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A murder in an amusement park... A murderous murderer... The partnership of two murderers... And a police officer thought to be a traitor... The characters, places and subject mentioned in the book are completely fictional and have no connection with real life. WARNING, CONTAINS MURACY!!!!!!

#4 in Crime Not for children under 13. © All copyrights reserved.

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Chapter 1

Today was that day... The day he will find himself...

Terry; He looked very healthy with his earthy brown eyes, messy black hair and body structure. He was a regular guy who always got up on time. He would wake up at five every morning, exercise and have breakfast regularly, without missing a beat. He was a completely punctual and planned person. He always came to work on time and left on time. He hated it when things didn't go smoothly. As usual, he woke up at five today, exercised and had breakfast. He quickly got ready and left the house. His house was an apartment building and had 6 floors. Buying this house had cost him quite a bit of money. But he was very happy with his home. As every morning, he greeted the doorman, Mr. Simon, and started walking from home to his workplace.

Terry got along very well with his co-workers. Because he was always punctual and responsible. His co-workers loved this about him. Terry was a very friendly and generous person. That's why no one hated him except those who were jealous of him. Terry was a graphic designer for an advertising company. He was earning a good salary. Those who were jealous of him were jealous of both his salary and his good looks. Or getting along well with everyone...

In fact, Terry was not as friendly, easy-going, and helpful as his colleagues thought he was. He also had his own principles. And he would never compromise on these principles. He was very determined on other issues like this one, too. Before making a decision, he would think clearly, decide what the best option was, and consider the consequences. In this way, he would make the most logical decision and stand by his decision. For example, an incident occurred last week:

Terry had to make an important decision. This decision could bankrupt his company and put him out of business. Terry thought carefully and made his decision and presented his decision to all company employees. What mattered was not their acceptance. Because Terry trusted his own decisions. He didn't expect their approval. He was just letting them know. Because to Terry, their opinions didn't matter.

People would just talk. Constantly, constantly... They never stopped, and Terry was really tired of people talking. He literally wanted to sew their mouths shut and shut them up. It's been like this since he was little. People talked constantly around him. For example, when he got into a prestigious university, they criticized his work, his attitude, the quality of the university, everything. However, their own successes were almost non-existent. "So what have you accomplished?" When asked, they all gave one answer: "At least I didn't waste my life working like an animal."

This answer, this one answer, made Terry incredibly angry. With that one sentence they said, they were throwing away all his efforts. That's what really pissed Terry off. Because this sentence constantly reminded him of his childhood. He didn't even want to remember those memories. His father's smile as he left him behind and his mother being murdered in front of his eyes...

If it weren't for these memories, these memories, maybe his life wouldn't be this shitty. Because no one took care of him after his mother and father left. Did his mother and father have to leave him such a memory? Especially his father... Was it that hard for them to leave better memories? He was never angry with his mother. Because her mother's farewell was not intentional. Some jerk had raped and killed her. The man who did this had been in and out of prison. Because the man had a lot of money and almost half of his relatives worked in the field of law. Of course, justice was as far as this.

The person he was really angry with was his father. He hated him. According to Terry, his father was the most despicable, meanest and most disgusting person in the world. He told her that he couldn't take care of her and keep an eye on her without her mother and left her suddenly. Without even saying goodbye. Even though his father was alive now, he was dead to him right now. After seeing his parents off without saying goodbye, Terry continued to stay at their home. He still lived in that house. However, when they could not pay the bills, they cut off water and electricity. That's when Terry started exploring the world.

He should have found a job or settled in an orphanage. He would definitely not settle in an orphanage. He was sure of it. Because they would exclude him, make fun of him, and bully him, just like in primary school. Terry was always a quiet child. He would not speak without being asked a question, and would stutter and stammer while speaking. Children would make fun of him by imitating him. His teacher tried to understand him, but after getting no answer for the second time, he stopped exploring him. This is how he finished primary school. When he started secondary school, he decided to change, but he couldn't. Because middle school was worse than primary school.

The extent of children's teasing and bullying had increased. Terry came home every day with a wound. He had no one to bandage his wounds. That's why he learned everything by trying it himself. He found a job and started working while still in secondary school. Terry was a very smart kid and understood the secret immediately. This was also a distinguishing feature. While his mother and father were in primary school, he always got the highest marks in the exams and could solve the questions with his intelligence alone. Because of this, these kids bullied him and excluded him.

However, in secondary school, this success came crashing down. Because his psychology was destroyed. Losing his mother and father caused him great trauma. When his classmates (if they can be called friends) found out about this, they also gave him trouble in this aspect. Money, family and self-confidence... These three words seemed to disappear for Terry. His self-confidence was completely destroyed after primary school.

Then the days passed... Terry was now at university. He had started a completely different job and was covering his education expenses with the money he earned from this job. He had no difficulty doing this, but he thought it was unfair. Everyone in his department was making do with the money given by their family or relatives. However, Terry had 2 part-time jobs and was losing sleep over these 2 jobs to pay for his education.

At university, Terry had changed completely. The more introvert he used to be, the more social and extrovert he was now. He even told her that he liked a girl at university and they dated her for a few months and broke up. After this separation, Terry never bothered with such things. He was completely focused on his career. It was this focus that brought him here. He was well developed in his work and interpersonal relations. He was very happy with his job and relationships.

He never regretted the selfish decisions he made. One of them was that separation. Anyway, whenever he made a decision, he thought it was the best option. His superiors and subordinates constantly criticized him for any decision he made regarding his job. About him: "He is a complete idiot, how did he get here? If I were in that position, I would have made much better decisions. He does not deserve that position, he is literally mentally disabled." He was using the sentences. They were saying all of this behind his back, but it all went to Terry's ears. Terry was not offended by these words, on the contrary, he was laughing at them. Because if a little more time passed after the decision they made, they would understand how right it was.

While people thought Terry was stupid, Terry thought they were the real fools. This is indeed what happened. A few years later, Terry's decision saved the company a lot of money. He even got a promotion thanks to this. Those who said stupid sentences behind his back were blushing with shame. Some people said that he did not say that, in fact, Terry was right when he made that decision. Terry hated this.

People who were two-faced and acted in line with their own interests... He didn't even want to see them. To Terry, they were more despicable than animals. Of course, his hatred for them could not even equal his hatred for his father. He had foolishly tried to find out where his father was a few times before. Then he felt sorry for wasting so much time and regretted doing so. Because his time was valuable to him. University, 2 part-time jobs...

He had plenty to do with his time. He was also thinking of finding his father among them. After thinking about it for a while, this seemed very stupid to him. A man who abandoned her without even blinking an eye. And just 1 hour after his mother died. That's why his father was such a jerk to him. Someone whose face should not be looked at....

How could someone who was so social, friendly, harmonious and had certain principles be involved in a murder? Today was that day... The day he would find himself involved in a murder... What would push him to do this?

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Marilyn Lindoor Marilyn Lindoor
very well written and I absolutely loved the warning you gave in your description lol 'Muracy'
March 02, 2024, 19:42

Shaun Waller Shaun Waller
Good first chapter, well done!
December 19, 2023, 15:03


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