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The continuation of 'Squad Files', follow the same heroes and some new ones! The multi-perspective adventure thriller. Solve the mystery of BlackHeart, a mysterious villain hellbent on destroying the heroes and everything they stand for. This mysterious cult leader has nearly unstoppable powers and seems to know more about our heroes then they know about themselves.

Action For over 18 only.

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The new Big Guy

Story: BlackHeart

Perspective: Rylan

Date: April 27, 2052


   I sat in the dark room, flipping through pictures on my phone. We looked so happy back then. Back then... what am I, fifty? It was only two months ago. I thought me and Kacy were good, guess not. I will always be a murderer anyways. At least we're still friends, but she's with Michael now. Why the fuck would she want to be with a faggot like him? I don't, she has her reasons, and I should respect them. I just need to let go of the fact that one day we may be together again.

   Kacy built us a secret base under were my old apartment building was. It was large rectangular room. There was an entire wall of computers across one wall, they were constantly flickering on and off, it was kinda annoying, but I'm used to it now. I sat at the computer desk where the computer monitors were. This is where Kacy usually sits. Behind the desk was a glass case with my suit in it. Behind there was several racks of weapons, ranging from knives and swords to large guns and explosives.

   No one comes down here anymore, except me. Michael is to busy being famous. He took all of the glory for bringing in Lucky. He's the world favorite super hero, while I'm labeled a criminal.

   Kacy never leaves Michael's side. She goes with him everywhere. I don't know why, she doesn't seem like the super attached type. She also doesn't seem like the type who dates faggots. But hey! Michael is still my friend, so if he's happy then good for him.

   Ice just doesn't ever come down here. He basically disappeared after Lucky went away. No one knows what happened to him. Kacy doesn't even know, and that's surprising, she can find anyone.

   K shows up sometimes. I usually just cus him out and flip him off until he fucks off. I don't play his games anymore, I like to think that I'm to smart for that, but I know I'm not.

   I used to be smart though, then... something happened. I just wasn't the same. I had major damage done to most parts of my brain causing several malfunctions. Where I'm at is right between normal and autistic. I still have enough chromosomes to be somewhat normal, but I'm missing enough to be retarded.

   I scrolled through YouTube trying to find something good to watch, then the crime alert went off. I sprung up out of my chair and ran over to the monitor. I messed around the desktop until I eventually got to the police scanner app.

   "The Division Cult was just spotted making there way towards Morroville, be advised, they are all armed and highly dangerous," a female officer said over the scanner.

   The Division Cult was what was left of the masks, several of them joined this cult, the rest were killed. They fallow some leader who no one has even seen yet, we don't even know his name. Hell, even normal people were joining this cult now, all you have to do is channel you're inner emo and cut yourself for you're lord and savior what ever the fuck his name is. Then they give you gun and you go around killing niggas who don't believe in what you do. Fucking genius, why the fuck didn't I think of that. 

   I grabbed my suit and darted for the garage. I hopped on my motorcycle and pressed a button. The ground turned into a ramp and the ceiling opened up. I drove up the ramp and out into an old dirt road in the middle of the forest. The garage was a tunnel that went behind the old apartments.

   I drove down the streets of Down Town until I reached Morroville. I pressed a button my goggles and the police radio started playing into my com. 

   "Division are on 19th and 7th," a male cop said.

   "Got ya," I said as I took off in the direction of the officer said.

   I arrived at 19th and 7th, the cult had blocked off the entire street. Several citizens were being forced to listen to, wait... is that they're leader. He finally shows his face. I hopped off the bike and jumped up to a near by building to get a better look.

   This dude, heh... He was wearing a metal skull mask. Nigga be looking like the Chinese boot-leg Dr. Doom. He was wearing some old fashioned looking black old western suit. He had a came on too. He looked like a faggot. He was raising his arms in the air preaching about great he was and how much everyone should jack off to him. Okay, maybe not that last part, but still, you get what I'm saying.

   This fucker was way to boring and to full of himself, I'll just knock him out right now. I grabbed an arrow and fired it at him. It stopped mid air about a foot away from him.

