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Rose thought love was supposed to be a haven where one lets go of his/her inhibition and is accepted for who they are. She thought love was sweet and nice and full of passion. She thought love was about sacrifices and giving your all for the peace and comfort of the other person. So she didn't understand what she did wrong, where she went wrong, and who the hell she had wronged? She found herself asking why. Why was her story different? She had given her all. Turned her back on her family and abandoned her friends to make him happy. She had even invested in his dreams to the detriment of hers for love. So why wasn't it enough? Why cheat on her? Discard her for another? Why demean her person, and degrade her womanhood? She just didn't get it. On the spur of the moment and with a fierce need for retribution, she decided to confront him in public but ended up being disgraced and then shoved which had her falling. She expected to crash onto the floor but instead fell into the warm arms of a sexy stranger whose eyes unraveled her thoughts and captivated her soul. A man who happened to be her ex-cheating fiance's boss. Grant, (a.k.a 'Midnight'), was the powerful Alpha of the Midnight-Moon Pack. He had been having recurring dreams about a lady who was the embodiment of his innermost heart desire; the epitome of his sexual fantasies. He had thought she was just a figment of his imagination; a figment brought on by his loneliness. So imagine his surprise when that hot figment of his imagination crashed into his party uninvited and looking so livid at his assistant. His heart had stopped and restarted like a car battery had been jumpstarted, he and his wolf couldn't look away from the magnificent picture she made. They were completely blown away and enthralled by her beauty. There was just something different about her. Something that appealed to his inner wolf, and made him perk up with flaming hot desire. He couldn't explain it, but it was there. So who could blame him for stepping in to save the day? If his assistant didn't know how to appreciate a good woman and was stupid enough to reject pure diamond for a muddy stone, he was more than willing and ready to take her off his hands. He had found his Mate and would make her his.

#9 in Fantasy #2 in Urban Fantasy Not for children under 13. © Copyright ©️ 2024 by O. J Zainab. All rights reserved.

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Crashing his party


Her heart sighed pitifully, squeezed painfully as she perused the simple engagement ring that graced her slender fingers. A ring that supposedly signified the love she shared with Raymond. A love that felt so non-existent she wondered if it ever existed.

What happened to them?

How did they get to this stage?

A place that was tainted with sadness, and laced with loneliness so deep it crushed her soul every minute and every second of the day.

She had sacrificed a lot for him. Turned her back on her family for him. Neglected and then abandoned her friends for him. She had even invested in his dream to the decrement of hers.

So why wasn't it enough? Why did it feel she wasn't doing enough? When she had given everything she had to give, why wasn't she enough?

She sighed as she poured herself another glass of wine and gulped it down in a rush; a lame attempt to loosen the pain tearing at her heart. She beat her chest repeatedly, willing it to stop aching; to stop hurting, then laughed bitterly at her pitiful situation.

He had said he was going on a business trip with his boss, something to do with promoting the company and nabbing a promotion for his efforts. But it had all been a lie. A well-crafted lie for a naive unsuspecting asinine lady. She had believed him too, until the call. The call spiraled her out of control and had her drinking her sorrows away, but it was futile. Her sorrows were obstinate, refusing to let up or fade away into the background with the rest of the maltreatment Raymond had dealt her over the years. Five years with him was like selling herself to the devil. He was never satisfied and kept demanding more; more than she had to give. It was like he wanted to drain her dry, just suck all her blood till she was a sack of flesh that was no longer a threat to his wayward lifestyle.

She had endured a lot and suffered in silence, but no more. His actions tonight were the height of it; her limit. She would no longer sit quietly on her ass like a dutiful wife which she was not, while he galavants around the city with her; his other woman, her faceless rival. Tonight, she would confront them and disgrace them. She wasn't going down without a fight, not after everything– all the sacrifices she made for him, was still making for him.

She would not remain quiet anymore!

Grabbing her car keys, she rushed out of the apartment she shared with him, barely locking the door behind her as she felt the alcohol of the wine pumping in her blood, urging her on and boosting her with confidence in her decision. She would need all the help she can get to spoil his night with that other lady who want to eat on her turf.

Jumping into her car she shot out of the driveway towards her new destination with the sole purpose of crashing whatever enjoyment he had up his sleeves.

Soon, he would learn 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned', and this woman was very scorned.

How could he invite that other lady as his plus one and not her; his rightful partner?

His only fiancee.

She drove like it was the end of the world and the gates of heaven were just within her grasp, it depicted how desperate she was to claim her rights. The heavens must be by her side for she got to the 5-star hotel in one piece and without any hiccups on the way.

