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This book explains the process of evolution of humanity and its relationship with cities.

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Antonio Pinto Renedo


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Published in July 2011


















































With this book the reader pretend to accompany me on an interesting journey through space and time trying to understand how it could be the process of evolution of humanity. In an effort of imagination united to a thorough scientific analysis I have tried to approach as much as possible the world that could find us in the coming centuries.

Since my childhood I felt a keen interest in scientific issues for me were something more than a mere collection of ideas, lived as if they were part of me, I felt the feeling of having a special facility to find possible solutions to scientific problems. By studying science and thorough analysis of it I developed a number of ideas that were implemented in this book, i.e. I have not sought simply define how the world of the future based on the scientific conclusions reached so far, but rather I have gone further and I tried to find those points that mainstream science does not show in order to add something positive to your progress.

I have also proposed trying to clarify what the first steps of the universe in its infancy and what their end, in many respects from a philosophical or metaphysical point, but my understanding is this science philosophy which would bring more to society in the future because from my point of view is the most difficult and the least developed.

Although only part of scientific theories raised in this book were true and only thus would have added a bit to the progress of humanity.

This book has been translated from the original version in Spanish.




The first cities


Since time immemorial mankind has sought the best way to protect yourself from problems such as weather, animal attacks, and assaults on other human communities. Also to develop the first mode of trade and have those close by, as a result the first cities arose in this case better villages would be called.

At first the houses were being built in an impromptu manner going in a number of less than generally higher in the course of the rivers but there was no urban planning that delimit in the most appropriate location of the buildings, an old house is destroyed and instead other more modern type is built but without coordinating with each other in the future this will change the cities will be planned from the beginning just as a car is designed not as an individual thing but as a united whole, as well in these cities conventional materials such as cement and bricks will be replaced by more easily recycled as glass, plastic and metal.


The classical city


The classical city could be defined as the result of a housing association that eventually would become buildings while retaining the characteristic of being constructions on a horizontal plane that would grow into the vertically but separated from each other by passing form each building A micro smaller town.

The main drawback of such cities is that although each building provides its tenants a protection from the weather that edge breaks when they have to leave to go to another, this would be solved if a marriage brokers are crease between all the buildings in the city and thus allow citizens to safeguard the various climate changes such as rain, snow or wind.

The best design for a city in my view would be to round type, so the city is projected towards all directions equally, on its periphery airports would be installed and everything connected with them. In the center of the city government buildings and administrative. The roads consist of roads that divide the circle of city squares vertically and horizontally if seen from above, each division would form a neighborhood in the cities of the future private car could be replaced by an extensive transport network audiences may well be formed by conventional buses or circulating type meter rail network or both, this mission would alleviate the presence of traffic while achieving significant energy savings. All vehicles circulate in a plane other than pedestrian in order to avoid abuses but would not do so under the earth since that even being useful is the result of a sort of improvised and unplanned city, rather it would the base plane for pedestrians and routes of public transport would be placed in a higher background, in order to avoid accidents zones access to vehicles and platforms, would be completely separate from citizens and could only access them through of automatic gates once arrested. The risk of falling objects from buildings be solved by these having an outer shell and separate fixed pedestrian areas. In a developed society would not exist strikes in vital services because the nature of a strike is to respond to an individual problem of a company but a particular interest can not hinder the progress of the rest, strikes wild type most to do with terrorist behaviors that legitimate claims, the problem is that some governments are not able to distinguish one from the other give prevalence to the right to strike for the right to move or otherwise.

So things like health, army, political police and transport have not recognized this right to be considered vital services but in return the government would establish a program to pay or regular meetings with their representatives so they do not feel disadvantaged. These rights would be recognized by law unlike other trades.

The cities would form a perfect cycle would have a diameter of about five kilometers and all the cities on the planet would be virtually identical, every serious building as a micro world with its own particularities. Some poses the perfect city as an association of chalets but my understanding is formed by building better since it gives greater protection to its inhabitants besides being able to place all the elements of it closer, a city of small houses devour all available space in addition to larger distances that would separate each element of the urbanization that would not be appropriate.

Airports or bases aircraft would be in the periphery but not far from cities this may be because in the future all aerial vehicles took off vertically as the use of the wings gradually disappear to be replaced aircraft by vehicles takeoff vertical, these vehicles would not be helicopters because its engine system would camouflaged in the fuselage thrusters turbine rotating or fixed type but with ailerons to deflect the jet propulsion would be responsible for supporting aircraft in the air without requiring the use of wings, four or more power would be controlled by a gyroscope and thus accidents caused by wind gusts or fog during takeoffs and landings would be avoided.


The dome cities


One of the biggest problems of this type of cities are those caused by inclement weather one of the most effective methods of protection could be the construction of protective domes that would cover them all over the outside, in this way it would not matter where locate the cities because they would be protected from the different temperatures and atmospheric conditions. With the use of these domes the cities that used them that we could call city cities would be prepared to inhabit even the moon and the planets because they would not have the inconvenience of the temperature or the lack of oxygen that is frequent in these places. The only problem would be the risk of fracture of the dome that would expose the inhabitants to the original climate in these worlds as well as the consequent atmospheric pressure change. Making the airtight buildings could prevent this type of situation for the buildings but not for the outside.


The funeral question


Since ancient times humans have been in the habit of burying their deceased loved ones in cemeteries or other means and gather in extensive grounds called cemeteries, the reason is the widespread belief since ancient times of possible resuscitation of the body in a nearby future my way of an evolved society can not afford to allocate space their cities for these purposes, it is much more practical and reasonable to opt for incineration and leave so that the soul of the deceased continue its journey to the afterlife without a fallacy build cities for the dead, for they are no longer among us physically. Our bodies were formed from matter and matter must return and thus the ashes also must return to the natural environment which they left. In my opinion the spirit of the deceased continue its path towards a new reincarnation in a new body and life process began again.


The compact city


To my way of seeing all this process of evolution would result in the appearance of a type of city that we could call compact city, that is to say a city that would be the result of the fusion of all the buildings of the same creating a single structure, thus not It would be necessary to use a dome as a means of isolation against the weather because the city would be an integral whole in which one building would end where the other began, this way these cities would be tremendously robust and could not be affected even by earthquakes and they would preserve an interior microclimate that would keep all the cities of the planet at the same temperature. Living again, the experience of a snowfall or a blizzard would be more part of the vacation than of the rhythm of daily life.

It could be said that the characteristics of these cities would be: Its diameter could be about five kilometers, its height of a hundred meters in most of its extension and in the central area would have a dome with windows that could reach up to two hundred fifty meters high, from these windows citizens could contemplate the horizon in their spare time, side view would be like a rectangle with a dome on its upper side. In the periphery the hangars would be located for the airplanes that would occupy practically all the circumference of the city, these ships would be the most frequent means of communication with the rest of the planet and the trips in this way would be shorter. The ships would not need large airports to land would approach the hangars describing a circular path and once next to the assigned would go to the front and settle gently, these hangars would not be on the ground but on the sides of the city occupying each of your plants. Seen from a distance, these cities would have a multicolored image due to the large number of lights that would emerge from the hangars that surround them and from the windows of the central dome.

Around the planet earth there could be about a thousand of these cities with about ten million inhabitants per city. On the lower floors, the urban transport vehicles would circulate, above them there would be pedestrian zones, on the pedestrian zones, factories and offices and on these particular homes, the central dome would be reserved for the government buildings and administration of the city. In these cities nothing would be wasted and all the citizen waste would be recycled and reused in this way the cities would no longer need to be in the proximity of the rivers as before, but the recycling process would go beyond the collection and treatment of the waste since they would be regulated for their subsequent recycling, for example, the use of glass could be rejected for the packaging of beverages and thus make the treatment of these consumer products easier. As for the green areas these would be located preferably outside the city, this would be preferably urban but in a pleasant way to live, considering that the populated areas would have been gathered almost exclusively in the cities except the places of tourism and vacations is logical that the parks are installed in the fields outside them.




Ships (VVT)


In the most predictable advanced societies is the disappearance of classic aircraft and helicopters to be replaced by (VVT) i.e. vehicles vertical takeoff, driven by turbine engines or propellers these vehicles would no longer need long runways for be able to land.

Camouflaged in its fuselage lead four rotating turbines least on land would be upright to expel gas jet propulsion down, and in the air would be placed in a horizontal position to advance, these aircraft would not have classic wings because you no longer need to get the elevator drive but would what could be called seed is a triangular structure in many cases but not intended to raise the apparatus but rather for other purposes such as transportation fuel, however once achieved cruise seeds could help maintain stability.

