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An intense story filled with suspense, Courtney who just came home from a cancelled business trip caught her husband cheating on her, few minutes later gunshots were heard and Courtney was dead. Who killed Courtney?

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Mrs Courtney Andrews drove into the garage in Virginia, Washington DC. It was late at night, Mrs Courtney wasn't suppose to arrive at that time, she went on a business trip but unfortunately it was cancelled. A black Tesla model x brand new 2023, she parked the car, and went inside her house. She found her son John on the couch in the living room sleeping

"Honey why are you sleeping on the couch,where's your Dad?"

"Dad's in his room sleeping" John replied

"Okay, come on baby,let's get you to your room."

The house had six rooms including guest rooms,all sound proofed. Courtney and her husband got the place as a wedding gift from her parents. The house's decor was a sight to behold,built with the finest materials and the architecture is topnotch. Courtney gently lifted John on her back and they strolled the long corridor to John's room which was very close to the bedroom she shared with her husband. When she turned the knob of her bed room door the scene that played before her looks like it was taken out of a movie , her husband in bed with another woman.The woman resembled her best friend, Sharon or she thought she looked like Sharon,as she ran out of the house,she could swore the naked woman on the bed was her best friend, her husband saw her at the door when she bursted into tears, he got up to put on his clothes and ran after her.

Late Mrs Courtney's home turned into a crime scene as investigation was being carried out. According to her husband he heard a gunshot and when he got to where her car was parked,the car seat was soaked with blood, Courtney had been shot dead in the chest. Joseph was brought to the station as a suspect.

Sergeant David asked "Mr Oliver where were you at the night of Courtney's murder?"

Joseph replied "at home"

"Doing what?"

"Nothing!,it's my house and I was at home, with my kid when my wife came back from work."

"But someone said a woman was present at the house,a woman was seen leaving the compound."

"Oh uhm that might be the house help."

"We have spoken to the house help,she said she didn't leave the house, but she saw a certain Ms Sharon."

"Oh Sharon." Oliver said acting uninterested

"What was she doing at the house that late at night?"

"How would I know? She's my wife's best friend,maybe they came home together."

*So let me get your story straight,you heard a gunshot,came out and saw your wife dead "


"And you didnt know her best friend was also at the scene?"

"Yes" Oliver answered,now irritated

"And you didn't see her leave?"

"I have told you already officer,I didn't know Sharon was around,when I came out of the house,she wasn't there."

"If you say so,Ms Sharon will be brought in for questioning,thank you for your time and I'm sorry for your loss."

Oliver didn't give a reply,he just stomped out of the police station.

Sharon walks into the room for questioning, she came in wearing a red Louis Vuitton bag with sunglasses.

"There's no sun in here Ms Sharon Page." sergeant David said with a tint of sarcasm

"My eyes are swollen from crying,just in case you have forgotten,my best friend just died."

"Your best friend eh? How long have you known Courtney."

"All my life, we are more than friends,we are soul sisters."

"And let me guess, you tell each other everything, no secrets."

"Of course officer."

"Good,so tell me before the time of her death,has she spoken to you about anything, anything or anybody that could have left to her demise."

"Uhm no."

"Maybe a problem at work?"

"No Sir"

"When last did you see Courtney before her death."

"Uhm a month ago,I have been really busy with work, Courtney too."

"But someone saw you at the house last night "

Now confused, "yes yes,I was there,I went to drop off something I bought for her,I totally forgot sorry "

"Ms Page, the househelp dropped an info during her questioning and I would appreciate it if you tell me the truth, she said something was going on between you and Oliver and she thinks Courtney found out yesterday."

"What are you trying to say?"

"I'm trying to say that if what the househelp said is true,then you and Oliver have a motive to murder Courtney."

" I won't stand here and watch you insult me." Sharon walked out of the office feigning anger.

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