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🚨Based on a true story. Some parts have been fabricated and dramatized for fictional purposes. All characters in this book are over the age 21. Read at your own risk. This book is not for children, or people under 21 years of age. 🚨 ⚠️Warning, this book contains ⚠️ -Vulgar Language -Sex Scenes Description: Rain Simmons has an itch she can’t scratch while on college grounds. She leaves class and sneaks into the girls locker room to ease her sexual frustrations. Chancellor Adams gets notified of someone trespassing and goes to check it out. Read to find out more.

Erotica For over 21 (adults) only. © All Rights Reserved I, Kalissa Fahoome, do not allow my work to be used or adapted in any way without my permission.

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Don’t Tell Nobody

Chapter 1

Rain crossed her legs tightly together at the ankles as she sat at her desk in the middle row of her peers. She wasn't paying attention to Ms. Fitzgerald talk about her recently sad divorce at her desktop. Which was located in the front of the classroom full of talkative college juniors. Ms. Fitzgerald couldn’t stop crying long enough to teach them anything.

Rain had no idea why she had come into work today if she was so upset. Ms. Fitzgerald was here, at work, crying over a man who probably didn't give two fucks about her. Ms. Fitzgerald should have been getting off a couple nuts somewhere by some sexy man who had his shit together just like the main character in the book Rain was reading, Run for Their Money.

The traits the main character possessed made Rain jealous. The main character was arrogant, selfish, rude, and manipulative as fuck. She could get herself anything her heart desired when she desired it, and she did it at the expense of anything, or anybody. In many ways Rain was the opposite, and she had more of a soft spot for people. She didn't like to be the cause to people’s someone's pain.

Rain could careless about Ms. Fitzgerald and her pointless ass tears. She was in the mood to get her pussy licked, sucked, and fucked on because her book was making her juices flow heavily. The only problem was Rain was at her university.

Rain’s usual candidate was the weedman who lived across the hall from her and her older sister in the apartment complex they stayed in. He was twenty-one, but Rain only preferred older men being that she was twenty-three. Rain only fucked with him because he was able to put it down how she wanted it. All the guys her age were childish and that was why she didn't fuck with them like that.

Rain's juices flowed into her cheetah printed thong as her eyes scanned the pages of the book she was sucked into. The main character, Lily, was getting raw dogged by her older brother's bestfriend who was seven years older than her. She was a fresh twenty-three while her brother's bestfriend was thirty. The two were inside of the hall bathroom, right down the corridor from her brother's room. Lily was bent over the sink and cumming all over his big, fat dick that was making her ass speak in tongues. The writer was very detailed making Rain's pussy throb achingly.

"Hey. Rain. You okay?" Lance, a student asked, who was seated to the side of her.

He noticed Rain fidgeting in her seat, but he also was checking her out. Her short, black hair was now out of its usual ponytail, and the gray jumpsuit Rain wore clung to her petite frame which brought out the curves she received from her mother. Rain hesitantly looked away from her book and over at Lance with a forced smile. She quickly nodded her head and looked away, getting right back to her book.

"Yeah. I'm cool, Lance." She mumbled her response, her eyes scanning the pages.

"What are you reading?" He asked, peeking over his desk to hers.

"An erotica book." Rain replied nonchalantly.

She knew he was trying to make conversation with her. He was like all the other little boys in her classes. Pathetic. They all wanted a piece of her to brag about it. Rain wasn’t falling for it at all.

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