The advantages of these types of devices are huge compared to the previous because they can land anywhere easily, do not have to carry the annoying blades of the helicopters that sometimes collide with objects missing the lifting force and can reach speeds of aircraft.

The fuel may be both chemical and electrical being used either as a function of the most appropriate circumstances.

These vehicles would be balanced by gyroscopes that would trigger all engines being able to travel even on autopilot pilots in charge of the general controls alone.

To avoid accidents in case of system failure could lead lift is installed parachutes on top or even additional emergency engines.

These ships would agree on the sides of the hangars and cities would make it very easy travel and freight.


Majority ships tank


With this name I mean the ships whose fuel zone would represent most of its structure in order to be able to make a trip to space or the stars without resorting to cumbersome stages.

Thus the ships take off the spaceport and would consume their fuel to reach space, this system is more expensive fuel than stages but the simplest would not arrange to have control of these trips. Anyway at the moment of takeoff could be used atmospheric engines that would use the oxygen in the air and reduce the fuel needed for the trip.

The area for passengers would be at the head of the ship and in case of accident it can be separated from the rest landing autonomously. The fuel used would preferably oxygen and hydrogen obtained by hydrolysis from seawater.


Interstellar ships


In order to get the trip without resorting to steps and preserving the entire structure of the ship intact, interstellar ships would also be of major deposit, consume two-thirds of the fuel in the process of acceleration and the remaining third in the braking process, using nuclear fission reactors would get the energy required for propulsion and consumption of its occupants.

In interstellar travel it would not be possible to use solar energy to be the ships too far from the stars. The propulsion system would be based on the use of gases heated to 10,000 degrees or more would give the ship a boost with a reduced spending reaction mass and thus would remove the most of it, you could also be used a system propulsion cold, the reaction gases in this case would drive at high speed devices and particle accelerators same result would be achieved. The fuselage would be light enough to achieve lower energy costs and accelerate for months to minimize the forces (G) i.e. acceleration forces and thus need a lighter and easier to transport infrastructure. The dimensions of these ships could be from several hundred meters to several kilometers being these authentic Spaceships cities that could be in space for centuries being the living conditions at unbeatable onboard and no worst case the planet. In these ships would follow generations and their children would quite naturally to reach its destination might call this the multigenerational ships. In my view the propulsion system used in the future will be preferably based on the action and reaction mass as other assumptions about propulsion systems seem less convincing because this is the only method that has been used in the animal kingdom through evolution and not forget that the animals have many features in common with the machines even if they are in an organic way. This propulsion system would provide high if not higher than 15% of the speed of light speed ships. Within solar systems ships would not be majority but conventional deposit and would not be nuclear energy from solar but it is less dangerous and inexhaustible.


Floating craft


The more atmospheric pressure has a more interesting planet is the use of floating ships, these ships have a lower density than the surrounding air and thus get to stay on indefinitely, arguably are as airships as have many things in common with them, such as a mother ship that was built to be always without descending to ground could be quite economical as it could serve as atmospheric currents for movement and not even have to use energy as coated with a photosensitive material such as solar panels would collect the sun's energy that would be more than enough for the development of their travels.

The interior of these vessels would be coated helium gas as this is a very light and harmless gas and at its bottom the living quarters, fuel, batteries and goods would be located except the command area might be as in a normal ship.

There may also be ships with variable density to descend to earth easily, I believe this is the system used by some of the so-called flying saucers, from a fuselage relatively rigid but light the almost empty ship inside instead of helium use the atmospheric gas in the same way that the hot air balloons, heating the indoor air apparatus reduce its density and float, may also help of a propeller system to increase its buoyancy, the energy generated would cause the typical brightness that is characteristic in these devices.

When the ship would rise would heat the inside and begin then shine the air would start to go for about spillways just as a submarine when its density is lower than the surrounding air would float the reverse process when he wanted to land would let the cold air outside and then descend thermal heat conservation system allow the spaceship to maintain high over long periods with a reduced consumption may also help of a photosensitive surface to collect solar energy. The drawback of these devices would be their low payload being more suitable for use as observation vessels for example. Its fuel would preferably hydrogen and electric batteries.




Ecuador in planetary space launch stations would be located as it is in this place where gravity is lower and therefore lower fuel consumption needed to launch the craft into space.

To make the process simpler could be used so-called turntables launch; these platforms would remain in a horizontal position until the ships land on its surface and then would turn to stand upright with the ship subject to the platform, then start filling the fuel needed for the trip. Once the ship took off the platform regain its initial position, thus taking off vertically ship main engines would stand only behind thus making the complexity and weight of the hull is less.


The shuttle (shuttle)


In my view one of the defects of the reusable American shuttle consists in the fact that it is this which transport the fuel tank is much higher rather than the reverse this causes an increase of weight in the structure and consequently an increased risk for spacecraft during reentry that weight gain results in a temperature higher friction with the consequent danger in case of merger of the hull, this would have been solved by installing engines at all stages and making all reusable, another measure would be positive using the manned spacecraft only for passenger transport but not goods, arguably the American shuttle only lacked the final conclusion of its design to be sufficiently effective.


Catapults launch Lunar


In the worlds no atmosphere as the most suitable moon to send a craft into space would be electromagnetic launch catapults, these devices accelerate ships to speed orbital release, upon returning to land the energy used for serious launch recovered in the braking process.

With the use of these catapults outgassing or reaction mass and thus avoid the space would be cleaner and would not be necessary to replenish the gases which would be costly.


The laser ships


A more convenient way to ascend to serious space using laser ships, these ships operate in association with another satellite in space ship located about a hundred kilometers.

The laser ship off the ground in a conventional manner using its own energy system to reach sufficient altitude to the presence of clouds could not interfere with the action of the laser, then the satellite spacecraft would launch a low-power laser would use as link element with another, once the link is established and the beam impinges on the mechanism energy collector the second laser this high power infrared type would be activated.

The serious laser system controlled by computers and nothing else start the process all controls including steering ship would be under computer control in order to prevent the laser being diverted from its route.

The beam would impact on the mechanism and energy collector converge in the combustion chambers of the turbine, reheated and air would behind accelerating the craft to the required speed. Once the ship was about to leave the atmosphere disconnect the laser system and would use conventional propulsion system based on hydrogen and oxygen or other.

Another advantage of this system is that energy would lift the space provided by the satellite ship turn collect the sun which would be a huge savings for the planet. To avoid risks some equatorial corridors for the use of these laser satellites would be reserved. This could become the most common transportation system in the future as well as energy savings would climb into space without much effort for engines to do without heavy fuel tanks and also with a lower acceleration. These vessels could be used only on those planets with an atmosphere sufficiently transparent to the lacerate can act otherwise would have to resort to conventional ships.


Ships stages


Elected the option of using stages for space flight ideally use a system based on the use of two main stages system first would have the mission to transport fuel and make the main effort to install the ship in space and the second stage would consist of the nave which in turn carry the payload, these two ships would separate the approach to space. The ship fuel would not manned and return to its base in an automatic manner once separated from the main ship, this stage power turn could be aided by other propellants which would be installed on the sides.

The use of steps to travel into space would reduce the amount of fuel needed but in return would be a more cumbersome and less simple system that the system of majority deposit difficulties in recovering stages once separated from the main nave. Of used stages in interstellar travel these are also divided into two as in the previous case, a would be responsible for accelerating the main ship to cruise and once got the two ships would separate and fuel from the second one would be used for the braking process once reached its destination.




So far we have only taken into account the influence of climatic type that could affect humans in the future in the normal development of their city life but we have not taken into account another problem that future generations will have to face and the problem of gravity, there are worlds like Jupiter whose gravity is unbearable and others like the moon is so poor that serves neither to walk in an acceptable way.

For possible colonization of other worlds like the Moon or Mars for example, a possible solution could be the use of space cities that developing an orbit around the planet would be able to create artificial gravity to your own taste without depend on the whims of each world.

In addition they would not have to depend on the duration of the day different in each world and space translation of cities around the globe could be adjusted to a twenty-four hour cycle and on earth thus being more comfortable adaptation.

Planets with excessive gravity and mass would be discarded to inhabit them directly but not the moons that turn around. Sightseeing trips or to collect minerals continue to be made and thus a closer relationship with the planet would be maintained.

