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Naomi's world is forever changed after her encounter with death and narrowly escaping it. As she recounts the events of that day we go down the memory lane with her during the five hours she spend hiding from the attackers in a place she had gone to relax and enjoy her day... This story is inspired by multiple stories from survivors of terrorist attacks and while this account written didn't actually happen, the events explained happened to the victims who either survived or lost their lives...

Short Story Not for children under 13.

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She lay down flat on the ground and held her breath praying they would not look under the table. A round of firing began way too close for comfort and she held in the scream threatening to escape when the glass shattered next to her and a piece launched itself in her leg. She could feel the glass pierce through her skin and the pain was excruciating. She did some mental calculation and came to a conclusion that she had been hiding there for around five hours. She cursed her luck and wondered why she had been curious about the top most floor of this building. They were here finally. Cornered by the police and desperate. She knew her chances for survival were slim. She had been listening to the gun battle they were engaged in getting closer and closer with every passing minute. She looked at the table where Anna was and inhaled when she noticed her friend crawling out of the small space running towards her. She tried to shake her head at her praying she would look but a bullet was faster. A spray of blood reached her landing just below her eyes. A bloodcurdling and deafening scream tore through the quiet. A shot followed it. Then it was quiet.

She looked at her friend half the face blown off and the only thought in her head was,

This is it. I'm going to die. Closing her eyes she accepted the inevitable and silently waited.


Five hours ago…

Naomi looked at her friend and sighed. They were early. Two hours to kill before the movie started. She didn't know what to do with all that time. A second year college student on scholarship didn't have that much to spare to shop in expensive places such as this mall. Anna paying for the tickets had been the only thing keeping her there. She didn't want to wait but she knew leaving would mean giving up the ticket and that didn't sit well with her. She knew the struggles of not having enough money for any of her daily necessities so she avoided wasting even though it wasn't her. She wondered hand in hand with anna aimlessly thoughts scattered when anna said,

, “Why don't we go to the highest floor here and see what is there?”

Naomi nodded, feeling bored and sleepy. She hoped the little adventure would wake her up and lift her spirits. In the elevator Anna went on droning about facts about the hotel.

“I wonder what company this lobby belongs to. It's bigger than any of my rooms I have ever owned. It's just seats but I could fall asleep here. Is this the last floor?”

“Not really. There are two more that aren't accessible to the public.”

“Oh. So six floors. That's not too high.”

She had just begun walking towards the floor to ceiling windows to check out the view when the first one hit. The loud bang accompanied by the floor shaking made her drop to her knees. At first, she thought it was an earthquake. Then the second and third explosion happened and one of the windows shattered. She crawled to the smallest table at the corner and dragged herself inside. The space was so small that her small frame was still a little too much for it. She squeezed herself in gritting her teeth in pain.

She had just settled herself with a partial view of the elevators and staircase entry when the first person entered running. Several people followed in screaming. A round of firing could be heard following them up the stairs. She looked around and spotted her friend under the table at the opposite corner from her closer to the staircase. She felt relieved and looked ahead to see the attacker enter the place. He had a machine gun and his whole torso was covered with bullets. He had not stopped firing so the group in the room was cornered and could only hide behind each other prolonging their lives though they knew there was no hope.

A girl plucked out her phone from her pocket as she hid behind a flower pot. She dialled a number with shaking hands and held the phone to her ear. She watched as the man approached her location and sighed in relief at one point. Naomi realised it wasn't because she thought she would survive but rather because her call had been answered. The only part of the hurried conversation she could make out was,

“I'm sorry…I love you…I'm sorry…”

Later Naomi would find out the girl had made the call to her father. She had barely hung up the phone when the gunman appeared in front of her. Her gut wrenching scream was cut short by the sound of a bullet fired straight to her head. She slumped back lifeless as Naomi resisted the urge to vomit. She noticed her phone dimly lighting up beside her and she was suddenly glad she had placed it face down. Her bad habit of never having her phone on sound or vibrate to alert her of incoming calls suddenly felt like a blessing in disguise.She looked at the bodies laying in front of her in a pool of blood and almost cried out in pain. There were babies and children among them. One was still strapped to his mother's back with a bullet hole in the temple. These attackers were animals. Heartless and inhumane. She briefly closed her eyes but they snapped open when the sound of heavy footsteps approached her hiding place. She relaxed when she realised he stopped a distance away from her. He made a call and with an angry tone shouted something in an unrecognisable language before disconnecting the call.

