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A mysterious organization lurks in the shadows, a group of dysfunctional heroes team up to stop their evil plan. After delaying the plans of this shadowy group, Kacy battles for her company, Tobias fights for his life, and Alex learns the hard way what it means to be a hero. In the midst of the chaos, a serial killer vigilante brings an element of horror to the city.

Thriller/Mystery For over 18 only.

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If you have not read Entry#?: Kaitlin Rogers, spoilers ahead!

After the defeat of BlackHeart, Kacy Robertson left New Bell City to figure her self out. Rylan G. (The Vigilantee), remained in the city to clean up the mess left by Michael (BlackHeart). The Japanese mafia, Yakuza, rose to power in the city since it's main protector was gone. Without a suit, fancy gadgets, and limited use of his powers, Rylan is struggling to keep all crime at bay until the hero of New Bell returns.

Tobias (The Dragon) has successfully implanted himself within the ranks of The Yakuza under a false identity. He uses his superior negotiation skills, or money, to persuade a member to be his snitch. Someone to inform Tobias of everything going on, and everything happening in the secret shadow organization growing within the yakuza. Tobias' messenger is found and Toby races to save him.

After Kaitlin murdered Scarlet she wasn't the same. Kaitlin always despised killing, but then, she did it herself. Kaitlin was hospitalized for weeks due to her injuries, and she was required to take physical and mental therapy. Her arm was scarred, and will heal. But her mind never will, she has been traumatized for life.

Phoenix, still figuring himself out, has finally learned the location of his brother, Shadow. Phoenix, and his new alliance, have traveled to America in search of Shadow. His trail lead the group to New Bell City...

But in New Bell City... a storm is brewing...


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Carmen Hope Carmen Hope
Im only 11 and i still like this
January 21, 2019, 19:39

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