to ecological waste sunlight. In addition, our body only needs seven to eight hours each day as to divide needed, so the nap only make sense for children would also be good to divide the day into three equal parts, one for work, one for leisure, and one for sleeping, because free time is not only necessary on holidays, weekdays must also have their share. Another custom that I consider wrong is to intersperse holidays between weekdays, since alternations between work and rest should follow a steady pace for the benefit of our health, and such interference all they do is disrupt the rhythm of work causing loss of concentration, it would not be to reduce days off but group them. So the ideal week would consist of five working days with shifts of eight hours, or even six working days with shifts of six hours. If for some reason were needed more days off these would be achieved by taking free all week, i.e. the number of suitable free days each week would be about twenty percent of the total and 15 to 30 vacation days a year. Therefore the festive activities should always be made within days off set for it.


Arguably, from an energy point of view success would be located in the high but unstable level, and failure at the lowest but stable energy level, since the success is often fifty percent own successes but other fifty percent to the favorable chance. That is that success does not depend only on what we do consciously and our own merits, but also depends on those things we do not know but who happened to favor us. See but the history of Rome, was great in many ways by their successes in making political decisions, but nevertheless when bigger was expanding and the more difficult it seemed he could fall however his empire disappeared, this proves that the ability we have to understand the world around us is only partial and that great world we still have to understand we can play tricks especially when someone thinks that success belongs individually. Another big failure usually happens when successful, is the fact guard down and underestimate the risks, thinking that the fall is impossible and that is something to others, this often leads to mistakes and that is when it is understood that success is not something that depends only on our successes, because things that affect us and we do not understand are more than we think, so we have to rejoice success but without losing humility that makes us wise.


Too often we hear news about how they could cultivate more land to feed more and more millions of people, but someone has stopped a moment to think that one of the main problems of this planet is the excessive expansion of the human population. Throughout history excess population (i.e. when the population exceeds food resources to sustain) were resolved by nature in the form of epidemics caused by the virulence of disease applied to a population weakened by hunger and when this occurred citizens rushed to accuse God of his misfortunes, but how many people recognized the origin of the epidemic in their lack of self-control in human reproduction methods? Today it is very common to hear that if certain forests are cleared or if economic or farming methods are changed may keep more people but And who remembers the rights of animals and plants is that they do not have right to life? Every day for continuous human expansion species disappear, but few remember their right to have a recognized territory, it is true that a person's life is worth more than an animal, but it is also true that the survival of a species worth more than a human life. Nor is seriously ask developed countries remain underdeveloped because it is right that all people be able to feed themselves without having to rely on anyone. It is therefore inevitable that the world's sooner or later take the decision to implement birth control policies that determine a fixed number of inhabitants for each country and each continent in terms of resources that are able to produce themselves.



Often we talk about the greatness and misery of Sparta. And certainly as every nation in the process of evolution had good and bad. During that time about 600 B.C., all Greece was a melting pot of ideas, and Athens was in a great process of development in the field of philosophy but was also taking its first steps in a model of emerging democracy, under pressure from the increasingly important community of artisans and sea traders, were fighting for their political rights recognized to the classical landed aristocracy. Instead Sparta was geared more towards the development of a more internal cohesion oriented social system and its military strength. The greatness of Sparta was that could appreciate their society as a united whole understanding that for a society to be strong there must be a certain homogeneity either in the racial or appearance in the existence of laws that provide social guarantees but also require its citizens to comply with them. But the misery of Sparta consisted of his obsession reduced to a very small minority citizens with equal rights and were sentenced to self-destruction, then did not understand that integrate the conquered territories to their state was more socially beneficial and militarily that use a slave model for society. It should be borne in mind that the inhabitants of these territories were in every way equal to them, so they were perfectly integratable without there being any difference in their racial appearance. Why Sparta had many difficulties for military expansion because unlike Rome only understood by implementing a Spartan minority in the territories they conquered, which resulted in a weak political system with a very small ruling minority that easily could be overthrown. Rome also used a slaver social model, but the conquered territories considered as equal to the rest, which favored their integration into the empire. But slavery in Sparta did not include only the most disadvantaged citizens because in a sense they were slaves, according to the standards set by the legislator Lycurgus and managed by Éforos every citizen of Sparta had the sole destination being part of a professional army throughout his life, and for that they were forced to join with just seven years, even the King had to undergo strict laws forcing them to live in poverty and almost always make their meals in public. This was intended to ensure the existence of a military state obsessed to paranoia about the possible dissent of a population overwhelmingly excluded from political and social rights. But Sparta was an example of that when there is a project promoted by all, it is possible that few much get and his army became the most feared of his time and not be the largest but by being based on the idea that the most important thing is the union of all its members on an idea and common race. The conclusion is that unity is strength, but arbitrary and unsubstantiated some citizens in equal essence destroy exclusion. In any case I want to emphasize that from my point of view any form of direct or indirect slavery is entirely reprehensible whether people of the same culture or race or not done.


Few political models have been cited in the past and the present as the Athenian democratic model emerged in the classical period from 508 BC, but rarely has said that this model of democracy did not emerge as a moral initiative to promote the sharing of power and politics closer to citizens. The truth is that Athenian democracy was the result of displacement of the sources of wealth of classical landed aristocracy to new forms of industry represented mainly by the powerful naval fleet of Athens. In ancient times the power was always associated indissolubly to land ownership, but the gradual emergence and development of various crafts such as pottery, metallurgy or naval sector were causing gradually social unrest that demanded more power quota in decision-making bodies that were previously reserved for the landed aristocracy, it is in this context of things like the Athenian democracy emerged. From that Athens did not hesitate to make propaganda of its political system placing itself as an example of struggle for fair distribution of power, however this was only mere propaganda to promote their own campaign of imperial expansion throughout the region, truth is that Athenian democracy was more the product of struggles for power sharing among which a true democracy productive sectors, as only representing these sectors and only had political rights a tiny part of the population, so for correctly describe this political system would have to say that was rather a totalitarian system but open to more sectors of the population classical feudal system. It is at this time that began to define the division of political models between left and right, while Athens represented the democratic progressivism, Sparta represented the landowner and monarchist conservatism, but this is just a simplistic way to define it, because in reality both systems politicians were actually totalitarian models that reserved the power to only a few of its citizens and Sparta, power was very divided between a militarist legal system inspired by Lycurgus and left little room for maneuver to the king, and on the other Éforos aside, they were those who really controlled the power, the king only fulfilled the duties of head of the army but with limited political capacity. This shows that the political systems of Athens and Sparta were not as different as a surface observation might indicate. Centuries later, the English Civil War of 1642 marked the revival in modern times of the class struggle between the landed aristocracy and the business bourgeoisie, but again the goal of these supposedly democratic struggles was not the honest desire to share power with the people, but rather use him to overthrow the aristocracy. This is actually the political model that contemporary society has inherited, there is no denying that the process of evolution of nations toward democracy is a factor of progress, but it is also true that while democracy stop not only serve economic powers and pass to include all citizens in decision-making bodies is not can no longer be considered incomplete because a full democracy made would be one in which citizens could choose each and every one of the laws individually and not as happening now in its unique ability to participate in power is simply the ability to choose their leaders once every several years while this situation does not change democracy can not be considered fully realized.


lamentable is the degree of degeneration that may eventually fall democracies misnamed, as they have become mere nest of thieves, but more unfortunate is that those politicians who claim to protect is more dedicated to steal than to make political profit social, truly unfortunate is that from coalescing with offenders to be all protected by law. Throughout history rulers they have always had profit as one of its main objectives but never weakness against criminals and helplessness victims have been so evident as now. The explanation is simple and is that the former rulers usually kings did not have to explain to citizens about their behavior but in democracies misnamed if, therefore, these anti-social politicians have striven to create laws that go unpunished but to apply to them the same law as the rest of them end up criminals also benefit from impunity. An example is in some countries whose penal code states that even being sentenced to several centuries criminals can get away with absolute ease as there is a clause limiting the continued detention to a maximum of fifteen regardless of the magnitude of the crimes committed. Do not contend that criminals sentenced to very long sentences should not be entitled to benefit from sentence reductions for good behavior, what I mean is that these possible reductions in any case have to be a pretext to release the essential part of the punishment and therefore life imprisonment for, because when someone takes a life and does malice aforethought must give yours as payment. This means that once proven guilty no longer be a priority interest that the offender may have, but to satisfy just society and the victims of damage that might have caused, it is logical that the price for taking a life is losing free will on their own. I do not intend to defend here the death penalty because I believe that a developed society does not need it, but if the only possible choice would release criminals after serving a ridiculous part of their sentences or the death penalty undoubtedly be preferable worth death, because only the weak governments of false democracies arise solely in the interest of criminals and not the victims. Those governments say they have imprisoned criminals long is a huge cost to the state. But then, why not put them to workshops with which to work in prisons and thus pay their debts to the state and their victims? Could it be that the state has some unmentionable debt to them? The right thing would be that the government had prohibited by law to spend more on a prisoner of what it can produce through their own work, because it is not fair that victims have to set aside a portion of their taxes to keep them when they can work in prison. But the most embarrassing thing is that in some countries have created laws so that an offender can obtain compensation for their victims for damages suffered during the commission of their crimes, based on the assumption that they would be treated with excessive hardness. But is not it the duty of the state to prevent any inducement to commit a crime? So it just would have been to allow the offender to report if he wanted his victim for alleged abuse which he had received during the commission of the offense, but in no case could benefit from any compensation because that would contradict the duty of the state to combat crime and ensure social good. But these Democrats false politicians reduce the sentences of offenders in a thousand different ways and all to benefit them to be detained, and if that were not enough invented the law of amnesty so that in the event that there was no legal way to get rid of then shame themselves, i.e. their political partners, who call themselves decent, would free them.


It is true that the economic crisis of 2008 has been a real test for both citizens and politicians since been forced to implement new methods for recovery, but has also launched a real deception social masses because what they are not told is that most of the reasons why they are asked austerity is because the current globalization of the economy means using the same rules of the game both in advanced countries and underdeveloped, i.e. attempting to convince workers to reduce their wages and become something like servants as in the middle Ages, and all this because it is allowing trade without barriers with countries that do not apply any rules to ensure the human rights workers, which leads to an increasingly evident disadvantage in economic returns process in companies that s countries that do recognize labor rights over those without. Politicians and businessmen try to convince us that the only solution to solve the problem is to turn workers into slaves and emerging economies but could it be that the developed countries have an obligation to trade with these countries with those rules? Certainly not, then it is logical that if a globalization of economy and trade without barriers arises right would require emerging countries compliance with common rules of humane treatment of their workers. It is also true that in some developed countries have implemented policies often uncompetitive as a result of the great technological advantage they had in the past with respect to other countries, but in the current situation of economic globalization these misguided policies have been evidenced, for example early retirement too early, unemployment too high and without requiring any conditions job search in return, subsidizing university courses that are not required to be greatest number of applicants for those jobs available positions, favoring workers who feign illness to seek lower against those who are honest enough to not create monitoring mechanisms or reward just those who serve less than this resource. All citizens should be guaranteed a basic unemployment allowance indefinitely, but both subsidies low for reasons not working as unemployment should be modest enough to not be a factor that discouraged in your job search. Another example of picaresque is the case subsidies to single mothers and unemployed, some countries argued that it was better to provide the money necessary before having children in orphanages, but what did not consider is that if a woman says he has no resources, you get paid you need to keep a child, this can consider this as a form of employment, requiring the state raising their future children and sometimes faking his bachelorhood and turning this situation in an authentic way social parasitism, because women can always refuse to work stating that having young children continuously it prevents thus children become hostages and source of wealth for their parents, but also a clear case of discrimination about those couples who are honest. Therefore, any social assistance should always be linked to the standing commitment by accepting the job that the state could provide and require the biological parents to assume responsibilities for their children. Economic policies should always seek equity and therefore refuse to reward vagrancy, so governments should offer only social work and no social support except in those cases where it was not possible to work. Nor is it logical for movies or sports that do not interest anyone promote, because this is just a disguised form of corruption. Another regrettable practice that is increasingly observed in Europe is to try to dismantle the so-called welfare state that is trying to destroy all the social rights achieved since the end of the Second World War and all as a result of the apparent passivity governments in regard to stopping illegal immigration, because on one side is tolerated as if it were inevitable, but at the same time try to limit the social rights of all citizens. Politicians and businessmen try to convince us that their inability to stop the immigration invasion forces them to shield social rights and reserve them only for whom they are able to pay, but the truth is that they allow that immigration in order to cause unfair competition with local workers causing the lowering of wages and thereby reduce them to slavery. But the most unfortunate thing is that those same workers observe impassively as illegal immigrants steal their jobs and do not have the courage to oppose it, and meanwhile the rich remain in a privileged ghetto. Therefore legalize these immigrants is a serious mistake, because although their situation may be considered unfortunate not stop being unfair against those who try to immigrate legally and therefore represents support for immigration mafias. On the other hand it makes no sense to consent immigration in a country where there is already a bag of large unemployed, as this results in an unnecessary confrontation between workers having more people willing to work than jobs available and so both cause an obvious impoverishment of the population. It is that migration should always be subject to there being a job so they can be absorbed without harming the rest of the citizens in recipient countries. Ideally, all countries implement policies of birth control by their number of inhabitants always coincide with the jobs available. Therefore, what is clear is that in a world that trade relations barrier arises, the priority should not be that developed countries implement the business policies of partial slavery used in underdeveloped countries, but require these countries if you want to trade them should apply common global policies that guarantee fair labor and human rights to all citizens of the planet.