Compact cities would be installed in space in an equatorial corridor placing his exposed to the sun as they would on land and ships to communicate the cities only have to change orbit, just up or down to accelerate or decelerate about them surface. Want back over a city would turn away the planet and thus would slow, want to accelerate descend and would approach the planet and thus would advance.

The system of artificial gravity used would be the centrifugal type as in my view it is the most similar to existing on earth, I believe that human beings would adapt easily to the way a sailor suits to swings in ship.

Installation of cities in space could be useful not only for the worlds with low gravity as this practice could become general and thus avoid the typical problems on planetary surfaces such as earthquakes, hurricanes, excessive atmospheric pressures, climate as the Earth is unusual and possibly its good weather will not last forever, this is an option that will be assessed in the coming times.

Space cities would communicate with each other by means of smaller ships that addressed by the hangars located at its periphery, in order to prevent loss of the atmospheric gas contained therein at the time of exit would be equipped with a system compressor that would lead to a situation of vacuum and thus could use the gas for the next approach, they could also be used cylinders connection with the ships with which it would be necessary to provide atmosphere throughout the flood them recycling systems will be essential to maintain living conditions in space.


The integrated centrifugal system


This system of gravity would consist of the superposition of multiple cylinders that placed one on top of the other and set in motion would generate a force of gravity similar to the terrestrial, I call it an integrated system because the rotating cylinders would not be exposed to outer space since they would go inside of a fixed fuselage.

The reason is very simple in this way the ship in its external appearance would look normal and fixed with respect to reference objects such as planets and inside it could carry one or several primary cylinders oriented towards the direction of the directional be oriented forward all the forces (G) that could support the cylinders would be applied in the same way as in a bus on the ground i.e. the processes of acceleration and braking would not interfere with the gravitational force generated by the cylinders in motion.

Each primary cylinder would in turn have multiple secondary cylinders inside it; each rotating at different speeds would give each of them the same gravity, the cylinders closest to the axis would give the revolutions in less time in order to generate the same G forces that outside, only the axis of the cylinder would be discarded for habitable zones.

In this way, the ground would have a slight curvature that would increase in the plants closest to the axis, however, passengers would hardly notice it, since within each section or compartment only a minimum part of the total curvature of the cylinder would be produced and in addition they could be use straight plates for the floor.

Therefore these spaceships or space cities would all have a fixed and rigid external structure and multiple internal rotating cylinders one inside the other all oriented in the direction of the direction.

The integrated centrifugal system is the gravity system that would most resemble the one existing on earth, from a scientific point of view it could be said that it is identical to the terrestrial one, but vice versa, it is not a force that attracts us inwards, but rather a rotating force that drives us out, but limited inside the cylinder. These two systems of gravity are in a way brothers and therefore as useful one as the other. As for the effects on health or the balance of the centrifugal movement I think that the human being would adapt immediately and it would not matter, it is surprising that with the amount of research that has been done at present in space has not yet been seriously addressed to build a spacecraft equipped with centrifugal gravity systems which would allow its occupants a life on board better and more similar to the terrestrial. Each rotating plant would remain suspended in space without rubbing against each other and without using axes. To maintain its stability, magnetic limiters would be used which, by repulsion of equal poles, would ensure that each cylinder does not move from its place.


Rotational lifts and spatial duplication


To keep communicated each rotating floor elevators we could call a rotational be used lifts, these lifts would move both horizontal and vertical direction can be placed in any of the mobile plants. Each cylinder rotational distance would be cut across its section so that these lifts can move freely through these lifts extendable bars would rise and would decline and progress would reach the speed needed to synchronize on each floor.

A bus type vehicles would be responsible for communicating the different rotational drums in the horizontal plane this would require that one of them stops its lower floors and so thus to abandon it and move to the next.


Space duplicity


Inside a planet is common difference between what is situated above and which is situated downstream because gravity is directed in one direction, but in space this is different, so that the center of gravity of this balanced spatial masses could build cities or space ships doubly is spreading its mass evenly between its top and bottom. Although apparently there may not be many differences in appearance over a planetary spacecraft however serious common top and bottom were very similar even if they could keep things the same way such as keeping the windows only at the top, is say a planetary spacecraft could be defined as the sum of a main volume topped by a dome as in space is as if two of these ships by their bases just as the Earth's gravity causes the planet equally on all sides would join. However you could give ships an aspect of verticality apparent to make it more familiar. Thus a ship has a rotating drum of large gravity could center it in the middle of its structure and thus be easier to locate and deliver their masses with respect to the axis of gravity.


Small ships


The gravity system centrifuge could also be used on ships smaller and even in cars, some think this could unbalance the inner ear and balance system but keep in mind that inside these ships occupants not would notice the existence of the rotational movement of the drums also hitherto not been made any serious about i.e. never been built a rotational drum or tested in humans for their effects research.


Customizable ships


The shuttle type ships designed to communicate the planets with the remaining mother ships or small as the car could have serious adaptive mechanism in order to be able to function both planets and space.

For this purpose the gravity system would consist of a generally rotational drum in turn be divided into two sections or levels, the upper floor could rotate about its axis and thus on the planet would pointing upwards as the lower floor and space would rotate and would pointing the axis of drum rotation thus in space would benefit from the effects of centrifugal gravity and the planet would consistent with planetary gravity, for it would first have to stop the centrifugal movement logically drum. One could also choose not to include systems centrifugal gravity at small change ships benefit would be to remove the uncomfortable curvature in this case whether it would be visible by the small size of the drum and thus perfectly horizontal floor would, however these ships could serve both the gravity of the planets as the mother ships in times of takeoff and landing.


Verticalized ships


Also could choose better considered by vertically fully lifting the ships is that they would have a similar appearance to those that operate on the ground in its external aspects, therefore would consist of a main structure topped by a dome or upper structure, as those they are acting on the surfaces of the planets.

This would require superimpose the rotating cylinders one above the other cylinders would be in the main structure and others in the upper structure, the disadvantage would be the loss of mass balance is achieved with the duplication of structures but that does not mean that these ships is not possible. The various drums communicate with each other through a bus species remain weightless when moving from one drum to another since the centrifugal gravity only exists within them. Before leaving the drum in which the plant plugs that are would stop and so could go smoothly.

In case you choose not to include the centrifugal gravity system in these small ships they could also be vertically hoisted completely and lack of gravity would be resolved with the installation of a system of magnetic gravity.


Magnetic gravity


In my view the possibility of developing artificially force identical to the own natural on earth gravity by force fields is highly unlikely, the proof is in the fact that throughout the evolutionary history of the earth all biological forms have developed multiple methods of propulsion electrical forces or other but none of them have developed a field such a force to Earth's gravity, which is why my opinion is that in relation to methods of the most efficient propulsion is the action and reaction mass and as for the system best suited gravity is the centrifugal type, do not forget that the process of biological evolution is a great example of scientific progress in many fields of physics and chemistry and is take this into account reasonable, but even if it were possible to have some drawbacks as the harmful influence of those force fields beyond their f purpose such interference would occur between different fields have on each floor of a building, also could place an attractive field under the city in order to generate artificial gravity but serious drawback loss of strength progressive on each floor as she was farther generator also would not be possible to disconnect the force field when it was not necessary as it would with the other system, for this reason the space centrifuge system seems more convincing.

Regarding the use of centrifugal systems to provide surface gravity of moons and planets I think it would be ineffective because of the interference that would be caused by mixing planetary gravity and centrifugal cities would become filled structures cylinders with sections turning half vertically that would be uncomfortable half horizontally and the risk of braking caused by gravity. Not forget that the centrifugal system in space is done by rotating drums in the weightless environment and therefore without risk of braking caused by Earth's gravity. Under these conditions it is best that the surfaces of the low-gravity worlds magnetic systems are used to produce the attractive force required for the movement of people. This would be achieved by placing electromagnets or permanent magnets plates on the floor, but slightly below it in order to disperse magnetism. By means of costumes provided sensitive magnetic field metal fibers it would be achieved providing people with sufficient attractive force to be able to walk with relative ease, this force field actuary especially from the waist down and had one on each floor in any case this system gravity is a method of supporting natural gravity system itself. This system could also be used in those spacecraft’s which for some reason is not deemed appropriate to use centrifugal system.


Space rings


The compact cities would be placed in a space ring at a distance in which the period of translation of the same around the planet or moon would be equivalent to twenty-four hours, in this way the duration of the day would be the same as in the terrestrial surface.