Parking her beaten car at the sparkling curb, feeling a bit shy when the valet blinked twice at the sight of her car which looked out of place, but she gave him a thumbs up for schooling his features with a welcoming smile as he took her keys. She thanked him and returned his smile before turning away. Her friend, the sad news bearer who bursted her little bubble of the night was waiting for her at the entrance– don't get her wrong her news wasn't the only sad one that had hit her ears. Neighbors, acquaintances, and friends alike were always calling her with news of Raymond doing one bad thing or the other; mostly cheating on her with some other floozy. She hadn't minded too much because she hadn't trusted their words, preferring to live in constant contemplation rather than confrontation. But Lisa was a friend she trusted, they go way back from junior year till now. She trusted her with her life, which brought her to this very moment of truth.

"She's with me," Lisa told the humongous guy manning the entrance that led to the hall where the charity ball must be taking place. Lisa didn't give him a chance to blink before dragging her into the corridor that led to the occasion. Once clear and out of earshot, Lisa blurted in an observative manner. "You look shitty."

"I feel shitty."

"You're gonna stick out like an ugly swan amid exotic colorful peacocks." That drew a half-hearted smile from her and made her roll her eyes.

"Well, that can't be avoided. I wasn't exactly in the mood to doll up. Where's my asshole of a fiance?"

"In there dazzling some other chick. I'm sorry."

"Don't be, it's not your fault. I need to see him with my eyes."

"Sure, follow me," she did as she was told and walked beside her friend in silence, her mind whirling with different scenarios; all bad and disheartening.

What would she find?

She was petrified of the truth that lay within the four massive walls of the hall. She was scared of confronting the reality that awaited her. The truth that would shatter her whole world and destroy all the sacrifices she had made and endured, burning it into ashes.

Finally, they reached the end of the corridor and only one tiny step would expose her to the truth. One step that would break her. She could hear the soft classical music floating in the air, the gentle banter of excited voices whose sole purpose was to have a good time. They were oblivious to her pain; to the confusion mingled with chaos she was about to bring to their midst.

Taking a deep breath, she took that critical step that would change her life. She blinked severally when she was confronted by glittery lights, shining flutes that glistened under the flare of the chandeliers, and sparkling dresses and jewelry of the happy women in attendance. This was a crowd reeking of money, and her fiance shouldn't be walking among them. He shouldn't be rubbing shoulders with them as he was from a lower class and had no serious stable job to speak of. He was only one of the many faceless employees of the company he worked at, so his impromptu trip had taken her by surprise and made her question the truth behind it.

Why would his boss, a multi-billionaire ask a puny faceless worker on an important trip?

Had he been lying to her? Living lavishly behind her back while she toil to keep their home afloat.

What a bastard! She would kill him if that was the case!

Angrily, her gaze flitted from one happy face to the other, searching for that one face that was her culprit; the cheating face of her fiance. It took a little while but she finally saw him. He was on the dancefloor smooching his slut. He had his arms wrapped tightly around his new lover's waist, his face in the crook of her neckline as they moved seductively to the music. Her heart shrank back from the sight, trying futilely to brace itself from the hurt hammering at it. She barely recovered when she was confronted by something more searing her thoughts went blank, her emotions shutting down for a fleeting second before jacking back up painfully with the force of thunder roaring in a stormy night at sea.

The fucker kissed her!

He fucking kissed his lover!

And not the innocent playful kind. Nope, the deep-eat-me-alive kind. Raymond had his tongue shoved down his lover's throat in a serious duel of sexual dominance. He was claiming her before all and sundry. Her eyes teared up as she realized one thing...

He was a freaking monster.

She had been engaged to a monster of the lowest class. How did she not realize that!? How could she have missed the sighs? Suddenly her tears were replaced by an insurmountable rage that had her yelling like a banshee as she threw herself at the crowd, pushing one body after the other out of her way until she reached him and fucked them up. She was so furious everyone but the two faded into the background and she lashed out at them with all the painful emotions boiling up and out within her, just wanting to do as much damage as she could on them. She yelled profanities that would make the devil proud at them until he grabbed her tightly, impeding her movements while he screamed at her to calm down.

His touch burned. His slimy touch that was wrapped around that woman just a moment ago burned her skin and choked her throat with vomit she refused to let out. She would not degrade herself further before him. Wrenching free of his hold, she turned to face him, her furious gaze tasing him with her disappointment and rage. "How could you do this to me!? How could you ruin my life in this way?! You lied to me! After all I did for you, this is my payback?!"

"What have you done for me that's new?"


"You heard me right."

"You bastard! I gave up everything for you! Turn my back on my family and friends for you! I gave you all I had, my hard-earned money and sweat to you–"

"I never asked you to do any of that. You did so at your will. You were too blind to see it has been over between us for a good while now. Your fault, not mine!"

"You bastard! Is it because of her," she glared daggers at the disarrayed lady beside him, taking pride and comfort in her handiwork.

"Ain't she a fine choice?" He grinned at the lady in question which skyrocketed her simmering anger to a vicious level and she launched herself at him in anger, lashing at his face with her fingers.