After World War II, the United States attempted to take political advantage of his victory against the Germans, but had never been willingly for Americans interracial mixtures however because they had defeated the Nazis who opposed them now only there was the option of taking political advantage of the situation. This means that even within its borders laws were created to leave the helpless minority, however for the outside were undertaken imperialist policies throughout the world under the consideration that by not appreciate racial differences in their own territory, either they had no reason to consider racial differences an obstacle to the invasion of another country. This is certainly a frivolous way to understand the idea of racial equality also within the United States government showed no interest in recognizing the rights of other different races of white, which led to the public denunciation of Martin Luther King, prompting laws that formally the rights of such minorities but only apparent way were recognized is called into question, because actually the US government considers the relationship between races as something that only serves from a view of submission toward each other and to make sure it denies citizens public services such as free or guaranteed that all causes are social ghettos health. At the same time the arrival of immigrants periodically allowed to stimulate growth in order to create hopes for improvement for the battered and disadvantaged population. The truth is that a developed country need not grow continuously, you need is a fair distribution of wealth to avoid situations of social exclusion, but with the illusion of growth seeks to encourage the population in partial slavery believe that even though they are being exploited, with economic growth will soon be able to go from being exploited to be exploiters therefore growth is a concern not of workers but of those who exploit them, for fear they have of those disadvantaged people protest to be treated as human beings. This is the reason that the use of firearms for civilians were legalized, became the one hand to protect whites if racial uprising, but also to favor the elimination of people at social exclusion when they are resorting to crime. All this shows that the racial problem is far from resolved but hidden and only this policy apparent support miscegenation remains how to take political advantage of their victory over the Germans since it seems contradictory that had fought against them but at the same time would support their ideas. All this shows that miscegenation is just one more operating environment and that the best way to guarantee the rights of each race is that each living in different territories without mixing and property rights on its recognized land and free from interference of external powers. An example we have with France after the Second World War on the one hand spoke of equality and fraternity, and the other invaded and massacred the population of Algeria, saying of course that only came to defend their rights. After the economic crisis of 2008 and the continued arrival flood of illegal immigrants some European governments use policies far right as the replacement of a free healthcare for other payment began to consider feasible and thus shield the indigenous population before immigration they say not be able to stop, but which have no qualms in exploiting. All this shows that the best way that the rights of each race are respected is by creating a mutually recognized by all, in which every race live without mixing and without the imperialist experiments are allowed beyond their own areas territories racial, but this needs to be overcome the trauma of the second world war and understand that coexistence does not imply interracial mixing, and consequently a policy prohibiting illegal immigration is applied. Because mafias of immigration, are not those supplying vessels in coming, but these weak governments that legalize quickly immigrants and preferably illegal on legal, because the best message you can throw who tries enter Europe illegally it is that if you get it all will be advantages not to mention the perpetuation of bureaucracy for the expulsion process. All in order to exploit economically those immigrants, but with the inevitable deterioration of the quality of life of a society that is becoming more entrenched day before the rise of miscegenation and with fewer social rights, and all for profit companies. This is a numbed society that sees without realizing how their country is being invaded under the guise of a humanitarian issue and knowing that these immigrants, in the absence of an employment contract, dedicate themselves in many cases to steal or depend on state, a state which in turn conceals the deterioration of the quality of life of an increasingly unequal in order to look more like his great American idol society, that beast out of the sea and banned only slavery for blacks could flourishing factories migrate to the north and thus be exploited there. This society that observes impassive as immigrants invade our shores should remember the past, when the Vandals, about 400 AD, asked Rome to let them cross their borders for humanitarian reasons, and that after that Rome would allow them to spend were dedicated to loot the empire unashamedly. Today it is happening the same, but the mental block for world war caused causes that Western society believes to be doing good when he delivers his nation hordes of immigrants who do not even bother to ask permission to enter, which the Vandals who invaded Rome itself did. Because the best way to guarantee equality is rejecting miscegenation and living among equals, as well it more difficult to speculators achieve their ends. Immigrants must solve their problems fighting for their rights in their own countries promoting birth control and the distribution of wealth and believe that the solution does not have to always rely on going abroad. And if anyway have to migrate is to do the right thing countries sharing the same race and culture that is as better quality of life is guaranteed.


Today are increasingly common nationalist political parties, those parties base their arguments on fomenting hatred against states as a way to get followers. Actually use the same technique as destructive cults, cajole his followers into believing that all evils come from others and that all virtues have them accuse the government of everything even their personal problems because they do not want to acknowledge that the evil is inside your own home. But this is a dangerous game, because nationalism encouraged the secession of territories to form smaller countries with the consequent increase in its precariousness in defending their affairs in the international arena, a test is the history of ancient Greece, he failed to become state and this left her vulnerable to subsequent invasions of Macedonians and Romans centuries after its heyday. Currently, some European nationalist parties claim that the secession of their states can be compensated by binding to the European community, but we must not forget that this community is not a nation but a mere association of nations with little cohesion among themselves and in any case this accession is not a reason to sever ties with their own states. What people do not realize is that many of those these radical parties come together really do not to defend the people, traditions or human rights but because they offer the opportunity to unleash their aggression is what truly they seek, as it is in many cases of people frustrated by personal problems and socially maladjusted and that if they had not found these radical nationalist groups they had joined other extremist groups even if they were contrary ideology, because its real objective and what attracts them it is not violence and social causes.

The truth is that many of those who adhere to these extremist or terrorist groups are not different from the murderers in series, the only difference is that use of these political parties as a cover in this case to cover up their desire for violence, because these parties They offer them an alibi to hide. What is clear is that only a society of stupid permitted to occupy political office those who encourage terrorism or breach of the law as in some countries, because without respect for the law or the constitution is impossible for a state you can progress.

Perhaps the lesson to be learned from this is that excessive des centralism can lead to anarchy and that when a country has no clear concept of nation and are led to believe that regions are nations then the breeding ground is created for generate hatred against the state. Because when a version of the state in each autonomy is created with all duplicate, is caused to citizens of those autonomies stop considering the national state as its representative.

This is not to say that all nationalist movements based on unfounded arguments, they can always be exceptions, such as the struggles for independence by the European colonies in America, but nationalist parties now seem to be looking more individual power than the social good and it is common to propose an idealized future in case of separation that does not correspond to reality occur, because not only the risk of civil war is run, rarely mentioned, but also there is a possibility of foreign invasions was produced as proof the history of Greece. Therefore I think it is much more sensible to propose a model state that recognizes only the central government those qualities that define nations, but at the same time guarantee to the provinces some form of self-government, because after all Union make force.


Today, it is common to hear about the different types of government that exist in the world or different democratic models. The truth is that a system of government to be suitable needs to control its territory effectively, but one of the biggest problems that exist today are caused by proportional political systems, these systems theory were created with the idea giving policy to all ideological tendencies representation, however in practice the opposite effect because there are many cases where after elections countries using this type of government are in a situation of powerlessness not being able the winning parties to form a working majority. Italy is an example of the failure of this system for their great tendency to break political alliances often leading to their legislatures last barely a year in most cases. O Spain whose apparent stability is the result of subjecting the government to blackmail by separatist parties only seek the secession of the state and do not represent the interests of all but those of their own autonomous community, this means that after each vote the winner match to negotiate with these parties and the price paid to form a government will be the gradual destruction of the state. So I think the only way to give governments the political strength that a country needs without relying on dictatorial models or Monarchists is to create a republic with a majority electoral system runoff. Thus the largest party could get fifty-one percent of parliamentary seats needed to govern with sufficient stability, the other forty-nine percent remain in the hands of other parties. Of course before the second round the parties could form alliances, but this would not be a compulsory procedure, as the largest party would form a majority in the case of attending alone and therefore get the necessary seats for the country to be governed and the election period would be more likely to come to an end normally. In any case we can say that this model would not be representative because in the second round, the winner of the two games that is entered into would be the most votes obtained. That said I would note that this is an opinion on current models of government, but I think the best model would be one in which each and every one of the laws were elected directly by citizens, in order to have a true democracy, but surely this will take too long to arrive given the little interest shown by politicians in it.


Today there is much controversy between the association made between the idea of God as an element of universal command and the dispute while there regarding freedom of individuals to decide. This controversy occurs especially among leftist political parties because they tend to compare the abstract symbol of God with unjust domination of the old feudal systems. The trauma occurred over the centuries by many unjust systems of government has led to the belief that survival is possible only through government or anarchic systems governed by people from the working class. But it is necessary to clarify that in any organized system a government that has all social forces and those countries that have struggled to develop a governance model communist type is necessary have produced the same tyrannies or worse than occurred in the past. Because they often are the worst of the working class individuals who have assumed management positions, becoming examples of evil in no case less than any feudal system. Because power often attracts greed and it is absurd to think that evil is itself only rich, not poor. The truth is that evil does not distinguish social class and think that tyranny is only possible among the powerful is an absurd belief.

It is logical to defend freedom of choice and thought, but it is also true that organized whole system needs a steering system, whether this refers to a country as if it is the universe and it is clear that in any organized system is necessary there are performance standards that the parties are required to comply. But to believe that because they have been examples of unfair government in the past, so we have to reject all forms of control is completely stupid. For this reason it is common in leftist parties reject religion because they believe wrongly that the existence of universal laws can question the freedom of the individual, but do not understand that when questioned the existence of a stable government, clear rules gives rise to disorder and anarchy. Therefore, the perfect balance is when you understand that in any organized system the existence of mandatory standards for all is necessary, but at the same time contemplating the just rights of each individual. Therefore, a society that rejects religion is bound to be a materialistic society and aimless.

This partnership between God and the command has also been used frivolously by monarchies, because often it was to convince citizens that the need for a government legitimized crimes arbitrary rulers. However, it is important to differentiate between the logical necessity that any system is the existence of a command with the fact that control is properly directed, i.e. the fact recognize as divine, so to speak, the necessary existence of rulers, does not mean that therefore can not be put into question how the task of government is conducted. For this reason, in ancient times, it was common for monarchs tried divine qualities attributed to assume the role of both political leaders and religious. In this way they tried to deceive the public to confuse between logic I have unquestionable need for a government with the way they managed the government.

Humanity must find the right balance between the right of power and the individual's right, no one prevails over the other. A government like a religion should seek the good of the individual and the fact that there are those who use power to commit acts of tyranny is no reason to question the need for a government or a religion. Likewise the fact that the existence of universal laws necessary need not question the right to free will of each individual, so the necessary balance in the universe must be the result of the harmonious agreement between the two forces. We must then consider as divine all that is true beyond a reasonable doubt, such as the need for a government-organized system around but without implying take for good methods that can be used in each of them. The conclusion is that the fact that it is divine or need a government not mean you should not be at the same time fair and democratic with all its citizens, whether it is the city government as if it is the universal government.