From my point of view the best way to place the cities would be in a kind of chain in which the cities would go in a row around the equatorial zone, this place would be about 36,000 kilometers away from the planetary surface in the so-called geo orbit synchronous The space cities would place their upper part towards the sun and thus appear to be on the earth's surface, all would occupy the same orbital plane with respect to the earth, the cities would float separated from each other by a quantity of non-excessive kilometers, to Some distance would seem to be forming a space ring. On earth there would be about 1000 cities each separated by 100 kilometers.

To communicate the cities with each other, it would only be necessary for the transport ships to be placed in a different orbit from that occupied by the space ring and thus move forward or backward with respect to it. If they left the planet the ships would retreat with respect to the cities, if they approached the planet the ships would advance with respect to them, when they arrived at the city they wanted to go they would occupy their same orbital zone and then they would find stops with respect to they.

In order to avoid the loss of planetary resources in space the communication ships could be powered by photon energy, this is pure energy collected from the sun, this energy has little kinetic impulse but in space it is very abundant and resolves the problem of having to take gases out of the planet to use in propulsion. Other ways to solve the problem without having to resort to the planet and get mass reaction indefinitely would be.

Use meteorites collected in space: But using them for propulsion would be an inconvenience because it would favor the dirtying of space and accelerating them in engines would become uncomfortable projectiles.

Using space gases: Collecting devices would collect their own gases in the space that would then be used as the reaction mass. There are very few gases in space that can be collected but if the engines of the ships accelerate at high speeds could make their displacements with little amount, it is only necessary to give a slight boost to the ships and then these will continue without effort by inertia until your destination.

Another option would be to use the gases produced by the sun that reaches us in the so-called solar wind, these collected gases could solve the problem by themselves, the collector devices could be installed in the structure of the ring or also on the lunar surface. What it is about is to use an indefinite energy system and without having to consume the planetary resources. But there would still be another way to avoid the loss of mass of reaction in addition to better protect the occupants of the ships and cities of the ring would physically join the space cities by cables or pipes and build two communication zones that by large tubes dimensions would allow smaller ships to pass from one city to another without having to be exposed to outer space or dangerous solar radiation. These tubes would completely surround the planet at a certain distance and physically keep the cities together. A tube would be located at a certain distance below the cities and another would be placed above them in this way the ships that were in those tubes would occupy orbits different from the cities and consequently would have a displacement with respect to them, other tubes would communicate these with the central zone occupied by the cities, in turn these would be covered with a hermetic sphere that would close the circuit and in this way all the habitable zones would be protected and all the gases of reaction would be recovered except those used for communication with the planet.

In order for the tubes to always occupy their place in space, a kind of fins would be used that, with the solar wind, would accelerate or slow down at will. In this way the conditions of life in space would be perfect and it is not necessary to return to the planet except by tourism or to obtain mineral resources. Sightseeing trips to the surface would only take place on an exceptional basis due to its high cost. From the outside these spheres that would cover the cities or the tubes that would unite them would have a transparent aspect although it could be an artificial effect, and would be built in solid materials several meters thick to resist the cosmic radiations and meteorites. Between the cities of the ring the bases of launching of ships to the planet or to the outside would be installed, the stations of solar energy, the ones in charge to gather the solar wind for the mass of reaction of the ships and the ailerons in charge to maintain the rings in their area of space, you could also install artificial parks equipped with centrifugal gravity itself so that it is not essential to go to the planet to see them.

Advantages of living in space or on the ground


Future societies will have to decide which is better if you live in stable space stations in planetary orbit or live on the surfaces of planets or moons, of course planets with excessive gravity Jupiter would be rejected but instead its moons would offer great expectations for future societies. These planets could however serve as a reserve gas for inhabited planets or to supply reaction mass to the interstellar ships. Each of these life forms has advantages and disadvantages without this very clear which is better.

Living in orbit means to choose one wants gravity at will by using the rotational cylinders and live on planetary surfaces means having the planet and its resources readily available without having to bridge the gap to the orbit. Prolonged stay in an environment with low gravity could cause loss of bone and muscle mass, this could be offset favoring increased statures of the inhabitants, this increase can promote muscle as a matter of kinetic mechanics would otherwise be reduced minimizing the use of machinery and thus encouraging citizens to make maximal exercise.

In space would be free from earthquakes, hurricanes, excessive atmospheric pressures, opaque atmosphere or volcanic activities such as well as to synchronize its translation into a period of twenty four hours, but the convenience of having the planet closer and accessible would be lost. In addition magnetic gravity systems previously raised are not a genuine effective systems rather are systems of auxiliary gravity and although only were used for the moments of walking and moving are not comparable to those of type centrifugal is also true that many planets and moons have their own gravity and magnetic methods would only be a complement, albeit in low gravity moons would highlight and could potentially be unpleasant.

In any case it is not entirely clear which method is best. Electromagnets or permanent magnetic plates would be placed on the ground but slightly below to reduce its intensity, permanent would be mainly in the areas usual walk and electromagnets in areas such as housing where it is not necessary to operate a continuously. The biggest flaw of this system is that only gravity acting on magnetism sensitive materials and not on all. Another advantage of living on the surface of planets would be that there would not exist the risk of loss of the base reaction vessels to be trapped by the planet's gravity and thus could be used indefinitely, planets and moons with low gravity and no atmosphere the loss of these gases would avoid building a network of communication tubes and domes for cities connected to each other remain connected around the globe and completely sealed habitable zones.






Oil reserves will not last indefinitely on earth, science will have to find a suitable replacement to replace the means of producing energy. Since auto companies have long and other are looking for the solution to the problem and when finalizing their models currently occurring. In my view the solution is clear will have to resort to the same source that generated the previous forms of energy is the sun. I.e. solar energy in its various forms such as wind, geothermal, hydropower produced with photosensitive panels. Some say that this energy is inefficiently saying that the sun took millennia to accumulate the energy in oil and coal must be borne in mind that these reserves represent only a fraction of the energy that arrived on the planet and that he used in that time.

It does not seem acceptable for example nuclear energy for use on earth because do not forget that this planet is an open ecosystem and therefore very sensitive to the risk of a radioactive leak, this energy is however the most appropriate in the since interstellar travel among the stars does not reach the sun's energy is therefore the only one that can be used. From my point of view is frivolous use of nuclear energy on earth only because it is cheaper to produce, the consequences of accidents for humans also have to take into account and it is unacceptable that the inhabitants of regions near reactors have to consider as a possible hypothesis having to leave their homes for years by a radioactive leak. Nor does it seem acceptable use the nuclear fusion energy in the earth, because is based on the destruction of the hydrogen atoms of water and its conversion into helium, I think you can solve the problem without the word destroy is taken to include in the process. Solar energy may accumulate by batteries or be transformed into liquid fuel using the water electrolysis process by which oxygen and hydrogen atoms are removed once used as fuel only leave as residue water vapor. In the desert areas of the earth could be placed large installations of solar panels and in windy areas wind groups, besides the remaining harvesting systems, it is clear that having a source of unlimited and secure energy such as the sun is unnecessary to consider any another method to produce it.


The one-piece suit


The way I see in the future the kind of clothing that will be used will be easier than at present essentially consist of a type of outfit that would call single piece by consisting of one piece with a central zip to open. This suit is similar to that used in factories by the workers with a main structure of fabric with elastic waist sashes, wrists and ankles integrated into the garment. To be controlled in future cities habit of dividing the suit into different sections in order to add or subtract clothing as the temperature there at all times of the day weather will no longer be necessary because the temperature will remain constant throughout the Over time, this would be one of the reasons for using these types of suits. Another reason would be to give a more homogeneous both the clothes and the whole society, each person could choose the color or fabric but wearing this suit would produce a sense of integration among all citizens image, but the way using this costume will surely happen gradually used in a generalized way through a referendum or vote. With this type of clothing no longer it would be difficult to decide what to wear because it is a simple garment that integrates the whole figure in one piece and color the shape and even color would be nothing more than an extension of well homogeneous appearance of the human body. Each would have a different color suit except in working clothes they would wear the same for all members of the same group. Things like flowers or pictures disappear from the dress not have much to do with the human body covering working clothes but might have special badges and insignia or horizontal and vertical stripes.


The double uniformity


Clothing common use would be to use two types of attire one for the outside of the body we have said and another consisting of underwear, these outfits would form a partnership with each other and encompass uses other hence the name dual uniformity. Underwear unlike the outside would be formed by two pieces, up would be a pole or short-sleeved shirt and neck and down one underpants cut in order to better cool the body in case of rolling up or loose top. In a sense as opposed would uniform one single piece and not another, one long-limbed and the other short, but form a good association with each other. This type of clothing would be commonly used but there would be no ban on using other, simply be the result of a process of natural evolution in modes of dress. It could also raise the possibility of using costumes in one color but two pieces, in this case it would be pants down and a sweater or jacket for the top, in this case feel warm enough to take off his jacket, but it would more difficult to maintain uniform image. The underwear would be preferably clear and the interior darker.






