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Sometimes, it's not about being in love. For some it's just because they can. For some it's just for fun. And for some, it's to get ahead. Once they had a taste, they couldn't just leave it at that. They had to go back for more. Despite the risks, the same students and teachers are getting caught up in forbidden moments once again. *** Forbidden Flames is a collection of teacher/student one shots and part of my Forbidden Lovers Series. All one shots are sequels from stories featured in Forbidden Passions. Warning: This book is not suitable for younger readers due to sexual content.

Erotica For over 21 (adults) only.

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The Return

This is the sequel to The Arrangement.

I shouldn't have answered her call. I should've had ignored my phone and not given into her. Or to myself; my own feelings. She's my student and anyone who looks at this would see it as taking advantage, abusing my power of trust, but they would be wrong. We both wanted it. She called me. She invited me into her dorm; into her bed. Granted I didn't have to go, but neither of us can deny the chemistry between us. That magnetic pull is too strong. I feel it every time I see her, double every time she is near me and now that we've finally crossed that line I want more of her. Every day. Maybe for the rest of my life.

It's only been a couple of days since I answered to her needs and I want more. I want it all, all over again and I bet she does too, but it's not so easy to just arrange to meet up. I can't keep going to her dorm or the rumours will start and that is when everything will get messy and complicated.

Yet I can't stay away either. Somehow I have to find a way to see her again. I could ask her to stay after class when I wrap up in a few minutes, and then when everyone is gone, we could, repeat that night. But it's risky. There's no locks on the lecture hall doors (for good reason) and there's no blind or anything to cover up that little window, but part of me doesn't care. I just need her.

My need for her is greater than anything I've ever felt. And I can't just let what happened between us go. This wasn't a one time thing and I damn well hope she knows that.

"Okay, that's all for today," I call out and busy myself shuffling papers as the chatter among my students suddenly fills the silence. I'm not actually doing anything with the papers, it's all for show.

I glance up and watch her as she starts to descend from her seat, making her wait to the door. She's far enough away I can't just walk over to her and whisper quietly as everyone else goes about their business. But I can't let her leave without talking about what happened between us. It may have been arranged on her terms, but she must have realised what she has opened within us both by doing that.

"Uh, Miss..." I pause as I look at my class list made at the beginning for the year to help learn and ultimately remember names, as if needing it still now. "Miss. Grey, can I see you before you leave please?" I glance up then and catch her eye as she freezes to look at me questioningly. "It won't take long." I finally move around my desk and head towards her, now having an excuse to talk to her without looking odd.

She whispers something to the girl next to her, I assume her friend, and watch as she slowly comes towards me, definitely taking her time about it. My eyes stay transfixed, ignoring the bustle in the room, of the last few students finally leaving us alone. When the doors finally shut for the last time, I let out a deep slow breath as she halts I front of me.


She almost seems like she has forgetten our little encounter from the weekend. I can't deny it hurts me a little that she could have moved on so quickly. Maybe she really did just need that one time to get me out of her system. Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe I am a fool for thinking we had something we could easily act on again.

"Sir?" She raises an eyebrow in question. "You okay?"

I mentally shake myself back to the present and smile. "Yes. I," I take a step forward and watch her stiffen slightly. "We need to talk." My voice is lower than I expected but to seems to have an effect on her. "That night, I can't..."

"We're not talking about that," she whispers as if we'll be overheard. "It's done."

"Well, I need to." I move closer, our bodies touching, lips almost brushing each other. "I need more." I flick my eyes down to meet hers. "I know you want it too."

Her eyes close for a few seconds, before she releases a heavy breath. "We can't. It was a one time thing." She opens her eyes to look at me.

"No it wasn't." I hold her face in my hands. "I can feel you trembling. I know what that means." I rest my lips on her ear. "I need you." My lips graze her neck and before I can stop myself, I am leaving a trail of kisses down her neck, secretly pleased when her breathing quickens.

I quickly find her lips to stop her from saying anything to stop me. It doesn't take long to convince her to part her lips and we are both exactly where we want to be: back on each others' arms for round two. Only we can't go all the way here. It's too dangerous. I have to stop this now, but not without arranging a return to her room tonight.

I reluctantly pull away and rest my forehead on hers. "Can I see you tonight?"

Her head rubs against mine as she nods. "Yes." Her whisper is music to my ears. "Where?"

"Same place as before." I take a step back from her to look at her properly. "I'll come by about nine?"