It is also a serious mistake to confuse divine justice with human justice, because this world still has a long way to go before it can be considered perfect. Therefore it can be considered divine all that is well done and therefore these divine qualities can be found in any individual alike, to the extent that act according to justice the truth or logic.


Today it is hard to imagine that would be a perfect world without social inequalities in which all citizens have their basic needs met, but this world is possible, it is not an unworkable utopia, but this requires that citizens have the will and enough imagination to drive change toward a society that can be considered truly evolved. For this purpose possible first be necessary to establish a strict birth control by all couples to have only two children except the case in which they were given permission to have three, with this a fixed number of inhabitants it would ensure which would allow them the means of production they could maintain sufficient quality life. Having achieved this could move to the next consistent step in ensuring employment for all citizens, meaning that every person from the moment of his birth would have secured his job as if it were an essential part of the complex machine that is a city thus be possible to have a better life and emancipate earlier. It would also be possible to guarantee unemployment benefits to resolve any cases of temporary loss of work, this subsidy could in no way be like a salary, it must only provide what is necessary for basic living expenses for a higher subsidy is not a good incentive to work, albeit in a society in which there was an effective birth control the number of jobs always coincide with the number of inhabitants so that unemployment would not exist except temporarily.

In a developed society a permanent economic growth would not be necessary, because although this is all developed society useful to give more importance to spread the wealth that indefinite growth, as growth plays a role of placebo of the masses more to create them the expectation that it may be your only way of salvation to get out of their situation of abuse and partial slavery. The lack of growth unnerving especially those who refuse to provide basic rights to citizens, because they can not justify being in many cases rich countries, however these social rights are not recognized, so it is often in a position to economic crisis tends to distract citizens encouraging them to participate in wars which if you win, they can resolve their problems at the expense of the loser, and if it is lost, then the perpetrator state will be rid of those pesky unemployed to I had no intention to help by sharing their wealth. A useful measure to prevent exploitation would oppose illegal immigration, because this is ideal for operators to achieve their ends means, for rootless and without financial resources citizen will always be willing to accept a lower salary to the detriment of citizens native, it is clear that the more similar their leaders are citizens of either culturally or racially more difficult state prove that they also exploit them unemployed, it serves for operators always have hand willing cheap labor to accept any job and any salary to be unemployed than jobs. A company controlling its population will no longer have such a pressing need to grow and be guaranteed to all citizens working from the moment of birth. This does not mean that in a world evolved all wages must necessarily be equal, but it is logical that the state ensure that all citizens are entitled to at least one job, which not surprisingly is only possible if each country controls its population.

Also would be guaranteed by the state obtaining housing because to be full employment and a number of people always fixed would be easy to provide in the form of cheap rental or purchase secured loan, because by not missing employment payment housing would be safe and thus all young people could become independent once fulfilled the majority of age.

A society can only be perfect when democracy is real and not fake like the present, because politicians only turn to the citizens to elect their leaders every four or five years and these people naively believe that is fair, because from its early childhood are taught in school that this political system corrupt in which we live is a democracy, but genuine democracy is one in which each and every one of the laws are voted individually by citizens, this could be done a form easily through internet. But these politicians, false democrats, who pardoned other political thieves every day, of course not want to lose their privileges and why not propose, because this model of false democracy that was born in Greece in 508 a. C, had the sole purpose of satisfying the desires of the new business class representing seafarers, potters and industrial of all kinds against the privileges of the landed gentry, and relied on the people to get the necessary power but not ready to share with the. More recently a similar situation with the English Civil War of 1642 era began calling current democracy was repeated, people should wonder why there at the same time dictatorships and democracies misnamed, the reason is very simple and that political systems are similar because in both cases it claims to be in an egalitarian system that guarantees freedom when that is not true, because in both cases people's access to power is indirect and symbolic. There is no denying that progress towards democracy represents an advance for society, but as long as completion and delivered power to the people by recognizing this to decide each and every one of the laws.

Would also be different unions, as would be more oriented to perform their duties in the field of law and the legal profession has to be a parallel to state power. Nor is it logical to allow these organizations to disturb the public peace by organizing riots simply because these claim to be of social interest, for fighting for the sake of the workers of a company it may be legitimate, but that does not entitle harm to other citizens resorting to more typical criminal practices.

Another characteristic of a developed society is its refusal to rely on religious organizations should not confuse religion with religious organization, for religion is a way of thinking and a way of philosophy which is lawful, but religious organizations which aims is to compete with the state for power, it is fair that society is moral and educate their children accordingly, but it is also fair to refuse to accept those organizations who hypocritically claim to represent God, but they do alone in his own benefit with the tragic consequences that history has shown. There are still governments they agree with these organizations to supply them with an alibi with which to conceal their crimes in exchange for money, today few organizations that seek to give moral lessons when they should receive, so in a perfect world these organizations have to disappear and no more stand between man and God.



Arguably from a symbolic point of view to each number would correspond to a color in this way the color of the numbers would be this.

0 White, 1 Black, Red 2, Green 3, 4, Red, 5 Dorado, 6 Blue 7 Brown 8 Red 9 Blue.

We must not confuse the symbolic meaning of numbers called (Synesthesia) because the former is the result of a metaphysical analysis of the relationship between the numbers and colors and instead the latter represented as colors are perceived by a biological abnormality.

It can be seen that the red color is repeated in even numbers and not in odd so it can be deduced that the colors with low frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum colors are in even numbers and numbers with frequency colors more high are in odd numbers.

If we analyze the numbers more deeply the conclusion would be this.

Zero: It represents the void, feminine, nothing, but nothing like complementary of something, the space between two slings or opposite the crest of a deep, water, cold, planets, stars with respect the galactic core, the circle with the center point.

One: This number represents something, existence, masculine, item, matter, the sun, the central coordinator.

The two: This number represents the association between zero and one, of them show the existence of the sexes, the binary function, the duality between the void and the particle, the magnetic polarities, as one may represent the male.

Three: This number represents life, creating an organized structure, each point is supported by the other and thus separating form the pyramid stage prior to the development of more complex structures, also it represents the difference between the top and bottom the exception and the rule.

Four: This number is progress for three to add one more point square key element is formed in the crystal structures.

Five: The number found in the middle of numbering and represents a circle with five points distributed on its circumference, five is like one but in a more evolved and complex form, it also represents wisdom.

Six: This number represents the goal, stability, spiritual feelings.

Seven: Represents the earth, matter, work, warmth, comfort. Like the three may also represent the norm and exception, the rule represented by the group of number five and the exception represented by the number two.

Eight: This number is similar to the fourth but doubled.

Nine: It is like a six to zero but also represents the end of the road, retirement, sunset, serenity.


White: This color can represent male or female values depending on the circumstances. It represents truth, justice, light, day, female horizontal line and in some planes vertical, sugar, standard stability. It may also represent divine values and taproot communicating all levels with the higher.

The black: This color like white can also represent male or female values. It represents the night, rest, ignorance, may represent evil, but not always, depends on the circumstances. As masculine symbolism represents the center point number one and infrared energy.

Red: This color represents the masculine energy, technology, the simple pleasure derived from healthy things in life, vigor, salt, except, matter, also it can be associated with evil or ignorance, but as in the case of single color black in exceptional cases because all colors are benign in its basic nature.

It also represents the vertical line and the center of the circle where the coordinator or presidential element, it can also represent the masculine is.

Green: This color represents life because it is in the middle of the electromagnetic spectrum, i.e. between the red and the blue, green combines the most effective way the energy of red and blue spiritual forces. Usually in the cosmos, in most cases the most appropriate response to the circumstances is the intermediate, being the most balanced, representing just the green.

Brown: This color represents the land, labor, material and comfort, is a warm color that blends the characteristics of different colors, strength and vitality red green without being completely stable in a certain way. It may also represent drought and meanness as exceptional.

The Blue: This color represents the philosophy and spiritual values, being opposed to red is cooler and more intuitive. It can be considered a feminine color but depending on the circumstances.


Yellow: This color represents the illusion of living, is a part of the energy of red and another green higher frequencies can represent knowledge but vanity.

Orange: This is similar to yellow and represents mainly vitality.

Pink: it contains the strength of the red but tempered by the serenity of the bank, is primarily emotional.

Violet: It's like the blue but in a slightly higher frequency, can represent imagination and as blue elevated spiritual feelings.

It can be seen that sometimes seems to be a contradiction in the qualities attributed to numbers and colors, but their qualities depend on the plane on which they are, and may even behave in an apparently opposite. An example of this are the stars because they rotate around the galactic nucleus can be considered feminine and passive objects, but if we consider a single star with planets, then this star to adopt a male role as sun turn It has planets revolving around about him acquiring a feminine meaning. Another example is zero and one numbers or black and white, these numbers and colors can represent male or female values without being a contradiction, number one is male would be black, but turn the black color also can be considered feminine according to the plane in which you are, because in reality both numbers and colors represent the same thing but seen upside down. All things have inside masculine or feminine values that prevails force or other will then depend on the circumstances, this does not mean that they have a magnetic polarity or a defined sexual orientation, which means is that such guidance it will be the consequence of the plane in which they are.


One of the main dilemmas that scientists and science fiction writers is raised. What will happen to the solar system when the sun completes its cycle power generator and becomes a white dwarf? Today it is common among scientists consider that the life of the stars ends when consumed most of the nuclear fuel goes into a white dwarf, but that need not necessarily be so. The reason is simple and is in my opinion what the star would finalize his life is not only the first stage of it. In other words, we would go from a phase of high consumption of initial energy in a relatively short period of about ten billion years to another reverse in which consume much less energy but in a much longer period than eighty thousand million years, when it would end really the solar system and the current cosmic cycle which would end his life by compressing and assembly of all the galaxies in a sphere where all matter in the cosmos would meet to begin another regenerative process matter that would lead to a new universe by a big explosion.

But the key question in this case. How would they be able to survive the inhabitants of the solar system with a white dwarf star type would produce a much lower amount of energy that produce now? The answer would be the application of various methods for collecting energy.

The first method would be to install collectors satellites energy in low orbit near the sun, where the light intensity is higher, then a large number of satellites would be between the different orbits of the planets, in order to serve as a bridge to transport energy, which would be sent by laser beams from a satellite to another until it reaches the destination planet.

Another method could be used tanker ships, these vessels may transport the energy in chemical form from the place of supply in the sun, there by an electrolysis process water it would be separated into its basic elements of hydrogen and oxygen and thus may accumulate the energy then their fate would be released to become water again and restart the process. To minimize the possible use of reaction gases ships could use own solar panels with those who pay their own energy and use that energy to print a high speed reaction gases used in propulsion and minimize the amount needed, in addition to reach the fueling stations in the sun or landing on planets, these tanker ships would not have to necessarily stop, because it does not try to transship gas but transfer the energy, this could be done on the up using lasers and thus could minimize the use of reaction gases.

The stars to get to the white dwarf stage would consume much less energy than in the previous phase, but at this stage his life could be extended much further in time, perhaps five times more than in its primary stage, so not could be considered in any old case, just at this stage of their life spend much less nuclear fuel but with a much longer duration, thus consuming energy form would be inversely proportional to the above method.

It is also important to note that at this stage of human evolution the amounts of energy needed for life would be much lower than at the beginning, being many energy-saving systems that could be used. In addition, existing systems to harness the energy that reaches alone the planets could be more effective than in the past. Because of the improved ability to harness energy you could get ten to one hundred times more energy than is achieved with earlier methods. Methods could be used as collecting energy from a ring collectors satellites orbiting planets. Or install a large number of solar panels in a wide part of the planetary surface. Could also extract energy from the interior of the planets by using large pipes that would transport hot gases to the planetary core, these gases when heated and would amount would trigger generators to produce electricity. Thus the passage of the stars to the state of white dwarf would not necessarily mean the end but only the beginning of a new longest stage in which civilization would simply have to increase their ingenuity to adapt. Another way to achieve energy would use nuclear energy, but going beyond what has been achieved so far, that is transforming the material for this is fissile and therefore useful for producing energy or also using thermonuclear energy contained in the large gas planets, if that were possible. It is true that solar energy and its derivatives is the ideal way to get power, it is more natural and safe, but this would be a possible option if the sun's energy was no longer viable. Also consider questionable the assertion of some scientists who believe that the red giant phase which expected the stars arrive on the stage before the white dwarf involving the destruction of the closest planet to the sun, because of shop expansion as largest surface of the star is likely that the resulting density in the outermost part is not consistent enough to be able to achieve such a result, it should be noted that in the expansion phase the star would have to pass measure several million kilometers more than its original diameter to reach the orbit of the closest planets and consequently its surface density would also be much smaller and therefore less dangerous. Nor you can know with confidence what will be the degree of intensity with which stars consume their nuclear fuel in that state, perhaps the most expansive form only with the biggest stars, which eventually end up exploding as supernovas.