Things like high and pointy heels would make no sense for the continuation used in the future for being an aberrant and harmful way of footwear, both men and women use the same type of suit and the same mode of footwear as foreign human form is just different and makes no sense cause differences artificially without reason. The shoe will generally be similar to the type of sports today but without laces and consistent with the look of the suit.




Another absurd habit that will disappear will be the tie, this piece originally was intended to be a sort of reinforcement to protect the neck in winter but later became an almost obligatory subject in certain social groups, and there could be forty degrees these groups an almost robotic form continued without letting the useless object. It is unfortunate that sometimes the custom is to send about men and not the common sense and reason as the helm of their lifestyle.


The cosmetics


Man strives to question the work of nature and as a result came the cosmetic things like paints lips and eyes are another absurd habit of society, the human body is perfect in nature and does not need it is intended improve with these absurd paintings, is a sign of the process of women who realize this and tend to leave, beauty must come from the qualities of each person and not the primitive paintings. As for the perfume its purpose must be to avoid unpleasant odors and not to give the body a scent itself, it is better that people have a neutral odor more in keeping with its nature to provide another artificial, it should promote hygiene over the use of body scents for example with showers and frequent silent and underwear would move daily and abroad every week, some appliances would dry the clothes by using hot air in a few minutes. Instead fresheners are acceptable to provide pleasant odors where deemed appropriate.


The jewelry


Insecurity of being human in himself and the desire to appear more important than it is given as a result the appearance of jewels, this is a usual characteristic of backward societies that will surely disappear over time, it is necessary for people try to improve their own inner values and stop looking given more importance in an unreal way which is expressed with jewels and paintings is that this evil be attractive but those methods are objectionable because they try to distort human reality.


Domestic animals


Another habit that will disappear is to have pets in the houses, for centuries the man used them as a company or to help in various tasks, but in the future this will no longer be necessary and the best way to thank them would be to return them to its natural environment, from then on animals will have territories and places where they can live in freedom and without feeling more threatened by people.


The hair


In the future as now will be normal that women take longer than men hair, arguably them its length is proportional to its femininity, is like a non-verbal language, so the same in men is not good nor take too short or too long except when cut.


Hourly rhythms


Another way to improve the living habits and thus the health of people would be the implementation of a system of stable schedules with the rhythms of day and night can switch in a harmonious way, using as reference the hours or stockings preferably and keeping pace stably be achieved to improve the quality of life, things like staying up late if you have a cause to justify it as such labor reasons leading to damage the brain, besides being a little ecological attitude to belittle sunlight for part of the day.


The job


Throughout time man has been concerned about how to reduce the excessive work with which it has had to perform many of the tasks of life and came to think that the work itself was inconvenient as such.

However to pose the perfect society as a world without work is a great mistake, because man in his nature is actually made for that purpose. What is not acceptable is to think that life is to dedicate it only to work, because the correct thing is to consider work as a complement to life and not its only reason for being.

Another big mistake is to think that man at a certain time of life must be completely shirk the working world, this happens because it looks too much work as little as an obligation and a rich complement of life. Work is necessary for the full realization of the person regardless of age you have, the body needs a certain amount of exercise each day to stay healthy, when retirement becomes idle the consequence is death, not only because the harm posed by the lack of body movement but also the feeling of worthlessness that many elderly acquire in is situations a fallacy to say that and will exercise dancing or walking because one is not born to engage in those simple features require that older are not expelled world labor but it is also necessary to make this world a more humane environment that considers the welfare of the workers as their top priority. For older people could allocate jobs as rangers and tasks where productivity is not a priority and thus his life would be more rewarding in any case it would be volunteer work, paid and in line with the state of health of each person . At the end of the day the goal of life is to seek happiness and work well run is one of the instruments to achieve this, a certain amount every day can be a good antidepressant, is one of the major life activities of human being but also an essential form of natural stimulus. Integrates work, entertains and provides an occupation, it would be illogical a future in which they tried to eradicate something so useful.


The holidays


It is fair and reasonable that after several days of work right to have public holidays but is an aberration interference is done with them in the calendars of some countries. Collate holidays in the middle of the workweek only causes disruption of the activity without any reasoned weeks must have five working days and one or two holidays at the end and only in the case of holiday periods would be used for this purpose the weeks or months. Find excuses to stop labor activity in the middle of the week is harmful to both people and businesses, and does not mean you have to work longer hours because that is computed differently.


The companies


In my opinion in the societies of the future will not exist today rivalries between left and right because this way of understanding the economy and politics will disappear.

The market economy that gives advantage to competitiveness on an economy system type communist prevail as the most dynamic and effective companies better respond to the citizens' demands are those that must prevail as this is what leads to progress of themselves and their workers.

The private economy is more effective than other methods because in an effort to improve its products and therefore their purchasing power, companies step improve the society they serve and their workers.

However, that should not lead to neglecting the neediest; there are those who think that supporting private enterprise entails being cruel to the indigent, but actually fighting for the eradication of poverty is the best way to guarantee the existence of privileges, if those who have them want to avoid feeling threatened.

In the near future would have two groups or social classes one would be the one formed by the leading sectors as politicians and businessmen and other formed by the working class, eventually the salaries of these two groups will become increasingly similar to lost the fear of poverty that is the source of some wealth, but also because given less importance to personal and more profit to the development of human values, this process is carried out in a gradual and voluntary basis. Therefore the third group of the homeless disappear by implementing policies of birth control, migratory movements and a system that will be a sure indefinite strike by anyone stay unassisted in the event of losing their job, this grant will consist of a number of small but enough to live money, it is better to give a little help to many a great help a few, plus large unemployment benefits do not contribute to stimulate the desire to work, in exchange for the unemployed will forced to accept job offers that the state provide them.

An evolved society is one that guarantees its citizens basic rights such as health work and housing but always with consideration for beneficiaries such as being willing to accept the jobs offered by the state or enforce laws on birth control would limit the number of children to two per couple in most cases, these measures would be needed to avoid depletion of social resources that after all are the key to a society in which all basic needs are satisfied.


The money


In the future the money system based on the use of banknotes and coins will disappear and will only exist the based on credit cards hypothesized think of a world without money is not logical because it would not be possible to distribute products equitably and that would avoid wastages, disappear however that constant inflation as prices will have a constant value based on its quality and not the year of manufacture.

The salary would be introduced in the income citizens and credit card everyone could use it without having to handle the annoying currencies, this would mostly benefit the supermarkets that they would no longer collect or deliver ask for cash.


Unions and strikes


In the future wildcat strikes disappear because it is the result of a political approach that gives priority to the right to strike on citizens to have their basic needs met.

not try both consider what must be the minimum service to be but to be certain key occupations that will not have recognized such a right because it is vital services that an interruption of their business however small can cause major damage society services such as the army, police, hospitals, cleaning, transportation and political bodies would not have recognized such a right, to change these professions may have some committees that directly negotiate their working conditions with the government but always from a position of respect law.

Unions in this context without left nor right nor wild strikes will have to evolve towards a more oriented law and the legal profession and less focus towards citizen protest on the streets.

The unions sometimes raise complaints to employers as if they had unlimited resources and do not want to recognize that in the end these resources are paid by the same workers who are said to defend, for example the unions should be the first to favor reward employees who work more against those who do not, in order to avoid fraud that is ultimately a way of injustice among the workers themselves, for this a useful system would be to discount up to fifteen days of the annual holiday month or the equivalent salary, in the case of losses whose motive is not labor. With these passive security systems it would no longer be necessary to have a large number of inspectors to verify the good faith of the citizens, since this would be an economic system that would encourage them not to consider fraud as a form of enrichment and in the end all workers would benefit.


The system of government


In the future governance systems of today they will disappear to make way for a political system that could call true democracy in which citizens would support only when a law in a majority this would come out ahead.

The current political model emerged as a tool to snatch landowners and feudal lords the power wielded absolute form and give it to the new form of power that represented the bourgeoisie, but this social revolution required the support of the people to make it possible, this is how the current political parties and parliamentary monarchies emerged.

