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Hello there!o

My name is Luna Padilla and i'm a Pansexual bigender, because OF COURSE if wouldn't put it you would say idiotic things related to heterosexuality. 

Pride month a month to openly celebrate your sexuality, but i have something to discuss some LGBT+ members aren't as open and accepting as they claim to be, i'm not saying that ALL members are like that but quite a few aren't. 

People in social media having doing edits, icons, drawings, texts about it some nice but as I said before some are not as accepting, and it gets me kind of pissed off. The other day i read this: 

"They just want to be included in something because heteros want to get their grubby fingers on everything"

So.. is this heterophobia?.... an LGBT+ member acting like that seems really weird at least for me and the sad thing is that many others agree with this person with made me even more upset. I'm also pretty sure pride month ISN'T limited to LGBT+ only! 

Heterosexuals can still express their sexuality in pride month with it still being valid! The other thing is i made a request for a heterosexual pride thing because i wanted to give it to friends of mine because they asked me for it, they both know the risks of Heteros asking for merch, but then i told them i would get it for them if they were too shy or even scared (they know how people can be sometimes in pride month) and accepted ; so i entered my tumblr and asked for the drawing and they replied "We aren't doing cis/hetero things since it's pride month" 

What.The.Fuck isn't pride month all about acceptance and NO i won't even reply those messages that say "because pride month is for LGBT+ members"  but the next thing that happens is that they send me another message calling me "oppressed" and then blocked me, that's why I couldn't get images of that convesation. 






And guess what else ends with sexual.. exactly 


It's a sexuality and not because it's the most common one means it has to receive no respect. 

because Love is Love. 

Sunday, June 3, 2018 

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