However if the most extreme course should occur and the solar system proves uninhabitable always be the possibility of emigrating to other uninhabited young stars and to found a new civilization.


Arguably what time the cosmos refers is divided into two main planes, vertical and horizontal, first is vertical and timeless plane and governs what we might call the universal laws, these laws are as the foundation on which events are supported and are stable regardless of the time from which it comes, the universal laws derive from the inherent truth in the universe and are therefore stable and independent of time. Then there is the horizontal plane of the time, this is only the result of the change of position of the subject, but which has been gradually and harmoniously from a position of higher energy and chaos to a lower energy and order, or also you could call it the evolution of an unstable and primitive situation to a more stable and evolved, this is what we call progress, since the change of matter occurs in a logical order, creating more complex structures and consistent with universal laws. It could be said then that evolution is the transformation of energy into more complex hot and cold forms.

In these circumstances our perception of time is the consequence of being able to remember the position it had stuff before, but the matter does not remain fixed but progress on a scale that could be defined as low to high in the process of evolution universe, which is why it makes no sense to talk about time travel possible, because this would require force back the whole universe in its movement which makes no sense. However it is possible to consider the time travel indirectly, i.e. when a civilization comes into contact with another more backward in this case is as if they step back in time itself. It is also possible to return to a bygone era but going forward, because another possibility of time is its ability to be repeated, because in the universe is common tendency to make things circular and repetitive, so it is reasonable to think that once the cycle of possible combinations in the matter have been exhausted these combinations will again repeat the same events and therefore eventually be repeated again. In this case a repetition is a reboot, because there will be nothing as compared to establish which is above and which later. Therefore in the universe they exist aside the laws that govern it and are constant outside time, and derived from the essential truths of the cosmos, and the other time is a succession of events there that are happening progressive and organized and developed in a logical order and in accordance with universal laws form.


One might say that the universe started as a point at which all matter was concentrated, this area had the characteristics that today are attributed to a black hole, i.e. a place where their intense gravity leaves no escape even light, the subject of this originator point cosmos mass would consist of super concentrated like the nuclei of atoms. In this central point would find contained all matter and energy of a previous expansion process, because in the cosmos all are scrolled even circulating energy, this means that the end of the explosive process which resulted in the expansion of matter in space and the subsequent formation of galaxies all matter and energy return to the initial point that out.

After the great creative explosion of the cosmos first small galaxies form, then these galaxies merge to form larger galaxies, and finally all large galaxies come together to form a super galaxy, then the subject of this last big galaxy will be moving towards the center where all matter and energy payback merged to form the core of a new originator universe.

This process has no beginning and no end, because in the cosmos the same time also has its end, from which all events are to be repeated from the beginning. Once all matter and energy return by the effect of gravity to the center point will be a change in the original matter and this will be transmuted to form the precursor material of a new explosion, resulting in a new universe and training of new galaxies. Arguably the resulting universe after the explosion will not be identical to the previous but very similar, because the combinations of possible events are as many as possible combinations have the matter. This does not mean that the new universe will always prove different, because once the possible combinations are exhausted the cosmos will have completed their combination options and thus also its duration in time and therefore the following combination will be the first in the list existing and then repeats the same time. Of course the time required for combinations of events in the cosmos finish is logically immense, but for eternity any measure of time is negligible and it is important to note that completed the process of combinations the same time will begin again.

The process of evolution in the spiritual realm is different, because every soul of every living along their eternal life be live all possible experiences, and each new creation of the cosmos exchange their role with respect to the previous cycle, living in each new repetition of time in a different role previously lived. Once again each being repeated again the same cosmic life itself will then consider the number of possible combinations as completed. You can say then that all beings live each and every one of the lives and experiences that other beings have passed before the cycle of possible combinations in the cosmos ends. It should be borne in mind that the concept of time is relative, because when the same events recur may not talk about future events for the same time will restart again.

It is possible that after each cosmic cycle all souls come together to form one life and one particle, for matter is also life, and from that moment start again its split to form new particles and new souls. Actually all matter is life, the so-called organic life is actually the result of adding an individual spirit to a body created from the subject, which is mineral life. Actually, the reason for the existence of organic life is the need spirit embodied in a material body that amplifies spiritual sensations, for the spirit is essentially life and energy is most intense binding with matter. It is with the right combination of both as it progresses towards happiness, also possess a mortal body allows the spirit to renew and relive the sensations again as if for the first time. The reincarnated spirit in a material body that has the ability to experience intense feelings that the very laws of matter provide you, for being not controlled by it is always exposed to new sensations medium can build the world according to his own imagination while respecting the laws of nature.

In fact all matter has life, because everything that exists is alive, the difference is that there are things that have a distinct life, such as plants or people and there are other life forms that are part of something bigger like rocks or sea, in this case they are only part of other lives that are planets or galaxies, matter is therefore life individually, whereas instead of organic life is the result of adding a spiritual life to a life mineral, when joining the spirit body, for nature determined that the subject of the planets may be used for this purpose. Arguably this is as if there were only two real classes beings, spirits consisting essentially of energy and planets formed by material that is stabilized by concentrated energy. It is even possible that all mineral matter that forms planets and galaxies are really one being and its basic function is to provide support for the development of life forms differentiated as plants or people, i.e. form the scenario in which they would be expressed. It is also possible that at first the cosmos only one particle exists and one being, then that individual being divided into multiple particles and multiple beings. A being could be formed by a single particle or multiple particles, the difference is that one be formed by multiple particles maintain a bond that unite directly. That bond or filament in turn would not be formed by other particles but could be divided in that case would lead to the emergence of another individual being, this being however also have eternal life, then it shares that above being itself past. At the end of the cosmic cycle all matter and all beings will meet again to merge into a single particle and the process will begin.

It could also be said that in the cosmos the two most important elements present are the matter and void, actually emptiness is just the mirror image of matter and can not understand one without the other because they are the same thing but in reverse this bipolarity is actually the origin of the sexes binary codes and magnetic fields. The field represents the existence and non-existence empty, but both the one and the other have existed since one can not speak of empty if not compared with the subject, therefore both must necessarily exist. In this context, the time is not more than the change caused by the motion of matter, and our perception of time should be able to remember the position that the matter dealt with before, but as combinations of matter are not unlimited the end time will restart.

It can also be said that there are immutable laws governing cosmic processes in the universe, these laws in turn emanate from the truth that is eternal and outside of time, but at the same time as opposed offers a wide range of options variables not subject to strict rules, i.e. the universe to be sustainable needs on the one hand the strength of a rigid and stable laws, but on the other permitted provided that these basic laws is no question, a wide range of possibilities different beings They inhabit, these laws of nature are not a whim, because the absence of a major stable framework would not be possible to build a more complex universe that allows progress towards happiness, which is the real reason for existence. Normally when someone refers to truth or the divine is what those laws are concerned, it is what remains as immutable when doubts are clarified. Indeed, in the construction of the cosmos we all participate, because our spirit is eternal, but our degree of success will depend on the way in which we are able to understand these universal laws that are the true definition of God.

When a man is born, he forgets his spiritual memories temporarily, but instead acquires the characteristic of human life, because to achieve a happier life is better to keep the memories of the two planes, thus mixing can live each life as new and therefore more intensely.


From the beginning of time evolution of the species it has as its sole objective to create the human form. In turn this way mission is to be the most appropriate means for the spirit is manifested in the material medium. It is through this interaction between the spiritual medium and the medium material and the spirit reaches its greatest degree of happiness. This is the real reason to reincarnate and more than justified reason to create such a complex way, because its purpose is to serve as a channel of communication and expression to the spirit in the matter. Thus the human body is like a representation of the spirit but materially and must be able to serve as suitable expression medium. Just as the pure energy to be strong needs to be mixed with matter if you want to produce significant effects, just as the spirit needs to create a material body that will serve as a means of expression, because the spirit is mainly energy and the body it is mainly matter. In addition, the material means the spirit happens to have a mortal body that allows you to discover the world anew in each new incarnation and relive again the thrill of novelty, because one of the keys to happiness is to know how to keep the balance between remembering how useful but forget what is no longer needed. The average material is less intuitive than the spiritual, but instead provides lots of excitement and new things that make life embodied spirit happier and more intense than if you only existed as a spirit. Thus the spirit first begins in the material form incarnating in animal forms, until the end reaching the human form, not being possible to return back, except when a new universe where everything will start starts.

Another feature of the human form is the division between the sexes, the division is intended to create a specialization in humans in order to increase its effectiveness, this does not mean that one sex put at a disadvantage compared to another; specialization in principle only mission that each sex is dedicated to a different but equally necessary function to achieve the best quality of life possible. It is true that specialization may imply the need for different during the life of men and women work, but that does not mean that it has to be one happier than the other, because in a world developed specialization at work is an extended and necessary practice and nobody argues that this results in a specialty that has to be worse than another necessarily, because although it differently men and women have the right to be just as happy.

Therefore the reincarnation of the spirit into matter is not a temporary situation but an end in itself, necessary for the spirit to reach its highest level of happiness when interacting with matter and be surprised by the continuous innovation that this provides and great intensity of emotions that are acquired in that medium. The real challenge of progress is to benefit from all that provides the human form but without preventing live a deeply moral and consistent with the values of the spirit life.

The widespread belief that man has to move up to a heavenly world is due to the feeling of dissatisfaction that this backward world causes, but that perfect world is not in a spiritual plane, but that is where the Earth will come when his evolution. Because what sense would that species have evolved over millions of years to reach the man, if it were to leave the fruit of so much work that's your body. Man's destiny is to live in human form, but giving spiritual values the place they deserve.


I would like to clarify that the content of this article contains only my opinions about UFOs and unsafe or proven data, because this is one of the most discussed topics at present, although it is also one of the most difficult issues to clarify for those who believe in the presence of extraterrestrial beings on our planet. I unlike those charlatans or contacted false go with the truth ahead which may make it seem less interesting the content of my articles, but the reader must decide which is better, if a document in which the author claims that the content it is true, but actually is false or other article in which the author acknowledges his doubts. Many people like me believe that the UFO phenomenon exists and is caused by alien craft, but from there, this topic is open to a certain approaches infinity and not others.

In my opinion, the presence of UFOs in our skies main mission favor the Earth's population used to the existence of beings from other planets in the universe. Since the discovery of the atomic bomb and the beginning of space travel, aliens know that time is short for the final touch, because once earthly society spread by the planets of the solar system humans discover evidence of their activity and therefore they need to intensify its flight schedule UFO intended to accustom the Earth's population to their presence before contact is made real and open.

For this, the plan is to use easy to distinguish from ships used by the inhabitants of the earth, for this reason the saucer type model was chosen. These ships are recognized mainly by its circular shape and its high brightness, the brightness is not necessarily caused by its propulsion system, but to be easily recognized by land, in fact probably only 15% of the occasions when UFOs come to realize patrols are visible to the human eye and when they do it is because that is precisely their intent and why patrol near inhabited areas or sometimes accompany the planes, but in most cases do not get to see, because they are secret activities. they use a simple system of invisibility, which may be by placing two televisions in opposite position and in the center of the two screens small cameras only visible television put on from very close in such cases. Then it would be enough simply to issue from the opposite television image of the opposing chamber and an observer would see the image only apparently disappearing behind television. If this system is applied to a ship it would have to make the fuselage convey an image and the device could disappear from sight, especially if the image you see a particular observer shown. These secret missions have as their main purpose the study of nature and also promote the moral development of mankind.

