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Apolline Andrè, avid go-getter of the Genevieve Allard's factory palace and her right hand woman. Her strength goes unchallenged amongst the matriarch, even though her loyal code is questionable... Part of the SARTAM universe. For more context about this character, please read 'The Tecnologia Ladro' and 'Feministic Savagery: The Story of Genevieve Allard' first.

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Not The Same Anymore

As I stood on my boot clad feet my tall body towering over Aavion Bugatti after beating him to death as Genevieve had ordered me to do, I couldn't help but think about his twin brother, Davion Bugatti, who I had to sleep with as I began to look at the bruised knuckles of my right hand. I felt bad, just now having killed the twin brother of first man to seduced me with kind words, even convincing me to carry a child with him! None of the women who lived in this factory thought that it would ever happen, a man wanting to be a father to a child with one of us. And the fact that Davion wanted that, with me compared to all the women in Genevieve's cabinet, I felt genuinely humbled by him.

But after what I just did, though, I actually grew pissed and it wasn't toward myself. It was at the self-proclaimed tech-queen of Black Water City, Genevieve Allard, who at one time was my inmate and best friend. She had made me murder Davion's brother in cold blue blood, and I knew for a fact that she was going to order me to deliver the message to him as well as the rest of the Bugatti family. As I left the torture room as well, I began to reminisce on the past I shared with Genevieve on my way out the door to confront her about what she had me do.

It was 12 years ago when the Mericano Raiders came to Planet Rijilar and plunged the entire world into chaos. They invaded all of the Frinchyn cities, killed every adult man, captured and raped all the adult women while imprisoning all male and female children at the factory that is now my home to this day. At that time, I was 8 years old as I would watch on in fear as my mom was pulled in and out of our cell to provide sexual services to the raiders. We had also shared the room with Genevieve and her mother back then before it became just the future queen as I.

Both of our mothers would end up getting themselves killed by trying to attack Jermaine Wallace, the leader of the Mericano Raiders, no longer being able to live with themselves after not only watching their husbands get brutally murdered in front of them but also having agreed to being the sex slaves of their killers! And I don't blame Genevieve or my mom's decision whatsoever. I blame Jermaine and the Mericano race for their deaths. Not only that, but I also blame them for what happened to my best friend as well.

As she and I grew up during our incarceration, Genevieve Allard would come to be the sweetest and most God-fearing young woman I had ever met and also become my best friend. She told me that she was a pacifist, even terrified of killing small bugs, because she valued life above all else and hated violence in any form. But on our eighteenth birthdays and being assigned to Jermaine Wallace as his sex slaves, part of me wished that he had just killed Genevieve that day rather than making her his exclusive slave when she stepped in to protect me from my sexual assault.

It happened little by little. Sex Act after sex act when Jermaine would reward my originally defiant best friend with mind numbing orgasmic pleasure if she satisfied him. Whether it was a big or small task, it didn't matter to the king at the time. He would make Genevieve climax for following orders and then change the game on her soon after. Jermaine would work my friend's body up to orgasm just to deny her the release before demanding she beg for it. And she unfortunately would at every turn, even going as far as to degrade herself in many ways just to climax. Genevieve would then allow our master to physically harm her during his sexual exploits: slapping, choking, cutting, and sometimes beating her during her climax. And I had to watch the maddening descent unfold before me in real time, unable to speak out against it due to being beaten for even trying to.

She was changing for the worst as time went by, the sad and hopeful look in her eyes slowly but surely morphing into something more demented and disturbed. Genevieve's kind and gentle nature also changed as well, the young woman's personality becoming almost perfectly identical to the outgoing and charismatic demeanor that Jermaine would fool people with. And I had to watch the slow and gradual progression of it all, making me ball my eyes out in tears.

Even though she would eventually overthrow the Mericano Raiders, kill the King, and take over the factory two years later, the Genevieve I knew didn't do all of that. The sadistic, insane psychopath that Jermaine Wallace had created did. The young woman who I was locked in a cell for 12 years with was and is not the savage tech-queen who had taken over Black Water City, created the L'acrobate, and is on a disturbing mission to eradicate all native men from Rijilar. And I didn't agree with that whatsoever, even before Davion and I had made love the previous day. Yes. I actually did love him after what we did.

