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n o t . t o d a y

One. Two. Three… Twenty-eight. Twenty-nine... Morning struggle.

Have positive thoughts. Count to ten to calm yourself. Get up from bed. Straight up your sheets. Open your windows. Eat healthy. Go out with your dog. Or by yourself. Call someone you love, even if it’s just to say “hello”. Cook a meal. Clean the kitchen. Take a long shower. Wash your hair. Use some perfum. Get that old task done. Or, at least, start doing it.

The plans seem simple enough. But I’m in morning struggle.

The number now is sixty-seven. I still couldn’t calm myself. I’m still in bed. Maybe someday the counting will work for me.


This day is not today.

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Isis Souza Sentimentos viram palavras. E, já dizia Dumbledore, as palavras são nossa fonte inesgotável de magia.

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