But this form of democracy is clearly ephemeral to only allow citizens to participate in power once every four years, but only to choose a lead this political exacerbate the aggressiveness of citizens against other parties and so once they lose their ability to independent view choose to vote either annulling all his power until the next elections. True democracy will be in the future will be the choice of every law, which can be done easily through internet or other means, false disputes between left and right in which nothing of what is said is true is finished and only the humiliation of hand and power obtaining sought.

Each month the state will issue a bulletin with all laws wishing to approve and only in the event that most citizens give approval these laws will do well, the power struggles will no longer be necessary because there will be no power to achieve because the final decision to approve each and every one of the laws is in the hands of citizens.

Comfortably and from home may cast their vote via the Internet, in the case agree with the proposed state would be enough to do nothing and the procedure will continue, but disagree may be indicated on the form will contain all new laws to pass.

In the future there will be no monarchy as it is in direct contradiction with the principle of equality of all citizens before the law, all political positions are open to all citizens, the monarchy tube felt in the past in societies where nations were small and simple systems of government and not given to equality in the future but only a political approach towards justice and equality of citizens' rights will prevail. At the international level the existence of a common language and a government of the united nations unprivileged in the vote as it now exists in which some countries have a veto rights that the vote is denied to others in this place it would favor be majority and the seat can rotate among all races and continents.




Surely in the future free healthcare will be extended to all citizens of the planet in the background health systems in some countries that do not include this right what they want is the fallacy of thinking that these underserved people as if they were not citizens of the same country but the exclusion does not help the progress of societies, every citizen of a country or a city should be considered as part of the whole system and therefore have both the labor market and in health.




Gradually the company passed to an approach based on an exclusively vegetarian or said feed otherwise a diet that does not include meat into its components food, it is logical that a world evolved to choose the type of food and decant a pacifist attitude excludes death without animals as one of your choices. For it would be desirable for some plant foods that are similar to those animal-like characteristics occur.

It is a myth to think that diet should include strength animal protein because nothing is lower than that of vegetal some people to avoid an analysis of the scientific question and objective seeks to use alleged medical reasons to justify but there is no real reason that prevents a power plant since both proteins and vegetable fats have nothing to envy the animal. The myth of meat has only led to an obese society in the West and it would be done with it.


Sweet and salty


It is also a mistake to think that a diet that excludes salt or sugar is better since these two elements are essential in the diet, salt enhances the body and sugar mind, salt is involved in bone formation and the production of the necessary blood pressure for life and sugar arguably is the fuel of mind as it is with sugar with nerve impulses that control the body and the important brain activities occur, it is true that there are people who for a certain disease cannot consume more than small amounts but it is wrong to deny the merit and importance to health. As in many other things with food moderation is the best option.


Future food


Once you start with the colonization of the moons and planets possibly it began with the widespread production of totally artificial foods, this does not mean that these foods consist of pills or something since they will be virtually identical to the previous ones and with similar nutritional properties, the digestive system has certain requirements and food have to adapt to them.

In the future the process of providing homes necessities like food no longer would involve taken to move continuously to supermarkets because with the installation of a small forklift homes of these products will be provided simply do the order on a computer, some departments located in the same buildings would be responsible for sending automatically.


Meal cycles


In my opinion, the food it will be divided into a cycle of four meals around the large day, two big and two small that alternately and harmoniously happen that is the breakfast that will be a light lunch will follow the midday meal will be greater and snack most small dinner. It is true that large meals necessarily have to match great jobs since the body can accumulate energy and further is pernicious work and food match at the same time for the digestion process.


The judicial system


In the future the judicial system will be designed in order to be a service for the citizen rather well as an instrument of state convictions have crimes would join life imprisonment correspond to the sum of crimes committed when they were perfectly feasible.

They no longer have waivers for those who commit crimes while intoxicated because every adult is responsible for his actions and therefore is able to not make them, and if they have an addiction problem ask for help because first is the vice and then addition. Also there is the possibility that a criminal a profit for damages suffered during the commission of a crime, since it is one thing to punish a law enforcement officer or a victim molest him and quite another to encourage financially to criminal which would become an act in favor of crime.

Nor is it logical that prisoners considered as a burden for the state, it is right that in all prisons workshops with which prisoners pay expenses that may cause further to compensate the victims are installed.




It is reasonable to think that eventually the weapons will disappear from the earth's surface or at least reducing their amount, once the planet completes its political unification will no longer have felt the old national rivalries that were one of the reasons for its existence, too the world's progress towards a more humanistic social model could contribute to this, nuclear energy should be relegated solely for strategic deterrence and rejected in use for propulsion of ships or submarines because to do so can be used without any problems other fuels with lower risk, it is regrettable that arranged an inexhaustible energy such as solar human problems is sought using nuclear energy, this energy should only be used in interstellar travel because it is the only place where energy sun does not arrive.

Instead in space is likely conflicts may take a little longer to disappear because of the territorial problems that may arise in the process of distribution and colonization of the solar system, this has already occurred previously while in Europe the nations strove to maintain peace abroad occurred disputes over control of the colonies, it would be desirable that in this case the process of colonization of the planets is made of a more impartial and objective manner.

Stun guns: It is also regrettable that today weapons of crippling type are so underdeveloped, there are many conflicts in which these weapons could be used and make it easier the work of law enforcement itself is necessary resorting to the classic deadly weapons, in cases like flight of the offender or aggression these weapons could solve the situation without bloodshed or fight, a model could be a gun that would have two parallel chargers one of them would have normal bullets and the other stun these bullets consist of a liquid anesthetic darts once give your target would cause loss of consciousness within seconds and several minutes later would the effect.

The use of these weapons would make the work of the police more humane and less dangerous for them and for citizens as the world evolves towards the end desirable crime.




The origin of the cosmos


This chapter will try to explain my point of view as has been the process of evolution of the cosmos to the present and also the future holds.

The beginning: At the beginning of the cosmos there was no time so talk from this point of view would not be too precise, since that time exists there need to be material particles moving since it is the change of location of these particles which creates the existence of a past.

At first he would be out of time alone there would be empty but the empty itself cannot exist because no one can have no notion itself needs a reflection in which contrasted to be considered as something reflecting and opposite end of nothingness or emptiness came the first material particle, this is more a fact of physics that one thing that has occurred in a given time, explains the primordial essence of matter but cannot find its beginning in time since space and matter they have always existed and cannot exist in one without the other because they are the same thing but in reverse, therefore is more to explain what is the essential nature of the cosmos to explain what was their origin in time for equal cosmos that matter not be created or destroyed only transformed.

From these two elements are space and matter bipolarity of the cosmos and the origin of the sexes or rather the source polarities and binary models then they derive them arises.

From here this first particle is divided into multiple particles would have given a different beings and different personalities in the cosmos and act separated without direct connection with each other, it must be emphasized that life is eternal for particulates and also to space and all processes are cyclical and once the time end start from the beginning again.

These first particles are divided into two one major groups that is what formed the spirits later would become the people and animals and another formed by planetary beings is to be responsible for forming the planets and stars, these planetary beings they are the backbone of the cosmos and those responsible for it to work on your physical plane these beings are not superior to others and only has corresponded to them that function as a matter of circumstances because in principle it could be the other way round which will happen probably in the next cosmic cycle.

These planetary beings simply do not work is that the planets are planets and govern from the atomic level to the movement of the stars.

In this context it would be God's truth above all there in this process and the set of laws that govern the universe, these laws emanate from all beings that form but planetary beings that shape mainly these beings yet they do not act only on the mineral plane in which they are and do not interfere with human.

Arguably the planetary beings are like spirits knew it concentrates all matter forming planets is part of them. Of course the planets are also alive but no organic type but mineral type beings. It is a fallacy to say that matter begets life but not life, can only beget life living things. Each atomic particle, each chemical molecule moves and has activity because they are an expression of the life that it carries within it.

Planets whose mission is to be the support on which subsequent biological and organic beings are developed in order to live a life as possible evolved which would be achieved through existing incarnation of spirits in the form of plants and animals. It is through this fusion between spirit and matter as the spirits reach their ultimate realization and therefore takes place. The process of life and death is nothing more than a repetitive cycle that in no case involves the death of the spirit for life is eternal for all matter and life in its essence.

Arguably the reason for life is the pursuit of happiness and the process of reincarnation in matter helps to get.

Death only mission is to regenerate the spirits with a new birth, thus it starts at the beginning again, not only learning helps advance also oblivion does, the question is that you should forget and that no, a person dying forgets his knowledge but the whole society retains necessary for new generations. Instead the spirit has a memory that is disabled by incarnating but it helps you in the process after each death.

