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The letter of ben

The story of Ben

My name is Ben when I met Matilda, it was confusing, let's say we were two young people that neither wanted to be seated with the other. I clarify that it was in the year dee... I don't know, the fact is that we were 9 and 10 years old I think, we were going to 5th grade of primary school. I met her because the teacher could not stand the bustle of the course, so she moved us. There I met other friends who today are very good friends of mine (although SOME are missing a screw).

In the months, we became friends, but there was something between us that made us become ''Boyfriends'' among many quotes, after months I think, we ended up with family issues. A downturn in my life, but still we were still very, very friends ... For the family not to get angry with her, I decided to make a sacrifice ... Make me detestable towards her sight, so she does not love me and that's how it was. .. A sacrifice, that many will think ``With 9 years would be impossible for some child to think so´´ but yes, I thought so.

During the summer vacation, she had fallen in love with a boy from a town where, she, went often. That to me, I am filled with anger and frustration, when we returned from the holidays we spoke again by chance and we liked each other again. The how, I do not know but that's how it was. Even if this happened, I decided not to be with her because I did not feel good about feeling the same pain at that time and I just let time go by, letting her continue with him and letting go of me. This would stop several times in the future. -Although YES, here begins the true story, where I tell you that it was the good thing that this girl made me go through during that time...


We were already in... I calculate that 6th grade and we were better friends again, which has nothing, but she had constant problems with the boyfriend, it was me I help you, I help you and I HELP YOU. But one day I fell in love again and she too, confused us and did not end up in anything, we are still friends, better friends rather. When she had problems, I was there to help her ... It was a difficult year for me to see her suffer, but luckily, I could help her. Once in 7th grade, our last year of primary, our last talks as best friends was one in which, she told me that I had helped her a lot and she did not, although we were arguing for 2 hours, I ended up in a my message, a message which told him that she had helped me, either when we were ''love'' or at a future time, he always lived or depressed by's subsequent fights of my parents or I did not have many friends with which he will talk constantly. This was our last talk as best friends, all others or were fights or common talks in which I tried to dicimulate the desire to tell him that I felt totally sorry for this event, leave that relationship of friends so close that there.

Well, after a very uncomfortable trip of graduates between her and me, they arrived the so desired by all the students of 7th, the vacations. In them, do not talk much and at the end of this we began to talk, all right until for some reason at that time, we fought and lasted a few weeks, then we caught ourselves in people but at the time of that heartbreaking event, came the ''Boom'', because she had killed my soul. She had made a giant in our friendship gap and it was very painful, because he hated her because she had given all, protected them and although she did me agradeciera or slowly out forgetting me, I kept doing but I remembered that I owed plus...
I had changed, I was furious, which caused me anger and a lot but a lot of spite although I loved her. After 2 months of this, as I saw that I was very happy, I decided to talk to an ex-student and help me express myself. (Recall that by this point Ben was already in junior high school ... And by the way, this friend decided to call him Roberto, now that he follows the story nomas.) His help was good and I sent my friend Matilda captures, which I understood what was happening and from that point, I am happier even though I no longer see myself as someone very close to me. Thanks, thanks for making me happy at every moment and for more fights, to remain there at the end...

Based on a true story (IT IS NOT MINE)

``If you love her, protect her´´

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The End

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