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Take a Deep breath and be parient. He is not behind you at this very moment. Mandu is in your room he can seeyou from wherevere your are Reading this do not try to find it would be annonoying Mandu is the being that tries to hurt you in your most terrifying nightmares therefore it is recommended that you try to wake up as son as posible in one of they too Mandu is the spirit of the people you once hurt them so Mandu seeks revenge Mandu is that fear that you try to forget what you do not want to see what you do not want to feel Mandu does not like to be looked for that nervousness that you feel from head to toe indicates that Mandu should not be far away do not try to remember traumas because Mandu revives them do not think about what to do in how to satisfy the revenge of those affected by you guess that Mandu is right above you do not look up and avoid anything that can reflect it glass mirrors glasses if you keep hearing this you were lucky Mandu still thinking what all not se illicit things all peoples without knowingmay be victems of Mandu people who died in accidentsMandu may at this time or later die drowner asficciad or sufter an accident or any of the worst deaths you can sufter Mandu Will have fulfilled his revenge you GOOD NIGHT. 

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Jackie Inkspired Blogger Jackie Inkspired Blogger
Reviewed by Inkspired editorial team. :) Great story! We give it the status of "In Review" because we think you can still improve some grammar and punctuation mistakes. It has potential! Maybe you will like to correct it. If you do so, we would verify your story immediately. Go ahead! Keep it up! :)
July 31, 2018, 11:42