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1-Tom Wild, a 12 year old boy, and his grandmother go to Miami in a plane, but something happens and they fall on an island. Tom will have to discover that island little by little. 2-In an attempt to get somewhere, Tommy bequeaths to a town... Let's see what happens. 3-Tom Wild was born at the time and killed Tommy Wild. 4-Tom Wild in an attempt to revenge by rancor and hatred kills the Mongiz and TW, thus reborn Tommy Wild. Wait for your second part and remember: ''Crying or fearing is not wrong, the best people commit this frequently''.

Thriller/Mystery Not for children under 13.

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The island: A thousand-year event

It was time to go up, I and my grandmother were going to Miami. When we got up I was afraid of what might happen, let's say I'm somebody scared... My grandmother said to me: ''the best people are'' and I calmed down. What my grandmother did not know, was that we were going to be in the middle of a storm...

The island

''Without looking, there's nothing to cry about''

-Tommy: Where am I? Ahg Grandmother? "In a low voice, heading out of the plane

At that time, the plane had crashed and my grandmother was traversed by a trunk in the chest area

-Tommy: Abu! Grandmother! What's wrong with you?
-Grandmother: Tom... Ahg...
-Tommy: Rest grandmother, do not waste your breath-With a tone of false hope
-Abuela: You're a good boy, you're a good...
Tommy did not stop crying until it was dark...
Once the night came, Tommy, I heard a noise, a noise I had never heard before. It was a light trampling, a great trampling that scratched the trees that were in the jungle.
-Tommy (thinking): I have to investigate that.
But he could not move from so much fright, grabbed his flashlight, illuminated the jungle and what he found, it was not normal... Destroyed bodies, and bitten by sharp teeth, I bet more than a razor.
Tommy, he stood and grabbed a metal bar from the ground and started screaming... Suddenly a kind of white human attacked him, when he moved, they had already scratched him...

Tommy nervous, began to hit the air, and in one of those blows, hit him in the head to one of these monsters that he called '' Mongiz '', were full of blood and eyes were gray, so gray that you lost ipnotized between his pupils...

When he decided to move, he stayed still, because they had already caught him...


''When you least want, you'll have to let go''

They were slow, slow to analyze the child and how they would attack him. Tommy seeing this had no better idea than to attack any of the ''Mongiz'' with the metal bar and meanwhile throw a stick as far as possible to distract them and escape.

No matter how far it sounds, this worked and Tommy cried a lot as he ran as far as possible from there. It was already 6 o'clock, Tommy calculated, as it was dawning, and it seemed that these pale creatures were no longer behind him ... In the distance I saw a town and at the cry of ''Puebloo !!'', he approached the one of the houses of it.
In it I found pale people, similar to those I found at night, but you are wearing clothes. How could this be, they were friendly and gave a warm welcome something that seemed not to be reality. Throughout the day they guided him through his town, when Tom asked about 'creatures eat meat of the night' they automatically changed the subject and went somewhere else.

TW was a villager who after welcoming him gave him a tour of the town and its surroundings, it does not have a fixed name, but calls itself  ''TW''

-Tommy: Hey! Be since-sincere!-He said in fear of what they would answer.
-TW: I do not know what you're talking...
-Tommy: What happens to the night?
-TW: I do not know what you're talking...

They continued walking for an hour until sunset, they sent Tommy to a kind of hut, in this there was a table, a bed and a glass with one side water and another food.
While I slept I could hear those same footsteps and TW speaking with a hoarse voice, without clothes and with gray eyes... Could it be that something happened in that dark village? Tommy was not sure of that, what he was sure of was that he had to leave that island as soon as possible.

Tommy tried to leave, but it was late TW was at the door waiting with a smile that would make him fear, but Tommy could not be afraid, not at that moment as he threw the glass out the window and jumped out. It was already dark and everything was very dark, I could hear TW saying 'Tomyy Tomyyy' and that caused him fear, a fear that not long after running a little he would throw himself to the ground and cry until he fell asleep. Well, he wanted to return, to return with his grandmother and his family in Buenos Aires (Argentina).


''If it is not appreciated, it dies''

Tom once seen the facts, after taking a nap, decided to go to the jungle to look for trees ... Of the two years that happened there, it was the only time that it rained and the rain seemed to be cold, as if it were the attitude of a person but what I call the attention more was to find a box near the plane, which said: 'First aid kits and weapons in case of emergencies'. Seeing this, Tom opened the box, and grabbed as much as possible. He had weapons, a backpack, medicine cabinets and an inflatable boat, everything necessary to escape the island ...

After a few hours thinking about how to escape Tom saw that the rain continued and decided to go to the village of TW and kill those things that he called Mongiz ... Before that he went back to his grandmother's cadaver (which he had already buried) and saw that he had bites on his trunk and on his skin. When Tom saw this, he burst out, he had a grudge against the white monsters that he had found on that island, that no living being would understand him. Tommy's kind and scared personality had disappeared ... For the pain he had, was greater than your own control.

Tom was more than determined to go kill those things, on the night of that same day he decided to go and kill them without mercy, children, adults and the elderly.

The return of crying

''Do not fear, just go forward''

Once Tom arrived at the village, first I look for the farmers, then the inhabitants without work... and finally to TW. After meeting TW, I beg him:

-TW: I swear it's not because we want to, please believe me!
-Tom: I will not talk to you
-TW: No, no, no, no, n-noo! Child, you do not know what you're doing, for!
-Tom: ...

After this, only TW was heard lamenting and the rain playing against the cold bodies of the Mongiz ... In minutes, a new noise was announced, this was a cry, a nostalgic and tragic cry that meant a reincarnation and also , a different future ...

Thanks to the one who enjoyed it or enjoyed this micro-tale, his second part will soon arrive...

                                                                                          Atte. Black Memoirs

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The End

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