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This book is explicit and shouldn’t be read if you are easily bothered and/or offended. This is a short, erotica book that will be split into ten chapters or less. This is for adults only. ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ -Cursing -Dirty Talk -Vulgar Words -Cheating -Betrayal -Mild Violence Description: June put forth major effort into being a good wife to her husband, Savion, but Savion didn’t appreciate her. June went to her step brother, Ezra, for comfort as she always had, and things spiraled out of control between the two of them. Will June ever find the love she longs for? Please read to find out.

Erotica For over 21 (adults) only. © All Rights Reserved I, Kalissa Fahoome, do not allow my work to be used or adapted in any way without my permission.

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Hurt No More

Chapter 1: Hurt No More

As I wiped at my tears, I chuckled softly to myself. The reflection in the bathroom mirror was pathetic. I was pathetic. I shook my head thinking about yet another situation I had gotten myself into over dealing with Savion. I was currently hiding in the bathroom of my husband's closet, listening to him fuck a woman that wasn't me.

Was I angry?Yes.

Was I surprised?No.

Savion and I had been together for six years, and we didn't live in the same house. We didn't have any children, and I didn't complain being that I was only twenty-five years old. It was bad enough that he had a baby on me a year ago with a woman that worked at my job. I was a CNA nurse at a senior living facility.

I stayed with Savion after the baby because he promised me that we'd go to counseling, and work on our relationship moving forward. He swore that I'd finally be the main priority in his life like I should have been, and like a dummy, I believed him.

Savion was a thirty-one year old man that captured my heart young. Plus Savion was the only man I had ever given myself to. I didn't want to switch dicks like most of my friends encouraged me to do. I was loyal. Maybe a bit stupid, but loyal.

I came over to his house to decorate and to cook a romantic dinner when I overheard him coming inside the door earlier than expected. I instantly panicked and ran into the bathroom. I was trying to surprise him with something special since it was our seventh year anniversary tonight, but I was the one who was surprised in the end.

I was stuck in this man's bathroom with nothing, but a trench coat and red bottom heels on. I was humiliated beyond measure. The reflection in the mirror didn't make me feel good either. I was crying once again.

I loved my husband, but love wasn't enough these days. Savion told me he was going to be at work, grading papers for the high school math class he taught, but here he was, in the other room fucking the brains out of some bitch.

After seven years of fighting a man on loving me, I was starting to think something was wrong with me. I thought I was something to look at from my dark brown eyes, tawny skin, medium length black hair, plumped lips, and curvy body. I had a good job, and I handled my duties as a wife. I cooked and cleaned. I sucked and fucked. I listened more than I ran my mouth. I didn't understand why Savion just couldn't love me properly.

I quickly pulled out my cellphone and texted my step brother, Ezra, to come pick me up because he dropped me off earlier. My car was in the shop until the upcoming Monday, and today was Saturday.

As I was typing away on my cellphone, I heard the bathroom door slowly start to creak open. My stomach instantly hollowed as I locked eyes with Savion.

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