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Bucky and Steve are finally married and the Avengers are retired. But sometimes, life suddenly changes.

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The Wedding

Steve POV’s

Oh Lord...

There he comes...

He still looks amazing in the suit…


Don’t freak out, Rogers.

“I told myself I wasn’t going to cry…But this is so beautiful…” Pietro was almost crying. 

He’s in front of me now…

Oh My God…

I’m going to die right here, right now…

“Hey…” He said, smiling.


“You know it’s alright…Don’t have anything to freak out about…”


The priest performed our wedding ceremony, and it was beautiful.

“So be it. You can now kiss the groom…”

I held his hand, and we smiled. 

We shared a simple kiss, and hugged each other.

“I love you more than everything.”  He said.

“I love you so much, Baby doll…”


I remember when we proposed to each other.

Yes, you heard me right.

We proposed to each other.

I asked the team for help, and they helped me to propose to Bucky while they were helping Bucky to propose to me.

It was weird, yet amazing.

Carter was not invited though…Bucky doesn’t like her and I still don’t know why.

I can see no evil in her.

The church was not full, just a feel people from S.h.i.e.l.d, and the team.

After all, we still need our vacation.

“How does it feel  to be married?” Wanda asked us.

“Not that different…It’s just official now.”

“I thought I would never say this, but… congratulations on your marriage.” Tony smiled a little, and Stephen pecked his cheek.

“Ya know pal…I don’t really hate you like I used to…” Bucky smiled back, and took a sip from his whiskey.

“I’m a bit sad we don’t get a honeymoon… But…You know, that’s what you get for being a hero.” I said.

It was actually our choice to keep working.

They remained silent, and Bucky chuckled.

“Why are you looking at us like that?”

“I didn’t give you my wedding gift.” T’Challa started.

“You don’t have to give us anything, King. You already gave me everything I could ask for by fixing me.”

“No, that was Shuri’s gift. My gift is already at the door waiting for you.”

I looked at Bucky, who seemed as confused as me.

“What do you mean?”

“Wade is taking you to a month lasting honeymoon on the Caribbean Islands.”

Oh My God…

I never had a vacation in my life.

“But we didn’t even pack our-”

“No worries, Rogers. Wanda and I packed everything you will need.” Natasha smiled at me.


Bucky POV’s

We were so surprised!

Finally we have time for ourselves.

I smiled and hugged him.

“Congratulations on your wedding.” Wade said.

“Thank you. We are officially together now.”

Nothing much changed.

Now, I have to focus on our night together.

The thing is: Steve’s still a virgin.

I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing.

I mean, I’ll be his first.

Yet it will be awkward.

We were on the jet and I felt him hug me.

“Finally we’ll have time for each other.” He said, kissing my forehead.

He’s actually too innocent…

I don’t know if I can handle that…

“What are you thinking about, huh?” He asked.

“Nothin’…Just…Nah…Forget it. I have to focus on my vacation.”

“That’s it, babe.”


The flight wasn’t too long, and we kept talking about the old times.

As we got in the room, we remained silent.


He looked at me nervously.

“Steve…You…Don’t know anything about sex, do ya?


I sat in the bed, and he took his face in his hands.

“I’m sorry…I was just…I was too embarrassed to look it up on the internet…I don’t know anything about sex and this gets to me…”

“Hey…” I hugged him tight. “It’s okay…I knew it already…”

I held his hands, and smiled at him.

“I can teach you about that…” I said, kissing his forehead.

I kissed his cheek and he smiled.

I sat on his lap and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“That’s it…Now…You just…Do what you feel like doing…” I felt my face blush.

Why the fuck am I blushing?

I shouldn’t be blushing. I mean… I’m a fucking adult…

He smiled and rubbed my back.

“I know Nat told you to cut your hair…” He said.


I closed my eyes for a moment and felt his chest against mine.

I felt his lips on my neck and…God…It felt like heaven…

“I love you just the way you are…” He whispered in my ear.

I scratched his back softly while he showered me with kisses.

He looked up at me and smiled.

“Can we…Um…Take your arm off?...Tonight I just…Want the whole you…”

I felt my face warm, and nodded.

He carefully took out the prosthetic arm, and I looked away.

“You know you don’t need to be ashamed of yourself…” He said.

He’s so innocent…                  

I kissed his forehead, and we were engulfed by the sound of silence, with the gentle touches of our lips together.

I felt his hand slide to my thighs and shivered.


“Too soon, Baby doll?”

“No…It’s…” I giggled. “Perfect…”

He laid me down, and started unbuttoning my shirt carefully, smiling softly.

“A-Are you okay? I…I mean…Do I stop or…” He stuttered. 

“You’re just…Perfect…And…Please keep going or I’ll do it myself.”

I closed my eyes, and kissed his neck.

“I love you so much…” He said.

He threw my shirt to the ground and smiled.

“What should I do now?” He asked, concerned.

“Do what the fuck do you want with me…” I grabbed him by the collar and kissed him deeply.

He shivered in front of me and spread  my legs, smiling between kisses.

I felt his hand unbuckle my belt and slide it off my pants.

“Stevie…” I moaned softly.

He caressed my thighs and smiled at me.

“If I may… I never thought you would look so…Pretty under me…”

“You’re seriously going to drive me crazy…” I said.

“More than you already are?” I felt his hands under my boxer and sighed.

“Stev-…” He cut me off.

“Don’t say a word, beautiful.”

I felt his hand caress my boner and I suddenly went to heaven.

“Ready to rock this bed tonight, Baby Doll?” He whispered in my ear.

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To be continued... New chapter Every 30 days.

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