Why are ephemeral work of those who seek eternal life of the body, by doing that are trying to deny the cyclical nature of the cosmos and its right to renew itself, besides being a clear rejection of the eternal life of the spirit.

The first particles: All particles were part of one being or spirit may be joined by filaments that communicate with each other and that would move at the speed of light in order to avoid collision with other filaments other beings , i.e. the filaments rotary would move and surround the others that coincide to not interrupt their march. These strands would be composed of the primary material has no particles in it and are the true atoms.

The nature of the spirit: Arguably the spirit essentially consists of a cluster of atoms similar characteristics to those already known which are taken from ordinary matter, the difference is that inside lies what we might call soul is say a not formed by any other particle but not necessarily indivisible and interconnected particles whose sole function is to feel and make decisions and are the true nature of being, cluster of atoms surrounding simply acts as such a complement to the body but accompanies him after death and facilitate the soul qualities action, memory and displacement.

The function of the spirit is therefore act as an intermediary between the soul and the body and contains qualities of both.


The formation of the solar system


After the expanded explosion big matter for space they began forming nebulae dust which emerge after the stars and with the grouping of these galaxies. The first stars used to be giants and easily broke flooding the space more complex atoms, the grouping of the supernova dust resulted in the formation of our solar system. At first around the sun thousands of small planets with highly unstable elliptical orbits that are continually crossed with those of the other planetoids were formed, this orbital instability led to the collision and continued destruction of these small planets and the formation of the rich asteroids iron. According to planetoids they were becoming larger absorbing other smaller planetoids and acquired a more stable circular path, starting here today planets emerged. More mass as much has a larger planet is its orbital, stability thus planetoids were continually falling into the other major planets attracted by its gravity and so the space was left in the current situation with a small number of planets but with very stable orbit.


Biological evolution


In principle Darwinian theories about evolution are not necessarily wrong because the competition between different animal and plant species is an essential component in this process. However, this does not mean that everything can be explained based on these unique concepts.

It is the union between spirit and matter that started the process of biological evolution and it is satisfying the desires of the spirit that shaped these forms. The rivalry between animals generates a natural selection but it is the spirit from within that defines and guides it.

It could be said that spirit and natural selection share the influence on biological progress by 50% each and the natural environment we know is therefore the sum of the influence of the two.

In time man will colonize all the planets of the solar system and the surrounding stars until all the spirits embodied in animal and vegetable forms pass into human form. Then a process of desertification will begin and the plants will disappear from the earth's surface.

Unlike man or evolved animals, plants or bacteria do not have an individual spirit but a group spirit that is to say that a single spirit controls entire groupings of these beings.

Approximately twenty thousand worlds will be colonized by this process and contrary to what is currently thought the different climates or gravities of the different planets will not be an obstacle to achieve it. It is a mistake to think that those worlds with a climate like the earth are the only ones that serve to live since with the use of compact cities and with the advanced technology of the future, man will be able to adapt and find himself protected from those different climates, not it would be about adapting the climate of these planets to man without building cities and facilities that preserve this one of them.

Thinking, for example, of modifying the Martian climate with bacteria is a naive idea as long as you can build protected domes and cities with your own atmospheric pressure, the logical thing is to first look for the most practical and simple solutions and then the others, it does not make sense to pretend that the other planets are like the earth, we must accept them as they are, but creating cities and facilities appropriate for man.

Of course only the uninhabited planets should be colonized because only a minority of them generate biological life these planets initiators of organic life we could call them original planets and logically we will have to respect them to complete their own evolution.

In the colonial worlds, both food and oxygen would be synthesized artificially in the interior of cities and man would no longer need the plants as intermediaries between themselves and the mineral medium.


Competition among animals


Some think that among the animals there is only instinct and act impulsively, but do not forget that within each animal there is a brain and ability to think like humans, animals can also distinguish between good and evil and act in a selfish way but unlike the man did not pose too things are decided quickly but aware of what they do not have ability to think but if reasoning used what might be called pre thought.

In these circumstances predation among animals it is not a mandatory option since it is rather an option chosen by them for convenience, but that natural selection is becoming just need to adapt to this unique form of subsistence. In these circumstances the fact of having many offspring is a response of dams to prevent their extinction and not a whim, if no predation animals would have to regulate their birth to fewer, this is the reason why man at present is it becoming a threat to other species and to himself for his lack of self-criticism and its limited ability to curb its population explosion, it is not about looking for more food to feed more people

It is about having the right number of people that the planet is able to withstand without denying animal and plant species rightful space.

To break down dead animals Nature invention bacteria and other means which ensure reduction to the essential chemical principles but predation is also involved in it.

The difference between animals and humans: The same animals that man has a spirit and a certain intelligence capability but its inventiveness is limited and therefore are different, each animal is as representing a stage in the process biological evolution, man alone represents the pinnacle in which there is nothing more than what he is capable of achieving, is therefore the man in charge of opening new frontiers in the way of biological progress.


The evolution of stars


Take my view the man will remain indefinitely with the planets in the solar system regardless of the evolution of the sun.

Eventually this star evolve into a red giant and then a white dwarf, but in my opinion this will not mean an end since it from my point of view is when happen to his longer life span.

Scientists think that our star will grow as a result of the fusion of carbon and iron atoms from within and as a result the earth will be destroyed in 5,000,millions of years, but from my point of view when the sun reaches such a degree of expansion all that would be able to achieve this planet would be a bubble base and solid particles driven by the solar wind, therefore it is very questionable to such a degree of dispersion of its mass that can be considered threatened a planet as the earth is more I doubt that this process of heating the star reaches destroy mercury.

The bad thing about science is that all too often a hypothesis of a scientist is usually discarded by another great hypothesis other and in the end that teaches us not mythologize them and try to use his teachings to improve ourselves, but without considering them necessarily absolute truths that cannot be improved.

Scientific progress is a succession of ideas in which some are abandoned by erroneous or outdated but in which there are always other true that justify the sense of progress and science.

The sun in the process of red giant will expand and bubble incandescent material could reach the ground but is likely to be very sparse so also harmless, but the inhabitants of the nearest planets, the sun will have to abandon them until this process finishes, and solar temperature drops.

Once the sun acquires its final appearance of these white dwarf planets again they occupy and its inhabitants will live in them until the end of the cosmic cycle in about 80.000 millions of years.

Large devices will collect the remaining energy in the sun in orbit close to its own surface by using solar panels and then send it to the planets by means of lasers.


Super galaxies


15,000 millions of years ago about the evolution of the cosmos it began with a huge explosion that threw the whole mass with which galaxies form after a seemingly indefinite spherical expansion.

But from that moment the matter began to be attracted by this gravitational force on each atom, this force was originally dedicated to forming nebulae of dust then planets and stars formed and with them the galaxies, but this force of attraction not end there since its inexorable fate will be the gradual merging of galaxies that does not mean shock, because after the union of black holes that form their cores larger galaxies bigger and stars of both were formed found an orbital point which stand and follow their evolution.

Similarly, the expansion of the cosmos ended by stop and begin to recede, galaxies already merged are again merged with other knew galaxies and this process will not end until the end only stayed one knew galaxy that contains them all and turn this I knew anger fading galaxy to the core to form a new cosmic egg with all matter contained therein after a regeneration process will explode and start a new cosmic cycle, this could occur in about 80.000 millions of years.


The colors of the numbers


This is an issue we would consider today unpublished or little studied and that has to do with the intimate relationship between the different parts of the physical universe.

Although it may be surprising each color can be associated with a number, so the serious zero white, the black one, the two red, three yellow, four red, five gold, six blue, seven brown red eight and nine light blue.

In the background all matter is related and this is a science that is to develop, trying to understand the inner nature of things can come to better understand their rationale.

For example the number zero symbolizes space and female values cosmos, also it represents the extent in the horizontal plane.

Number one is closely related to concepts such as the point that is in the center of a circle, it also represents matter, masculine values and extension in the vertical plane. As a central element of the circle it can also be associated with the elements of command or the head and in the music it would represent the crest, and the zero the depression.

The number two guards a direct relationship with the polarities in the universe and the origin of the sexes, because of its proximity to one too can be associated with energy and masculine, arguably the sum of zero and one.

Number three is the beginning of a complex association between various individuals and allows you to create a larger base structure and a lower top by the triangle also represents life and balance between the forces of nature by being in the middle of numbering and the sum of the electromagnetic spectrum red and blue.

