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Hanna Beifuß does not forget, does not forgive and has terrible memories. Did she, the reserved psychology student in her final semester, ever deserve Silvio Gold, or is this just the sinister haunting of an old romantic love story, or a selfish excuse? "This can't be true," she stares like a madwoman at the man holding out the roses to her. "Who-who are you?" Excuses of the past come and almost take her breath away, like the last smile of an old person.

Romance Young Adult Romance Not for children under 13. © Own work

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I'm sitting here alone now. Whole shards of the past cut my soul. Memories came to me as if the wind was carrying them with it. Terrible memories of last night. Of what had happened just ten hours and two minutes ago. The sadness was killing me. I only had one wish left, to have him next to me again, to hear his voice and to feel something familiar in my presence. To see him laughing and happy next to me. Something that gave me support. Something that made me happy. I still didn't want to admit it.

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