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A strange stranger accepts the challenge of spending two months on a mysterious island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean! What can happen?

Action Not for children under 13.

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Who I Am?

Hello, my name is Jacob ... Jacob Junior! I live in New York and am unemployed, I live in a corner house with only a small bathroom, a room without a TV and no sofa and a kitchen! In this house live me and my dog, the Puppy! I came to stop this winter after my father passed away and my brother took all his inheritance! Lucas is a disgrace ... If it were not for him I was riding the money and traveling the whole world in a private jet! That would be a good life!

Mine was a born explorer! When I was younger he used to leave me with my great-aunt and say to her .. "Take care of him like a diamond!"

I really miss my father! He died when he went to a very tall building in Shanghai! There would be a negotiation of museum artifacts and my father refused to hand over his cord, so with the greatest coldness they threw him from the top of the building and he ended up crashing into a car passing by on the street! I was about seven years old!

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