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June Flowers

With this anthology, I try to give a variety of feelings that runs through my mind. In this book you'll find Love poems, but also, sad poems, and sometimes you'll feel a kind of darkness, but it's just my mind. I'll appreciate to those who read and comment them. Enjoy, if you are poems lovers.

Drama For over 18 only.

#sadness #darkness #love #poetry
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Leaves fall to the earth,

like my blood,

running through my veins,

and fall from the wound,

leaving nothing.

The scarlet drops,

bathe the emeralds hearts.

And I’m walking through,

these darkness halls;

feeling blue,

feeling dark.

In my hands I see no skin,

all I see is red,

and the iron smell,

fills my nose, and

cracks my guts.

My eyes, sleepy.

My steps, heavy,

and I feel frozen,

but my wrists burns.

I do not want to suffer.

The labyrinth of hell

does not have an exit.

I have to pay,

and my sin

condemns me

to stay.

At the end I see light,

a specific one.

It receives me gladly,

but then it turns dark.

It catches me,

it grabs me,

it doesn't let me


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