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Carino is a shapeshifter. Also Pete. And maybe you are one too but you still not know it. Maybe this is the explanation to all this "strange" things that happens in your life and make you look different.

LGBT+ For over 18 only. © Respect Xabel Mind copyright, share, not re-upload. If you like the story or characters and you want to create fan-art, you can do it if it's non-profit and you notify us. We can't wait to see it!

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All was going well...


   All was going well until that message arrived:

   “I’m a shapeshifter and I know that you are one too, that’s why I tell you this.”

   Almost instantly entered the next:

   “Welcome to the world, colleague.”

   I stared to that “colleague” feeling my eyelids stretching more than they should in the commissures. I couldn’t process that anyone could write “colleague” at that point, I believed that those things only happened in series of the end of XX century and starts of XXI. In what world…? Wait! “I’m a shapeshif...”, ok…

   I took a quick look to the class, the virtual exposition have them focused and it was one of the favourite themes of the common… who would bother to look away from that to make a joke. To me.

   People get very annoying when you are different, they like teasing because of this. Almost everyone in that class had made me some kind of joke since they saw that I’m humourless. It’s not that I get angry, I don’t feel anything. I don’t know what it is laugh spontaneously when someone tell a joke.

   That have to be some kind of joke. “I’m a shapeshif...”, ok. I can’t see the funny thing, I use to understand the part that should make me laugh even if it doesn’t do it.

   Someone moved a few seats ahead, but it was only for scratching. It used to bother me those who didn't use the filter in public places, I don’t have to stand see you scratching or picking your nose only because you forgot to put on the activity filter before left home.

   I went back to the message. “I’m a...”, there was something strangely comfortable in that sentence what made me feel some warmth in the chest, like when you sit in a cozy couch, of those who cradle you like a baby.

   “I don’t know who you are but stop talking to me”, I wrote back, even if in my mind resonated “writing to me” it wasn’t good to use so appropriate language in student space.

   -Fine, this is all -I had lost the exposition-. And that’s what you have to do for the next session -and the homework!-. If you don’t have more questions… -I couldn’t ask, they wanted to leave!-. You are free.

   Some of them desappeared before they hear “free”. In just a few seconds we were only around fifteen in the classroom and I was still stucked, with an anxiety stream forming in my chest. The tutor gone. Genial.

   -It was serious -sounded a smooth voice over me-. See you in your house in five minutes -I stared to that idiot-. No? Later?

   -No -I switched off and take off the glasses from my face only to rub my eyes.

   -Already back? -asked mom outside the room.


   -How was the day?

   -Nice! -I only got up from the chair to collapse in the bed.

   -You should go out -she freaked me out opening the door suddenly-. We have a wonderful day, you should see the Sun for a bit -and she closed again.

   Instead, I put on the splint and slipped under the sheets to get a nap. Even if the stress headache of not know what homework we had to do was starting to conquer all my presence, that didn’t win against the exhaustion.

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