These ships are bright, mainly so that we can see, even though it is also possible to use the heat as a way to lighten its weight by using a balloon effect, i.e. that exploit the interior space used to reduce weight by decreasing the density air contained therein and thus would need to consume less fuel. Ships could be divided into two different types, some others would be crewed and directed by remote control. This could explain why UFOs perform as impressive accelerations, simply do so because the drivers are not on board, but that control these ships from the control room on the mother ships. This would be useful on the one hand to avoid the risk that pilots can assume large accelerations needed to get away from the fighter jets that sometimes insist on pursuing them, and on the other an important weight would be avoided by eliminating the crew and the cockpit which would no longer need to transport. When we talk about extraterrestrial techniques, we should not think about them in a simple way, because they allow us to see only what they want to see and not what actually happens. These ships are well suited to the acceleration because the propulsion energy is applied equally across its fuselage. The design of flying saucers also has a psychological motive, because his luminous appearance intended to provoke in the viewer a desire to go to truth and knowledge, which is representing from a metaphysical view white light. Round and bright UFO shape also has religious significance as it represents the luminous center point and that is God. This is intended to stimulate the observer an interest in moral values.

Today, many people believe that humans have flying saucers and aliens caught, keep in mind that if true, could only be if they would like, which I think is quite absurd. Actually these beliefs are born of feverish minds that seek to give too much value to man on earth, thus ridiculing the aliens. An example of this contemptuous vision is usually the aliens have it in some TV series where full of ugly and stupid beings who need the arrival of the earthlings to solve their problems, compared to current universe shows would as if modern man needed to cavemen to him solve the current problems. Or put another way is as if the student had to give lessons to the teacher.

In my opinion, the aliens do not have, or think they have, secret dealings with any government on earth, because they consider this world as a degenerate society and too primitive on the moral plane, although coach are quite advanced, therefore, try to get used to their presence, probably because the official contact can not be delayed more than a few centuries, because the spatial expansion of land will make inevitable the encounter. Meanwhile the governments of the earth are determined to keep secret their presence, while trying to seize their ships making pursuits like a competition between equals. Another reason why the secret is kept, is that the governments of the major powers would not know how to explain that by being world leaders, however these unknown ships with impunity roam its skies in utter disregard of their armed forces If this fact was recognized lead in the weaker nations a tendency to rise from the yoke of these dominators countries, therefore, for them it is essential not to discuss this matter publicly.

The truth is that the main reason that prevents contact between humans and aliens is the moral incompatibility of the two civilizations, this may seem a simple matter to modern man, but this is because philosophical progress is the last step we have to reach civilizations to be fully realized, because it is this characteristic that differentiates the worlds who have completed their evolution not. The truth is that the backward worlds give undue importance to material things, while advanced instead give equal weight to the material to the spiritual. Extraterrestrials could provide moral or technical elements that the world needs to complete its evolution, but it is necessary that you learn slowly and ourselves, because otherwise the man would find absorbed by a foreign culture would not be able to understand, everything would be easier if mankind had more in mind the reason and common sense and less absurd traditions or ingrained however distant they are.

Another possible explanation of the circular design of UFOs might be, because as a main propulsion system a turbine or propeller camouflaged inside is used, this has already been tried unsuccessfully by the US Army in 1958, this device called (Avrocar) was built in secret but failed to make it work because it did not incorporate lateral thrusters that were necessary to balance the main force jet. In principle this idea was not bad, but perhaps the project failed for lack of confidence in such a different pattern than usual and have a limited budget to complete all the necessary elements. Surely if they had put a little more effort they would have managed to finish the vehicle vertical takeoff without outer wings. Subsequently, it was shown that this was possible, when the lunar lander and today with the technology of the drones was built. The design and construction of such circular nave probably favored the myth that the United States had flying saucers to his credit. Another possible explanation for some UFO sightings could be paranormal phenomena, because in my opinion, the spirits are essentially energy and can be displayed at certain times as luminous spheres, therefore, can be confused with materials vehicles when actually enter more in the spiritual realm.

As for the possibility that UFOs propel by methods of anti-gravity, today no more than just a hypothesis, because at present there is no evidence to prove it, however, there are numerous statements of witnesses who claim have heard or seen propulsion jets on these ships, although there are others who claim otherwise, perhaps the explanation is that they have different models.

It is also possible that these ships use a propulsion system cold, i.e. it would be based on the classic reaction propulsion system but not a gas jet reheated without cold gas stream would be used. This system would be similar to using electric vehicles but being air could use the surrounding air as reaction mass or perhaps gases contained therein and driven by an electric repulsion system similar to that used ion engines.

Another possibility is to use nuclear energy to move. To avoid heavy confinement system could use other sheets based on radioactive material as a power source for an internal system of solar panels, but more potent than the energy received from the sun. This energy could accumulate and use when need be, but considering how dangerous it seems unlikely to use, although it is not ruled out that in exceptional occasions have been used, especially if we consider that with technology as advanced as yours may have been able to counteract the dangers that this energy is.


As regards the physical appearance of the aliens in my opinion they are much more like us than people think, because I think they are based on the same biological principles we. Because in the same way that in the universe physical laws are the same for all galaxies in the same way the progress of biology produce the human form as a more evolved version anywhere in the cosmos. For this reason on earth there are countless species but only one is intelligent. Many people claim to have seen or spoken to them and according to the few versions each is different. But we must not forget that it is technologically far superior to us civilizations, this means that what we see is only what they want us to know and not what they do. It is also possible that some of the assumptions that aliens have been spotted not be treated but genuine extraterrestrial robots remotely piloted, this would aim to avoid any risks such as contagion of viral diseases. These robots could be controlled using a virtual reality system that would allow drivers of these devices communicate or act as if these artificial beings were themselves.

It is also possible that sometimes were able to confuse the use of helmets have the big head, the large number of UFO cases in which states have seen beings with oversized head. However, this does not seem very logical because whatever the level of intelligence that might have an extraterrestrial being that does not mean that your head has to be absurdly large compared to the body, because that would cause proves impractical. Nature precisely resolved this issue in humans creating folds in the brain in order to increase its usable area without having to increase the size of the skull. Because regardless of brain size, all living beings need to have the size of the head in proportion to body.


Many people wonder. Why are there no ships powered by nuclear energy today? The answer is very simple, is that although it's been many years since nuclear energy was invented, however, have not solved the serious risk that this type of energy has, in fact ideally complete ban for use on the surface of the earth. Given that the world is a system in which all relates frivolous is trying to get more energy using highly dangerous methods such as nuclear energy or say it is an ecological energy after disasters like Chernobyl. The truth is that the world does not need more energy than from the sun and its derivatives, so, what is needed is to adapt to the limitations that this energy is. As regards nuclear energy, try to use it for aircraft propulsion have very high risks. For example an accident leakage of radioactive substance or contamination of the occupants by direct radiation. Not to forget that nuclear fission generators emit strong radiation that can only be avoided by confining heavy structures making unfeasible its use for flying objects that logically have to be lightweight. There is also nuclear fusion is theoretically less polluting, but at present it has not been possible to use it except as explosive in nuclear weapons.

As for the question of whether it is possible at present any government in the world to have this type of aircraft so it can be attributed to them the UFO phenomenon, the answer is that if so, try these flights were secrets but the UFO phenomenon is usually associated with luminous objects that have no interest in hiding. Also, if the UFO phenomenon was caused by secret organizations of land would be virtually impossible to hide this fact to the public, because they can hide a lie many short time or a lie a few long, but you can not hide lie to everyone all the time, because although this hypothesis is very novelistic it remains true that thousands of people to maintain an infrastructure as needed for manufacturing and pilot design of these devices would be needed and that obviously could not be maintained secret for long.


Another hypothesis for levitation of the craft is the use of anti-gravity systems. The truth is that today there is no prototype, even theoretical, to make a ship move repelling the Earth's gravity field. For this reason it is likely that future space colonization is carried out with ships bearing the classic propulsion system reaction mass and generate gravity for the occupants by the known centrifugal system, which is the rotational movement of fuselage shaped drum which generates gravity. But if possible creation of an anti-gravity system, most likely to be based on the same principle that attracts the material particles together.

Gravity may operate similarly to the magnetic fields, but unlike them instead of using electron work with a field of nuclear particles act just as a magnetic field. In this case the system of antigravity could be achieved by creating equal polarities on the ship to the existing on the planet, in this way as with the magnetic levitation of the ship would occur because in magnetism like poles repel. If you managed to discover this technology could also be used on planets or satellites with low gravity to achieve the necessary for human life and thus make life more enjoyable. In this case it would not be used to produce repulsion but attraction, as generated by the planets. However, currently there is no proof that this is possible, so that the characteristics associated with perhaps UFOs are caused by other reasons.



Today, when we talk about philosophy, it is common that the ancient Greek philosophers are cited, but few realize that the true beginning of philosophy was about 2000 BC That is actually the beginning were long before what is thought and totally different place. Although the search for the spiritual has always been present in human history, it was right in the final period of the classical civilizations of the Middle East, when an additional impetus to the development of spiritual concepts were given. About 12,000 years ago the world was immersed in an ice age that caused today's desert lands of Egypt and Mesopotamia had an ideal climate like the current European. The end of the frame glaciation the beginning not only an improvement in relation to the fertility of the earth but also found a special impetus to human development, which progress in understanding the moral consciousness that reached its derived highest. Although there were many philosophers who must have existed at that time such as Zoroaster, Enoch or other biblical prophets, surely most of these philosophers are not even known today. With increasing global temperatures the European climate was improving and increasing its population relatively quickly. Through trade developed by the Cretans, culture was gradually coming to the continent and was the merger of that culture with the optimism brought about by an increasingly mild climate which triggered the awakening of Greek culture and philosophy. In the year 1600 BC a volcanic eruption on Santorini Island destroyed the Minoan civilization of Crete, which controlled trade between Europe and the Middle East, this marked the beginning of the birth of the actual European culture said to be severed ties with the North Africa temporarily. It can be said that the Greek philosophers ten were only benefited from a culture and a moral philosophy that had its peak 1,000 years earlier and was the crucible in which the major religions present were developed on earth today, such as Christianity or Buddhism. The initial beginning of philosophy we know today was the last contribution of Mesopotamian culture to world civilization, just before global warming would make her decline.

In this article I do not distinguish between religion and philosophy because I believe that religion is only a form of philosophy, could then be said that the difference between religion and philosophy is that while religion seeks to bring together a set all important moral issues for man, instead philosophy can also try simplest aspects of ideas. Another difference that often occurs, though not essential, is that religion is assumed that the philosophical teachings derived in whole or in part of a superior or divine intelligence, but it is important not to make certain this hypothesis without irrefutable evidence prove it, especially when there are so many religious organizations that claim to be attributed an alleged mediation between the divine and the human with the sole purpose of obtaining power and money. It is therefore right that we value the cultural richness and moral teachings that we can bring religions, but never losing our ability to analyze and freedom of thought.


