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We have all heard them.

I had woken up one more time from my countless nightmares. Without hope, I saw my face in the mirror. The face of a tired and exhausted person. I looked strange and inhuman. When I opened my eye completely, a black and empty hole was what I had as a pupil. I rubbed my eyelids and saw myself carefully, everything had returned to normal. I guess sometimes things turn a little… Strange. Through my hands ran the water from the sink, water that moved between my fingers and distorted them, making them look different… They looked without skin, only bone, lacking ligaments.

I knew that if it lasted longer I would go crazy, I left the bathroom as if I was running away from someone, surprised, I looked back to see the light of the room flickering. And I felt like from my arm, full holes were made as if they were wounds. I slid my arm over them to be removed. My head, it hurt, it was my hell.

In that day. I lost interest in everything.

I left home without wanting to go to school, a shadow that had previously bitten me now accompanied me, just as annoying with the sun as I was. I saw that girl who was waiting for me with a kiss and a cigarette, ”Good morning, love” she said, ”It’s a pity you still don’t know love is over’.’ I bit her lip without answering and approached my hand to her back, it was a long and passionate kiss, well, at least it was passionate for her. Although I was fine, I was excited by the bitter cigar that was going to accompany me.

Since that day…

I became a hunter who is not interested in his prey.

I became an antisocial creature and at the same time an asocial person.

Every day was a hunting day, at all times. I was going down the street, looking for the youngest and innocent prey. It was tender to see how they hid their fear through doubt. It lasted a while being that, until one day I stopped hunting and I became a monster. I locked myself up so as not to hurt anyone else. I locked myself up so I would not make them suffer again. I locked myself up so as not to hurt anyone else.

Time passed slowly, calmly, I learned to control my hunger, but it was useless. Even when I was locked in my cave, the sheep came near me. And since I am a monster without control… I ate them.

And now, this is the story of my freedom.

Now that I am free and I have no control. Now that the moon is black and she dress us with her dark light. They all look like prey in a red tone, so easy to break and so hard to forgive, you could crack them with your teeth like candy, rub them all their cheeky lies in the face, I could make them burn with the flames of my breath and pierce them with my claws, while demanding forgiveness.

Because now I am the evil beast that judges.

Because now man is more evil than the monster.

Because now I narrated my own story of disappearance in the hands of the creepers.

That’s why I want them to feel, what it’s like to take a bat with huge nails and break your bones slowly. Not for them to suffer what I suffered, I just wanna enjoy what they enjoyed. I would go so far that I would dare pluck their guts and see how flies share the same hunger as me. It’s a pity that I no longer want to eat, because that way I would see how everyone in their stomach has once been my food. And now that it’s rotten, now that my belongings are dirtier than me, I’m not willing to take them again, but I’m willing to let the fire of the rain turn them into ashes.

Unfortunately, now I’m dead, but at the same time I feel more alive than ever. My screams run through the sky like echoes of the angels to the earth. Now I am the normal one who stands out for his lack of sanity. And I have the right to see them with grief, people without passions, people without interests, they are so different to me.

Stop the pain.

I don’t know who it is, but now she is there, standing, looking at my mask, she looks scared. At this moment, with my ecstasy of power, I approach her towards the shore and I see her fixedly, when I see the expressionless face carved in her mask I extend my hand with some fear towards her. She holds my hand to fly with me and observe my odyssey made of unrecognizable victims. I boast happily of my work, as if it were a hero who boasts of having saved the city. However, she seems not to be surprised at all. With some interest, I offer to walk for a couple of hours. We arrived at the beginning of a path that pointed upwards, without being fastened to the ground, it looked like it connected with a floating path along the clouds that I see as if they were made of sulfur and rained magma. The girl in the mask accompanied me to the top of the path, where what looked like a labyrinth became a complete garden. When we turned around, the path we came by was also sealed. We walk a lot through the garden. She had not said anything, nor had she noticed me, although I kept talking about myself… She looked very calm until finally turned to see me, and the burning horns that came from my forehead. Horns that I felt, but I never stopped to see. They looked tall and burned. She praise them, as if they were warm and pleasant, but I didn’t believe a word. She doesn’t move her lips when speaking, but I hear her voice clearly. Maybe…

She became her mask.

Honestly I’m very afraid, it’s like a mermaid, those disgusting monsters that confuse men who taste salty water in their desperation, seduce them and devour their souls. I know she wants to say something, what I don’t know is why she doesn’t say it. It’s as if she were a monster that is contained by devouring me. I must admit that I am scared, I don’t want her to devour me while I see her, although I feel that between his silence and his gaze, she’s savoring my soul.

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The End

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Axsajim Reyes Creador de universos. Diseñador de Fantasías y Bardo de realidades.

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