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**Mature Content: Language** It's Era 823, two years after the Fifth Universal War, a time of bringing about reconstruction and order back to the universe. Except difficulties have arise in gaining progress... The Dark Liberation, the schemers of the war, did not make such things easy with their terrorist attacks. In spite of losing their leaders and being reduced to a fraction of their forces, the Dark Liberation remained a threat to the universe after fleeing and hiding with their new technology. In an attempt to defeat them, teams of Combatants - soldiers with supernatural and superhuman abilities - are tasked to hunt down the last of the Dark Liberation. This story follows a single team as they track down the remnants of the Dark Liberation for a final battle. But was the Dark Liberation the only threat? There's only one way to find out... This is a side story (short story) to the Grand Blaze series coming out soon.

Action Not for children under 13.

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