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This story is about a woman name crystin star who is the owner of a coffee shop when she meets this handsome guy name Tommy king who is a bachelor and a fuckboy and every woman want to be in his bed but he wants to settle down with one woman and have a family but I guess he can't find one so one morning he goes to a new coffee shop and that's when he sees the most beautiful chubby woman he ever seen in his life..

Romance Chick-lit All public.

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Chapter 1

I was serving my customers when I hear the bell go off when someone came in sat at my table and went to go serve them and I ask  what can I get you Sir? And he just sat there and look at the menu , after he done looking at the menu he turns to me and said he order and then I wrote it down and I turn around and walk to the back. And give the order the cook and made his coffee and I walk over to his table and put the coffee down and I ask him do I need anything else sir?"

He just shook his head no OK if I do I will be over there okay. Enjoy your coffee and your meal be out in the minute sir" and he said OK thank mam" and then I went to get hit meal for him. And then he call me back to the table and ask if I have another job and I say no to him and he said OK. " 

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