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“Jungkook had always been an affectionate brother, used to be very close to me, giving me hugs or kisses whenever is possible. But, for some reason, I never got used to all the exaggerated displays of affection from my little brother, simply because, Jungkook, must of the times, was way too much!” |bts imagine| |jungkook imagine| |alternative universe| |family| |siblings| |jungkook x reader| |bts sequel 01/07|

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A/N: this is the FIRST imagine from a (probably) sequel, which I planned a specific context for each member of the group (an one-shot for every single of them), where all the stories will be connected with each other, and, well, I hope you all enjoy it. And...English it's not my native language, so, I'm pretty nervous, and I apologize for any mistakes that could have in this, and, please, tell me about them so I can improve more.Enjoy it.


The mattress was so soft, and the sheets that covered me so comfortable, that if it weren't for the weight that had suddenly fallen on me, I probably wouldn't have gotten out of bed before noon on a Saturday morning.

I hear the rustle of the curtains opening and I feel the light beating directly against my eyes, being uncomfortable enough to open them. I would be annoyed at anyone for disturbing my sleep no matter what time of the morning it was, if I had not encountered a smile as lively as Jeongguk's as soon as my vision was no longer just a blur. He was the one who woke me up pretty much every weekend I came back to visit the city, but I would never get used to being awakened in this way, especially since Jeongguk was a very affectionate boy - and I, for some unfortunately reason, am not the type of person comfortable with as much demonstration of physical affection as Jeongguk usually offers me.

It must be something natural among siblings, I am aware of this, however, even though we are sibling, sometimes I felt something close to discomfort when gguk gave me caresses touches - holding my waist inadvertently, stroking his fingers over my neck, passing the back of his hands on my face, and, without mention the fact that I almost hyperventilates when he begins to distribute kisses. Not that I think this is necessarily bad, but, as my brother knows how inept I am about his habit, it's pretty obvious that his insistence on doing so it's to teaser me. Probably for that reason, he successful of wake me up, 'cause few things left me more on alert than a six feet tall muscle man scrambling over me.

"– Don't even come with a 'more five minutes' story, 'cause you won't fool me again." He speaks with a smile on his face, showing that he wouldn't come off of me so easily. "– You haven't come to visit us for weeks! Don't even think I'll set you free anytime soon... Even more so now, that we have the day just for both of us."

"– Hm?" I concentrate on pushing the blankets aside and force my arms a little to push Jeongguk off the bed until he stands up. "And where are our parents going?"

"– So ..." He spoke as he helped me fettle the bed as soon as I got up. "You spent so much time without giving notice of visit that Mom and Dad decided to schedule a trip to the capital, - which, incidentally, they leave in an hour, but don't worry, I told them that I would stay at home to not leave you all alone, of course. "He finished taking one of my cheeks and squeezing it lightly, as if he was talking to a child, even though I was the oldest of the two of us.

I took his hand away without bothering to complain, as I became more worried about made gguk, because of my sudden visit, to give up about the trip he would had with our parents.

"Sorry," I said as I folded one of the blankets on the bed, knew how much he enjoyed traveling, I was afraid he might be upset because of me.

"Oh, don't worry about it." He smacked my shoulder, beening mockery. "No big deal, and, how long have we had time just for us? Like, since you started college? And look, it's been more than two years since you graduated. "

I knew that kind of tone, Jeongguk might have a smile on his face, but I could still see how annoyed he was about any subject related to my leaving. Because when I moved, gguk was at the time the main creator of arguments against my leaving. I feel bad for remembering how hurt he seems to be when I had to say goodbye to him.

"Or are you just wanting to get one more excuse to have one-a-one with me?" It would be best to flinch, before the conversation turns melancholic, like every time Jeongguk starts talking about it. "Don't think I'll make easy for you just because you created some muscles, and don't even try to flatter me to let you win like the last time!" I threw some pillow toward his face and ran out of the room before he attacked. "Better I go say goodbye to our mother before she comes up here complaining about it." I turned my face in time to see a cushion being thrown against the side of the door.


It was almost evening when we stopped to rest. The day could be resume by: helping our parents with the luggage, because, of course, that wouldn't be our mother if she didn't decide to pack more suitcases, with things that she said to be extremely necessary, right on time to go the trip. It had taken practically the whole morning for mother to be satisfied again, but it took a few more hours for us to get new tickets for them.

When we returned home, Jeongguk and I decided that in the afternoon we would go play a basketball game that I ended up inciting this morning. I won't admit it out loud, but, those muscles really helped gguk with the match this afternoon. If it weren't for his improvement in the play, I would say that it was his distracted movements he did over me more often. I really don't remember him being that good since the last time we played. The time I was away was long enough that I didn't notice the gradation of his progress. Moreover, all his resourcefulness in the game had a tremendous result; result of having me almost dead of exhaustion at the end of the game.

