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Amelia is an 8 year old girl, who lost his parents in the war. Or so she thought. She accidentally found out that her father, might be in the barracks somewhere and not actually dead. However the issue is that the orphanage is closing. If she is taken, she will never see him again. She makes up her mind and decides to look for her father. However she is alone in this journey. But is she? Edward, her plushie, has a little secret. He is actually a 15 year old boy, who can turn into a Teddy Bear if his mood sees fit. He swore he will never be human again, however after overhearing Amelia’s plan, he is reluctant to do so. Will Amelia find his father? Will Edward overcome his fear and be human again? Will he tell Amelia her secret or remain a mystery forever? (Please subscribe to the story!!)

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Sleepless Night

Amelia was laying on bed, while a storm raged outside. She was afraid of lightning and thunder. And the fact that both of them are just outside her window, didn’t help her sleep at all. She remembered what her mother used to say.

“Always think of something really nice when you are afraid, Amelia”.

And then his Dad would say:

“Think of me and Mum. And how much we love you”

And every time in the orphanage, Amelia was sad, she would think of her parents. Remembering different memories. Her favourite was her birthday. Where they gifted her a Teddy Bear. Who she named Edward, after her father. And since then, Edward never left Amelia’s side. Not in the kitchen, not in the garden, not in the bathroom and certainly not in school. Whatever happened, Edward was always there. Taking the exact same steps. And this particular night, was no exception either.

-Mother nature had too much cocoa for sure. Why is it so hard to sleep?- she asks Edward, like every other time.

Amelia gets out of bed and decides to walk for a bit. She missed her parents very much and she wondered what it meant when she was told: “You will see them soon after a very long time”. She always wondered, when is soon? Is it tomorrow or the day after? Next week or next month? Maybe a year? But that didn’t seem like soon. More like very later.

She grabbed Edward and said:

-I will go and see the nurse now. She was sure that now was now. That she knew for sure.

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