Arguably one of the ways of defining progress is the path that runs from darkness into light. One of the main characteristics of the uninvolved worlds is the ease with which ideas successful with the wrong words such as democracy, dictatorship, racism or feminism are clear examples of this are mixed as is common in these and other cases trying to summarize a much more complex issues simplistic and tends to gather in a single word entirely different issues leading due to error, because often the same word is used to refer to issues in a proper case and in other cases completely wrong and all this in order to circumvent really get into the merits. Since the end of World War II racism became a taboo subject which was not possible to speak without risking consequences unless it was to support miscegenation, for because of the excesses of the Nazis believed that every rejection miscegenation implied support for them. This led to the opportunists who during the Nazi resolutely joined the cause but now took every opportunity to vilify those who oppose miscegenation. But the mistake of thinking that reject the mistreatment of other races necessarily imply acceptance of miscegenation, not realizing that it is precisely through miscegenation and racial minorities can be abused or exploited more easily committed because it is always better to live among equals so that they are more difficult cases of discrimination. A man will always be happier in a country where the police, senators, or the president are of the same race. Therefore it may be contrary to miscegenation, but also be contrary to slavery or any form of abuse, because you can believe and argue that it is better than the races live apart as a way to better secure its own fulfillment and without this having to be a contradiction. Any idea is tenable if done peacefully even belief in racial superiority, and those who think they have the right to be respected, because many times throughout history those who seek evil have used correct ideas with in order to conceal their true intentions. An example of this is the use that is made of religion to support military imperialism, a religion can be perfectly honorable, but that does not mean they are also all acts made in their name, in the same way defend racial purity may be correct, but that does not mean it is any means used to achieve it. Therefore, to say that the rejection of miscegenation is bad only because the Nazis were served it to support their own purposes could be completely wrong, in fact after World War imperialist countries like the United States used their alleged rejection of racism as way to justify the invasion of the territories of other races and so use their natural resources, an example of this was the Iraq war was sought in this case justify and outside the war saying it was for the good of the country but the result was total destruction and more than one million deaths as a result of the bombing and disease, and all concealed in order to control its oil. This is an example that can also be crimes against humanity claiming to fight for racial equality, but at the same time the United States within its borders undergo racial minorities to a caste system denying social rights such as public health or guaranteed. It is clear that communism as an economic model has proved its failure, not wanting to recognize the benefits to the economy of private entrepreneurship, but it is also true that Western society lives lost in a mirage, being unable to see that the model economic materialistic proposed to them as perfect is actually an unjust system that prevents social integration not guarantee the most basic rights. This shows that an idea may be correct but not the means used to achieve it, since it is often just an excuse with which to perpetrate unlawful acts that have nothing to do with it and in the case of racism the alleged rejection that some countries make it is only an instrument to justify their imperialist campaigns on other continents, claiming that by not recognizing racial boundaries are considered legitimate to invade or interfere in its internal affairs. This is proof that the best way to protect the rights of each race is precisely rejecting miscegenation and demanding equal rights for all citizens of the planet. The order brings to light and disorder involving racial miscegenation that only results in confusion and chaos, which is precisely what interests speculators who try to destroy social rights and turn citizens into slaves.

The Machismo words or feminism is another similar example, because everyone understands its meaning differently, the fact is that with the rise of so-called "democracies" political parties tried to get the vote of women helping to inflate the myth feminism and thus favored social fracture, thus affirming that man and woman must make in life the same tasks is an unrealistic fallacy, because the proof is that the very nature made them different in order to increase specialization benefits could provide. The myth of feminism proposes that the realization of women is only possible to play this typically male tasks but if you ask a toddler if he agrees that his mother is absent to take place in the workplace, who believe that answer? Obviously the answer would be negative because they are the hardest hit by feminism, because in those countries where it is very implanted the birth rate is shockingly low and the few children born often see only their parents in brief moments of the day due to unnecessary competition that feminism aimed at women, because in many cases the effort to get money from two salaries is valued more than a good childcare. A good solution would be that the woman carried off only part-time jobs at least while their children were small. Another example of how the feminist role has caused social being assimilated by some governments havoc in the case of marital separations, because in most cases the man is oppressed by law to be required delivery of the salary, housing and child custody to women. It is stripped of all its assets even without being held responsible for it. This separation represents more than a public humiliation of man, because ideally all assets are divided equally and therefore the spouses could use the family home one month each and dividing custody of their children. It would obviously be different if he were guilty of separation one of the spouses, but a law that grants all rights and properties only part, besides being unjust is a real stimulus to cause separation.

It is true that feminism is valid in many circumstances because women have the right to be free no longer have to endure a man who mistreats, also has the right to be happy as a man, but that does not mean you should forget that each sex was done by the different nature for a reason, not one to be considered a slave of the other, but not for a stupid competition between the sexes occurs to see who has the most striking career, as nature made them different so that different but complementary tasks are performed together for the good of all mankind, for the specialization of the sexes actually improves expectations that human beings can get. But some parties frivolously encourage hatred of women to their husbands in order to get their vote and meanwhile look away before the marriage breakdown and the scandalous falling birthrate. Feminism because women have contracted so afraid of marriage that increasingly are more instead of having children prefer to have dogs in an example of evolutionary nonsense.

Another issue where there is more difference between appearances and reality are democracies misnamed, because in those countries where they are used is assumed to be opposed to dictatorships political models, but such a statement is false because in reality they are more similar than it seems, because in both cases the population has a reduced capacity for political participation, because it is common to allow citizens to choose only the composition of parliament but being fully vetted in the definition of the law, genuine democracy only possible when citizens can decide individually each and every one of the laws. It is truly pathetic to see how some countries invade others with the argument that it is to restore democracy, when theirs is only apparent, this recalls the days when Rome invaded other states saying it was for their sake, because according to them only lived barbarians. We now know that neither were as late as believed nor are such honorable motives of the alleged "democrats" because the truth is that these are just excuses for imperialist act.


The great dilemma that society of the future must be raised about the great philosophers or thinkers is. Should they be considered as divine beings or human beings? The problem of the deification of ancient philosophers like Buddha or Christ is that to consider as divine beings superhuman and therefore tend to deny the possibility of questioning freethinker opinions or assertions of these philosophers. But the fundamental issue is that until the contrary is proved, the right thing is to consider these philosophers or prophets as part of a changing world and therefore subject like others to the possibility of being wrong. This does not mean that many of his ideas can not be correct, what this means is that like the rest of the people who have contributed to the progress of humanity they too can make mistakes and therefore fair value their ideas, but it is also a mistake to think that these ideas can not be improved or can not be wrong partly because the progress of philosophical or scientific is to be willing to question any ideas, because without this attitude is impossible to achieve real progress in the field philosophy. The religion of the future will be characterized primarily by the freedom of thought and the ability to question everything.

Regarding the deification of former or present prophets or philosophers must say that the only thing that should be considered as divine is ideas, not people, because the same person can be given at the same time successful beliefs but also other completely wrong. Only the ideas are divine since by divine can understand everything that is right and is in line with the great universal truths. The great philosophers and thinkers may have been a source of good for the world for their contributions in philosophy, but that does not mean they should be considered infallible only because the right ideas are. The problem to consider these beings as divine is that then society refuses the possibility of improving what they taught and his followers end up arguing in unnecessary disputes not being able to adapt the beliefs of these philosophers to contemporary science. Therefore and unless proven otherwise the ideas of these people should be questioned as in the case of others, and therefore it is right to think that their ideas are successful but sometimes can be wrong in others. You may philosophers who originated religions have been truly influenced by superior beings, but then not that be a reason to question the freedom of thought, because these beings even better than us, also could be wrong in some of his ideas because only the right ideas are not perfect people. There are also those who try to benefit from the supposed infallibility of these prophets and philosophers, as defend such infallibility with the unjust and selfish to manipulate people and denying them freedom of thought for his own benefit interest, this is what often religious domes and is a real attack on freedom of thought citizens. What this shows is that you should not judge how bad religions or freethinkers who created them, because it really bad is use these philosophers to manipulate and use to denying society the right to dissent, because it must give the same right to other people to think freely or to question these philosophers if they deem it appropriate, as progress is an ongoing debate in which the right ideas remain and wrong are eliminated, but this need not accept as infallible to any person, because then it would not be possible to improve their ideas. A religion is actually a philosophy based on a compilation of idea and to improve people, but it is a serious mistake to think that no matter how much faith you have in it or who I think can not be questioned, because who says such thing is denying his followers the chance to improve it, so only ideas and not people can be considered perfect as an idea may be true, but a person contains within it many ideas which some are true but others do not. True religion will certainly be one that considers as essential to ensure freedom of thought so that any philosopher or prophet may be questioned in order to improve their teaching, because our ability to dissent is what brings us closer to God.

With regard to the possible influence of superior beings on our planet should be noted that it is reasonable to think that the universe may exist multitude of inhabited worlds more advanced than ours, and it is reasonable to think that at any time in our past, these beings they may have come into contact with our planet, and as a result have been able to raise convey some of their knowledge to us by philosophers, prophets or otherwise. But even if this were true, it would not be a reason to consider these beings as divine and infallible, because although it is reasonable to think that their ideas are better than ours they like us, could also be wrong, because they too would be in a process evolution like us, but even if his ideas were true it does not mean that could not be changed after being transmitted because of incorrect translations or intentional changes. The fact that religious books may have ideas or teachings transmitted by them does not mean that the entire contents of these books are due to attribute to them. So in the world of philosophy and the most important ideas, must always defend freedom of thought against those who deny this right, because only truth is divine and therefore only the ideas successful they are, they understood as divine all what it is true and consistent with the great universal truths. Instead religions are formed with many ideas and it is reasonable to think that some be some but not others, because only divine ideas are not people. So right thing is not going into unnecessary arguments about the supposed divinity of philosophers or prophets originators of religion, the right thing is to use freedom of thought to improve them in all that progress allows.


It is regrettable to see the large number of scammers who populate today our libraries, all are presented to us as a kind of saviors, all claim to have the truth for the salvation of our souls but they are all different, they all claim to seek the good but none of them he is able to condemn evil or point it openly.

But even more outrageous to see how these false prophets use the method attributed a false communication with extraterrestrial assumptions or superior beings in order to make money or prevent any criticism of their claims, people should know that most of his ideas in They have actually been copied from other books, or based on conclusions lacking any evidence. What is truly unfortunate is that many people believe only by making such statements and are not able to realize that the truth is only found by an impartial analysis of things and not the easy solution of believing in those status of prophet attributed , contacted or guidance to impress his followers.

There are also those who try to present themselves as benefactors claiming warn of beings alleged evil aliens, this is just another vile strategy so that we do not realize that the true evil beings they are, using this strategy because there are people who are more likely to believe that extraterrestrial beings exist can only be evil, this is because those are petty think others also have to be, and do not realize they end up falling into the trap of his own vanity. Do they truly believe that a civilization that we could take a million years ahead, there would be nothing else to do to come to earth with intent to annoy its inhabitants? This happens because they are only willing to accept higher extraterrestrial beings in the technological aspect but not in the moral aspect, and that's a contradiction. I do not pretend here that aliens may not be on our planet, not pretend to say that all who write about spiritual issues need to be impostors, what I want is above all aware that the fact that someone the title contacted put or guide does not mean it's true.

In this current era is easy to find many books in which any idea defends crazy this is and all with a great profusion of alleged scientific arguments, but at the same time with great contradictions together, we must bear in mind that the that in a book called evidence submitted something, does not mean that it demonstrate its certainty, it is very common to use half-truths in order to favor a false view. Because within the same book or the same belief there may be many truths but also many lies or truths modified in order to mislead readers. Therefore who seeks the truth must seek itself not carried away by the easy argument of those who proclaim themselves guides or contacted, nor by those who use politics or religion in order to seize power. Because these false prophets do not have the courage to defend their arguments recognizing that only express their own opinions and are actively using these subterfuges to get care they do not deserve.

The truly evolved man is one who before accepting an opinion discuss all things impartially regardless of fame, social significance, or the powers that these false prophets will do themselves, because analyzing things impartially is also a way of exercising freedom.

In this world in which we live, most of what they tell us lies, but the biggest lies the count, who say protect us from lies.


Currently exist in society multiple sects, all different but all claiming to have the truth, some people approach them looking for comfort and guidance for personal problems, but girl people do not know that some of these sects are destructive character is said in his dogma include its adherents denial of right to dissent imposing unconditional acceptance of all its precepts. It should be noted that these organizations actually are usually founded by one or more persons who only rely on their own opinions or information from others to form the ideology of the sect, but without providing any evidence of the truth of his ideas, taking as main objective obtaining money or simply satisfy a desire for personal power, but is imposed on the followers founder acceptance of this character as a divine being and therefore unquestionable, imitating the methods of the Catholic church. It should never lose common sense and the ability to question, as these organizations seek to convince their followers that all truth is in them and all the mistakes in others.

These sects often resort to various methods to capture its followers, one of them is to inflate your ego into believing that being a member of the sect is a great privilege and while on it and follow its precepts will possess great wisdom that give them an advantage over others. At the same time they scare them by saying that the worst evils occur to them who do not belong to the sect.

Another method to control them is to try to make it difficult for followers to obtain other media outside the sect, i.e. only advise them to read books supplied by this and scare them regarding the use of other means of knowledge.

Another feature of destructive sects is to try to separate their followers from anyone who does not belong to it even from his family in order to ensure control over them, the paradox is that very rarely these followers come to question the seriousness of the statements made by the leader and if so are branded traitors and are subsequently expelled.