When I come in living room I just sprawled on the couch - in the most comfortable position I could find so far - and I don't plan to leave here until I can breathe normally again. And, as I checked how sweaty my bra was, I saw gguk coming out of the kitchen and coming toward the sofa, holding out a bottle of water.

"What did you think of the game this time?" He asked as he suspended my legs to sit on the corner of the couch, then lay them on his lap.

"This time you broke me up," I replied with a blowing smile after taking a sip of water. "I even think you'll have to carry me into the bedroom," I teased. "I haven't been practicing for a long time, so I'm just a frazzle right now, but next time, I won't make it that easy for you."

"What a bad loser." He spoke and then I noticed gguk running his hands lightly on my legs, I couldn't help but feeling my muscles a little tense in consequence, until I felt the subtle massage on them. "You always say that sort of thing when you see I'm getting better than you."

"What?!" But how absurd, this kid is getting very bold, and of course it's a big lie. I lift my back to reach him and tap his back for the provocation. "Don't even come with this, that's absurd! Talking like you're good at everything. "I saw him start laughing. "But it's seems you're very good to sweat like a damn dog, that's for real? I put my hand on you and got all wet. Go take a bath, before you soak all that couch! Go! Come on! "I stand up a little my position and start to push him off the couch and without complaining he goes toward the stairs still in laughter." And look, be careful to not muddy the whole bathroom, I want to go soon after." I spoke louder so he can hear me from the stairs.

"Lord, what did I do to get a sister like that?!" I can hear him shouting back.

"You were very, very lucky! And don't even dare complain about me in my presence! "


After a shower, which made me regret every minute I spent playing without proper warm-up, and a small snack - which Jeongguk did, of course, as I wasn't willing enough to get off that sofa so soon - I spent the rest of the night trying to watch television, since there was nothing better to do that involved lying around without moving.

Jeongguk was watching a sports channel for I don't know how long, because barely a half hour had passed and I was already dozing - not that the program was uninteresting, but I was really tired and the volume of the TV was low and gguk decided to stop talking for some minutes, and I ended up relaxed enough to fall asleep.


I woke feeling a tightness around my waist. I directed my eyes down and saw that I was wrapped in a blanket as I also realized that the extension of the sofa bed was extended and was lying on it, by the silence I noticed that the television was already turned off, and when I finally look toward the grip I see Jeongguk's hands on my waist, lying right on my back.

"Did I wake you?" He whispered as he felt myself turning my face toward him. "Sorry, I was just fixing your position," he said, seeming to be a bit uneasy, squeezing a little more of one of his hands that was persistently just above my hip.

"How long have I been asleep?" The first thing I thought to speak, in a way to try to ignore the uncomfortable sensation that his hands caressing me caused.

"Since the first few minutes of the first hound of the game," he replied, snuggling closer to my back, one of his hands on my waist slipping almost imperceptibly in front of my belly. "Do you want to go to bed?" I felt his words blow close to my ear, in a tone of voice I didn't recognize, perhaps a probable concern.

"I don't wanna get up now," I whispered back. 'Cause there is no way I will climb all those steps that are on the way to my room. "I'll keep sleeping here Jeongguk," I replied slowly, barely opening my lips, feeling the inertia of sleepiness, and wasn't sure if I really answered audibly. The lethargy was so strong that ended up leaving me indifferent of the superficial impulses that I felt next to my hip, but perhaps, it was only the ventilation that came against the blanket.

"Then I'll stay, too." I could still hear his whisper far away, but I had no urge to reply, just shrugging for his answer, muttering some inaudible monosyllable.

In spite of being inert, for some reason my sleep didn't return quietly, as if something outside bothered me to rest, and at one point I still remember the sensation of rest, which should have been in a smooth warm, started to be in a sudden and unusual heat which I could not recognize. However when I woke up the next morning everything was quiet again.

The fan was still on, sending cool air against my face, Jeongguk was still asleep beside me, hugging me awkwardly, with his legs around mine, while his arms kept close to my hips in modest support.

I tried to pull away his hands, but felt them hold me tighter, and when I turned my face, I saw gguk smiling at me, the time I felt his feet scraped on my heel as he sagged. However, in the moment I would open my mouth to speak, I could see his face in reflex approach next to mr again, until I felt him inhaled deeply the air as he put his face between the curve of my neck.

"I slept like an angel!" I heard him exclaim as he stood up and allowed me to lie more comfortably on the couch, but I wondered how cold it was where he lay in comparison to mine. "Do you want some coffee?" In a blink I saw him reassuring me again, and I wondered how he could get so close in such short time, actually, close enough that in a short stretch I could put a kiss on my forehead . A little affection. I do not know if one day I will be able to adapt to all this affection that Jeongguk persists in attributing to me.


A/N: I hope some of you liked, and if you did, please comment or fallow me, so I can know it, and try to translate other stories of mine.

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