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madwolf55 Liam Micheal

Young Ali has her boyfriend over for the holidays.

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Chapter 1

   It was Christmas Eve and Ali Burdette pulled her boyfriend's hoodie tighter around her body as she walked down the main street. Her phone rang and the guy in front of her stopped and stared at her. Her face turned a deep red as she looked at the message. It was from Zach Garrigus, her boyfriend. Ali smiled brightly. He was on his way to her house. She turned on her heel and headed home.

   Around 11 at night, Ali heard a knock on the door and got up to answer it. She let out a squeak when she saw it was Zach. Ali pulled him inside and hugged him tightly. Zach smiled and hugged her back and kissed her in front of her family. Her brother Patrick came downstairs and said ew. Zach pulled back and looked at him.

"Hey, little buddy."
"Hi, Zach. Are you gonna be with us tonight?"
"Yes. That's why I'm here. To be with my lovely girlfriend for the holidays."


   Zach held Ali's hand as they made their way to the kitchen table. Jordan smiled at Ali's mom and other brother. Ali quickly put Pat to bed and Drake, her other brother, stormed off to bed. Ali gave Jordan a confused look about her brother. Zach shrugged. Ali sat back down and laid her head on Zach's shoulder and he played with her hair. Ali's mom was the first to speak.

"Would you like to stay with us until you go home?"
"Yes, Ma'am."
"Oh, Ali got you a few things to open tomorrow."
   Zach turned his head to beam at his girlfriend. She blushed. 

"Well, let's all head to bed."
   Zach and Ali stood and Zach kissed her tenderly before laying on the couch and sleeping. 

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