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sanchitkhera7 Sanchit Khera

A young man's journey across an unknown land

Paranormal For over 18 only.

In progress - New chapter Every Saturday
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There was once a mining town outside of Jerusalem called Neshka. There, miners from across the world met on a single day to sip the finest cup of coffee that they could find.

Never, had any miner missed the date, and they all collected in a tiny mirrored vehicle where the Japanese were drivers and the Samoloeans were the instructors of the caveats.

The caveats once stated, "This document of caveats is given onto you upon our Majesty's benevolence." It was weird, as this was 1926, and there weren't really any kingships left at that time.

The caveats continued. "This, the day of Malcott, is the time to celebrate those that mourned for our sins and those since whom, we didn't give in. We must rejoice in this day of Jerusalem's finest coffee. And celebrate the time of our lives in music and merriment."

I happened to escape from that place, being the young lad I was. Being British and having an Israeli father didn't mean much in those times, but it did serve dinner at my footsteps.

I was subservient to him, as was He to my mother. But he bashed her in one time, and now we're here in Neshka having the time of our lives, forgetting all our past sins. That's what the whole parade was all about. Not to celebrate the fine work that miners have done over the years, but to give them a chance to absolve their sins. In this time around, that wasn't a rare occasion. I mean. Look at us. We were hungry, broke, and on our heels and toes in dirt and we're dancing to the tunes of Mozart and Garth until the sun went down.

All for what? - Coffee.

You see, where I'm from, coffee was worth a bag of gold and then some. And Jerusalem was the place to be, if you were interested in Gold. You couldn't miss it for miles, as eagles flew over you waiting to get some coffee beans, to curtail their wishes for fishes. They needed to stay awake like my father needed to go to sleep.

And then, it happened. We all collapsed under the weight of our own feet, and the merriment platform and stage crashed underneath us, plunging us to oblivion in that instant.

We had all passed away in unison. It felt like musical chairs, and the carpet was stripped from underneath us.

While in Heaven, our leader Lord Malburry asked us this question, "My dear miners, we have come here in unison, to celebrate this here planet. It seems like heaven but I don't believe it for one moment."

Then, God came up. God held His hands out to us with bright white light shining behind him and said, "Are you Okay?"

I never thought that God was the kind of person to ask the obvious, just to get a laugh out of us. I assumed that he would have held my hand and said I Love you instead.

I replied, "Yes. Is this real life, or are we going to live here forever?"

It wasn't God. It was a helper from earth who was a commoner in our times. He had a long beard and had rough hair, and he smiled from cheek to cheek. He was glad to see me alive, more than my own mother was to see our family.

In that moment, I asked him to help me up from the rubble and help my friends who had suddenly disappeared.

I couldn't spot them anymore. Hell, I couldn't even spot the man who helped me. I couldn't see God.


"Mr. Anderson. Your 12 o clock session is ready." said the announcer lady

The nurse came into my white muffled room, and opened up my restraints. I liked her a lot, she always brought me cake whenever she visited the asylum.

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To be continued... New chapter Every Saturday.

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