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Cassandra Wood is going undercover searching for her sister Claire after she goes missing from a mysterious club. When she is discovered by the clubs sexy owner Maddox Hess. Cassandra will soon discover that she may end up finding out more things about her sister then she wanted to. While finding a smoldering love she always ached for, but never wanted or expected to find. The question is will she really let Maddox control her? Mind? Body? And soul?

Romance Erotic For over 18 only.

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Chapter 1: I have to know.

“Look I can't let you in if you aren't on the list pal.” the gruff voice came from the bouncer once again. I pulled my Yankees cap down lower over my short black wig and persisted once again “awe come on man I gotta get in there I'm supposed to start my shift for this new job like 10 minutes ago.” Quickly scanning the burly meatheads tight black shirt I look for his badge and insist “come on Charles I’ll make sure I’m on the list after tonight, I really need this job” /more of I really need to get in there and find my sister/. Charles lets out a sigh shakes his meaty head and with his massive arms removes the velvet ropes and steps aside. “You better make sure your name is on their tomorrow kid cause I won't be this nice.” I rush past him thanking him along the way.

/ I'm in! Yes! I can't believe it! Sis, I'm gonna find you don't worry I'm on my way!/

Club AB one of the most exclusive clubs in NY. 2 weeks ago my sister told me she got an invite to come here with some guy and that was the last time anyone saw or heard from her. Being that our family is poor no one really gave a shit down at the NYPD and stopped searching after 72 hours, but she is all I have! Our parents died when we were only 15 and 10 I have looked after her ever since. I did whatever I could to make sure she went to school, got good grades, even if it meant I had to drop out and not receive my own diploma but read books on my own time. Hell, I worked 3 jobs just to make sure we could live in a decent apartment. Now she's 21 and running amuck doing drugs and drinking like crazy with random guys, and girls having a little more fun than I'd like. And now she's missing! Dammit, Claire where are you?!

The entrance to the club is a long hallway with black crushed velvet and black lights with gory gothic abstract paintings decorating the walls. A long black curtain separates the main club from the hall I stop and take a deep breath adjusting my cap and wig once more making sure my red hair isn't going to come spilling out when I'm sure it is secure I step into the club.

/ I'm in trouble./ all around me are strobe lights and people dancing, a few people are lounging in corners behind gossamer curtains sipping from wine glasses while they suck face. /ew, PDA is not my thing/ I walk to the bar which is surprisingly empty and take a seat, all around me are people enjoying the heavy rock music bobbing their heads to it and swaying. I take the opportunity to scan the crowd I was still surveying when the bartender tapped my hand and jerked away in surprise. “What can I get you man?” he eyed me suspiciously as he cleaned a glass and I snatched my hand back. “O-oh um i-'ll have an um a” /fuck I don't really drink even though I'm 27 what does Claire always get?/ “can I get a red-headed slut?” I asked quickly before I could stop myself. The bartender let out a chuckle over the music “yeah man hey maybe you can find me one too haha!’ he went to work making the drink, I looked down waiting patiently trying to not draw attention to myself. When the bartender comes back with my drink and sets it down in front of me “so did you find one for me too man?” the bartender teases I try and laugh “haha not unless she's in another glass. How much do I owe you?” I reach for my wad of cash in my skinny jeans but the bartender waves me off. “Don't worry about it boss man covered it,” he said with a sly smile. /wtf/ “what? Who?” the bartenders only reply was don't worry about it just enjoy your night.” and winked before turning to the next customer and resuming his job. A cold sweat broke out on my skin. /boss man, oh god did the bouncer tell someone that I was supposed to be working here? shit!/ I quickly looked around the room trying to not make myself look obvious as I did so. That's when I saw him.

Sitting in the back farthest corner of the club behind black gossamer curtains that were slightly parted was a man if you can even call him that. His presence was that of an ancient king the way he sat there in a classic Armani charcoal grey suit that fit his amazing physic, mahogany brown hair pushed out of his rugged chiseled face in a stylish manner, a glass of red wine in one hand and dotting fangirls flocking him. That wasn't what drew my your attention to him though. It was his eyes, they commanded that you either look or run away like a lion stalking its prey he either wants to be seen or doesn't even from here they were verdant green and menacing. When those eyes locked onto mine a shiver ran down my spine, and at the same moment, a mischievous grin spread across the man's lips. I quickly spun around the break the man's gaze and stop my heart from beating too quickly. I grabbed onto my chest to quiet my rapid heart sure that even over the loud rock music everyone in the room can hear its crazy thumping. Staring into the red cinnamon flavored shot in front of me I see the reflection of the short black wig and Yankees cap I had bought staring back at me but even through the concealer I bought to hide my freckles I can see my face is redder than the drink I'm staring into.

/ugh! Focus! Cassie girl focus Claire is missing you have got to see if you see anyone she knows! Suck it up he's not that….ok he is but just ignore him!/ taking a deep breath I throw my head back and take the shot! I go to signal the bartender by lifting my hand but when I lift it, something warm wraps around my hand strong and solid I go to jerk my hand away and am unable to break free. When I look up and see a grey Armani suit, I look even farther up /how tall is this guy?!/ I see them those eyes, those amazing green eyes. “U...um hi”I squeak. “C...can I hh..have my hh...hand back?” I continue trying to pull away from him but his grip remained firm, he leaned in close to my ear so close I could feel his breath on the nape of my neck and the shell of my ear “I think your little charade has gone on long enough don't you?” his voice was rough but also smooth as velvet but his words were like a bucket of cold water had been splashed onto my spine. A cold sweat broke out on my skin “what are you tt..tttalking aa..aabout?” I whispered not even sure he could hear me. He took a deep breath and let out a soft chuckle “1st I know all of my employees, 2nd I don't usually hire crossdressers on this amateur of a level, and 3rd you look a lot like your sister.” he leaned back with a sly grin across his face. My blood went cold this guy might be dangerous, he might own this club, I know that..but...but HE KNOWS ABOUT CLAIRE!!! Quicker than I ever have in my entire life I stood up grabbed the front of his lapels yanked him down to my simple 5’’2 level and got an inch from his face and sneered “where is she you fucking asshole!?’ All he did was smile and whisper you might want to sit back down and let me go” that smile ever present on his rugged face those verdant green eyes smoldering. “Why should I?!” I screeched, suddenly I realized… the music had stopped. The roaring rock music had stopped and now every person in the club had their eyes on me, and they did not look friendly. Oh, fuck me.

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