"Seven - I can't wait that long." She moves forwards and place her hands on my chest. "Given my way, we'd already be in the middle of stuff." She leans in to my ear. "Dirty stuff." She slides her hand away from me as she heads for the door, and I don't know if even I can wait until seven for our next round.


At five to seven, I am by her door already, surprised at the empty corridor. I tried to make the walk last until seven, but I was too anxious to get here. I knock on the door and my heart jumps at her swift answering. She must be as nervous as I am. Which is weird given this isn't first time for either of us.

"You're early."

"Is that a problem?" I raise an eyebrow.

"No." She drags me into her room and slams the door shut before promptly pushing me up against it and claiming my lips. And I thought I was desperate.

There's little time for talking as my lips match her movements, igniting fires in both of us. I don't even have time to think before clothes start coming off. I don't even have to use my own hands to undress her, her bra soon being flung somewhere behind her. The feel of our skin against each other once again, adds more fuel to the fire burning inside me and at her moan, I know she felt it too. Her lips leave mine and she grazes them gently across my chest and down my stomach, eventually kneeling down and stopping just above my boxers. My breathing is erratic and I look down just as she starts to peel them away from my skin, setting me free. I jerk my head back against the door and close my eyes as her lips wrap around me and she starts to lick and suck as if she has been deprived of human touch all her life. With hunger like this, I'm not going to last long at all.

My hands find the back of her head somehow, despite my brain being temporarily paralysed and all I can focus on is the feel of her lips and tongue grazing my most sensitive skin. She grabs my hips and digs her finger nails into my flesh. At the moment, I don't notice the pain they must be giving me, but I definitely will feel it later when I see the puncture wounds.

I want to open my eyes and watch, but I can't control my movements while she has me like this. She is in control and I can't find a way to take it back. Nor do I want to. Not yet anyway. But soon I will. When she takes that last drop and finally lifts her head, I will be pinning her down and giving her even more than she is giving me.

My fists grab her hair as I tighten and I know I can't hold on much longer. She must sense it too as she seems to pay more attention to her movements, slowing them down and timing the sucking just right as I finally let go of everything and give it to all to her. I slowly open my eyes as she drags her lips across my limp form and manage to find the strength to look down at her.

I say nothing as I kneel down to join her. I gently guide her to trade places with me and push her back to lean on the door. Words are not needed as I arrange her in just the right position to return the favour. Her feet flat on the floor with knees bent as far away from each other, gives me just the right angle. I lay on my front, despite the lack of space and slide along the floor until I am right in front of her. I flick my eyes up to look at her as my tongue grazes her entrance. I smile when she closes her eyes and leans against the door, whispering to herself.

Picturing what she must have looked like when on her knees in front of me, I get to work, pushing my tongue as far into her as I can manage and holding her hips with my hands, to keep her steady. Before I've barely grazed her with my lips, her hands are dragging my neck up. I have to follow through with the rest of my body to kneel in front of her.

"I need all of you." Her voice is just about audible.

I take her hand and pull her towards me, sitting down and gesturing for her to come closer. She straddles me, whilst finding my lips again, give our fire a much needed burst of energy, before she finally lets go and slides down onto me. She breaks her lips from mine for a second, giving herself time to adjust to our new situation. I run my hands up to her upper back and press my thumbs to either nipple, massaging them as she picks up the pace of riding me.

I find her lips and slide my tongue into her mouth, which is hard to do at the same time as playing with her chest, all the while trying to match her movements below our waists. We stay there, a mix of kisses, rubbing and sliding in and out of each other, not all quite in sync but that only enhances the feel and euphoria of each element.

Eventually our kiss breaks due to the need to breathe and heavily at that. Soon also comes the time where my hands fall away from her chest and I hold her hips as she bounces up and down on me. I can't help but open my eyes to watch her.

"Look at me." I whisper the words and her eyes slowly obey.

Yet with that comes the slowing down of her bouncing, which only intensifies the moment between us. Breathing becomes heavier still as her muscles start to contract we both lean our heads towards each other, our foreheads touching in anticipation for the climax. As her eyes close again, I know we don't have long until this is all over.

I savour everything she gives to me and kiss her hard as I feel my moment ending, keeping us from both alerting the whole floor to what exactly is going on in here. This moment is just between us. Just as two nights ago is just between us.

And I hope there will always be another moment like this.

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