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feliciaevreux Felicia Evreux

A story of loyalty, treachery and love. Max Oberland, a business man recently named CEO of his family's insurances company and player in his free time, wants Davina Saxe, the daughter of his business partner to be the next prey. 'The Database' is a computer program he made for his exclusive use and his pride and joy in which he keeps his previous girls perfectly identified and documented. He decides that she would be the perfect icing for the cake, ignoring that she's aware of his plans. (Operation Heartbreak book one)

Romance Erotic For over 21 (adults) only. © Felicia Evreux

#sex #friendship #revenge #london #womanizer #businessman #retribution #brokenhearts #bet
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Mr. Oberland headed out the manor, after making company to the girl he dated for three months.

Wearing suit and tie he gracefully hopped in his car, relaxed after doing it again, he started his black Audi, and then drove away from the girl’s territory.

He was driving in silence; no music, no making sound tapping hand on the steering wheel, no nothing else. The street was completely empty and he wanted to enjoy that going real fast, almost like if he was running away.

But somehow he was: running away from a broken heart at all cost and he was a professional.

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KP Kayla Pummell
Hey, just trying to help you missed a 'p' in hopped and a comma a little later 🙂
1 week ago

  • Felicia Evreux Felicia Evreux
    Blimey! Now that's embarrassing 🤦‍♀️ Thank you so much for pointing that out. I appreciate it 🙂 1 week ago

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