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All she wanted was to be away from the complicated unnecessary school politics. Meeting her was never part of the plan. Now she cant seem to escape either and its taking its toll. When love comes knocking in the most unexpected and unwanted coincidences, Nora must learn to confront her fears to grab on to it. What will happen when the whole system seems to be working against them? Will she be able to attain the happiness she now desires?

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First Encounter

Like everywhere else in the society, schools have their own set hierarchy that has nothing to do with the teachers or elected student body representatives. The representatives such as the school presidents, their deputies and prefects have their own power but it is usually given and never earned so it is expected and respected in its own way. However there is always another existing hierarchy of power which is by the students for the students and favour the students in aspects they cannot depend on the school for. These are usually in the form of smarts, beauty and wealth.

In st. camilla girls high school this hierarchy was based on all three aspects . Beauty, brains and wealth. It paid off to have all the three in one package but most had two or at least one to get into the system. The smarts were the pride of the school. The beauties were the representatives of the school and the rich were the providers. The distribution of the roles had a system that had been passed down through several generations of students from the school. The crown, the top most position which was slightly higher and more recognised than that of the school president, was the most recognised power in the school. Most often than not, the school president was always the crown and instances where she wasn't, the crown held more power. In every function the school usually sent the crown to represent instead of the school president. The president was a formality, a necessity but it didn't mean the position was ever recognized.

If you asked the girls of st. camilla who the school president was, they would look at you all confused and ask,’we have a school president? Who is she? What does she do?’ The crown on the other hand was a god in the school. A celebrity, an idol and the first thing new students got taught about. The crown was taken seriously and was considered the most sacred position of all. Teachers showed a small amount of fear for that position most times due to the status of whoever held it at each given time. In the history of the crown there had been only one instance of the crown not living up to the standards of the seat and she hadn't lasted long before she was overthrown by the three ruling sects.

The three sects; the beauties, the smarts and the rich, had their own leadership. The leaders of the three sects acted as the deputies of the crown. They were the three princesses of the school. The crown was never in charge of any of the three sects as she was expected to excel in all three of the sects. Be in the top five ranks of all three sects. A consistent top five was eligible to be crowned but it was rare to have competitors with each election year after year.

Nora was currently the smartest girl in her year but had declined the offer to be a princess. The invite only position held no elections as it was passed down to the top student of each year of each sect. Luckily for her, their second option was a candidate who held a conservative record of being second rank in the smarts sect and fifth rank in the beauties sect. She wasn't ready to join the treacherous waters that were the crown politics so she had been more than glad to give up the position when she had been informed of it a week earlier. She knew she would be the talk of the town for a while before the crown was announced but she didn't mind the gossip. She could ignore it and pretend it didn't exist for her unlike having to deal with people taking the initiative to talk to her.

“Did you hear the news?”

Nora wasn't interested in hallway gossip trains because they were never about things she was interested in. She always got her kind of news from teachers or noticeboards. The current mill of gossip didn't hold her attention until she heard the name. She had been studying the noticeboard checking for new information and postings about tutors. She applied to be a tutor every year because of the recommendation letters written for tutors by the end of their four years. The letter would look good on her records while applying for university and she didn't want to miss out on it. It served as her extracurricular activity as she rarely joined clubs so she needed it to boost her grades.

“About the crown?”

“Of course. There are two candidates this year and they are rivals. Steps I hear.”

“Step sisters? Yikes!”

“Worse than that, the one being formally considered is in year three. She tops in all categories with a margin. Like the perfect candidate. Her sister on the other hand is fourth in the smarts rank, second in the beauties and ties on rank zero with her sister on the rich rank.”

“Wait so that second year holds onto rank zero on all three sects?”

“Yep! It's crazy! The furthest a crown has ever gotten to having such perfect ranks was four years ago when the crown had two ranks that were zeros.”

Nora knew what that meant. The ranks were usually started from number one who became the princess of her sect. The crown couldn't be ranked first in any sect so in instances she was above the rank one of a sect, the rank zero was put into effect hence changing that year’s ranking. Having a crown own a rank zero was a pride most crowns hoped to achieve when being chosen. Most of them achieved at least one rank zero and in rare cases they achieved two. Achieving three was unheard of and quite frankly awe inspiring that even Nora was curious about the girl. That was a lot considering she was in year three and had ranked above all year fours in everything and by far. There was no way she was getting surpassed anytime soon.

“The teachers are calling her the school genius. She plays sports too. That is beyond wow for me. “

“Is the one who won the track games last year? Alexandra?”

“Yep. that's the one. She prefers the name alex. Sounds boyish doesn't it?”

“Makes her sound like a queen.”

“I know! I'm waiting to see her when she arrives later today.”

Nora's brain stopped. Alex? Year three? No it couldn't be the same person. She had mentioned she was the only Alex in her year but she couldn't have been wrong. The Alex she knew couldn't possibly be the same person they all were talking about. She wanted to listen in more but her phone buzzed and she looked down at it. She smiled at the name that popped up on the screen.

Sammie: Where are you? You are too tiny that you are harder to find than a needle in a haystack. Give me your exact location and stay where you are!

Nora: I'm not that small so don't exaggerate! Find me in the classroom. You are so popular that I may get caught in a mini stampede from your adoring fans.

Sammie: Ha ha! And whose fault is that? If you hadn't given up your position I might still have been a free woman. You are evil.

Nora: You still love me.

