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“ All bodies are good bodies” Making fat people believe that they’re okay being fat and eating the way they do is just leading them into a self destructive path where in the end they get diabetes and die or get a heart attack.

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Having diebitihes is ok you won't die

IMPORTANT: I am not in favor of telling you what to do but I am not in favor of telling you that what you do is right. This text is to see the collateral damage that glorification of obesity has as if it were a lifestyle and as if it did not lead to health problems.

 The first person who knows that the person is fat is the fat person and telling them this and expecting that they get surprised is simply stupid. I want to talk about the damaging effect of all those campaigns and tendencies of loving yourself regardless of the weight. 

First, nobody has to get into anyone's life and secondly it creates escape routes that are socially validated to what is in fact a health problem, obesity. Without anyone to demand, without anyone to expect something from you is the worst that can happen to you and you will be comfortable, of course, but you will limit yourself to stay the same. You will not advance, you will not improve, for some things it is not bad but for others it is.

All this is thanks to taking it to the limit, the extremes are not good. You can not make  someone believe that a serious overweight situation is something that they should be proud and happy to be this way. In public you are impeccable but lazy is the favor that you do and what should be a message of support becomes the opposite.

These people are only given more justifications to not only stay as they are, but also to make their condition worse by listening as they applaud him in the background and guide them on their self-destructive path, calling all those who do not want to be accomplices "fatphobic".

There is a margin of weight that we all have measured by height before reaching our first degree of obesity, that margin is naturally understandable it does not seriously affect and reconcile with your physique to eliminate complexes is always a good idea, but from there they pass and apply to ALL equally.


4 kilos more but proud of my curves #proudofmycurves

67 kilos more, if you do not like my body DON'T LOOK #proudofmycurves 

Overweight and obesity are recurring themes, so, why is it different now? Because unlike before now it is venerated, it is perhaps glorified with the belief that they are creating some kind of revolution. Individually, each one is free to do what we want and I suppose, since it is a slow death they don't worry that much.

The point is to warn of a dangerous practice that affects many people worldwide and that expands like a virus normalizing obesity. Say, like the woman in the article (I will comment later) that 136 kilos is normal and confirm that there is nothing wrong with it. NOTHING.

When she should say that knowing how harmful it is for reasons that any doctor could number from memory enters into my concept of "normal". We will get deeper into the article . I have to emphasize that it seems that this custom is the culprit for the cup to grow but not, there are many factors that vary depending on the country, this is a topic that has been worrying year after year and the last prediction is that it will grow until 2030.

 Chile, Ireland, Mexico, are some of the countries that take desperate measures by regulating the number of fast food ads and emit most when there are infants available. While healthy life campaigns continue to be seen with the belief that it is to follow a stereotype instead of taking care of health if it is a defeat, while continuing to see it as something you can not prevent, while encouraging and giving moral support so as not to change customs will be a defeat.

In part I understand it is more difficult to understand as I said there is a generous margin where weight gain does not affect your health seriously but it is enough for you to have everyone behind reminding you to eat less, you can, that all this was created for that reason . This seemingly harmless situation is critical, it is what will define how you are going to finish, to think that you can go ahead and prevent rather than cure or want your current weight, but keep it going and do not go any further.

Keeping in mind that this "love your body" motto is essentially learning to love the result without intervening, how many kilos do you have to have to stop glorifying it? Because apparently almost 140 kilos is an ok. Obesity in some people may have created a depression and you can not treat one without the other, it is slow and takes time but more time if you are told that you do not have to change, because, refuse to accept that it is a problem.

Of all the things that you can feel proud of your body, obesity is not one of them. That is the real harm, the goodness. In a 2015 work called Emotion in Obesity Discourse: understanding public attitudes towards regulations for obesity prevention; They studied how the obese population felt about the measures that their country was taking against obesity, instead of seeing the campaigns as an aid they interpreted it as "support and justification" to discriminate against fat people, basically it concludes that to be successful each must be treated individually.

I would be 100/100  with that, if the counterpart that implies that 70 kilos more is nice and there is nothing wrong with it would also be eliminated, but, as you know that won't happen either remove the campaigns instead they put up more campaigns. Because for some doctors obesity is like a business l, for the country everything is money, money, money so their priority is to reduce it, however, at the same time they want to stop it as they know once they change it there's no coming back. 

The first time they realized this was in 1997, Andrew Prentice in conjunction with Cambrige's nutritionists wrote Obesity- the inevitable penalti of civilizations? In it he focuses on the psychological problems of obesity and to understand how the behavior that until then had not been given importance, it says that although they would not stop fighting to remedy it recognizes that the only realistic option to combat obesity is the education that is received since childhood. Give a realistic image where the causes and consequences of obesity itself are not masked.

Now we will see why that New York Times article affects so much and we will see how people like Sarai Walker kick the only option to fight obesity, I put you in context. Sarai Walker is a young successful writer and something like an obesity activist, weighing 136 kilos and according to her say that obesity is unhealthy is a stereotype of "fatphobics" that must be eliminated.


The fear that you cause in me, suggesting that 136 kilos is healthy, and I'm scared because it's a Best-Seller, that means it's something that most people consume, the worst is that one of his books entitled Dietland was converted as many others in a series. I do not mention anything about the book because I have not read it, but, it turns out that she said that through that book she wants to transmit her own ideas and that through a story she would reach more people.

"What an idea!"

What an idea to say that obesity is healthy, she adds that obesity is not YOUR problem if not the society that HATES YOU. Do not define a fat person for being fat if not for his merits the one solution in all this madness, which becomes ironic when listening to someone who has defined their success by means of describing fat people by their weight.

The pats on the back are Best-Seller today we have gone from self-help books to this, and it does not end! ; The health problems associated with obesity are not clear, just like aliens, there are people who believe in them and there are people who do not, it is not clear. Shielding after  such stupidity that society, especially men, because she is also feminazi, I mean,  feminist she said men don't like fat women. 

In conclusion, yes, be happy with your 136 kilos but don't walk around saying that it's a healthy lifestyle,  because it's  not and never will be.

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