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The world isn't perfect because we're human we make mistakes, some come out as mistakes and trying to fix it is just making it worse than it already is.

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Being "offensive" nowadays

All of this recent drama has been thanks to a documentary made by Hari Kondabul. "The documentary" launched in November 2017, in this article he talks about his childhood and the character, and the change of vision once he was an adult. Interviews, Indian celebrities, to know how the character affects them and, in general, comes to the conclusion that Apu is a harmful and racist stereotype. It's what The Simpsons are about and they laugh at everything satirically at all times.

They ask for an impossible, when they want to portray the reality they want to transmit, because they are only bothered by the most popular version of an Indian living in the United States. They asked realism from The Simpsons and criticize that using humor is just a skillful way of pleasing racism.

The reality they want to transmit:

• Not all Indians living in the United States work in grocery stores

• That not everyone has such a marked accent

Hari also comments about the character's dubbing actor, "Hank Azaria, is like a white man that makes fun of my father. He is so focused on becoming the victim that he forgets that Hank is son of Jews and now we begin to see who has suffered more through history, . What can be done with my culture? Remember that not only has the voice of Apu, in my opinion this is something that can be seen before each time the new generations create "rules" to try not to offend anyone and thus live in a world of peace and love .

Maybe we're a bit surprised that someone wants the attention. It's enough to create a drama with the possibility that some person on the planet may be offended now or in the future and with the foresight of people like Hari , that heroically sees himself and sasy that this character is offensive.

Finally, the same series responded with the chapter "No good deed goes unpunished" in which Marge tries to read a story to Lisa but realizes that it is a stereotype and changes the parts that she considers offensive to finally realize that the story loosed completely the sense it had. Lisa looks directly at the camera and says what was once funny and accepted now considered "politically incorrect"

Hari was upset that his documentary was reduced to Apu is politically incorrect, and he does not want to be seen as a "Justice warrior" even if he is, in all forms the series itself portrays a damaging stereotype Indian with marked accent, but they don't give a single alternative or solution. Because not all Indians in the United States work in grocery stores, but neither, all the Indian in the United States have won a Nobel prize.

So if the solution is removing his accent, his job and transmitting the Indian that you want to see, you didn't achieve it but you just killed a character loved by billions of people around the world. 

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