Naomi sat there for a while counting non-existent white sheep in her head. It had been a silly habit of hers to do but at the moment it was the only thing keeping her sane. Occasionally she looked at her friend noting she was dozing off, on and off which was better than anything. Anna was always high spirited and jumpy so her sleeping meant she was calm enough not to do anything crazy like trying to run out of the place. The man had settled himself on a seat facing all their possible exits waiting for anyone stupid enough to run in there. It had been hours. She quietly picked up her phone and risked pressing the power button. The dim light of the screen made her tense up but she didn't dare look up. She checked the time and mentally calculated the time they had been in there.it had been an hour and a half. A commotion on the floor below made her switch off her phone quickly and look up at the man who was now standing on guard. He picked a call and without saying a word, matched out of the room.

Naomi picked up her phone that she had placed beside her and send Anna a text,

“Stay there and don't move. Make sure your phone is on silent mode. Dim the screen light too.”

The sudden ding sound resounded across the room causing her to freeze up. How Anna had not gotten a call all that while was a pure miracle and she was sending prayers grateful for that mercy. She looked at Anna, following the instructions and sent another message.

“Are you okay?”

“I don't know. It feels so unreal. People died in front of me. I have the blood of a child drying on my dress!”

“Hold on. Don't move until …well for now don't move. I think I heard the police sirens earlier on. Just hold on okay?”

“Okay. Be safe too.”

Naomi sighed and put her phone down. She didn't want to accidentally attract their attention with the light. For the next two hours she had the view of the dying or already dead people scattered on the floor in front of her and the metallic smell of blood heavy in the air. Every thirty minutes she would text anna to find out about her current state.it was on the fourth hour, she heard a loud bang from the floor below them. An explosive. Screams began and a loud shout from a woman running up the stairs.

“No no no! I don't want to die now. I'm too young to die. My baby is waiting for me at home. Why did they let go of that man and not me? Please oh please…”

A loud thud followed the rant. A hand that could be seen clawing at the top stair. She was dead.Naomi shuddered. Two men followed her laughing while pointing at her. Naomi felt rage like no other. It was then followed by a sense of helplessness of knowing she was trapped and any show of heroism would get her killed. She watched them walk around the room and as they got closer to where Anna was, Naomi felt her heart stop. For the next twenty minutes she held her breath staring intently at their every move. It felt like an eternity before they began walking away from her deep in their conversation. Naomi had hit record a while back hoping the recording would serve as evidence if she ever got out alive. Looking down at her still recording phone tightly clutched in her hand she let out a breath trying to stop the tremors. She whispered softly,

“Five hours and still alive.”

She hit the stop button and sent a quick text to anna.

“You okay?”

“Yes. I almost had a heart attack though. They were so close I was afraid they would hear my breathing.”

Naomi was shaken. She was hoping they would be found soon because she knew Anna was almost at her breaking point. She preferred solitude so the wait didn't seem too much for her all things considered but for Anna who never sat in one place for too long, this had to be hell. She watched her fidget trying to get comfortable and sighed. She heard a round of firing from the floor below. A few seconds later another one began lasting seconds. Then another. It seemed to be an ongoing confrontation. The firing was getting closer as they were on the staircase. The two attackers raced inside the place firing at whoever was following them. Naomi watched as both of them fell after getting hit by the bullets that had followed them inside. She didn't know where they had been hit but she knew one wasn't dead. She waited holding her breath not daring to leave her sanctuary until she knew they were completely safe.

It all happened in slow motion. Anna wiggled her way out of the table and began running toward her not noticing one of the men sit up and pick his gun while pain was etched on his face. He didn't seem to care that he was bleeding profusely. All thought was poured into getting the gun into position just to fire a bullet at her running friend. She was several steps away when the bullet tore through her head. Naomi let out a bloodcurdling scream as Anna fell down in front of her, dead, half of her face gone. She closed her eyes knowing she had been seen and accepted the dead that was coming. Sobs racked her body while one thought raced through her head.

“So close...”

A shot was fired and Naomi waited for the pain. A few seconds passed and nothing happened. She opened her eyes and looked into another pair of eyes looking at her relief written all over the stranger's face.

“You are safe now. I am a police officer.”

Naomi felt her body relax all at once and her head felt heavy. A myriad of emotions passed through her and her eyes felt heavy. The last thing she heard before she lost consciousness was the police shouting,

“We have a survivor here…”

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The End

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Alice K. Always been a book lover and I a really wild imagination so I try to put down in words. I'm not an experienced author, I'm just starting my writing journey. I hope to grow as a writer here with all of you great authors and readers as I share my unique take on life in my books.

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