It is logical that people seek their inner development, it is also true that this present age is characterized by a moral vacuum true, so it is important for anyone who is interested in their inner development to distinguish between those who propose a doctrine with freedom of opinion and those who try to impose their dogmas only because every ideology that denies freedom of thought to his followers is certainly reprehensible.


When a person all his life living materialistically and denying the existence of life after death is passed, it may happen that after the occurrence of the Spirit into a situation of uncertainty by not understand their new situation after losing his body. So instead of trying to evolve and move on to a new reincarnation may be that this spirit try to deny the obvious and try to continue in a house as if he still had a human body. This is one of the reasons that can explain the phenomenon of haunted houses. These spirits rather than humbly recognize that they were wrong and ascend to the spiritual world, on the contrary tend to create the appearance of a false body by condensation particles spirit, this is what is usually called phantom or ghost. Condensation of these particles permits a certain interaction with matter, but much more poorly than as would be with a human body. Then for a certain time they remain in the house trying to believe they still have their physical body. When someone goes to live in this house they begin to occur so-called paranormal phenomena. These phenomena are nothing but an attempt of that spirit to take the new tenants of a house that considers hers, then a game of cat and mouse through which the spirit is dedicated to pursue and scare continuously to start the tenants using all means available as throwing objects, producing noise or pretending to be a horrible monster or a demon. These phenomena usually occur at night because spirits have very little power compared with the human body and during the day strong solar radiation weak energy block preventing its manifestation of the spirit so evident. Usually tenants react by trying to escape from that situation or try to deny that this is occurring, rarely they arise contact the spectrum, to try to figure out why he's there, or to make him understand that this is not his place and has to leave the house. Because the more you tend to flee more aggressive invading spirit is growing and so the best solution would be to move the counter and require you to stop and go scare. It's like fear will increase your strength or your discomfort. Sometimes the occupant spirit of the house remains in it because he believes have a slope that needs solving, this can happen when someone is the victim of a tragic death and is buried abnormally in the area of housing often secretly, then this soul refuses to leave because he considers that a clarification regarding the facts occurred is required. In this case the spirit is leading to new tenants to the settlement of the matter which he implies. In this case a solution could be to unearth the remains and take them to the appropriate place, or you may need a farewell ceremony.

There are those who attract these beings to houses by using methods such as Ouija board. This table is dangerous because through it these spirits can cause problems for residents or even trigger situations possession. The problem may start when closed and poor communication between the two worlds door is open. After starting this situation it is difficult to take these bodies usually degenerate spirits of criminals or people who see this contact an opportunity to try to steal the body to its rightful owner. These degenerates authorities try to prevent their expulsion pretending to be demons, levitating objects or speaking in tongues, but all these qualities are not only own demonic beings, but they are normal qualities in the spiritual life.

Sometimes these beings are attracted to homes by demonic cults, these sects are not able to understand that evil can never be a profitable way, and eventually they end up paying this kind of behavior. Because it is a misconception that may exist beings whose only business is doing wrong. Evil is an error and a deviation from the correct moral behavior and so all beings who enter this path are destined to return to the good if you want to be happy. The devil only makes sense as a symbolic character representing the evil behavior, but no one can live like that forever behavior because directed toward evil is wrong and who is most damaging to everyone who uses it. Choose injustice as habitual behavior is a serious mistake, because it can cause a momentary profit, but always in exchange for a greater evil long term. That is the meaning of the phrase "pact with the devil". Eventually all beings in the universe become perfect, when you understand that it is the only reasonable way.

Ideally, when you're in a haunted house it is to try to understand the reasons why these creatures are in them and not see them as necessarily enemies, because maybe they need our help to continue into the beyond.


What is a religion? A religion is actually a form of philosophy but extended widely. In the past, as in the case of Greece, there were great multitude of them even in the same city or within the same family, because at that time more than a religion could be said that the common is the lack of a standard view with regard to religious ideas. Why some people think that in ancient Rome, or the Muslim kingdoms of the Middle Ages, there was greater religious freedom than in the Christian kingdoms, but bear in mind that in the Roman Empire, would have been impossible attempt rulers to impose a particular religious approach, since there was no official or widespread religion in which to rely. And in the case of Islam it would be a contradiction to their political or religious leaders aim prohibit other religions, when in fact, this religion was copied from Judaism and Christianity, for what the author wanted to create a written and monotheistic religion religions were mentioned but adding their own ideas. It was not then a real tolerance, but rather a logical conclusion, since Islam is actually based on Christianity but with added Arab beliefs.

It is true that religions are a form of philosophical thought and therefore can be considered logical existence, but it is also true that throughout history rulers and religious leaders have tried to use it to manipulate citizens, sometimes self-proclaimed divine beings as in the case of the Egyptian pharaohs, and in other cases self-proclaimed infallible beings and exclusive representatives of God as in the case of the popes of the Catholic church. These are just attempts to hijack the freedom of thought in order to control citizens by manipulating their opinions. But the divine persons there are no truths can only be considered as such. Therefore it should not blame religion for what they do with it those who manipulate because every man and society need order in the field of philosophy and ideas, because it is only possible to create a truly evolved world if the same time is deeply moral. Therefore, the future world will no longer need religious domes that have become the seat of evil, for religion is nothing but a way of thinking and the end of religious domes is to manipulate men standing between them and God. Because there are no divine men only divine ideas, because God is everything that is right and in line with universal truths. A man may be inspired by his search for truth, but that does not mean you can not make mistakes. Create religious organizations in order to dispute the power to governments or use the resource to faith, virgins or saints to deny freedom of criticism and thought to citizens is an attack against freedom, so the man of the future you no longer need such intermediaries and teach religion through books or schools, but it will be a religion based on reason and science, not on dogma or superstition, because you will understand that you can only achieve true if the search for himself through his freedom of thought, because the only way that religions can make progress is by accepting that its founders are men and as such can also be wrong. A religion is actually a form of philosophy and science, and if you study without obsessions and entrenched ideas understood that like other sciences, participating in it and providing whatever possible to improve it, all humanity will win. This does not mean they can not be absolute truths, what it means is that we must recognize that every person can be mistaken for it to be considered important. You can have faith in something, but that does not mean that this is due lose the ability to doubt it and improve it accordingly.


Pathetic are from my point of view those who imagine a God or Christ as supreme dictators or monarchs of the universe. First because equating Jesus with God when they are two totally different realities. There is no reason to think so, because Jesus was only a prophet or a philosopher, while God is the representation that man makes the universal order. There are also those who think that Jesus was actually a superior spirit from more advanced worlds who came to earth to help men. This hypothesis does not seem at all absurd, because for those who accept the presence of more advanced civilizations on earth may seem an option. If this were true, it would mean that on rare occasions some of these extraterrestrial beings are reincarnated among us to fulfill the role of guides for humanity. But in this case, no point looking crowns king for these emissaries of the higher worlds, because including these beings would only be one more, would truly virtuous beings, but exactly the same as the rest of their compatriots. Therefore, it is even more absurd is the worship of those who were associated in his earthly life with him, such as his mother. How can you say that Mary is the mother of God, when at the same time consider God the creator of all things? It is clear that people who behave well only seek to worship idols and not the truth.

As for the issue of universal governance mechanisms, I think it is a mistake to think of the universe as a religious dictatorship, which would be at the top dome a hypothetical God and his family. That also simplistic, it seems more a representation of the middle Ages and not the universal mechanics. In my opinion, in the universe nothing is created nor destroyed, only transformed, and the same can be applied to the eternal souls in all of us. This means that during the countless cycles of death and creation of the universe, sometimes spend all the life of a king and every other pass through the life of a vassal. All we pass through the life of a wise person and all pass through the lives of ignorant. That is, if true that there was a sort of hierarchy of government to determine how the universe works, it is logical to consider that even there one or more leaders, they in no case would an absolute or life power, because that besides being totally antidemocratic, it would be a contradiction to the rest of their peers, they also virtuous, for the exercise of those functions.

The same can be said about the nature of God, it is not logical to consider him as an individual, but rather the sum of all beings that populate the universe and the laws that emanate from them. Because every time we fail to live life passively and we start to design the world around us to change, then use the part of God that is within us. Therefore, it is absurd to think of an alien God to other beings that populate the cosmos. What differentiates God of individual beings is that it does not represent only a minority, but is the expression of the laws acting according to universal wisdom. This wisdom emanates from the matter that makes up the universe, because the structure of the universe, its galaxies and stars, is not the result of a moment of work, but thousands of millions of years of evolution, to give the universe we already know the laws that govern it.

Time represents only a part of this cycle, therefore the beginning of time is also the start of a cycle and the end time is the end of a cycle. Therefore at the end of the longest cycle, which contains within it all other cycles, the universe will be repeated, but not before we all find ourselves gone through all lives and all situations present in the universe, and then eventually return to start. Then try not just of a new cycle, but repeating the same time.


What can be defined as a true messiah? In ancient times it was assumed that a man was considered a messiah or a precursor of progress was an essential requirement to undertake miracles or anything supernatural. Actually every scientist who contributes to the development of their society either in philosophy or in the rest of science has the qualities normally attributed to a messiah, therefore a messiah or prophet is but one who is ahead of its time and the true divinity of their actions is to be found more in his ideas or discoveries in his own person. But then what is divine inspiration? Arguably it is the ability to understand the keys of nature, this quality may depend on the intelligence but also the opportunity or time availability. Not to forget everything precursor of his time could not be whether before had not assimilated the knowledge that previous generations have bequeathed. Thus the divinity of a prophet is in his discoveries where he is and not him as a person. Progress for humanity needs scientists and philosophers, but no sense elevate a man defining it as divine, when their ideas are the result of the efforts of all mankind. Therefore, for someone to reach divine inspiration does not need to be helped by higher or extraterrestrial beings and if that helps better still given, but any man at any given time can find the path to enlightenment itself.


Often when someone speaks of knowing sites or new things, generally they refer to visit places in the field of geography, but there is a huge unexplored world within ourselves, namely in the field of study of culture and philosophy, and I say this because it is regrettable the lack of interest usually occurs within personal development. In a few of these plans for free time it includes a space for reading a book, to meditate or to improve the knowledge we have of science. But it is important to note that it is through our inner enrichment as we can actually improve our quality of life, since increasing our culture and make a reflection on the world around us we actually improves. When we think of taking a trip, do not forget to try to understand the world through science is an exciting journey worth touring. Some think that man uses only fifteen percent of its intelligence capability, this is not true, what is true is that very little ability to meditate and reflect on the world around us is used, which It means less understanding of things and therefore a worse use of the circumstances that life gives us. The man of the future will be different because they will have done himself through his own reflection, as one of the last stages of human development will be to improve their own capacity for critical and search for the real truth. Because life does not have to rely only on simple sensations daily activity or physical senses provide us is also important to develop as a person through our inner enrichment. Because the moment in which we analyze things without accepting ideological impositions or prejudice, we began to be aware of the truth around us and then we started really to be free and to participate unattached in the design world we have. In the world there may be great truths, but also big lies, so our right and our duty is to learn to differentiate between them. The man of the future will be deeply worship but also deeply moral, because scientific progress and spiritual feelings do not have to be contradictory. Arguably one of the ways of defining progress is the path that separates darkness from light, for this reason you need to stop from time to time in the maelstrom of daily life to realize that seeing the world from the perspective of a calm analysis found that in him are many more things than you think when a quick observation is made. Few things are as emotional as understanding the cosmos through meditation is the closest thing there is to see God's face, because when we meditate we realize our ability to change the world around us. Arguably the main difference between an ordinary man and a philosopher is that a normal man lives life as a philosopher as well as living thought life, that is your greatest satisfaction is to understand the profound meaning of nature, is like performing a mental journey through the essential mechanics of the cosmos.

The key that explains the usefulness of philosophy is that the laws of nature are the same as always irrespective of time and space, therefore, an intelligent philosopher can gain insight by deducting many social or technological truths of other times both past and future and apply them to the present. Philosophy is not necessarily a form of divination, because it focuses mainly on scientific aspects broadly, however it is true that allows us to know much better than those limited to only investigate the material aspects universe. Philosophy is important because when we dive into it we become designers of the world around us.


