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The story is based on the album Ultraviolence of singer Lana Del Rey in forms of letters. pages of diary and memories. Each chapter will be the subject of each track on the album I hope you like it P.S.: May have some errors in writing and/or verbal agreement, I am sorry, English is my second language (I am not 100%) I apologize again and patience, please and thank you.

Fanfiction Bands/Singers Not for children under 13.
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Cruel World

Dear Diary,

I met a guy who changed my life; I shared everything with him... The good times and the bad!
My body and my mind were directed to that love did everything to last a lifetime (This is what they say when they find the love of your life)
I was just an ordinary girl and he was a rock God. He was the Rockstar of the local pub.

We were two sides of the same coin.
He was the wild side and fun.
I was the calm and peaceful.
With him I learned the taste of life; he was the only one...
With him I learned the value of disappointment, was the only one to break my heart.

The women were around all the time... I now realize that I am really happy without him.

We were young, wild and free.
We could do everything and be everything
we had no fear of tomorrow
we dance every night, drunks spinning in circles.
With my red dress, it was crazy for me.
The smell of him remembered the Bourbon dark and hot.

He was crazy for me

To share the infinite and this ended in one night
I remember and it's as if you're starting now

Everything was nothing but a bad dream that became reality

He was the high that brought me down a crazy passion that has ended and I’m finally happy.

With the delicacy of a dry rose, Miss...

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To be continued...

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