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I firstly would like a say a massive WELCOME to you if you are new to reading my stories, and if you are not new, hello again my friend and a massive THANK YOU for reading my stories. If you haven’t already, please read my short story Hidden Gem FIRST as that one is connected with this one, Hidden Gem is the first story of my short story series.

“Oh what a lovely day.” I think to myself.

I am walking out of the wide-open front door of my soon to be sold grandparents mansion. My mum and dad are packing my grandparents many belongings into the removal van, with two men that work for the removal firm helping them, both men are wearing blue overalls.

The sun is shining and the birds are chirping, I take a couple of seconds to appreciate this glorious summer day. I drink some blackcurrant juice from a bottle, while I’m screwing the lid back on the bottle, I walk down the five very weathered stone steps. I walk over to the fountain, taking my backpack off from my back in the process, I sit on the edge of the fountain, I rummage around within the backpack, pulling out one of the books that my grandfather would of wrote in the secret room.

I look over to my mum that is standing, looking into the removal van, she’s wearing a light blue dress patterned with flowers. She is watching the man in the van that’s placing a full brown box down in the corner of the van, she’s making sure he don’t drop the box or break anything. Dad on the other hand is walking beside the other removal man, I can see they are speaking about something, the removal man walking into to the mansion followed by dad, I’m sure they are going to collect more of their belongings.

I begin to read the words that my granddad wrote, getting emerged deeper within the story with every sentence I read.

*Hearing the sound of drips smacking onto the concrete floor.*

Seeing a shallow puddle, that a black boot disturbs the calmness of the liquid by stepping into it, rippling waves. A person is walking through the dark and damp underground tunnel, wearing hi-vis orange coverall clothing, seeing with every step the person takes the swaying light that is beaming out from his orange hard hat.

Suddenly hearing some static from a walkie talkie, then a male voice ask, “Have you found it yet Brian?”

The person pulls the walkie talkie out from his pocket, hearing the man responding, “Nearly there, it should be around this corner.”

Over the man’s shoulder we can see the faint sunlight shine through the metal gated entrance to the underground tunnel.

The man turns the corner and is greeted with more dark and dingy tunnel, he carries on walking deeper. Hearing some faint honking from a car that’s coming from overhead, he looks up seeing a droplet coming down from a manhole cover, splashing into the shallow rain water below.

The man carries on walking until he comes to a fork in the path, the tunnel splits off in two different directions.

He decides to ask for directions, speaking over the walkie talkie, “Which way should I take? Left or right?”

While he is waiting for a response, we can hear the rats squeaking and scurrying around, dirty vermin can stay away from me.

“Turn left Brian please.”

Brian is just about to walk down the left tunnel but something or someone down the right tunnel catches his eye, the figure of a person stands looking back at Brian.

“Excuse me!” Shouts Brian.

The figure is quick to run away, out of sight from Brian that decides to follow after the figure, Brian is now brisk walking down the right tunnel.

While in hot pursuit of the figure, he asks to the other person on the walkie talkie, “I thought these tunnels were abandoned?”

“They are, why do you ask.”

Brian responds, “I just see a figure of a person…”


Brian is struck with a heavy object from behind, which causes him to drop to the floor, the walkie talkie is thrown through the air.

“Brian! Are you…”

The voice cuts out as the walkie talkie hits the wall of the concrete tunnel, causing it to break.

We can now see a giggling figure drag Brian’s limp body deeper into the tunnel.

*A few hours later.*

With a groan, Brian groggily opens his eyes and is greeted by the figure standing in front of him. His blurry vision clears as he looks at the facial features of the figure, which looks pale in appearance, with dark black eyes, it has no hair on its head and pointy ears like a elf, not a pretty face to look at.

Brian lets out a painful groan as he sits up, while he holds his head and closes his eyes, after a second or two, he stops holding his head to look up, noticing more of these weird creatures behind what seems to be their leader.

Hearing my dad shout, “Ouch! My bloody finger!”

My reading gets disturbed as I come back to real life, by my dad causing a commotion because he hurt his finger putting my grandparents big grandfather clock into the back of the removal van, my mum is consoling him and helping by getting a plaster out of her brown handbag to put on his finger.

I hope you enjoyed reading this short story and thank you. I will be publishing some more of these short stories so keep an eye out for them. Love and peace to you.

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The End

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Shaun M Waller Hello and welcome to my page, don’t be shy and have a look around, I am sure there is something you will like. ❤️&✌🏻 My stories are available in: 🇮🇹🇫🇷🇪🇸🇧🇷🇵🇹🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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Estimado Escritor: Ha de ser complejo para Usted, (dificultad misma para tantos más), el escindir Paralelismo con su presente Cuento. Inmediatos surgen a mí, "La Declaración de Randolph C.", y ,"La Caverna", del mismo Autor; también, "La Máquina del T.", "Viaje al Centro de la Tierra", y demás compositivas; e inclusos biográficas como,"Sertorius", se aproximan a este esquema. Frente estas u otras, ha utilizado de modo Sagaz la imprenta Corroborativa del Diario,(ya Escrito), para evadir las Comparaciones, haciendo de su Narrador quien describe sus prácticas Incidencias, notificando sucesos ya sucedidos. No importunan los Paralelismos, de modo alguno, siendo que ha llevado Usted con Detalle y Armonía sus registros entre agilizadas oraciones, cuya continuidad no es Interrumpida en ninguno de sus segmentos, del cual hace ello Delicias entre sus Seguidores, como así lo expone mi Singular testimonio. Mis Saludos y mi Gratitud a Usted
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  • Shaun M Waller Shaun M Waller
    Gracias por tus amables palabras, te agradezco que te hayas tomado tu tiempo para leer mi historia. Espero que estés bien, amigo. February 18, 2024, 19:15
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    Siempre ha sido Generoso conmigo, Generosidad que descubrí apenas redacté mis primeras Letras en esta Aplicación, siendo Usted el primero además en saludarme y tributar mi Bienvenida entonces, como en este Lapso, del cual tuvo la deferencia del escribir en mi Lengua Madre en su propio Espacio. Estas muestras habla de Usted, mi estimado Autor, de su sinceridad y aprecio, tanto a mis Escritos como a mi Persona, que se gratifica con sus Saludos, y le Agradece siempre con mayor Fervor, desde mi Ser February 18, 2024, 20:11
Oluremi Zainab Oluremi Zainab
Too short for me, I wanted more. I was starting to get into the story, enjoy it then ding...his father hurt his finger and cut the intriguing story short. Not fair. That said, I like this story too, I love where it's going.
February 18, 2024, 11:12
Dila Atman Dila Atman
February 18, 2024, 10:05