   "My children! Someone tried to assassinate me! We must show this sinner that such crimes cannot be permitted! Get him!" the man in the skull mask shouted.

   At once everyone he was talking got up and started walking toward the building. "Holy shit," I said. Some citizens picked up rocks and sticks, they began throwing them at me. The men with guns started firing at me. I ran to edge of the building. I can't fight this many people, there's like fifty of 'em, most of the are innocent civilians. Shit...

   I was about jump off the building when I sniper shot hit me in the back knocking me off. I landed on a car below. I stumbled off the car. I pulled a piece of glass out of arm. I coughed up some blood and started limping away. Since when the fuck do cults have snipers. Shit, these niggas are fucking insane.

   Two cop cars pulled up in front of me. One cop got out. "Vigilantee, what the hell is happening?" the cop asked.

   "Run!" I yelled.

   A crowd of brainwashed citizens were behind me. Most of them had weapons. The police were yelling at the citizens to stop but they kept on running. One of the cops pulled out a gun, before they could shoot and knocked the gun out of their hand.

   "These are normal citizens, they're brainwashed, use you're tasers!" I yelled as I ran off.

   I ran past the cops, the mob of cultist followed me. When they passed the cops they grabbed them and dragged them back to their leader. Now this nigga's got cops on his side. What the fuck! I ran behind a tree and pressed some buttons on my knee brace. It hurt at first by got used to it. The knee brace snapped the bone back into place, it also injected drugs that would make my keg numb. 

   I kept on running, now being able to run on both legs I easily sped past the mob of cultist. I pressed some buttons on my gauntlet and my motorcycle fired up, I set it to drive to the ware house in front of me.

   I darted for the near by ware house. Once I ran inside I punched the control panel that controlled the large metal door. The metal door closed before any of the cultist get in. I needed to get to the opposite end of the building to meet up with my bike. I started running down the garage towards the hallway door. Before I could get to the door it slammed shut. I turned around, the skull mask guy. I didn't know he was there, he had no heart beat, he wasn't breathing either.

   "My child, why do you run?" he sad calmly.

   "You ain't my dead, so quit calling me child, fucking creep," I said.

   "Those awful words, someone needs to teach you some manners. Do not worry my child, just listen to my voice and all will be forgiven," he said.

   My head started feeling fuzzy, I smacked my head. I shook trying to get this feeling to go away. The mask continued talking, I had to tune him out, the more I listen to his voice the farther I fall under his control. I pulled up the vitals on my goggles, several parts in my brain were going crazy.

   I couldn't take this anymore. "I know you're arrow proof, but are you bullet proof," I said pointing my gun at him. I fired several rounds at him, they all stopped right in front of him. He waved his hand and the bullets fell to the ground.

   "Who the hell are?" I asked.

   "I am... BlackHeart," the skull mask man said.

   "Fucking faggot," I said.

   "What?" BlackHeart said.

   "That's a faggot name," I said.

   "I'm not gay," he said.

   Before our conversation could finish the window above us shattered. A sniper bullet went right through BlackHeart's shoulder. He stumbled and his under his cape. I ran at him and shoulder checked him, knocking him to the ground. I ran towards one of the semi's parked in the garage. I climbed inside and drove at BlackHeart, he lifted his hand and the semi flipped onto it's side. I kicked the door open and fire a grapple hook at the broken window. I pressed a button on my bow and the grapple dragged me up to the window. 

   I jumped onto the roof and looked in through the window as the garage door opened. Several cultist ran in. They began crying out BlackHeart's name. One of the cultists dragged one of the cops up to BlackHeart, he put his hand on the cops face. The cop's skin turned gray, he became bone dry and fell to the ground. BlackHeart's wound healed.

   He looked up at me and I ran to the other side of the building. Some cultists were already surrounding my bike, luckily they weren't civilians. I pulled out a multi arrow and fired in the center of them, an arrow hit each of them. I jumped down and climbed onto my bike and took off.

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