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Quotes to take away.

"Sometimes kindness and forgiveness are worth more than hatred, disappointment and revenge."

"You will only find true love if you firmly believe you will find it."

"Believe something very strongly, it will keep paths open for you that you probably thought were unlikely forever."

There are always two sides to an argument. The one who stirs up the celebration and the one who lights the fire. It is in our power not to take everything personally, because what is the point of arguing in the end?

Even if you're standing in the rain, don't give up, laugh and believe in your dreams. Because hope is strength.

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The End

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Rebecca Wolff Rebecca Wolff ist auf der schwäbischen Alb geboren, wohnhaft im Kreis Stuttgart. Schreiben ist ihr Hobby. Es ist wunderbar in die Welt des Schreibens einzutauchen und auch zu lesen. Sie denkt gerne über den Sinn des Lebens nach, hinterfragt auch vieles. Ihre eBooks beschreiben meistens das Leben.

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