Nora looked up and sighed. The hallway was getting more crowded as more girls joined in on the ongoing gossip.she slipped through the crowd forming and headed to her assigned classroom. She was lucky she was in the same class with Sam but their sitting arrangements were different. She didn't know who her seatmate was as they had yet to arrive but she wasn't too worried about that fact. She plopped down on her seat and laid her head on the table. She was feeling a little overwhelmed from all the excitement that was happening outside and worried about her friend being that person.

She had met her on an online chat platform and had been talking for over a month now. They talked about everything and she had shared all her deepest darkest secrets knowing it was all anonymous. The only piece of information she had let slip was her going back to school and the name of the school which had led to her friend disclosing her name and class. She had panicked but Alex had assured her she didn't need to share her information unless she wanted to meet. A ping on her phone alerted her of an incoming message. She looked at it wondering what Sam had written when her heart stuttered at the name on her display. Alex.

She sat up and stared at the name debating whether to open it or not. She looked around and looked back at her phone. Knowing she was likely going to be in the same vicinity as Alex was unnerving at best. Letting out a big gust of air she clicked on the message and read it out loud to herself.

If you want to meet me, I'm here.

Nora looked at it and reread it several times. She wasn't sure about how the new developments were making her feel. A new message notification appeared on the screen and she clicked on it without a second thought.

Sam: Got work at the sect meeting room. You do know where it is though, right?

Nora: I'm not that clueless. Get to the point, Sammie.

Sam: Can you come around here for a few minutes? Keep me company before the rest come?

Nora: We were supposed to meet in the classroom? Remember?

Sam: Come on… please…

Nora sighed as she got up momentarily forgetting the other text she had received. The sects meeting room was across the compound from where she was and it would take her almost five minutes to get there. She had missed her friend and that was the main reason she was willing to drag herself all the way there without complaining. Nora didn't bother knocking the door. She pushed it as she called out,

“Sammie darling, you better look like a million dollars and have my bribe ready or else you will face the wrath of having to drag me all the...oh!”

Nora stopped short, almost bumping into someone who was trying to leave the room. This someone wasn't Sam. This someone was tall unlike her slightly taller than her friend who liked to pretend to be a giant.

“I thought Sam was alone in here. I'm sorry for the intrusion and almost bumping into…Alex?”

She had been busy explaining herself as she was slowly looking up hoping she hadn't met with any of the sects’ higher ups. The face she saw peering down at her was not one she had ever expected to meet this up close and personal. She had seen a photo that was being sneakily passed around as the student body marvelled at her. It had been quite a stir she had caused that one of her classmates shared her photo to the school website. She was famous in her own right having received presents on many occasions for representing the school in both academic and extracurricular activities. Here she was into a stunned Nora who had not thought of the possibility of accidentally meeting her. Quite the opposite she had vowed to stay as far away as she could from her. She felt stupid realising with her current location the chances of meeting had just increased so it happening was not a shocker. Karma was a bitch once more to her and here she was standing in front of the girl who could possibly ruin her school year and potentially ruin her life if she felt inclined to do so.

The girl corked her head sideways studying Nora who was starting to feel like an organism under a microscope lens.

“You are way shorter than I expected you would be. As tiny and adorable as my bunny whiskers. You do remind me of her.”


Nora couldn't stop the surprise in her voice. The girl seemed to be lost in her thoughts and mumbling about Nora resembling a rabbit?

A snicker made Nora whip her head sideways to glare at her friend who was holding back her laughter.

“Oh I'm sorry. That was rude of me. I was marvelling at how tiny you are. Are you sure …never mind it might come off as offensive.”

Nora glared up at her indignantly as the realisation of what she had been about to say hit her. The girl ignored her glare and smiled down at her.

“I'm Alex. Year three. I have finally had the chance to introduce myself to my idol, nora. I heard you didn't take up the princess seat for the smarts sect. I'm curious. Why?”

Nora looked up at her in disbelief. She was angry and not in the mood to answer any questions that she deemed stupid but something about the genuine smile on Alex's face made her snap.

She didn't understand what was making her so furious but she couldn't bring herself to care. She would be swimming in regrets later but her brain to mouth filter was all but shattered at the moment.

“A. I'M NOT THAT SHORT!! B. sorry for shouting that in caps. I needed to let it out. C. Do you ask everyone such personal questions or am I just the unlucky recipient of the day? D. Are you that Alex? I've been hearing that name all day and I feel as if you are…OH DEAR!”

Nora took a step back as if she was suddenly realising something.she looked up at Alex and then peered sideways at Sam who was covering her mouth to hide her laughter. She mouthed to her friend while pointing at Alex, ‘it's her?’ which prompted her friend to laugh uncontrollably, unable to hold in her laughter.

“Yes it is me. That Alex.”

Nora looked up suddenly, her eyes wide with horror at the realisation that she had done that infront of her. She lost her footing due to the weird angle she had been standing on. A small squeak left her mouth as she shut her eyes tightly waiting for the pain that would engulf her on the impact of her fall. Anyone who ever thought that being short meant less pain whenever one fell down had yet to experience the unfair world of shortness. She cracked open one eye wondering why she couldn't feel anything only to be met by the most intense pair of eyes she had ever seen. Both eyes wide open she looked into those eyes that seemed to draw her in wondering what had actually happened.

“Oh wow.”

She quickly stood up straight and tried to regain her balance escaping the warm embrace she had been in suddenly feeling awkward and bothered. She looked down as she muttered a small and quick ‘thank you’ before rushing out of there not caring she was acting like a coward. She couldn't tell what intimidated her more. Alex or the position she was to hold. Nora wasn't about to wait around to find out the answer.

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