After arriving at her royal lobby, I stood with both of my hands in the pockets of my green military camo pants as I waited for the queen to look up at me. She was sitting on her throne with her right leg draped over the left one, humming to herself while tilting her head down at the tiled floor below. I felt like I was being ignored.

"Gene..." I started to say over at her, gritting my teeth upon getting no response.

She was definitely ignoring me. I couldn't be more pissed off at Genevieve as she never treated me like this, even with the insanity she now has. And today, I couldn't really contain my angry emotions toward her. Without thinking, I marched up to the sitting queen, readied my right hand, and delivered a hard, open palmed slap to the left side of her face! And the look of surprise she had given me right after actually frightened me shortly after.

"What was zat, Apol?" I heard Genevieve say in her thick, Frinchyn accent as she rubbed her injured cheek with the corresponding hand.

"Why are you trying to arouse me all of ze sudden? I thought zat you were straight, no?"

That was the absolute last thing that I wanted to hear out of the queen's mouth! The slap was initially meant to snap her out of a whatever twisted mind state that she was in, but it didn't work. Not at all. It just seemed to have made her wet with arousal, and I couldn't hold back my tears upon realizing this sad reality. My best friend was...

"GENE!" I blurted out desperately, grabbing both of Genevieve's shoulders with my hands before shaking her back and forth repeatedly while crying.


After growing tired of shaking the queen and catching my breath from all of the screaming I had just done, I felt her left hand reach up and gently grab my chin before feeling my face tilting down to hers. Genevieve's eyes met with mine, the look of genuine sadness in them being there for only a brief moment before morphing back into the sinister stare that I've become accustomed to for two years now. She then smiled her wicked smile before winking at me.

"Zat woman is dead, my dear." She coldly responded to me while staring at me, my lips quivering as tears rolled down each of my cheeks.

"And Jermaine Wallace killed her through ze use sexual extortion and sadism. Zat scared, frightened woman wouldn't have won against him. I would not have won against him. But look, ze king of ze Mericano pigs is dead! We have control over our lives. And all zat had to be done was play zer game back on zem. Apolline, We finally won..."

"No..." I chimed in after her, shaking my head side to side as I wiped tears away from my eyes using both hands.

"You lost, Gene. Jermaine had changed you and now look at what you've become. You're a spitting image of the Mericano Raiders you hate so much, in female form! At this rate..."

Before I could even finish my sentence, Genevieve punched me in the nose with her right fist and launched me backward. I fell down onto my back on the tiled floor of the royal lobby, wincing in pain as both hands went up to cover my now bleeding nose.

"YOU KNOW BETTER THAN TO SPEAK OUT OF TURN WITH ME!" My former best friend yelled at me before my ears heard the violent clicking of heels.

"But since you are my right hand, I can't kill you. I will have to punish you greatly for zis outburst, Apolline. After you deliver ze bad news of Aavion's untimely death to your lovely boy and his family, you're going to sit in front of me completely nude and touch yourself to ze edge of your climax while you think about ze surviving Bugatti brother. If you fail to resist orgasm, I'll go into your body and rip apart your reproductive organs myself! Understood!?"

"Yes... Mistress..." I said immediately while sitting up to look at Genevieve, making sure not to piss her off.

In my mind, there was no fighting it anymore. The little girl I had grown up alongside was truly gone after that entire exchange. After getting up onto my boot-clad feet, bowing to my queen, and walking out of her throne room, I came to the realization that I was simply in denial. I didn't want to believe that Jermaine had won, turning the 20 year old woman's psyche inside out and molding her into who she was now. But I was stupid. I knew that the Genevieve I loved like a sister was long dead, I just didn't want to accept it. And now I am accepting it. Even though she wasn't the woman that I wanted her to be, she was still my queen as well as the rightful ruler of Black Water City and Rijilar.

I would then depart the factory complex, obeying both of Genevieve's orders in the form of her wanting me to notify the Bugatti family of Aavion's death as well as my sexual punishment she had requested I'd do for her.

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The End

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