"You bastard! You would rot in hell for this! Both of you!"

"You bitch!" was the last thing she heard before she soared backward through the air. He had shoved her violently and she was scared it would cost her life if she landed wrongly. She didn't plan on going out like this! No way! She would not give them the satisfaction.

God, please help me! Save me, please! She pleaded with the heavens and braced herself for the fall. But it never came. Instead, she felt some strong arms catch and break her fall from behind. It must be the angel God sent to help her, she sighed in relief burying herself deeply into the warm embrace. He smelled like the woods, and oddly the scent brought her solace. She felt him turn and carry her which had her eyes flying wide open.

She drew in a sharp breath, her heart stuttering at the assault of his eyes; they were so intense and turbulent, a whole world of turbulent emotions swirling in there. She lost herself in his gaze, forgot how to breathe and her thoughts shut down until only he stood in her focus. Only he existed. As her thoughts zeroed in on him, her hungry confused gaze oggled and lapped him up, she wondered who he was.

Where had he appeared from?

Where had he been hiding all this while?

God, he was so fine her eyes hurt from gawking but she couldn't look away for the life of her. He was so magnetic, and she was drawn to his forcefield.

"Are you okay, princess?" His question belied the storm brewing in his eyes; the anger clouding them.

He was angry. Furious. She could sense it and hoped it wasn't directed at her. "You're angry," she observed softly still cradled in his arms. Arms that made her feel safe and warm like never before. No wonder, she found herself embracing his touch, burying deeper into his warmth. He smelled so good, so earthy and spicy.

"Not at you darling. Come on, let's get you out of here. You need to be taken care of," he started to move, his jewels turning a strange hue that made her gasp aloud , but it was gone before she could blink, and she wondered if her alcohol induced mind had imagined it. From the far recesses of her mind, she heard Raymond ask abruptly, shock written all over his features and obvious in his tone.

"Boss, what are you doing?!"

"Step aside if you know what's good for you. You denounced her in front of everyone, so she's no longer your concern." Her rescuer's voice brooked no argument, and his steps were filled with determination and purpose. Everyone seemed to step aside for him, creating a pellucid unrestricted path for him.

Wait a second! Boss? Raymond had called him boss. So he was his boss; the Almighty Grant of Grayson cooperations!

How the hell did she end up in his arms?

Unbiddenly she felt giddy, her heart beating faster as if having a mindset to jump out of her chest, and before she knew what was happening she passed out.


It was her!

The young woman who kept appearing in his dreams and haunted his waking moments. He couldn't believe she existed and wasn't just a figment of his imagination.

He had felt the room aura change, watched her invade his party in her casual clothing and she couldn't have been more beautiful. He had been transfixed from the moment his stunned eyes settled on her, and his wolf who had been restless with boredom suddenly perked up in interest that suddenly morphed into a burning need to possess her. He had staggered on his feet in surprise mingled with awe. His wolf had never reacted this way to any lady, except to her in his wet dreams that always left him breathless and wanting for more.

God, she was magnificent in her rage. A goddess among women. And then he registered her hurt look, her defensive pose as she confronted the betrayal dealt her, and he couldn't believe how her fiance could pass her over for a lady that didn't even stand a glow to her flame. How could Raymond overlook such beauty, such innocence borne from an inherent good soul? An untainted beauty. A diamond among stones.

He loved her without knowing her. And he knew, he just knew he was gonna snatch her away from the idiot who broke her heart and ruin her for any other man. He would steal her heart or his name wasn't Grant. He would make sure she forgets her pain and focus on him, on his love. He would make her accept both him and his wolf, and spoil her with love and everything his money could buy. He would protect her with his life. She would never lack anything as long as he breaths; even if he ceased to exist she would be taken care of. He would ensure that, as he had just found his purpose; the missing piece to his soul. His Luna.

Before her appearance he had only been breathing, just going through the process to stay alive. But now, he was living because of her. He could feel his heart sputtering with excitement mingled with anticipation. And nothing excites him anymore. He had seen and done it all.

Until her.

She took him by storm, surprised the hell out of him, and there's no chance in hell he would let her go now that he found her.

He loved the feeling she aroused in him and his wolf, and would cherish it forever. So he wasn't surprised when his feet suddenly grew some brains and guts, taking charge and grasping the moment. He lurched forward and saved her from a bad fall, his eyes glinting with malice at the man who had the effrontery to shove her. His wolf had almost pushed to the fore, his wolf had wanted to tear into the bastard who had the effrontery to harm her.

Was Raymond raving mad?

He warned Raymond to step aside as he carried his new reason for living out of the room. His heart constricted in worry when she passed out in his arms.

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This chapter made me feel a lot of things, anger at the cheating ex and joy at Rose finding a prospective replacement.
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