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That summer when you broke your arm

Remember that time you broke your arm and we congratulated you with applauds when you returned from the hospital in a plaster?
How we all cheered you up with a cake, 'cause our dad phoned us and asked to bring you up
Remember how you didn't cry but rather had that "Ohhh noo,just fck off " look on your face, smile and laughter
When we all congratulated you and said that it's time you became an adult
When we asked all your friends to come and had a party
When we laughed so hard at the story of how you actually broke it. How that was the stupidest way possible
Cause I remember everything.
I remember your face and your one arm in plaster,other holding mom
You entering the room like you're a rockstar
Knowing that it's unbelievably cool to tell this story to the other kids
It's like you're already one head cooler then everyone else at school, just like those boys who shave their bristle already and girls who went out with guys
And everybody be asking you about that crazy summer you had on the first day of school
And you be more popular than the chick girls with their new clothes and lipsticks
And every boy be running up to you with excitement in their eyes,asking you to tell more and more
"Woaaa,how did it happen? Was it cool?"
You came in a room like you were a survivor, a superhero, a champion of them all
With that great smile on your face
And damn, those days where so free,so sincere,so vibrant and full of joy
And damn,you are forever that little rockstar for me,forever that badass superhero,you're forever my role model and inspiration
Damn,I turn back to that days so often in my memory
Every time I miss you or feel like we're thousands of miles apart
I remind myself to be as strong as you where on one of the last summer days in August of two thousand eighteen when you broke your arm
And damn,I want that days back
But thank God, I will always have my memory
and a little piece of white plaster
With a star painted with a blue marker
And a date
And damn,this makes me smile every time
This makes me feel like home again.

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