The number four symbolizes the beginning of the same rigid and symmetrical structures.

The number five symbolizes wisdom and most complex spherical shape, and in turn be related to the number one.

The number six represents the beginning of spiritual values.

The number seven is an ambiguous number that combines the others in its features, like sums five and two.

The number eight is like four but twice.

The number nine is the evolution of the six into a more spiritual form on the eve of finishing the cycle.

Thus the low numbers also represent the lower colors in the electromagnetic spectrum and high numbers the highest spectrum.

In turn, the white light symbolizes justice and truth and is the sum of all colors.

The color black symbolizes emptiness, rest, night, but may also be associated with number one and evil, but not necessarily, depends on the circumstances.

In turn, the red symbolizes energy, green symbolizes life and the blue color symbolizes spiritual values. Just as a person's feet would be related to the red, green waist and head with blue.


Male and female


These values I show for numbers and colors are not absolute but relative because depending on what level of the cosmos are displayed, may appear apparently reversed, so for example number one is black like space that can be associated to 0 it is something it depends on the circumstances. Feminine values would be space, water, silence, the cold, the earth to the sun, the gap with respect to the subject. masculine values would be the heat, the sun, the Crest on a musical note, but the concept of male or female depends on regarding it arises, for example, the sun is masculine with respect to land this turn around but the stars are suns revolve around the galactic core and about him are feminine, are not contradictions but different planes.

Another example of serious bipolarity for example represented by the salt and sugar in food, salt represent male values and would be represented by the color red, sugar and represent female values would be represented by the color blue.

So I say that philosophy is the most difficult and less evolved science there today and that is what will be most improved in the future.






From my point of view it is outrageous to think that in order to make long journeys through space have to resort to freezing of people as if they were canned, not forget that preserves are dead and people do not all arises from the mistaken belief that space travel must last as long as a bus ride.

The solution for these long trips through space is the construction of city ships, which allow the stay in space for extended periods of time.

And do not forget that in every person there is a spirit that does not make sense to lock in a body in such conditions, bear in mind that the spirit needs constant activity, this is the cause of sleep we dream all night although we do not agree, the reason is that memory records memories in a different frequency when we sleep when we are awake for it as we approach the awakening we realize what we were dreaming at the time.


The teleportation


Another belief in my view absurd is consistent teleportation decompose each molecule the body and then rebuild them in another point in space.

This belief stems from the existence of machines such as fax that allows sending an image through a telephone system, but do not forget that in this case what is sent is the electronic image of the object and not the object itself, is totally absurd to think that a body which has taken many years to form and evolve can break down and rebuild again without difficulty, devices such as fax send what is energy and not matter that's the difference. Precisely the nature invented the movement to save the problem of distances.


The powers of the mind




Another belief in my view wrong to think that the man of the future will possess powers like telepathy or telekinesis is the ability to speak for mental slings or move objects without touching them, I believe these qualities are rather typical of the spirit and not the body what happens is that sometimes procedures fail and go beyond where they should be.




As for clairvoyance and precognition these qualities can rely heavily on intelligence and sensitivity of people is what determines the extent to which they can develop forget that this is a predictable world and this has nothing amazing, world follows a trajectory determined by an inertia that to some extent can be predicted just as meteorologists predict the weather, another clear example is the ability of scientists to predict what the stars will occur within several million years, all this is explained by the tendency of nature to follow a logical path.


Mind reading


I think it makes no sense to think that in the future reading of thought as such is possible, however it is well known that it is possible to know to some extent the mood of a person or even figure out what you're thinking just knowing the meaning of facial features to some extent a close relationship with his personality, although facial features you orient knowledge of people that does not mean you can say what everyone is thinking, this is a quality that can be higher or lower depending on the intelligence and sensitivity of each person.


Travel time


Another belief in my view wrong are the time travel, it is absurd to think you can change the location of it for the simple reason that the time is not more than the ability to remember the position of matter in their positions above.

Whenever the matter moves generates a past and the future is not only the different positions occupied that matter in their movement. As then it will be possible for a person journey into the past if the past no longer exists because the matter that I form is the same as we have today.

What is possible however is time travel indirectly, that is a man of today hypothetically could rise to a skilled spaceship to go to other planets inhabited but at an earlier stage than ours and then it is as if doing a journey through time, so if you travel to a planet that were within the age of the dinosaurs would be like a trip to that time in this planet.


Space folds


Some think that space could be folded like rubber and so spacecraft could take a trip between two points without traversing the space between them, but in my view that argument does not make sense for the fact that no it is logical search space properties that are rather of matter, because the void is precisely the opposite of this, so things like kinking, folding or perforations are features that are not applicable to it and who thinks that's because it is not able to take that space travel is not correct to approaches of days or hours for the duration of these trips but years.


The robots


Today there controversy both among science fiction writers as by some scientists about whether robots eventually came to be identical to people with the same characteristics I believe this is due to a materialistic vision of human beings for those who think and consider people as mere conglomeration of matter and forget that within each person there is a spirit that makes him different from any machine, so the robots will never become as people and also why the future it will be a world without humanoid robots.


Reptilian humanoids


This is a hypothesis that I is not as far-fetched as those similar planets to Earth but with excessive temperature does not seem unlikely the evolution of species into an intelligent way of life but Retinal is cold-blooded, but do not think likely because the land could have gone that way with reptiles left after the last extinction of species and yet it did not, this extinction was probably caused by a meteorite that crashed into the Gulf of Mexico about 65 million years ago. I believe that progress towards the forms evolved as human beings requires a lower temperature and biological development of a mammalian type, maybe that's the reason that did not occur previously.

I would also like to emphasize that in my view only the human form and carbon biology will succeed in the various inhabited planets because I think it is the most successful of all and the development of man is not a coincidence but something intended by nature, although other inhabited worlds had any difference with the earth the result of his serious evolution development much like us humans.

My conclusion is that only Earth-like worlds are accepted by nature to biological evolution and human form only prevail for being the best.


Possibilities of life on Mars


I think Mars would have been an inhabited planet as the earth if not for its low gravity; about five hundred million years ago the planet had rivers and seas but gradually lost them because the cessation of volcanic activity stopped producing steam and almost all which had it was evaporating into space.


The omnipotence of science


Some think that scientific progress would provide the man unlimited possibilities and nothing to be proposed will be impossible to realize, this is a mistaken belief that the progress of science aims at the full realization of man in the cosmos that is not the same as get everything you want, the same way that an organ is part of a body man is part of the universe but cannot do everything, the frantic pace of progress at present not last forever and in the future will be slower and when this happen have amazing things that have been done and instead others never be achieved, it could be said that man get science half of what will be hypothesized at first but instead get everything to help you in your completion as being evolved in the cosmos.

It should be borne in mind that scientific progress is based on the use of physical and chemical properties of matter and this in turn has rules that govern it and limiting the consequences can be drawn from it.

This scientific progress aims to full self-realization of man and when that process ends the pace of evolution is slow down, keep in mind that not everything is possible with science but is much that can be achieved with it.


The man the end of progress


Over the last twenty years wing I have dedicated myself to try to understand the universe that surrounds me conducting research both in terms of classical physical sciences as philosophically, my conclusion is that the entire most complex is to try to understand how they should to raise the various issues surrounding the man.

This is no coincidence because the man is the goal of all the progress of nature and more complex suit, and is the man who is at the end of evolution.

Try to analyze things like which must be clothing or the rhythms of meals philosophically may be more complex to analyze the evolution of stars. The reason is very simple and is not about deciding random things like this but to understand the metaphysical circumstances that govern such as those that determine the double uniformity and suits single piece, the man is on the cusp of evolution and it’s the reason to be, is therefore normal that the circumstances surrounding him are the most complex.




My intention in doing this book is to try to correct the imbalance from my point of view between the so-called physical sciences and philosophy.

I think this is the least developed science today and the one that has to contribute to humanity in the future. Scientists cling to the science known in a way that borders on materialism and fear into the world of the hypothetical as a way to explain what they do not understand. Philosophy is responsible for providing possible solutions to unresolved problems but the demonstration process is more complex.

It makes no sense to reject the role of philosophy in society just because they can be inserted into a glass jar. An ideological reasoning may be considered sufficient for one person but not for another, it may depend a lot on their culture but also their intelligence.

However the courage of scientific is its ability to accept the improbable as possible without denying any hypothesis without analyzing it impartially.

It would be too much to expect that all my theories are true, but if only it were any of them would be a step forward for humanity and for this alone and creating this book would be justified.



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