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When local girls are coming up missing, who's going to save them especially when Olivia Johnson is on the list. Will her savior let her be devoured when he finds out the truth or will he risk everything to save her?

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The moonlight illuminated the dense forest, creating shadows at every turn; the full moon already pinned up in the sky as leaves rustled from the slight breeze the northern wind caused. Branches snapped loudly as the sound broke the silent barrier, footsteps could be heard as they made their way through the forest; heavy breathing escaping the lips of the runner. He was following her, the brown eyed devil from the alley; her heart was pounding against her rib cage as she pushed herself to pick up the speed, her arms flying beside her as she ran upon the beaten down path.

She knew he was gaining up on her, it was only a matter of time before she'd be caught; but she knew she couldn't stop, she had to fight for her life if she wanted to survive. It was something she thought she'd never really had to fight for, that it was something characters in books and movies had to do; not her. This wasn't normal. She continued down the path, only taking a second to look behind her; furrowing her brows as the man was gone, a relieved huff escaping her parted lips. That was until she ran straight into a wall, which ended up being the brown eyed devil's chest; a small scream being emitted from her plump lips, his grasp right upon her arm as she was yanked back into him, making yet another attempt to escape futile

She retched herself up, greedily taking in deep breathes as her heart pounded harshly against her rib cage; the actions being familiar as she'd had nightmares for a week straight now, she was exhausted and annoyed. Why couldn't these nightmares leave her be? Glancing to the side of her queen sized bed, bright red digits stood out in the early morning; she had ten minutes before her alarm went off, usually she'd had five, the nightmares were getting shorter. With a heavy sigh, she dragged herself to the edge of her bed; slowly standing up, she blindly made her way to the light switch where she flicked it on. Her eyelids immediately snapped shut before the light could blind her, though they opened a second later as she knew she'd had to get use to it; just after a minute, she made her way into her shower and got into the steamy water she'd previously ran when she'd gotten into the bathroom.

Instead of taking her time, she was out in less then fifteen minutes; dressed in another five minutes and shutting off her annoying alarm in another one, then down the stairs in another two minutes. " in breaking news, another teenage girl went missing early this morning, seemingly the girls were taken in the middle of the night— " Cindy, the channel five news spoke out; her mother had been watching the news all week, though it wasn't good for her health, she could tell it terrified her mother. " mom, you know this isn't going to calm you any. " Olivia muttered, shaking her head slightly as she made her way to the coffee table and grabbed the remote; easily turning the news off, it was better this way. " Olivia Marie, I need to be kept updated with these things. " Tamara, her mother slightly snapped; she was worried for her daughter, that maybe one night, she would wake up and find her beloved daughter gone as well.

" I'm careful mom, we lock our doors, keep our windows shut, and don't invite strangers in. Nothing is going to happen to me, the news just scares you. " She confessed to her mother, grabbing her black bag and keys from the hook; slipping into her black toms before turning around and laying a sweet kiss upon her mother's cheek. " I'll see you after school, have fun at work. Don't you go on worrying, you'll start getting grey hair. " Olivia teased her mother, ducking out of the way better her mother could playfully shove her; these were the moments she lived for, since her father got deployed last month, it had just been the two of them. " I already have grey hair, mainly from you. " Tamara called out, a warm smile crossing her lips as she grabbed her own set of keys as well; the pair making their way out of the house, however, getting into their own separate vehicles.

Before making her way even remotely towards school, the female headed to McDonald's; grabbing two breakfast sandwiches and coffees, trading the food for money before she'd peeled out of the parking lot and down the street. It didn't take Olivia long before she'd pulled up at Gabbie's, her best friends house, honking her horn to single they she was here; within a second, a brunette rushed out of the vintage home and bee-lined for the car. " Didn't know you were that excited to see me, my love. " Olivia teased her best friend, only for Gabbie to roll her eyes and hop into the passenger seat; throwing her bag into the back with Olivia's. " Oh please, my parents just went over the whole news shit. Telling me to be more careful and what not, ranting about it. " She sighed, immediately reaching for her coffee; sipping on the scorching cup of heaven.

" Yeah, my mom talked to me about it. . somewhat. " Olivia said, the conversation quickly dropping after that; so the blonde reached forward and turned on the radio, Too Much To Ask but Niall Horan blasting through the channel, well the two obviously had to jam along on their way to school. In no time at all, she'd parked into the senior parking lot, grabbed their bags, and their food before swiftly making their way inside the building where they'd be stuck in for another eight hours. The two walked side by side with only one destination in mind, their lockers; which had been side by side since freshman year, it was what actually brought them closer believe it or not. " Dear lawd, look at Ryan Eastman. He's the only thing that makes math tolerable, especially when it's first period too. " Gabrielle sighed dreamily as she stared at the dark haired male leaned up against the lockers not that far away, though it had caught Olivia's attention; making her turn to stare as well, only her gaze landed on the blonde beside Ryan.

Luke Andersen, the captain of the football team, highly intelligent, and deadly attractive. Though not available. Olivia winced as she saw a perky blonde attack Luke in a serious make-out session against the lockers, her short skirt bouncing as she stopped against him. Weslynn Heartman, caption of the cheerleading team, totally blunt and possessive over Luke and her reputation. " Liv, come on. " Gabbie sighed, lacing her arm with Liv's; a frown lacing on her plump lips. " They're not even gonna matter in like two months, you're gonna be a famous model and I'm going to be the one doing your hair and makeup. We're a power couple— just in the friend way. " Gabrielle told her best friend, trying to cheer the blonde up; though not much seemed to be working, so she walked Liv to her first class as soon as they got their tools.

" Cheer up, love. I'll see you in physics. " Gabbie told her, giving Olivia a quick hug before rushing to her own class as the bell rang; which made Liv groan and head into English III, this wasn't such a good class to take early in the morning. Especially when her teacher had a monotoned voice and so did the recorder they listened too as they followed along to Romeo and Juliet, though it was a favorite of hers; especially when they had to debate on certain parts of the plot. Like the death scene, of course Romeo was idiotic to think that killing himself was going to be the best option. If he would have waiting a minute longer, he would have seen that his beloved Juliet was alive; but she was a little idiotic to think that taking a serum to make her seem dead would make everything alright as well. Though, they were in love or what they thought love was back then. They didn't want to live in a world where the other wasn't, there was no future without the other one in it. Love was a powerful thing, it makes you weak but also stronger at the same time.

Though as she walked through the halls after first period, she couldn't help but ponder over the news; women were going missing, a type of women that she belonged in. Blonde, petite, and young. Would she have to start sleeping with her father's shotgun by her bed? She couldn't stand the thought of being like the girls that had gone missing, she wouldn't get to see her mother, father, or best friend ever again. Getting taken wasn't in her plan, the plan of graduating, taking Gabrielle, and getting the hell out of Chicago.

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