Some people think that souls after death the body migrate to other worlds of space once they have reached a higher level of spiritual development. This belief is wrong in my opinion, because I consider it absurd that the planet earth has to dispense with those beings who have attained more evolutionary level. It's like a farmer abandon the field once the harvest was ready to be picked up and leave all the fruits of his work there. Because the progress of living beings on earth is also the progress of the land itself and it is logical to benefit from the gains that have been achieved. It makes no sense to think that the world should evolve technically, but instead the most evolved souls in the spiritual plane have to go. Such beliefs are the result of seeing the world and its history too pessimistically and though in this world there are also many objectionable things positive. Therefore, it is best to see the world from a middle course and consider that progress will be making it increasingly larger number of positive things to definitely banish evil from the earth.

Moreover, if we consider this issue from a merely physical, nor does it seem logical that souls are migrating from some worlds other continuously, because I believe that spirits can not move through space instantaneously as some think. In my opinion and according to the latest scientific discoveries in the universe nothing can travel faster than light, this means that the velocity of an object in space would be proportional to the ratio between the mass and energy in it was found. Thus an object with a relatively high share of material as a spacecraft could only reach a maximum of 15% of speed of light, while instead a spirit being formed by a fraction of mass, but with a portion maximum power, could reach a speed close to reaching light. However, even if this were so, the distances between stars are measured in light years, which is the distance light travels in a year. This means that a spirit would take at least four years to reach the nearest star, and to travel across the galaxy thousands, which would be a big waste of time compared to the other option would be to stay in the world that is and thus contribute to their progress.

I think unlike a spacecraft propulsion reaction spirits do not move on the horizontal plane of the cosmos, but use the magnetic force lines connecting the planets to each other through their polar regions. This would make a curve trajectory, although it must be said that there are no absolute straight lines in space. The procedure would be caught so to speak the electrons in the magnetic lines had destined for the planet we wanted to go and simply leave out to finish the tour, it would be a trip without energy costs. Thus the magnetic lines function as authentic space highways, but considering the great distances in space spirits only migrate to another planet when there was no choice, such as the time that had been established in the human colony, this is because only when a spirit is attached to a human body really starts to have this life and this union produced no birth would not be possible. It could be said then that planets like Earth to serve reincarnated beings evolve, so, it only makes sense that they leave Earth when creating new colony worlds possible. These worlds would be unoccupied, but would be suitable for human by using technologies suitable for this purpose. This would not modifying the worlds, but the most logical and easy it is to adapt man to them, with technologies such as the use of radomes for towns or cities outside weather-tight.


It is regrettable to see how many people make subject their self-esteem possession of jewelry and the desire of ostentation, I believe the future will belong to a society that does not need or jewelry or tattoos, or paint will be used to distort the face nails or skin, or to distort height high heels, they will not cause injuries to place pending or mutilation of sexual organs, since our body is already perfect at birth and does not need added such class. Future society considered their real jewels, dignity, decency and sincerity, because there is greater merit jewelry that everyone has within his heart. The world of the future need not rituals like baptism to symbolize what they believed, since the genuine commitment is what everyone does without pressure or conditions, but by his own will. Because the world of the future will have as one of its great foundations pursuit of merit through personal achievement towards improving oneself, without accepting that no one intends to say in advance which is the truth, but searching for oneself through freedom of thought.


Truly we live in a time when it is given more importance to appearances than reality, this is a particularly materialistic time when obtaining money is considered more important than dignity, but what sense does the money if you do not have dignity? It is true that money is important to be happy, but a person can have all the money in the world and be the same unhappy time, and someone else can live with right and yet be happy, this is because happiness also has its rules and one of them is to live with dignity and common sense. But in this current age it is given more importance to money than to dignity, growth that solidarity is a false age where it takes more account of appearances than reality, which is called prejudice to what is not it is, where it is said God is right where it is harbored evil, because the truth is not what is said but what is.

Man must learn to reflect on the world around him, must understand that the current political game matches between left and right is nothing more than a play with which dupe citizens to deny them the right to participate directly in designing laws to prevent them can vote on them individually. Left parties say worry about workers but imitate the methods of Athenian slave-owning democracy in the V century BC, because their policies direct society toward a mestizo and disunited world, resulting in job insecurity, do not care to sell his country and his race for a handful of coins, say worry about workers but only interested enriched with public money, and promoting the reduction of sentences for criminals to the level of absurdity. In some countries like Spain punishment for killing a man is the same as for killing a thousand because only the first crime punishable equivalent to fifteen years in prison, this shows with politicians who are identified.

On the other hand the right wing parties strive to manipulate information in order for citizens to vote just what has been offered in order to keep their bourgeois privileges and coalesce with religious organizations to supply them with an alibi good conduct undeserving. They try to dismantle all forms of social protection to create a trench country where the norm is the every man for himself while they are protected in their lairs all their money. You need to understand, you can not create a developed society if at the same time is a disunited society.

The so-called "humanitarian" organizations are mainly divided between those that use practices pro terrorists to achieve their goals and gain publicity, and only pursue an economic profit, the first claim that their alleged good intentions justify any means used to achieve it, and second using own methods of usury, as they serve those in need to seek help when their real interest is rich, since many of them take decades talking about hunger in the world to raise money but do not worry about attacking the evil in its root, i.e. birth control that is the real cause of overpopulation. It is true that the world's wealth is poorly distributed, but it is also true that if all the economic growth of a country is invested in raising more and more people, then it is clear that hunger will never go away, but this seems not to interest those supposedly humanitarian organizations.

This is a false and amoral time when pharmaceutical companies no longer seek to cure disease but to sell drugs, you must understand that your business is the disease and not health, because if people were healthy they could not sell their drugs, the background to what they do is sell hope, but at a high price. Citizens need to discover their own power of self-healing and away from those speculators attacking the source of the disease that is rejecting the bad habits of life. A drug can be very useful, but only if used in the right measure and as a last resort, but the right thing is to act first on the causes of the disease, rejecting the unhealthy behaviors that have sprung up.

Since the end of the Second World War the victorious nations only have worried divide the world claiming that the bad guys are the others, but have not hesitated to overthrow democratic governments when they have opposed his intentions to dominate the world, as happened in Chile by the United States or Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union, or supporting dictators when it suited them. Generally governments encourage citizens to intervene in wars voluntarily or by telling force that is for the good of his family or patriotism, but basically just looking favor companies in which they participate and so increase your profits, but at the expense of the lives of citizens, in this as in most things there are exceptions, but only with a sensible attitude and away the passionate reactions can be found the difference.

This is a hypocritical era in which most promotes debauchery that freedom, it is said that society has to accept one chooses to have sex, but not their own. But if everything has to depend on what you decide, then someone might say you want to have per couple to an animal and not a person, then according to this reasoning other citizens should accept it. It would be more logical, help those who do not feel comfortable with their sex change their minds, because the reasons are hormonal problems or childhood traumas that can be solved. It will always be more reasonable to use the medicine to help someone who is comfortable with her own sex that away from him. In this false era of false democracies politicians promise anything in order to get votes and thus have access to public money. Homosexuality is a depraved conduct and the fact that the law should permit it does not make it morally right. Because not confuse respect that every person deserves in his private life, in fact collaborate with it.

Another prejudice is feminism, as is proposed today, because in some of its aspects induce women to be evil, he says that man owes them something for the sake of being a man. Feminists propose be equal in everything, but not in regard to life expectancy, as men often live less, not want equality when it comes to engage in hard work physically, but then will not hesitate to demand the same salary claiming to be just as productive, do not ask for equality in the division of property upon separation, as in many countries are the main beneficiaries.

The concept of prejudice, good or bad in many cases is conditioned by the opinions of the great powers, it is not all a lie, but half-truths are used to induce erroneous conclusions, as with racism. Does the reader should wonder what would have happened to win the German World War II? Because the focus given in the media about the extermination of the Jews by the Nazis, is the one that would have been used to treat the extermination of the Indians in the United States, but as they won the Americans accept seamlessly arguments used to justify such extermination. In the background citizens tend to believe too much in the arguments that the great powers tell them, mainly for fear unfortunately society pays more attention to appearances than reality.

After the economic crisis of 1929 Germany was sunk economically in order to gain power the Nazis created panic accusing the Jews of being to blame for all evils and proposing themselves as saviors, then society will he believed, thought that if the government said it had to be true, Americans also used slander as a way of justifying the Indian extermination, so we can seize their lands, and likewise citizens accepted it. This strategy defamation prior to justify aggression step was also used later with the Arab world, in order to control its oil reserves, especially by countries so-called "democratic," when a government tries to do something knowing which provoked public rejection simply choose to distort reality and thus get public support. In history there are other similar examples, such as when Spain claimed to be Christianized America when it actually did was occupy, or when England went to war against the Boers in South Africa claiming worry about the natives, when really what they wanted was the control mines recently discovered diamonds.

Today, we are witnessing a (UN) hypocritical submitted to the United States, which denies threatening nuclear weapons to those who refuse to bow to his intentions, but instead gives them to countries like Israel, which uses a policy of extermination with the Palestinian people, to replace its inhabitants for their own settlers. US greed is the real cause of the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, for example giving Arab countries is harmful when trying to impose by force allied governments in which you are interested.

We live in a promiscuous society without values, this results in a social dissatisfaction resulting in an inordinate desire to obtain money for the mistaken belief that solve their discomfort. Parents tell their children not to do what they do, what form of an example is that? They call sex love, to distort its true meaning, there can be love in sex, but it's not the same. It encourages women to live an uncontrolled sexuality, arguing that they can always abort, it is absurd to have sex without being willing to accept the consequences this may bring, it is fair that governments respect the free will of women, but they should also refuse to finance such acts.

Today, we live to some religious organizations obsessed with not losing their privileges and power, as in the case of the Catholic Church, that by denying its members the right to marry finished turned into a ghetto gay dedicated more to the profit and child rape than they should. Citizens are realizing that to search for the great universal truths do not need intermediaries to tell them what is true and what is not, because society you need are religions and non-religious organizations, whose real purpose is to compete with governments by the power. Therefore, it is better than philosophy or religion is taught through schools or books and not by these sectarian organizations.

I do not pretend that all actions made by governments or associations always pursue false interests, not to deny that in the world there are many positive things, but it is true that only through a detailed analysis of the facts impostors discovered by we must not yield to mere compliance that often these organizations ask us.

This is a world that needs a change to seek the realization of life based on moral, but not the morality proposed by religious organizations, given to greed and lust for power, but a morality based on justice and truth.

For the man of the future will understand that happiness is through peaceful means such as science and technology as must be obtained not through vanity or tyranny, and only when you understand this, you are really able to start a new era.


Many people from time immemorial have wondered what is the right way to choose in philosophy, from my point of view the right path is that of a dignified life and justice, he who arises to live according to these principles lies the solution to your ideological questions, because life straight in pursuit of justice dispels the darkness that confuse the mind. It is not possible to have a developed society if not deeply moral, and can not be moral when there is no justice as the essential principle of behavior. For whoever has these principles as the core of its conduct has easier the solution to your problems because justice is light and light is culture and truth, and society of the future will be deeply moral because only in this way can be happy and find peace. A society whose only expectation materialism and the sole purpose of obtaining money is an unhappy society, because what good is money if you have no soul.


The main reason for writing this book is to provide the reader with the keys in my opinion are necessary for humanity to reach its full realization, I also try to encourage him to do a thorough analysis of the world around him, in order to be able to depart from the glamor and false version of reality that economic and powers the great powers strive to try to be. Each time governments have tried that their truth is the only accepted at the present time the interest of the systems so-called "democratic" to control information is even higher in order to condition the vote and that citizens support what they are told. I do not pretend here that evil is present only in governments, as these are only the reflection of the society they represent. It is therefore necessary to analyze in detail what factual powers tell us, but also make an examination of conscience ourselves. Progress is the road that runs from darkness to light and certain ideas often are mixed with the wrong, so it is necessary to analyze things impartially and without being carried away by pre-established topics and ideas. A better world is possible, but you need to get away from evil and despotism. The man through evolution has succeeded in developing a complex in order to communicate language, has also achieved by ships technology which go into space, we just need you to create a code of values based on truth and justice to be fully accomplished.


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